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Associate Director/Audience Switcher in Multi-Camera sitcom - I cut the show live from the 4 camera-feed for the audience as its being performed - they get to see it on the monitors hung in the audience (as well as see it live in front of them - unless the set is around the corner)
I also tutor single camera, multi-camera or theatre directors or (directors-in-progress) in multi-camera technique so you'll know how to create a "line cut" and understand coverage for your next multi-camera comedy assignment.

Unique traits: actually it's Associate Director and Audience Switcher in multi-camera comedy; I also tutor single camera, multi-camera or theatre directors or (directors-in-progress) in multi-camera technique so you'll know how to create a "line cut" and understand coverage for your next multi-camera comedy assignment.



  • 2 Broke Girls

    2 Broke Girls (2011 - 2016)
    Television (Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew Sassy, streetwise Max works two jobs just to get by, one of which is waiting tables during the night shift at the retro-hip Williamsburg Diner. Sophisticated Caroline is an uptown trust fund princess who's having a run of bad luck that forces her to reluctantly give waitressing a shot. At first, Max sees Caroline as yet another in a long line of inept servers she must cover for, but she's surprised to find that Caroline has as much substance as she does style. When Caroline discovers Max's knack for baking amazing cupcakes, she sees a lucrative future for them, but they first need to raise the start-up money. Written by CBS

  • Jessie

    Jessie (2015)
    Television (Comedy and Family) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director The series follows Jessie Prescott, a young woman from a small town with big dreams who, rebelling against her strict father, decides to leave the military base in Texas where she grew up and moves to New York City. She accepts a job as a nanny and moves into a multi-million dollar penthouse on the Upper West Side with the wealthy Ross family which includes: jet-setting parents, Morgan and Christina; and their four rambunctious children: Emma, Luke, Ravi and Zuri; along with the family pet (and Ravi's companion) Mr. (later Mrs.) Kipling, a 7 ft (2 m) Asian water monitor, that was later revealed to be a female. With a whole new world of experiences open to her, Jessie embarks on new adventures in the big city as she grows to rely on the love and support of the children in her care. Assisting her are Bertram, the family's sarcastic butler, and Tony, the building's 20-year-old doorman. Written by Anonymous

  • Austin & Ally

    Austin & Ally (2011 - 2014)
    Television (Comedy, Family and Music) Miscellaneous Crew A comedy about the unique relationship between a young songwriter, Ally Dawson, and Austin Moon, the overnight internet sensation who gains sudden notoriety after performing one of Ally's songs. Austin and Ally struggle with how to maintain and capitalize on Austin's newfound fame. Austin is more of a rebel type who doesn't follow the rules and is somewhat immature for his age, while Ally is conservative yet self-conscious. Written by Disney

  • Men at Work

    Men at Work (2013)
    Television (Comedy and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew In this new comedy about four friends who work together at a magazine, the recently dumped Milo barely has time to nurse his wounds before his friends decide to help him get back in the game. Together, the four help each other navigate work, friendship and women. Written by Turner Publicity

  • Lab Rats

    Lab Rats (2013)
    Television (Action, Comedy, Family and Sci-Fi) Miscellaneous Crew When 14-year-old Leo's mom Tasha Dooley marries billionaire inventor Donald Davenport, he moves up in the world, but neither he nor his mom in their wildest dreams imagine that Leo will soon find three bionic super-powered teenagers - Adam, Bree and Chase - living within a secret lab beneath the inventor's expansive home. Now Leo has three older "siblings" to watch out for him while he introduces them to the outside world. School life and super-adventures await them all. Written by statmanjeff

  • Roommates

    Roommates (2009)
    Television (Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew A group of friends live together as roommates.

  • My Best Friend's Girl

    My Best Friend's Girl (2008)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew The friendship of two bike shop owners is put to the test when one of them starts dating the other's ex-wife.

  • The Minister of Divine

    The Minister of Divine (2007)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew A woman returns to her small hometown to serve as the church's minister. Based on the British series "The Vicar of Dibley".

  • The War at Home

    The War at Home (2005)
    Television (Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew When Dave and Vicky were growing up, their parents had it easy. Back then, there were no "time-outs," no one had any "boundaries" and their parents had no idea what their kids were really up to. Now Dave and Vicky have teenagers of their own, and anything their kids might even think about doing, Dave and Vicky have already done at least twice. But knowledge isn't power, it's a giant pain as every day is a battle to keep their kids in line. Fifteen-year-old Larry isn't exactly a frequent diner at the 'cool kids' table in the cafeteria, while 16-year-old Hillary is a know-it-all and is just emerging onto the dating scene. Meanwhile, thirteen-year-old Mike is all hormones and video games. Dave and Vicky figure if they can send these three off to college without a police record or kids of their own, they've done their job. This witty, irreverent show goes inside the heads of a modern family through the use of a confessional space where the characters reveal everything they could never ... Written by DesertShark000

  • America's Funniest Home Videos

    America's Funniest Home Videos (2004)
    Television (Comedy, Family and Reality-TV) Miscellaneous Crew "America's Funniest Home Videos" was inspired by a series of successful TV specials, where home viewers were invited to send in videotapes of their "funniest" moments. In "AFHV," host Saget provided commentary to the home videos which often showed wedding and sports bloopers, children and pets either being themselves or getting into trouble, furniture or other objects giving way (usually contributing to someone's fall) and "comical" reactions to getting inadvertently hit (usually in the groin). Sometimes, certain videos were grouped into themes, such as Christmas or a summer vacation, or had sentimental value to them, such as a marriage proposal; other times, videos were set to classic rock tunes. The top three videos of the week as selected by the producers were eligible for each week's $10,000 top prize; the audience would electronically vote for their one favorite video. Weekly winners got to compete in a later special for a $100,000 top prize. Written by Brian Rathjen <>

  • According to Jim

    According to Jim (2001)
    Television (Comedy and Romance) Miscellaneous Crew A TV show centered around macho everyman, his loving wife, and their three precocious children.

  • The Geena Davis Show

    The Geena Davis Show (2000)
    Television (Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew Sexy and sophisticated Manhattan party-planner Teddie Cochran starts dating writer Max Ryan. The two hit it off, and Teddie soon moves into Max's suburban home along with his two children, six-year-old Eliza and 13-year-old Carter.

  • Yes, Dear

    Yes, Dear (2000)
    Television (Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew Yes, Dear is a comedy about two young couples and their outrageously contrasting views on parenting. First-time parents, Greg and Kim Warner struggle on a daily basis to become perfect at the job. Kim is a neurotic, stay-at-home mother, and although her husband, Greg, is a success in his career, his more difficult job is keeping his wife calm as they raise their year-old son, Sam. While Kim is determined to be the perfect mother and perfect wife and to raise the perfect son, her sister, Christine Hughes, a very down-to-earth mother of two [four-year-old Dominic and one-year-old Logan], continually reminds her that life will never be perfect. Christine's husband, Jimmy, is employed as a security guard and unconcerned about living in Kim and Greg's guest house and feels compelled to share with his brother-in-law his philosophy about being a husband and a parent while still remaining a man. Written by Anonymous

  • The Nanny

    The Nanny (1996 - 1999)
    Television (Comedy, Family and Romance) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director After a Jewish, high-voiced, woman from Flushing gets fired from her job and dumped by her boyfriend, Fran is mistaken as applying for a nanny for a widowed man with three children when she is stuck selling cosmetics in Manhattan. As she spends years there, she becomes great friends with the butler, Niles, and the three kids. She is good friends with the widowed man, and some romance sparks through the years.

  • The Golden Palace

    The Golden Palace (1992)
    Television (Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew When Dorothy has left the group known to the layperson as the Golden Girls, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia buy themselves a hotel. But what do they know about running a hotel? For that particular reason, they fall back on the experience of the trusted manager and the funny cook. Written by Steve Richer <>

  • Walter & Emily

    Walter & Emily (1992)
    Television (Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew Walter and Emily Collins take care of their grandson Zach while their son Matt travels as a sportswriter. Zach and his friend Harlty frequently got into trouble. Written by J.E. McKillop <>

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