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Jonny Lumbley

Director, Editor, Filmmaker, Line Producer, Post-Production Coordinator, Post-Production Supervisor, Producer, Production Coordinator and Production Manager

West Hollywood, California

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wtf happened to my bio? Ha...seriously though, ....
"The Bio" - Timeline of Events
* Sign up for this app, ummm...I dunno, forever ago when no one was on it.
* People started getting on here...added some people.
* People were still on here...kept adding folks, never heard from anyone, but never initiated com either.
* More people getting on here....kept adding people, talked to a couple, nothing serious, then started getting adds from all over the world & but they were all dead ends, maybe even fake profiles, I'll prob never meet them, or talk with them via any method for that matter, unless I get something from them besides a "watch my movie" message
* Figured I'd make Bio...this is about 6 months about, who knows really though, I'd say it was a bout 6 month into being a member, give or take about 5-6 months in either direction...who knows, I'm still a bit scarred from it as it took me quite a while to build up the desire to create the thing instead of anything else...I'm talking....anything! It didn't matter what...just all...whatsoever! So, BioCreation commenced...
Round 1) It was an epic struggle to build up enough mental fortitude to suffer through it this time. TIME MANAGEMENT became my key player...well, if you consider making sure you don't log off before you have something in the bag completed to be TIME MANAGEMENT, then my man ™ was getting shit done! This cat ™ knew what to do, so I decided it was time we bring in the gang. I started with this kid from an alley I bumped into one day, or maybe it was a field, or I sent a rogue text message or something and had nothing better to do so I responded, or was it before then, what was that thing called....oh yeah MySpace....I have no idea where I met him actually as it was ages ago....So I did the intro to ™ "Yo ™, I know you're busy and shit, but here's my boy CREATIVITY, the homies call him KidCreative" CREATIVITY chimes in quietly while rolling his eyes "No they don't". I just act like I don't hear him because ™ is already trippin' as it is and jump right into the brainstorming and mind mapping and whatever else the new hot gimmick is for gathering your thoughts. Now, you gotta understand this KidCreative was a loose canon to say the least and as it was we all know ™ had his hands full with the battle of a lifetime just to overcome the odds he faced keeping us logged in. I knew this next part would be I took a nap. I'm not 100% certain what happens next, but when me and my girl Connie were kickin' it she....oh yeah, Connie is this chick Control Panel, but that name sounded like a computer program and this girl is FINE! How am I gonna hold any street cred having a girl with a whack name like? So, I hooked it up with her...I mean, I hooked her up with know with the name,but you could say....anyways, we were just chillin' late one night when it was time to get to c_loggin', that private time you know where there ain't no user access accept your's truly, you know what I'm sayin'? I was logged in and ready to get the skinny....And that's when it beautiful, sweet, one and only says "That's it Kid", I overlooked it the first time and kept going thinking maybe its a new thing she's spittin', but then it happened again...with much less room for mistranslation! Connie: "Oh.....@KidCreative....YES!!!!....#KidCreative!!!" WTF?!?! Yeah, jaw dropped to the floor too! That fool had been using the name that I dubbed him, behind my back, on Social Network platforms, the name he denounced and rolled his stupid eyes too, right in front of me and he's now out runnin' game with it for profit without my permission! I didn't know whether to call him up or just show up at his crib...or maybe because I'm rather non-confrontational...i'm a lover not a hater, you know what I'm sayin' ladies? Oh...and it's cool I say that now, I don't stray from the nest..but as you might have guess, me and Connie are no more after "The Incident". We're not on speaking terms either because when she bounced that b!%@# started spreading all my history, all of it!!! But, since she don't have any of the passwords...and I have to give a shout out right now to my main man Keke a.k.a. Mr. Access a.k.a. K-Chingy a.k.a KeyCHAAAAAAIIIN or to the rest of you KeychainAccess. Thank you homie for havin' my back. I love you bro fo life! Aight, anyways....where were we....oh yeah, let's just say the stuff she knows is really incriminating...wait wrong word...see this girl's got me all messed up, she knocked it all out ability to autocorrect, no energy to apply my spellchecker and research skills, major parts in my game like dictionary & thesaurus...basically non-existent, and lets not even get to jammin' about fonts & styles...anything with Creative in it or thought of it or associate with it, I can't even go there. I'm just now able to use punctuation and inflection, shit...I'm lucky...this therapist I've been talking with, Siri, she said some dudes don't even recover that ever! So i'm staying positive and I have the ability to at least spread the word with my story so other brothas and sistas can take that knowledge with them as they keep their head on a swivel. still form a sentence and give it that inflection that so I can deliver this drama to you in its true form. The only downfall is, I think there was more corruption going on than I can prove though, deep in my inner system I can see it it's there, just can't get it to unlock for anyone. So it makes me look like a crazy person and even more so because something go messed up after she left, some problems with everything lining up or not being compatible because my copies were considered "hot" if you know what I mean and gettin' back now ain't so easy with THE Man an comin' down on me and my regular hook up UncleT (or as most peeps know him now that his mug was on the news, uTorrent) isn't actively distributing at the moment do to the heat surrounding him after his source P-Rat a.k.a. B just got pinched. And yeah, we're talking about the same P-Rat or B that just got his crib raided and everything confiscated (The one and only, Pirate Bay). The fool was big time, had a good thing going, smart dude with a legit system under the law as it's written, but you know how easily that can be shifted around when THE Man decides to interpret it for ways that he needs it to sound. Damn, good good infamous worldwide as a bad guy for fraud worldwide cuz the Government had no way of getting their cut. Anyway, I've got programs on top of programs that need other programs and some relied upon aren't there and I can't get them cuz my cash flow has a been a bit tight at the moment due to all of I'm stuck with one intricacy that red flags me everywhere I go cuz people just don't get it. If you're wondering what that could be I'll level with you real see, you probably been listening to me thinkin' I'm so brotha from the hood, a product of the projects...and although I was hardened through tough times and low incomes, I'm not even someone from flyest hood in Compton. I'm actually a little white dude from a country ass town in Texas. I've done my job to help fit my persona a bit more, growing out the hair rocking the scruffy beard and swaggin' myself up with some super sick tats, but there is still that communication barrier ya feel me? See..again, I just can't help in now...whatever. Now that I just got real wit'choo maybe you'll be able to feel me when I lay this down for ya. I'm not axin' for any handouts either...jus' a chance to step up to the plate like everyone else on deck. So me and that hoochie Connie start scrubbin' through the archives and I'm just seeing everything this dude was flossin'. KidCreative came in with high hopes and good intentions I think, I mean I gave him a shot when he had nuthin...and for awhile there I thought he was appreciative, even upping the moral of ol' ™ when times were roughest, but then the decline began. Connie said she don't remember, ha...but I know what's up as this ain't my first rodeo. It's hard to lock that down though when the records aren't clear regarding that. I saw when she logged back in, and then cross referencing that with my secretary Calé (pronounced Callie or her family name Calendar. She had record that Connie was just gettin' back from the Salon, it was in the system cuz that lil' schemer was there on a gift card I had given her for her birthday, but I ain't mad at her, I gave it to her and she was sweet enough to pick me up a Smoothie on her way home. Didn't get the thing though because she saw me passed out and knowing I need my rest cuz I don't get that as often as I should from all the hustlin' it takes to stay up in this city, she let me sleep and put it in the fridge. I mean she sounds like the perfect gal, I THOUGHT SO TOO!!! Apparently, she'd been practicing Sudo, which is a great technique when channeling its powers correctly, but she's a local girl, born and raised in this town, and what I've come to find out about the locals, when you actually find one, is that they are either one extreme or the other because all the good ones struck it big because they had that "It" factor or they knew what was up and got the hell outta here as fast as they could! I'm not sayin there aren't some gems glistening around here still cuz there have to be, but the majority of these tricks you find scurrying about 'round here are average at best and I say "tricks" because they're verbatim Definitions 1, 2, & 3 of the term. I'd fill you in word for word what that is, but due to my non-existed dictionary and thesaurus skills at the current moment, I'm gonna go ahead and move on as I'm sure you can either do your own research or you know what I'm gettin' at already. So this trick...ah it kills me to say that about my sweet sweet loving Connie...but then I have to remember she aint not sweet and loving and that b!%@# is just as cold as Hannibal Lecter on a feasting night. Records show she was chattin' a.k.a. flirtin' it up with just about any and everyone, even the KidCreative. Sending him and other dudes those private folder files you know, stuff I was only supposed to have access to because I didn't authorize no share permissions. There ain't anything clear saying whether or not they're the ones that crashed the whole system as things are still too jumbled up at this point, but sometimes you just know...and its always the times that you don't want to know that you feel you know, that happen to be the ones that in fact are. It was 100% certain in my mind when Calé said she seen her blowin' and poppin' bubbles like I know she do, its cute and sexy, "I even bet she was twirling that gum with her new nails" I says to Calé...I got Notifications coming left and right from her at that point and literally have to force her to quit. Literally, I had to lay her down and force close those eyes of her because she knew too at that point and the youngin' couldn't handle the horror when she put it altogether. Girl still isn't right and its sad...just doing her job and becomes a casualty of the game. She's back home with her parents in Missouri, or Kansas or Oklahoma or some shit, one of those flyover states that you can buy a bible and a gun from the same shop easier than you can get approved from an apartment lease out here without dropping an epic security deposit down and signing a contract written by Lucifer himself. Hell, if you just want the gun without the bible, I'm sure you can get that process quicker than taken your car in for a smog check! So, there's no doubt in my mind what was going on. This is too much for me guys...I gotta take 5....need rest...fading fast....I'll...zzzZZZzzzz.....uh hum...I...fading....sorry.....night..night...give



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