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Award-winning film producer, actor and philanthropist and member of The Producers Guild of America, Lyle Howry has over thirty productive years in the entertainment business. Howry is an innovative and dedicated leader focused on finance, studio negotiations, and international film production and distribution. Howry is brilliant when it comes to skillfully traversing the making of a movie, from conception to silver screen. His global hit MMA film franchise "Street" has launched his entrepreneurial business Skinfly Entertainment into international fame and recognition.

Howry was born in Holywood, California June 19, 1958. He was bounced around from foster homes as a young boy. Lyle had the same independence and innate desire to excel in the face of life's persistent challenges just as his grandmother, Agnes Cauthorn. Agnes was a graduate of Hollywood High School and with persistence and determination became a stage dancer and an actress in Hollywood. Lyle earned the nickname 'Pit Bull' for his ferocious tenacity.

As a young actor, he recurred on TV shows in the 1980's such as ABC's award-winning shows "Moonlighting," CBS's "Murder, She Wrote" and NBC's "Hunter" just to name a few.

With a desire to create, Howry stepped behind the scenes in 1985 to co-produce the two time Emmy winning and nominated CBS's "The Dukes of Hazzard" TV series. A few years later he executive produced "Reggie's Prayer," football legend Reggie White's inspirational acting debut. Then joined former Paramount studio head Frank Yablans to release Jon Voight family drama "A Dog of Flanders" which won a Bronze Gryphon Award and nominated for a Joseph Plateau Award.

In 1999 with the launch of his business Skinfly Entertainment Lyle Howry focused his artistic endeavors on finance, studio negotiations, international production, and distribution. Skinfly's MMA action combat film "Street" released in 2015 gained Howry international recognition with the reprise "Street 2 Death Fight" in production. In 2017, Howry's Skinfly Entertainment released the thriller "You Can't Have It," starring Armand Assante, Joanna Krupa, and NFL star Rob Gronkowski.

Lyle's philanthropic work includes giving a portion of proceeds from his films to "Prison Reform, " He also generously supports PETA yearly.


  • 86 Melrose Avenue

    86 Melrose Avenue (2020)
    Film Producer

  • Red Velvet Revolution

    Red Velvet Revolution (2019 - 2020)
    TV Series Producer

  • Bad Director

    Bad Director (2019)
    Film Producer

  • Unk

    Unk (2019)
    Film Producer

  • An Evening with the Tailor

    An Evening with the Tailor (2019)
    Film Producer

  • Kindness to Others

    Kindness to Others (2019)
    Film Producer

  • Johnno and Michael Try

    Johnno and Michael Try (2019)
    TV Series Producer

  • The Medicine Buddha

    The Medicine Buddha (2019)
    Film Producer

  • Simply Having

    Simply Having (2019)
    Film Producer

  • Viva Delicious

    Viva Delicious (2019)
    TV Series Producer

  • Monster Within

    Monster Within (2019)
    Film Producer

  • She and I

    She and I (2019)
    Film Producer

  • Jekyll

    Jekyll (2019)
    Film Producer

  • Cotton Candy

    Cotton Candy (2019)
    Video Producer

  • Juncture

    Juncture (2019)
    Film Producer

  • Jack's Shed

    Jack's Shed (2019)
    Film Producer

  • Parlay Starr Story Vol 1

    Parlay Starr Story Vol 1 (2019)
    Video Producer

  • A Family Barbecue

    A Family Barbecue (2019)
    Film Producer

  • When Day Gets Dark

    When Day Gets Dark (2019)
    Film Producer

  • Consequences

    Consequences (2019)
    Film Producer

  • Best of knock outs Martial Arts

    Best of knock outs Martial Arts (2018)
    Video Director

  • Best of Braking Martial Arts

    Best of Braking Martial Arts (2018)
    Video Director

  • Blink

    Blink (2018)
    Film Producer

  • 5 Minutes

    5 Minutes (2018)
    Film Producer

  • Victim

    Victim (2018)
    Film Producer

  • Bathroom Rules

    Bathroom Rules (2018)
    Film Producer

  • 30 Nights

    30 Nights (2018)
    Film Producer

  • The Akron Holy War

    The Akron Holy War (2017)
    Film Producer

  • Witness

    Witness (2017)
    Film Producer

  • The Pretender

    The Pretender (2017)
    Film Producer

  • LIVELove

    LIVELove (2017)
    Film Producer

  • You Can't Have It

    You Can't Have It (2017)
    Film Producer

  • DeadThirsty

    DeadThirsty (2017)
    Film Producer

  • The Best People

    The Best People (2017)
    Film Producer

  • The Good Neighbor

    The Good Neighbor (2017)
    Film Producer

  • Gangsters

    Gangsters (2017)
    TV Series Producer

  • Ordinary Days

    Ordinary Days (2017)
    Film Producer

  • Until Death

    Until Death (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Bad People

    Bad People (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Best of Seven

    Best of Seven (2016)
    Film Producer

  • '76

    '76 (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Crooked & Narrow

    Crooked & Narrow (2016)
    Film Producer

  • The Pineville Heist

    The Pineville Heist (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Bizarre: A Circus Story

    Bizarre: A Circus Story (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Parlay Starr TV

    Parlay Starr TV (2010 - 2016)
    TV Series Producer

  • Acre Beyond the Rye

    Acre Beyond the Rye (2016)
    Film Producer Add a Plot »

  • A Social Love Affair

    A Social Love Affair (2016)
    Film Producer

  • 22 Years

    22 Years (2015)
    Film Producer

  • Chapters of Horror

    Chapters of Horror (2015)
    TV Series Producer

  • Guy Moments

    Guy Moments (2015)
    TV Series Producer

  • The Next Steps

    The Next Steps (2015)
    TV Series Producer

  • Never Quit

    Never Quit (2015)
    Film Producer

  • Other People's Children

    Other People's Children (2015)
    Film Producer

  • Star Leaf

    Star Leaf (2015)
    Film Producer

  • Street

    Street (2015)
    Film (Action) Producer Remo Street is a young fighter who comes from a world where nothing is easy, so when he is faced with the opportunity to train with a world class coach, he has to choose between the long hard road to honor and glory, or succumbing to a brutal future as a cage fighter for the Russian Mafia. Written by Tye Lombardi

  • Subconscious Whispers

    Subconscious Whispers (2014)
    Film Producer

  • Black Fly

    Black Fly (2014)
    Film Producer

  • The Jewish Guilt

    The Jewish Guilt (2014)
    Television (Comedy) Producer An uptight domineering brother works hard to take care of himself and his ungrateful twin brother. Using the passing of their mother and the old fashion method Jewish guilt they find ways to manipulate each other into helping one another. Bernard and Louis are complete opposites and view the world through different eyes. A typical day in the conflicting lives of the twins, which one works and the other makes excuses and lusts after Bernard's confidant and next door neighbor Crissy who is always an eye view away from Louis's balcony. Meanwhile Bernard is working for Johnny the Jewish "Authentic" Mexican restaurant owner handing out promotional flyers and flirting with random attractive men. On a daily basis Bernard comes over to Louis's apartment to drop off groceries where occasionally he finds Gretchen living off his brother who is indirectly living off of what Bernard provides which only infuriates him more. With the constant feuding of the two brothers lying at the heart of their ... Written by Tommy S. Parker

  • The New York Underground

    The New York Underground (2014)
    Television (Reality-TV) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Evelyn Black

    Evelyn Black (2013)
    Film Producer

  • When Tables Turn

    When Tables Turn (2013)
    Film Producer

  • Ups & Downs

    Ups & Downs (2013)
    Film Producer

  • Blue Collar Boys

    Blue Collar Boys (2013)
    Film Producer

  • Parlay Starr AssHoles and Elbows

    Parlay Starr AssHoles and Elbows (2013)
    Video Producer

  • Sons of Liberty

    Sons of Liberty (2013)
    Film Producer

  • Sucka 4 Luv

    Sucka 4 Luv (2013)
    Film Producer

  • Finding Joy

    Finding Joy (2013)
    Film Producer

  • Fumbling Thru the Pieces

    Fumbling Thru the Pieces (2011 - 2013)
    TV Series Producer

  • Shattered Pitch

    Shattered Pitch (2012)
    Film Producer

  • Hanyut

    Hanyut (2012)
    Film Producer

  • Divorce Invitation

    Divorce Invitation (2012)
    Film Producer

  • Good Samaritans

    Good Samaritans (2012)
    Television (Reality-TV) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Wedding Day

    Wedding Day (2012)
    Film (Drama and Thriller) Producer This thriller from directors Dale Fabrigar and André Gordon concerns two couples who decide to marry on the same day - readily anticipating the most joyous event of their young lives. All hell breaks loose, however, when three men - including a minister, a drug addict and a jealous brother - unleash violence on the ceremonies. Written by Jiilo_Kim

  • Pinching Penny

    Pinching Penny (2011)
    Film Producer

  • Icon News

    Icon News (2011)
    Television (Biography, News and Talk-Show) Producer Celebrities and Icons share the courageous survival stories of their heroic journeys and challenges en rout to success, to inspire viewers to overcome and live life, with vigor and zeal in this positive thirty minute biography talk show, hosted by Lew Marklin. Icon News is the first installment of the GNN (Good News Network) family of positive inspirational programming. Written by Staff - Melissa McComas

  • Dirty Pictures

    Dirty Pictures (2010)
    Film Producer

  • Door to Door

    Door to Door (2009)
    TV Movie (Drama) Producer Add a Plot »

  • ADHDtv: With Lew Marklin

    ADHDtv: With Lew Marklin (2009)
    Television (Comedy) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Pit Bulls and Parolees

    Pit Bulls and Parolees (2009)
    Television (Drama and Reality-TV) Producer The Villalobos Rescue Center is the largest pit bull rescue in the USA, now located in New Orleans, LA. This show shows the interaction of the dog and man; About pets and people that no one wants.

  • Ultimate Women Fighters

    Ultimate Women Fighters (2008)
    TV Movie (Sport) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead

    Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead (2008)
    Television (Reality-TV) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Netherbeast Incorporated

    Netherbeast Incorporated (2007)
    Film Producer

  • USA World Championships

    USA World Championships (2007)
    TV Movie (Sport) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Ultimate Adult Kombat

    Ultimate Adult Kombat (2006)
    TV Movie (Sport) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Ultimate Kids Kombat

    Ultimate Kids Kombat (2006)
    TV Movie (Sport) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Cyrano

    Cyrano (2001)
    Video Producer Add a Plot »

  • Seance

    Seance (2001)
    Film (Horror) Producer Late one night, Jon (Corey Feldman) throws a party for his college buddies and his sexy sweetheart Silvia (Mikki Padilla). Looking to liven things up, Jon tells the tale of a child ghost, Michael Miller, who died a long time ago while desecrating a church. Intriqued, Jon's friends coerce him to hold a seance and raise the blasphemous boy from the dead. Little did they know it would work, and Michael Miller would rise from the grave, mad as hell... and out for revenge! Written by Charles Mariotti

  • Won-G

    Won-G (2000)
    Video Producer Add a Plot »

  • Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol

    Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol (2000)
    Film (Action) Producer An international peace-keeping force is trying to keep relations between two Middle-Eastern nations from exploding into open warfare. When one of the patrols disappears in the desert, a group of soldiers from different nations is thrown together to go look for them. After being fired upon by some Arab soldiers, the patrol discovers that one of the sides has smuggled a nuclear weapon and is planning to use it to bring the fighting to its ultimate end. Written by Jean-Marc Rocher <>

  • Boss TV

    Boss TV (1998 - 2000)
    Television (Comedy) Producer The show is a free-form free-flow melange, of whatever had happened in the last week or so, be it the Boss TV take on local issues, a press release crashed by the Boss TV team, a celebrity stalked and filmed at an event or on their own doorstep. Throw into the mix, the regular adult movie film reviews by Emi and Ayami, the job swap specials (transexual prostitute swaps with librarian for example) and viewer involvement such as the 'send us your home porn' competition, and 'man out on the street' condom give were always a ratings winner. Written by Anonymous

  • A Dog of Flanders

    A Dog of Flanders (1999)
    Film (Family and Drama) Producer Poor but happy, young Nello and his grandfather live alone, delivering milk as a livelihood, in the outskirts of Antwerp, a city in Flanders (the Flemish or Dutch-speaking part of modern-day Belgium). They discover a beaten dog (a Bouvier, a large sturdy dog native to Flanders) and adopt it and nurse it back to health, naming it Patrasche, the middle name of Nello's mother Mary, who died when Nello was very young. Nello's mother was a talented artist, and like his mother, he delights in drawing, and his friend Aloise is his model and greatest fan and supporter. Written by Martin Lewison <>

  • Warriors of Virtue

    Warriors of Virtue (1997)
    Film (Action, Fantasy and Adventure) Producer A young man, Ryan, suffering from a disability, wishes to join the other kids from his schools football team. During an initiation rite, Ryan is swept away through a whirlpool to the land of Tao. There he is hunted by the evil Lord Komodo, who desires the boy as a key to enter the real world. Ryan is rescued by the protectors of Tao, five humanoid kangaroos, each embued with the five elements and virtues. Ryan learns his valuable lesson while saving the land of Tao. Written by R. L. Strong <RS080455@PACBELL.NET>

  • Reggie's Prayer

    Reggie's Prayer (1996)
    Film (Drama and Sport) Producer White stars as Reggie Knox, a pro football player who retires, frustrated because he hasn't won a championship. Knox begins coaching a Portland, Ore., high school football program, where he befriends a troubled student. Written by Anonymous

  • Weekend at Bernie's II

    Weekend at Bernie's II (1993)
    Film (Comedy and Fantasy) Actor After their adventure at Bernie's weekend house (events of "Weekend At Bernie's") accountants/programmers oafish Larry and up-tight Richard return to New York only to be blamed by the insurance company they all worked for Bernie's theft of two million dollars and fired. Larry and Richard investigate and discover that the money is somewhere in St Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Meanwhile the Cartel Bernie was stealing the money for hires a Voodoo Queen to help them find the money. She tells Henry and Charles to steal Bernie's body and raise it from the dead to lead them to the money. Unfortunately Henry and Charles goofed and Bernie can only move when he hears music. Richard, Larry and Bernie all go to St Thomas to find the money with the aid of Claudia only to be followed by Hummel, a company security officer, who believes that Larry and Richard stole the money as well as Henry and Charles. Who will get to the money first?... Written by Lee Horton <>

  • Mack the Knife

    Mack the Knife (1989)
    Film (Comedy, Crime, Musical and Romance) Producer In the 19th century London, a young girl falls for a famous womanizing criminal and they decide to get married. Her family strongly disapproves so her father "the king of thieves" gets the gangster arrested.

  • Death Spa

    Death Spa (1989)
    Film (Horror) Actor Michael's health club is beseiged with a series of terrible murders involving killer saunas and other grisly devices. Michael's wife killed herself a while before and her brother holds Michael responsible. Michael needs to stop the bloodshed before he loses all of his clients. Written by Josh Pasnak <>

  • Cop

    Cop (1988)
    Film (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor Lloyd Hopkins, a hard-boiled American police detective is on the trail of a mass murderer who is victimizing women in Los Angeles. The pursuit leads him through a world that has become his own natural habitat - a nasty world of crime, drugs, prostitution and male hustlers where "innocence kills" and continued exposure corrupts. Paradoxically, it's also a world of love, secret admirers, romantic feminist poets and modern chivalry. And for the viewer, it's the background for an exciting, suspense movie. Written by Dave Cook <>

  • Under Cover

    Under Cover (1987)
    Film (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor A cop goes undercover in a South Carolina high school. With the help of a local narcotics officer, he investigates the drug ring responsible for another cop's death. Written by Jim Beaver <>

  • Steele Justice

    Steele Justice (1987)
    Film (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor John Steele is a Vietnam Vet who's had trouble adjusting to life after the war. He hasn't been able to hold on to a job which includes being a cop. When his best friend, Lee who also served with him in Vietnam, and who also became a cop was killed by some drug dealers he was investigating. Steele was able to save his daughter and saw one of the shooters. He later sees him and learns that he is the son of General Kwan, another person he served with in Vietnam who was running his own deals on the side, and who tried to kill Steele and Lee but Steele not only survived but thwarted his last plan. Steele suspects Kwan is involved with Lee's death but unfortunately Kwan's a respected member of the community. And Steele's former boss Bennett is not in a rush to find the killers cause investigation reveals that Lee may have been dirty which Steele knows is not true. Steele sets out to prove Lee's innocence and to get Kwan. Written by

  • Interview with Terror

    Interview with Terror (1987)
    Film (Horror) Actor Veteran reporter Roger Cohen gets a hot tip that leads him on a trail of terror. As his investigation uncovers terrifying tales of witches, demons and the walking dead, Roger gets uncomfortably close to learning the real truth behind the evil. Will he become a tragic byline in his own story...? Written by Anonymous

  • Blind Date

    Blind Date (1987)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Actor Walter Davis is a workaholic. His attention is all to his work and very little to his personal life or appearance. Now he needs a date to take to his company's business dinner with a new important Japanese client. His brother sets him up with his wife's cousin Nadia, who is new in town and wants to socialize, but he was warned that if she gets drunk, she loses control and becomes wild. How will the date turn out - especially when they encounter Nadia's ex-boyfriend David? Written by Sami Al-Taher <>

  • Dutch Treat

    Dutch Treat (1987)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Two American friends travel all over Europe and end up meeting an all female Rock Band from Holland and they pass themselves as record company executives. Both men return to the states and the band soon approaches them about signing to their record company and they soon start booking them gigs and getting them exposure but have to avoid getting caught and not reveal their true selves. Written by Robert

  • Can You Feel Me Dancing?

    Can You Feel Me Dancing? (1986)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actor A young blind woman struggles for independence.

  • Murder, She Wrote

    Murder, She Wrote (1985 - 1986)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actor Former high school English teacher and famed mystery writer Jessica Fletcher has a gift for solving mysteries. You see, it seems murder follows her around, whether it be to the houses of her seemingly endless number of friends, nieces, and nephews or right in her hometown of Cabot Cove, Maine. Jessica is sometimes assisted by her friend Dr. Seth Hazlitt or the local sheriff, Amos Tupper (later Sheriff Metzger). Sometimes, later in the series, Jessica would only narrate the episode, which would be a dramatization of one of her novels. In later seasons, Jessica moved to New York City to be closer to her publisher and also closer to crime. Written by Mike Hatchett <>

  • The Dukes of Hazzard

    The Dukes of Hazzard (1985)
    Television (Action and Comedy) Producer Cousins Bo and Luke Duke and their car "General Lee", assisted by Cousin Daisy and Uncle Jesse, have a running battle with the authorities of Hazzard County (Boss Hogg and Sheriff Coltrane), plus a string of ne'er-do-wells often backed by the scheming Hogg. Written by Ed Stephan <>

  • Moonlighting

    Moonlighting (1985)
    Television (Comedy, Drama, Mystery and Romance) Actor The top model Maddie Hayes was betrayed by her investment adviser who flew with all her money to South-America and began the hard life of a Casino owner. All the unfaithful manager has left Maddie is her house, her unbelievable beauty and intelligence and the run-down detective-agency "City Angels" (renamed by Maddie into "Blue Moon"). Because of her lack of money, she wants to sell the agency, but the houses only detective David Addison tries to convince her to join the agency as the new boss. So Maddie Hayes becomes involved in the work of a real private detective, which means so hard work as to spy upon unfaithful husbands, find missing people or murderers, foil attempts on VIP's lives, stop killers, help lovers and by the way save the world's peace and existence. While doing this Maddie and David try to get used to each other and this way they recognize their complete difference in life-style, humour, amusement and of course in the way how to run a detective agency. Maybe this is ... Written by Adrian Schuster & Oliver Philipp <>

  • Hunter

    Hunter (1984 - 1985)
    Television (Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery and 1 More) Actor Detective Sergeant Rick Hunter and his partner, Sergeant Dee Dee McCall, are homicide investigators with the Los Angeles Police Department. Often they must go undercover to catch a variety of L.A.-style villains. "Sporty" James, a helpful police-informant, occasionally provides a bit of humor in this action-drama T.V. series. Written by Tad Dibbern <>

  • Born in June

    Born in June

  • Outwitting the Devil

    Outwitting the Devil

  • Cattle Cowboys

    Cattle Cowboys
    TV Series Producer

  • Ultimate Women Challenge

    Ultimate Women Challenge
    TV Series Producer

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  • Best Of Beverly Hills * Video Production Sevices Skinfly Entertainment

  • Best Of Beverly Hills * Video Production Sevices Skinfly Entertainment

  • The Bizz Awards * Business Excellence Award Lyle Howry/ Skinfly Entertainment

  • Hollywood Film Festival Won, Jury Prize Emerging Filmmaker Award for Street

  • Hollywood Film Festival Won, Jury Prize, Best Break Out Film for Street

  • Best of Beverly Hills * Video Production Service Skinfly Entertainment

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