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I was born and bred in Groningen in the Netherlands. After a happy childhood, I continued my journey to High school, which appeared to be a gate to hell as a social science teacher taught us how to raise ghosts during one of the lessons, which rose my curiosity such that I did it alone in my room. From that moment on my feelings were manipulated, though at first I was not aware of that. But as that evil influence grew stronger in the course of years, I found myself confronted with nasty and weird events, set backs and failure. I experienced a strange attraction to vampire stories and the Balkan countries. It would leave me a child of the dark for 35 years. Nevertheless, I began my study French in 1976 but obtained my Bachelor´s Degree only in 1986 due to serious illness of my mother during three years..

I could only got jobs as a substitute teacher at different.schools for several years Therefore, I set up a conversation course. and did voluntary work as a writer of letters of mediation, at Amnesty International,, as a newsreader at the local radio for a year. then as a Dutch teacher for refugees for two years and until 1995 as a legal aid and interpreter for French and English at the council for refugees.This was preceded by a training.

In 1994 Interview with the Vampire  inspired me to write down all my own weird and nightmarish events in,Eleonore. I saw my life enacted in that movie, reflected in symbols. The book serves as a serious warning to those who are tempted to raise ghosts inexperienced. Meanwhile, I fought against the evil influence,and as I can´t stand injustice, I also undertook actions to put an end to the hostage-taking in Lebanon through correspondence and contacts of mediation with authorities, embassies, and the families, next a petition on the street to prevent the capital punishment of a Philippine servant who had killed her boss out of self-defense in Saudi Arabia, actions to prevent capital punishment, support farmers during the horrible Mouth and Foot disease.

However, I took more interest in film and acting then in writing novels, and studied the Screenwriter´s Handbook , some excerpts of scripts, L and wrote my first script, St. Martin´s Secret in 2003, played a part in a reconstruction of a missing in a Dutch television program via an casting agency and as a walk-on in several theater performances in 1997. In 2001 I joined a theater performance which was located in a bus garage with people of all classes of society, coached by some English directors.
After a training of dancing, improvising, theater techniques, music and expression, we set up the play¨ Bus stop Vechtstraat¨, we performed with great success four times a week during three months although I had another nasty experience in a relationship.

Then I joined stage 32 in 2005, studied Dave Trottier´s Screenwriting Bible and finished my book Eleonore, which was published in 2007 by Raider Publishing International. Although the book was not successful, it caused led to a lot of fuss and media attention which was exactly my intention.
But it would take another four years before I found out that it appeared to be Elizabeth Bathory´s ghost who had harassed me all those years and I could be freed at last. I rewrote my book which I entitled, Road of Darkness, in 2011. It´s unpublished.
However, several articles were published again in news papers and magazines and I’ve had  an interview at the radio and at the television .

I embarked on several scripts.and wrote the first Draft of ,The Vampire Mysteries, in 2009 and a rough draft, Lost Family Ties, and the three parts of The Vampire Mysteries..As I had to take care of my parents for several years, I had little time left to pay attention to my career as a screenwriter.
In 2008 an urgent message of Dolphins during my meditating on them and being a keen environmentalist, felt me obliged to write out their concept, I entitled, Heaven´s Revolution. It´s is about the threats to our planet, cruel oppression and the loss of freedom. I finished this project in 2021 together with the title song, The Cry of the Dolphins. The Sign, another inspiration of Dolphins, followed which relates a revolution of sea life toward the junk in Earth´s oceans. My work addresses social topics centered on mutual human relations … with just a touch of magic!

Unique traits: Communicative, perseverence, purpursivive, artistically-minded, gift of visualizing scenes.



    HEAVEN´S REVOLUTION Budget: $1M - $5M | Adventure Drama In a world ravaged by global warming, a resolute psychic and a skillful natural scientist with their team make a risky journey to prevent a villainous movement from irreparably damaging Mother Nature, while treason lies in wait for t

  • THE SIGN (Rewritten)

    THE SIGN (Rewritten) Budget: $5M - $10M | Animation Adventure During a revolt of Marine life about the litter in their oceans, an eager team of oceanographers exposes themselves to danger to save the marine animals from evil human actions. You can read the script by this link;

  • ROAD OF DARKNESS  is the second editon of the published novel Eleonore, which remained unpublished)

    ROAD OF DARKNESS is the second editon of the published novel Eleonore, which remained unpublished) Mystery Biography  A woman must struggle against a dark ghost she has raised through a spiritualist séance and begins a desperate search to.get her life back. This last part of the synopsis is not shown;  In The Epilogue her thoughts are reflected; Hersearch has learned her thattheextremely cruel Countess Elizabeth Bathory, whosespirit she had raised, proved to be afterwards a simple poor soul who was locked up in herfeelings of deep pangs of love, despair, distress and loneliness. Eaten up by jealousy and revenge she committed horrid and atrocious crimes which was her way to handle her feelings. .Her thoughts of obsessive longing for that boy of the village and the loss of her love child tortured her day and night It was the tragic life of a woman who had to lose her great love and her love child. For the sake of her class, she had to sacrifice her happiness in life. That last dark secret clarified, Eleonore could close that chapter for good and share it with other people as a warning. However, this story is My Heart Eleonore’s tale serves as a very serious warning to anyone who might follow in my  footsteps by raising ghost without proper supervision and experience. It’s a path that left me as a child of the dark for many years. Copyright@ 2011Leotien Parlevliet All rights reserved

  • Translation of article about  my book  ROAD OF DARKNESS

    Translation of article about my book ROAD OF DARKNESS Biography The danger of paranormal phenomena

  •  THE VAMPIRE MYSTERIES (3)  1. Treacherous Temptation, Return to Transylvania, Nightfall.

    THE VAMPIRE MYSTERIES (3) 1. Treacherous Temptation, Return to Transylvania, Nightfall. Horror Romance Thriller Due to a Spiritualist seance, an adventurous American student gets entangled in the web of the dark family secret of the  charismatic, mysterious leader of a Vampire club. Subject; Tolerance and intolerance of homosexuality.



    Drama by Raider Publishing International author


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