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About Kimberly

With a natural talent and passion for acting, award winning actress Kimberly J. Richardson has brought a diverse variety of characters to life. She developed a love for the arts at a young age, and performed in her first of many stage productions when she was 12 years old.

Her film career began in 2012 with a supporting role in the film "Seven Deadly Words" which won numerous awards and was presented at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Kimberly holds the distinction of being the first actress to have roles in two films screened at the Churches Making Movies (CMM) Film Festival at the same time. The 2013 festival, held in Clark, NJ just minutes from New York City, hosted the "Seven Deadly Words" world premier, and also screened "Jackson's Run" in which Kimberly appeared as Cindy Porter.

Kimberly's undeniable versatility as an actress is evident in the variety of roles she has so believably portrayed, ranging from a wealthy snob caught in a bank heist, to an endearing homeless woman, from a sneaky, uncaring foster mom, to a Red Cross worker in the year 1967, and many other roles in between.

Her memorable performance in "Losing Breen" as the caring and scheming mother of an early-onset Alzheimer's patient won Kimberly a Best Actress Award at the Chautauqua International Film Festival in New York. And her role as the mother of an addict in the film "Mission Improbable" won her a Best Supporting Actress Award. In addition to these, Kimberly has been honored with other accolades and awards for acting, producing and screenwriting.

What people are saying:

“Kimberly has strong organizational skills as a producer, endearing charm as an actress, and extreme professionalism on set behind the scenes. She takes direction well and brings her A-game to every role. I strongly recommend her to others and look forward to working with her again.”
Doc Benson, Director

"Absolutely thrilled to have had a chance to work with Kimberly on this film (The 211 Home). A calming influence on set, her preparation for her scenes was impeccable, as was her performance. Plus she's as humble as they come - a real pleasure to be around."
Jim Huggins, Director

“Kimberly impressed us not only with her talent, but her professional attitude and eagerness to do her role with excellence. She is a joy to work with, kind-hearted and pleasant to others on set. She's also a great promoter and loves promoting the movies she's in.” Sharon Wilharm, Director

“Kimberly has the ability to take a supporting role with only so much dialogue and extract a great performance from it. It was truly a great experience to work with her.”
Matthew Perdie, Director

“It's always a blessing to get to know the actors we see on screen. They allow you to have a peek into their lives and the beautiful work that they do, and you get to gain some wisdom from the much that they have to offer. It's even better when you perceive the humility and genuineness of their hearts as they converse with you. Kimberly J. Richardson is one of such. You can see her heart on and off screen, and in her words! I invite you to learn more about this lovely lady. Miranda Uyeh, Editor/Entertainment Blogger, Entertainment Scoop!

Unique traits: Wide emotional range, Southern & Midwest Accents, Versatile Features & Voice, Rapid Memorization, Team Player



  • J.L. Family Ranch 2

    J.L. Family Ranch 2 (2020)
    Film Townsperson

  • Strike It

    Strike It (2018)
    Film (short) by Creative Crosswalk Films Wealthy Grandmother, Producer Strike It is a high action bank robbery film with a twist.

  • Halfway Home

    Halfway Home (2018)
    Film (short) by Natalie Francis Angela

  • Restore

    Restore (2018)
    Film Nurse

  • Losing Breen

    Losing Breen (2017)
    Film by Doc Benson (Drama) Anne Losslee, Producer, Miscellaneous Crew A woman suffering from early-onset Alzheimer's disease is caught between two competing caregivers: her son and her mother, with dire and far-reaching consequences.

  • Summer of '67

    Summer of '67 (2017)
    Film by Mainstreet Media/Sharon Wilharm Mrs. Chapman Based on real life events, Summer of '67 brings to life the turbulent times of the sixties and the struggles faced by the men and women impacted by the Vietnam War. Young wife and mother Milly (Rachel Schrey) is forced to live with her mother-in-law while her husband Gerald (Cameron Gilliam) is away on the USS Forrestal. Kate (Bethany Davenport) must choose between Peter (Christopher Dalton) her high school sweetheart and Van (Sam Brooks) her new hippie boyfriend. Ruby Mae (Sharonne Lanier) finally finds true love with Reggie (Jerrold Edwards) only to have him whisked away by the draft. Each woman faces the question of whether or not their man will return, and even if he does, will life as they know it ever be the same?

  • BANA: Heart of Darkness

    BANA: Heart of Darkness (2017)
    Film Elizabeth Marsh

  • Mom and Dad

    Mom and Dad (2017)
    Film Collin's Mom

  • The Promise

    The Promise (2016)
    Film (Comedy) Producer Mackenzie Miller is a beautiful and successful young woman who is searching for Mr. Right. She is also trying to keep a promise that she made to her dying grandmother. That promise was that she would always 'be there' to look after her aging grandfather, and never place him in a nursing home. She also promised Grandma Violet that she would never date a man that Grandpa did not approve of. And how can he approve or disapprove if he doesn't get to meet Mackenzie's suitors? While Mackenzie is searching for true love, Grandpa George has plans of his own in this family friendly romantic comedy. Written by Candy J. Beard

  • JL Ranch

    JL Ranch (2016)
    Film Armed Rancher

  • Spirit Contemporary

    Spirit Contemporary (2016)
    Film Nurse

  • Still the King

    Still the King (2016)
    Film Bar Customer

  • Act of Contrition

    Act of Contrition (2015)
    Film by Vin Morreale Jr. (Drama) Lady at Spring Social

  • Mission Improbable

    Mission Improbable (2015)
    Film by Matthew Perdie (Drama) Mrs. Thompson

  • The Reins Maker

    The Reins Maker (2015)
    Film by Caleb Johnson (Drama and Family) Dorene Murphy The Reins Maker (TRM) is a Redemptive Family Film by Fire Catcher Productions (FCP). FCP was the Executive Production Company for The Colors of Emily, 2014, which was also written and produced by Michael Arnold. TRM is a heartwarming story based on the courage, faith, and redemption of a young girl who faces almost insurmountable odds in following her dream to be a great jockey. Penny Foster's severe dyslexia and speech impediment are not her only barriers; she also faces the obstacles that only poverty can breed-living in a rundown river house down by the racetracks. Mom (played by screen star, Juli Tapken) strives to help Penny overcome the challenges by teaching her at home. But Penny's drab world is truly changed forever when Dad, Sam Foster, an ex-country music star who now works in the stables at the track, is sentenced to prison. Penny's mom, Jane Foster, must then act on faith to take a job at the track to support the family. With a seemingly final blow, a few years later, ... Written by M.T. Arnold

  • The Blue

    The Blue (2015)
    Film (Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi and Short) School Principal When his son becomes the victim of the school bully, Ray uses his imagination and wild stories to intervene.

  • What's His Name?

    What's His Name? (2014)
    Film (short) by John Cosper (Comedy) Grace Eight people with very different backgrounds puzzle over the same question one sunny afternoon - who was that one guy in that one thing on that one show??

  • Apnea

    Apnea (2014)
    Film (short) by Jake Mitchell (Action, Adventure and Drama) Ms. Palamino After his wife is kidnapped, Darius is forced to infiltrate Somnium Industries to steal company secrets and experiments.

  • How to Survive the End of the World

    How to Survive the End of the World (2013 - 2014)
    Television (Documentary) Woman with Rabies, Refugee, Train Wreck Victim

  • The Invisible

    The Invisible (2014)
    Film (short) by Aisha Farooqi (Drama) Minnie

  • Vanished

    Vanished (2014)
    Film by Daniel Beard (Drama and Romance) Judge Ann Miller, Producer When a 9-year-old girl is abducted in broad daylight, her family struggles to survive the aftermath.

  • Virtuoso Educational Video

    Virtuoso Educational Video (2014)
    Film Student Advocate

  • Seven Deadly Words

    Seven Deadly Words (2013)
    Film by Doc Benson (Drama and Family) Destiny With Egypt Valley Church out of funds and out of touch with the community, pastor Evan Bennett sets out to change things for the better. But there's a problem... One family doesn't like change, and is willing to do ANYTHING to stop him. How far will they go to preserve the Status quo ? Written by Haunting Memory

  • Smoke and Mirrors

    Smoke and Mirrors (2013)
    Film (short) by Daniel Beard (Crime and Drama) Beth Cummings, Producer, Camera and Electrical Department

  • Jackson's Run

    Jackson's Run (2013)
    Film by Daniel J. Lennox (Drama) Cindy Porter Jackson Stone is a reckless and troubled teen who rejects faith and the church as he blames God for everything bad in his life. At home, his seemingly uncaring parents ignore him, at school he's an outcast, and his only friend, Gunner, continues to pull him deeper and deeper into the abyss of trouble on the streets. Jackson struggles to come to terms with his fear of death, and his own mortality as he fights a life threatening illness. After a brush with the law, Jackson is sentenced to community service and placed under the watchful eye of Russell Tecumseh, a tough, streetwise pastor who operates a local homeless shelter. While at the shelter, Jackson forges an unlikely friendship with Nathan, a destitute homeless veteran, and as their friendship flourishes, they each learn important lessons about life, trust, and something neither have truly experienced... Friendship. As Jackson progresses towards faith, he begins to transform from a street hoodlum to a responsible young man, but ... Written by Daniel Lennnox

  • Old Folks Like Us

    Old Folks Like Us (2013)
    TV Movie by Daniel Beard (Comedy) Grief Counselor

  • Blessed Veil

    Blessed Veil (2013)
    Film (Drama and Short) Diane A young mother must face the repercussions of fleeing her increasingly abusive husband in an attempt to protect their daughters.

  • Martha's Testimony

    Martha's Testimony (2013)
    Film Martha

  • Forgotten Heroes - Everyone Deserves to Come Home

    Forgotten Heroes - Everyone Deserves to Come Home
    Film Army Nurse

  • Can You See Me?

    Can You See Me?
    Film (Drama) Jo Wilson, Producer. Writer


  • Best Screenplay, CFF, "Can You See Me?:

  • Best Screenplay-Fan Favorite, CFF, "Can You See Me?:

  • Best Actress Award, CIFF in New York, "Losing Breen"

  • Best Feature Screenplay, "Can You See Me"

  • Best Actress Award nom'd, DCTFF, "Losing Breen"

  • Best Supporting Actress Award, CFF, "Mission Improbable"

  • Best Supporting Actress Award nom'd, DCTFF, "Mission Improbable"

  • Faith Flix Favorite Actress Award

  • Faith Flix Top 10 Favorites Award

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