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Damon C. Fields

Municipal Buddha Films LLC
Actor, Director and Screenwriter

New York City, New York

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About Damon

Actor/director/screenwriter, living in the NYC area. World traveler, and I happily use those travel experiences to not only enhance my acting, but to write screenplays set in exotic (or not so exotic) foreign locales. Previously lived in Hawaii, now in New York City; and always happy to network and progress with my fellow professionals anywhere on Earth. From real estate to bounty hunting to producing film, I've just about done it/can do it all....

Unique traits: Always a chess player, never a checker player...



  • Way to Abbottabad

    Way to Abbottabad (2019)
    Film Actor

  • The Finest

    The Finest (2018)
    TV Movie Actor

  • The Romanoffs

    The Romanoffs (2018)
    TV Series Actor

  • Succession

    Succession (2018)
    TV Series Actor

  • E19 Virus

    E19 Virus (2017)
    Film Actor

  • Me Familia

    Me Familia (2017)
    Film Actor

  • Holy Fire

    Holy Fire (2017)
    Film Actor

  • Girls

    Girls (2016)
    TV Series Actor

  • Zhi qing chun 2: Yuan lai ni hai zai zhe li

    Zhi qing chun 2: Yuan lai ni hai zai zhe li (2016)
    Film Miscellaneous Crew

  • Trainwreck

    Trainwreck (2015)
    Film by Judd Apatow (Comedy and Romance) Actor Despite having a love/hate relationship with her scoundrel of a father Gordon Townsend, the one thing Amy Townsend has grown up believing from him is that monogamy isn't realistic, he and Amy's mom who broke up due to infidelity when Amy was young. As such, she gets drunk and stoned frequently in her pursuit of indiscriminate sex, with an unstated rule that there is no sleeping over once the sex is over. Her current "boyfriend", Steven, believes they are exclusive, not knowing that she sleeps with other men. Working at sensationalistic magazine S'nuff under head sensationalist Dianna, Amy is in line for a promotion, she certain to get it if her next story meets Dianna's scrutiny. That story is a profile of sports doctor to the stars, Dr. Aaron Conners, it despite Amy knowing nothing about sports. To Amy's amazement, Aaron wants to date her following their first sexual encounter, his sexual history in terms of quantity which is in extreme contrast to her own. Also to her amazement, she... Written by Huggo

  • Rationale

    Rationale (2014)
    Film by A. Plancher (Short, Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actor A young writer inexplicably goes from primary witness to primary suspect as he struggles to prove his innocence.

  • Selected

    Selected (2014)
    Film by Brennan Karem (Short and Sci-Fi) Actor A seemingly Utopian society has found a way to completely remove murder from the human experience. But, no system can completely rule out human nature.

  • Zarra's Law

    Zarra's Law (2014)
    Film by Juha Wuolijoki (Crime and Drama) Actor A retired detective Tony Zarra (Tony Sirico) is pushed into the world of crime after the murder of his younger brother.

  • The Package

    The Package (2014)
    Film by Shake Dua (Short and Crime) Actor Father, husband, entrepreneur, & international arms merchant, Giovanni Salvatore, walks a dangerously fine line as he attempts to negotiate the shadowy world of international arms, while keeping a promise to his wife, Simone & their daughter Ashley. Written by LionFox Entertainment Group

  • Personal Space

    Personal Space (2014)
    Film by Chris Hall (Short and Comedy) Actor Today is Trainee's first day on the job as an elevator operator at a luxurious hotel. Already nervous, the rules set down by veteran operator Otis do nothing to calm Trainee's fears of losing his job on the first day. What awaits him is far worse than losing his job. Trapped in a confined space for six hours, Trainee encounters condescending businessmen, ruthless hitmen, arguing couples, and a french model he desperately wants to impress. Written by One in A Million Pictures

  • Love Is Strange

    Love Is Strange (2014)
    Film by Ira Sachs (Drama) Actor After nearly four decades together, Ben (John Lithgow) and George (Alfred Molina) finally tie the knot in an idyllic wedding ceremony in lower Manhattan. But when George loses his job soon after, the couple must sell their apartment and - victims of the relentless New York City real estate market - temporarily live apart until they can find an affordable new home. While George moves in with two cops (Cheyenne Jackson and Manny Perez) who live down stairs, Ben lands in Brooklyn with his nephew (Darren Burrows), his wife (Marisa Tomei), and their temperamental teenage son (Charlie Tahan), with whom Ben shares a bunk bed. While struggling with the pain of separation, Ben and George are further challenged by the intergenerational tensions and capricious family dynamics of their new living arrangements. Written by Sony Pictures Classics

  • High and Dry

    High and Dry (2014)
    Film Actor

  • The Happy Sad

    The Happy Sad (2013)
    Film by Rodney Evans (Drama) Actor Two young couples in New York-one black and gay, one white and heterosexual-find their lives intertwined as they create new relationship norms, explore sexual identity, and redefine monogamy.

  • Tales From The Dark

    Tales From The Dark (2013)
    Television (Sci-Fi) Actor Joe Ciminera Present's is an American science fiction Anthology created by Joe Ciminera. Each episode is a mixture of self-contained drama, science fiction, suspense, fantasy and psychological thriller it's often concluding with a mind roller coaster or unexpected twist. It will be introduced as a 25-minute show with 13 episodes completing a season. Written by Joe Ciminera

  • Patti and Me, Minus Patti

    Patti and Me, Minus Patti (2013)
    Film by Brian McAllister (Short, Comedy and Drama) Actor Edmond, a 30-something recluse, comes home to find his only friend dead on his mattress; his beloved cat Patti. Unable to deal with the remains, he procrastinates by storing her in the freezer. As Edmond goes about his daily routine, we can't help but get the feeling that something is horribly wrong. He desperately attempts to connect with anything and anyone around him while simultaneously trying to figure out what to do with his ice brick of a cat corpse at home. When everything goes disastrously wrong, Edmond's life becomes a complete cat-astrophy. He is then forced to face the inevitable: Edmond must begin to reevaluate his world minus Patti. Written by Anonymous

  • Blue Caprice

    Blue Caprice (2013)
    Film by Alexandre Moors (Biography, Crime and Drama) Actor An abandoned boy is lured to America and drawn into the shadow of a dangerous father figure. Inspired by the real life events that led to the 2002 Beltway sniper attacks.

  • Scallywag

    Scallywag (2013)
    Film by Van Nguyen (Short, Action, Comedy and Drama) Actor It's 2025, and the economy is failing. Ballot fixing is rampant. Guns and Internet are banned. It's time for Rusty and his crew, The Council, to track down the NYC mayoral candidate, who's fixing ballots, so that they can make him burn.

  • 6 Minutes of Death

    6 Minutes of Death (2013)
    Film by Joseph Ciminera (Sci-Fi) Actor In a small town circa 1860 small pox takes the life of a little boy. He enters a world that will get him prepped and re-incarnated for his next life. The library is a second chance, a place to select a storybook life and be reborn. The evil darkness takes the boy into lower earth. All the corners of hell are fighting to keep him from reaching the next level. Four guardians are sent to rescue him but they only have 30 minutes. Written by Joe Ciminera

  • Frenemies

    Frenemies (2013)
    Television (Crime) Actor

  • Newlyweeds

    Newlyweeds (2013)
    Film by Shaka King (Comedy and Drama) Actor A match made in stoner heaven turns into a love triangle gone awry when Lyle can't decide which matters most, Nina or Mary Jane.

  • Stalked: Someone's Watching

    Stalked: Someone's Watching (2013)
    Television Actor Watch as everyday people become victims of relentless stalkers in Stalked: Someone's Watching. From an emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend, to a "friendly" new neighbor, to a harmless crush gone awry, hear from the victims themselves, if they were lucky enough to survive. Written by Toby Padilla

  • Love Magical

    Love Magical (2012)
    Film by Jason Sokoloff (Comedy) Actor Love Magical is the story of David Justice, an overly passionate man whose fear of love is standing in the way of his dream of becoming the greatest R&B songwriter in the history of the world. After years of rejection David finally takes matters into his own hands, demanding a bank loan so he can record a demo of his songs, but his loan is denied because of his lack of employment. David's best friend, Stan, the elementary school principal offers him a position as a janitor - putting his dream back on track. Now, with the smell of fresh R&B hit songs in the air, David attends his R&B songwriting class and it's here that David meets Beth, the amazing new art teacher, who just might be the one to help him overcome his fear of love. But, just when things are looking up, Stan informs David that his job was also offered to Plaxico Diamond Phillips, a wannabe soap actor from Mexico - setting up an epic battle between David and Plaxico to see who will be the last janitor standing. Written by Anonymous

  • All Wifed Out

    All Wifed Out (2012)
    Film by Jason Stein (Comedy and Romance) Actor After his girlfriend asks him to move in with her, a guy's two best friends plan an epic night out in New York City to help him decide if he wants to stay in his relationship or not.

  • Acedia

    Acedia (2012)
    Film by Joseph Ciminera (Horror) Actor Acedia is set on a country estate where six priests are sent to rid a teenage girl of demons. While waiting for the ritualistic tenth hour, the priests start to uncover demons of their own as well as the dark secrets that haunt the estate. A small box created from wood made from the boat of Noah's Arc can make wishes come true. Once the wish is granted the souls are trapped in the dark corners of hell! Written by Joe Ciminera

  • Goth Chylde: Re-Creation Begins

    Goth Chylde: Re-Creation Begins (2012)
    Film by John Spignesi (Comedy and Horror) Actor

  • Brooklyn's Finest

    Brooklyn's Finest (2009)
    Film Actor

  • Secret Indictment

    Secret Indictment (2002)
    Video by Dwayne 'DC' Coles (Crime and Drama) Actor After serving four years in prison for drug dealing charges, NaShawn 'Black' Daniels has no intention of returning to his former life as a drug kingpin. But a pair of corrupt police narcs want to put Black back in prison. Despite Black's plans to find a job and go straight, his former gang wants him to stay on, thinking that his plans are not really that important for a black man in society. Written by Larry B.

  • New Jersey Drive

    New Jersey Drive (1995)
    Film Miscellaneous Crew

  • Crooklyn

    Crooklyn (1994)
    Film Actor

  • Malcolm X

    Malcolm X (1992)
    Film by Spike Lee (Biography, Drama and Romance) Miscellaneous Crew Biograpical epic of Malcolm X, the legendary African American leader. Born Malcolm Little, his father (a Garveyite Baptist minister) was killed by the Ku Klux Klan. Malcolm became a gangster, and while in jail discovered the Nation of Islam writings of Elijah Muhammad. He preaches the teachings when let out of jail, but later on goes on a pilgrimage to the city of Mecca, there he converts to the original Islamic religion and becomes a Sunni Muslim and changes his name to El-Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz. He is assassinated on February 21, 1965 and dies a Muslim martyr. Written by Anonymous

  • Trent Black

    Trent Black

  • Post Traumatic

    Post Traumatic

  • Blanco

    TV Movi Actor

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