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About George

I am a bilingual actor who emigrated to the United States as a young boy. After high school, I enlisted in the US Marine Corps where I served two overseas tours and was honorable discharged. I then attended the University of Houston where I received a Bachelors of Science in psychology and business management. I am also a trained chef and received my culinary degree from the Art Institute of Houston. Aside from cooking, I also enjoy ice sculpting.

I am a professional skydiver with over 550 jumps. As an avid athlete, I enjoy running, surfing, and snowboarding. I perform my own stunts and enjoy riding motorcycles. I am usually very active but when I mellow down, I enjoy playing classical guitar.

I've been told that my strengths as an actor come from my powerful and expressive eyes and my ability to completely submerge myself into the characters I portray. I prefer flawed and complicated characters that allow me to dig into my unconscious and discover new domains within myself. I take my extensive life experiences and infuse them into my characters to create reality.



  • My Heart Dies with You: Hearts at War

    My Heart Dies with You: Hearts at War (2018)
    Film (Action, Romance and Thriller) Actor In the third episode, the surviving spouse returns home from Scotland with a new love and a foster child only to discover the deceased spouse had a unknown tumultuous past which culminates with a sudden storm of challenges. Written by Michael D. Walters

  • My Heart Dies with You: Hearts Journey

    My Heart Dies with You: Hearts Journey (2018)
    Film (Action, Romance and Thriller) Actor In part 2, the surviving spouse is losing the battle against grief and loss. A loving aunt takes matters into her own hands sending the surviving spouse to family in Scotland, with hopes that in the Highlands, life and love can begin again.

  • My Heart Dies with You: Hearts Race

    My Heart Dies with You: Hearts Race (2018)
    Film (Action, Romance and Thriller) Actor A young wife's entire world falls apart when her doctor confronts her with the late diagnosis of a rapidly progressing terminal illness, and with little time left she fights to give her husband one last night together.

  • DogGone It!

    DogGone It! (2016)
    Film (Comedy) Actor DogGoneIt! is the story of an aspiring actor whose scene-stealing dog runs off with his career.

  • Copycat

    Copycat (2016)
    Film (Comedy) Actor The age of big business is upon us. For most, this provides the promise of a better future. For some, it marks the end of an era. After 16 years of servicing the printing needs of the community, Copycat will be closing its doors. On the final day of business the store manager, Sam, leads his crew on a crazy and unpredictable day. The staff, consisting of Dean "the slacker", Sara "the slow-witted", Bob "the karaoke champ" and Dexter "the nerd" will entertain a cast of interesting customers. During this final day they will encounter two wanna-be rappers that have had an unfortunate experience with a tattoo artist, a pair of local celebrity Cougars on the prowl, a waitress from "The Wiener Shack" who has a big secret, and a worthy challenger to Bob's karaoke crown. We will also meet a "tiny" biker, a man with a bizarre photo collection and a Hispanic man who just can't seem to convey his needs. Lyssa, the copier tech, will spend the day in the center of the mayhem as she breaks down the ... Written by Rodgers, Todd (III)

  • Divorce Texas Style

    Divorce Texas Style (2016)
    Film (Comedy) Actor DIVORCE TEXAS STYLE is about four men, four women and a Texas legend that says: if somebody wants a divorce in Texas, someone has to die. With two detectives hot on their trail, the four widows continue to enjoy sharing lies and Bordeaux, but things are not always as they seem. Written by Melrose Fougere - Writer

  • Unimaginable

    Unimaginable (2015)
    Film (Drama) Actor "How much does love have to hurt before it is not love?" is the question that plagues Antonio as the past demons of domestic violence resurface at the hands of his partner, Kirk. Antonio hides his physical and emotional pain from his all-knowing mother, Cynthia, who suffered such a tremendous amount of abuse at the hands of Antonio's father that Antonio became a nurse to heal pain that he could not heal as a child. Antonio is jolted out of his denial by one of his patients, Michelle , who is also, a frequent victim of domestic violence. While Michelle does not consider herself a victim, but as simply part of a couple that "loves hard and fight hard", a critical incident involving Michelle at the clinic forces Antonio to confront his own situation and reevaluate the "magic and tragic" of his life with Kirk before it is too late.

  • The Hollywood Answer

    The Hollywood Answer (2014 - 2015)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Griffin's Seal

    The Griffin's Seal (2015)
    Television (Thriller) Actor Griffin, a man with a once seemingly ordinary life, begins to have violent, dark and unexplained dreams that shake him to his core. After his psychiatrist suggests he keep a video diary of his dreams, he slowly starts to see his real and cataclysmic world unravel.

  • The Keeper

    The Keeper (2014)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Actor A man is faced with a choice, and a single promise binds him to a box containing a painful secret. He becomes The Keeper and bears the burdens of his promise. The darkness exists and he is bound to it until a new soul is chosen.

  • Squatters

    Squatters (2014)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Border Break

    Border Break (2014)
    Film (Thriller) Actor Janet Taylor and a group of college students take a road trip to Mexico for Spring Break. While en route they stumbled upon a roadblock that forces them to take a detour, which leads down a dangerous path of kidnapping and murder.

  • The Last Ship

    The Last Ship (2014)
    Television (Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller and 1 More) Actor Naval Destroyer Nathan James is sent on what they're told is a research mission in the Arctic. Accompanying them is scientist, Rachel Scott. After a few months in the Arctic while Scott is on the ice doing research, some men attack them. They get back to the ship and the Commander, Tom Chandler asks the doctor what's going on. She says that a deadly disease broke out a few months ago. At first, they thought it was contained but they had no cure. They felt that the cure was in the Arctic which why she's here. But she has since received word that it has now spread to most of the globe. Chandler tries to call the President but learns the President and Vice President are dead and the US government might not have long to survive. The current President tells him that the Nathan James was not in the hot zone so he and his crew are OK. But now it's up to them to safeguard Scott because she holds the key to the planet's survival. But there are those who want the cure too and they will do ... Written by

  • The Flow

    The Flow (2013)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor Lucky, a free spirited, anti-establishment rugby player, gets diagnosed with a rare condition. His doctor tells him he can live a long, healthy life if he just stops playing rugby, drinking, partying, and acting reckless. Yeah, right. He gets assigned Denique, a by the books counselor, to knock some sense into him and get him signed up for a new program. But she isn't prepared for the many ways that he challenges her own life philosophy. And he's blindsided by the way she calls him out on his carefree attitude. The two dare each other to live the other's lifestyle to discover the best approach life and love through Lucky's rugby motto: Go with the flow. Written by Anonymous

  • Making of a Serial Killer

    Making of a Serial Killer (2013)
    Film (Thriller) Actor There are forces at work steering the world in different directions, but there can only be one destination. The world controllers think they run world affairs, but there are forces in high places pulling the strings. From the highest levels of government to the streets of the inner city, a plan for the world is in motion... people are sheep, unaware of a new world about to emerge. Now, there are those that are trying to change the past, to prevent a dark future. Are future events changeable, or does prophecy dictate the end? Written by Russ Miller

  • My Heart Dies Silently

    My Heart Dies Silently (2013)
    Film (Short, Action and Romance) Actor A young wife has to hide her grief from her husband when she learns from her doctor that a terminal condition death which was caught too late will separate the couple by the next morning.

  • Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour

    Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour (2013)
    Television (Crime, Mystery and Thriller) Actor Each month, host Lee Martin guides viewers through all-new tales of the macabre in this cult TV anthology. Noted for its tightly scripted tales peppered with sex, mystery and irony, the series has influenced many indie film producers since its September 6, 2008 debut and garnered a loyal fan-base of viewers hungry for its special brand of malice.The show's anthology format has allowed its creators to explore a wide range of themes, all of which share a final "twist" in their closing minutes before Martin returns to sum things up. Sometimes referred to as a hybrid between "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and "The Twilight Zone," "Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour" has created for itself a brand as unique as its storytelling.

  • Love & Air Sex

    Love & Air Sex (2013)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Actor When brokenhearted Stan flies to Austin for the weekend in hopes of "accidentally" running into his ex-girlfriend Cathy, he arrives to find their best friends Jeff and Kara in the middle of their own vicious breakup. Before too long, battle lines are drawn - and with the Air Sex World Championships in town, anything can go down. Written by Tribeca Film

  • Nana's Brunch

    Nana's Brunch (2013)
    Film (Short) Actor Robert, a filmmaker, gets the call from his terminally-ill mother, Mary, advising that she has only a few days left to live. Mary wants Robert to film one final brunch with her friends of over twenty-five years.

  • A Coming Day

    A Coming Day (2013)
    Film (Drama) Actor Feeling the dangers of a police state slowly closing in on them, James and Joan Monroe decide to flee the persecution with their teenage sons John and Charlie. When their escape plans are sabotaged by treachery, James and Joan become prisoners, apparently doomed to a prison camp death. Forced to carry on by themselves, John and Charlie meet Isaiah, who leads them along a clandestine route for Christian refugees. They are joined by Maria, a teenage orphan on the run due to secrets of her own. As James and Joan struggle to live their faith as prisoners, the teenage refugees must deal with betrayal, loneliness, and the necessity of trust in each other to make good their own escape. Each is confronted with circumstances that force them to choose submission to the world, or triumph over it through life in Jesus Christ. Written by Mike Slay

  • Conjecture

    Conjecture (2012)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Actor After police find a family dead - a presumable murder-suicide committed by the father - the news media provides answers from the supposed experts. A female police officer on the heels of a messy breakup unintentionally meets a possible new Mr.Right, she hopes. A high school senior helps his widowed mother make ends meet by working after school as a grocery store sacker. He receives an offer from a local drug dealer and finds out he can make 'all kinds of green' more easily. Each story is related and demonstrates that nothing happens in a vacuum and that, despite appearances, things are not always what they seem. Written by Anonymous

  • Czech Beautiful

    Czech Beautiful (2012)
    Film (Short, Crime and Drama) Actor Danny Walker is an ex-con who will stop at nothing to avenge the death of the woman he once loved, including infiltrating the crime syndicate run by the man responsible. Marek is a small-time hood from the Czech Republic who deals in the flesh of beauties trafficked from his homeland. Deceit and treachery are laid bare as hidden agendas collide to answer the question: 'How far will men go for Czech Beautiful?' Written by Anonymous

  • The Family Secret

    The Family Secret (2012)
    Film (Short, Drama and Mystery) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Cops & Robber

    Cops & Robber (2012)
    Film (Short, Crime and Drama) Actor A detective comes face to face with the results of the choices she has made in life when she leaves her daughters birthday party to work on a case.

  • Naparella

    Naparella (2012)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor A dreamer meets her match.

  • One Left Standing

    One Left Standing (2012)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor A young man must choose how to best approach a woman who has attracted his attention.

  • Rebirth

    Rebirth (2012)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Symphony of Silence

    The Symphony of Silence (2012)
    Film (Short) Actor 17 year-old writer Zach struggles to survive in the "dog eat dog" world of high school where he is tormented by bullies. There is no chance of finding comfort in a bully-free home environment as one of the bullies happens to be his 18 year-old brother, Sean. An incident involving another student sets into motion a confrontation between the brothers that is nothing short of heartbreaking.

  • The Interval

    The Interval (2012)
    Film (Drama) Actor "The Interval" explores four different families coming to grips with the terminal illness of a loved one and the emotional struggle of finding hope within their tragedy. All four patients reside at a hospice and while their location is the same, their stories take different paths. Although it all begins with life and ends in death, the families with the help of Haven Valley Hospice must move forward and deal with the in-between, "The Interval". Written by Smith, Cedric Thomas

  • The Lying Game

    The Lying Game (2012)
    Television (Drama and Mystery) Actor The Lying Game follows long-lost twins Emma and Sutton. Separated under mysterious circumstances, Sutton was adopted... by the wealthy Mercer family in Phoenix, while Emma grew up in the foster system. When the twins reunite as teenagers, they keep it a secret. While Sutton goes in search of the truth, Emma takes over her life and discovers more secrets and lies than she could have imagined. It's a season of secrets, seduction and life-and-death stakes as the twins continue to expose the skeletons in their family closet. Emma and Ethan's love is stronger than ever, but their relationship is tested by questionable motives and accusations. With Sutton's disappearance, Emma and Ethan don't know whether Sutton is missing or dead. Meanwhile, Char's aunt Annie has returned to town after many years, bringing back old memories and secrets that Alec and Ted would like to keep in the past Written by ABC Spark

  • Encore

    Encore (2012)
    Film (Short, Crime and Drama) Actor Mobster brothers are trapped by the promises they have made in life.

  • Return to Vengeance

    Return to Vengeance (2012)
    Film (Drama) Actor The movie centers around Lorenzo Lamas as the mysterious drifter known only as Brady. He innocently rides into a small southern town and is immediately drawn to the rescue of a young lady in distress,(Ms. Barr) against a well organized gang of cut-throats (literally) known as "The Blades". The leader of the gang (Timbrook) vows revenge and thus sets in motion a dramatic, action packed ride. Daniel Baldwin plays "Bart" the bartender who owns the watering hole where the events unfold. He teams with tough guy Lamas and fights back to back with him to save his business, the town, and the beautiful heroine. Tammy Barr's portrayal of the sweet, innocent leading lady will bring a tear to your eye. Written by IvanWong

  • Burned Soul

    Burned Soul (2011)
    Film (Action) Actor Ex-Pro fighter "Slammin'" Sammy Landers is now a veteran semi-rogue cop who is not afraid to cross the line. So, when eccentric billionaire Quenton Danforth offers him fifty grand to find and return his grown daughter, he readily accepts. It seems that daughter, Cheree' is working her way across the notorious Whiskey Bay swamp with her lover, hoping to escape the controlling father by crossing the Texas-Louisiana borders. But Sammy doesn't realize he's about to become involved in a love triangle. When there is a possible twenty-five million dollar trust fund they all want and they will all do "anything" to claim. And "anything" is a broad term which involves treachery, deceit, murder and even falling in love. Written by Chuck Walker

  • The Legend of El Diablo

    The Legend of El Diablo (2011)
    Film (Short and Horror) Actor A group of con artists try to scare a woman for some easy cash. But they don't know that the place is actually haunted by El Diablo.

  • Life with the Meadows

    Life with the Meadows (2011)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Francis Marcus Sonny Meadows and his new wife Myra Mae Hennessey Hart Meadows each, and in their own right, had very successful professional careers. Sonny, (never call him Francis), was the Go To Divorce Attorney representing only the elite, while Myra Mae was a very successful Real Estate Broker representing the crème de la crème of Houston. Though still pursuing only deep pocket clients (or so they think), they find themselves taking any client and listing, which very often puts them in bazaar and somewhat compromising situations.Their receptionist Jessica Meadows, who by the way is Sonnys niece, noticeably lacks in both efficiency and office etiquette, which helps Sonny and Myra Mae find themselves in those bazaar and somewhat compromising situations. Jacqueline Jac Hennessey (Myras ½ sister) is again ready for the next big pre-nup dismantling. Then there is Sydney Snoops Horn, proprietor of Snoops Detective Agency, who will follow and retrieve important and unimportant ...

  • Puncture

    Puncture (2011)
    Film (Biography and Drama) Actor Idealistic lawyers Mike Weiss and Paul Danziger are partners. Mike is a drug-addict and Paul is a family man with a pregnant wife. When nurse Vicky Rogers seeks them out, they learn that she contracted AIDS a couple of years ago when she was accidentally pinpricked with a contaminated needle by a violent patient. Vicky shows a retractable safety needle invented by engineer Jeffrey Matthew Dancort, who owns the Safety Point Company, but is unable to sell his product to any hospital from the United Medical group, apart from San Antonio Memorial. Danziger and Weiss accept the case and go to court against United Medical, defended by powerful lawyer Nathaniel Price. Soon, they see all the doors closed in their fight against the powerful mafia of the medical supply system. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • I Once Was Lost

    I Once Was Lost (2010 - 2011)
    Television (Comedy and Drama) Actor Real, funny, crazy but always true to heart, I Once Was Lost takes on the topic that so many of us deal with in our everyday lives but so few see presented on-screen: dating as a Christian. As a young, single professional living in the big city, Elaine wants the same thing every other young Christian woman wants: someone to share her life and beliefs with. You'd think that wouldn't be so hard, right? Think again. As Elaine navigates her way through the dating world, she soon discovers that trying to find Mr. Right while staying on the right path is easier said than done. From Speedo-wearing religion hoppers to kleptomaniacs to winnable Christian rock stars with delusions of grandeur, Elaine soon realizes that dating in the Christian world is less complicated and far crazier than she ever imagine. But even though all the disastrous dates, Elaine is determined to not compromise her faith for love, and prove that in order to find "The One," you don't have to lose yourself. Originally ... Written by Nikki Chiemelu

  • The Caretaker

    The Caretaker (2011)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor At first communion Roland's lip touches the host on the priest's hands, and henceforth a dark blanket of tragedy covers any person who comes near the young Roland. Soon Roland realizes his apparent power can be used to fight evil.

  • My Generation

    My Generation (2010)
    Television (Comedy and Drama) Actor A decade after High School, ten people try to live out their dreams while appearing on a reality show.

  • Jump Out

    Jump Out (2010)
    Film (Short, Action, Crime and Drama) Actor A Latino gang member, whose uncanny literary talents put him at odds with his homeboys, examines his priorities and what it means to 'keep it real.'

  • The Promise

    The Promise (2010)
    Film (Short and Western) Actor Add a Plot »

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