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Scenic carpenter for Lionsgate turned screenwriter.


  • The Light at the End Of The World

    The Light at the End Of The World Drama Historical The apocalipse ends the world as we know it then Jesus appears and brings in the new world order

  • Cops Lockers

    Cops Lockers Crime A look inside a cops locker to see what he keeps locked up, his souvenirs like the worst whore in New York's knickers and thank you letters from the undiciplined kids he's put away and have come out of jail professionals also a pocket watch and a worldly gold ball and pictures of his kids and there mason mother.

  • Pod Place

    Pod Place Pod people doing day to day stuff and trying to get to the pods to reproduce

  • Ass Skam

    Ass Skam A young man pretends he's gay to shag all the bios tickets gets caught and goes on the run

  • Indicative To The Species

    Indicative To The Species Comedy A look at what is in criminal law as repetative and indicative crimes that are forgivable like petty theft narcotics and gayness get portraid in a good light as indicative to the human race.I would like to show forgivable things like petty theft and gayness as when punished by society as destructive rather than constuctive. In fact I would like to make the courts more forgiving.NOT I just want to take the piss out of immorality sarchasticly like they take the piss on HBO about the growing acceptance of freedom as gay and dominative and completly immoral.

  • Where did the drugs go

    Where did the drugs go Young women burns all her connections runs out of drugs goes through rehab and gets happy and free by praying to God to rewrite her history.

  • Space Z

    Space Z World War Z goes into a space station and Brad Pitts character is helped by Kevin Spacy as a Russian cosmonaut guiding him out of the space station to safety

  • Rock and Roll Freud

    Rock and Roll Freud Frueds explorations into of the mind at rest produces people with big hair who will have sex with anything in this comedy about the rock n roll generations offering an understanding of they're now explainable psychosisis aparent in the British media. with Gary Glitter and so on. The devil making work for idle minds and hands in this movie about understanding a generation thats basicly ruined by the sane and locked up now

  • My Bag is Floating

    My Bag is Floating Comedy Cheeky wee comedy about get chased by strict gays for shaggin the birds and going out the funny wee darlings

  • The Award Show

    The Award Show Comedy A piss take of the US government and they're immorality about kids watching award shows going immoral because of the rotten people Barrack Obamha has made act rotten to be famous on award shows and in general the world he is so evil

  • James Wand in Bladderpussy

    James Wand in Bladderpussy James carries out duties for her majesty

  • Men Dressing Women

    Men Dressing Women Movie about how men use gay guys to dress up there peice of trim

  • Dole Train

    Dole Train Comedy Dope dealing dance off for the dependants off society

  • Stairs

    Stairs Fantasy A young dancer dreams of being in a Hollywood chorus line and moves to LA in the 1930's

  •  Dealer Boyfriend

    Dealer Boyfriend A nympho blonde with a withered hand goes out with her pot dealer boyfriend and keeps a young lad on the side in weed it all comes to a HEAD when the boy on the side runs up a dept to a coke dealer

  • Ugly Baby

    Ugly Baby About and ugly baby growing up and getting kissed and turning handsome awwwww

  • Spinnin Gold Into Grass

    Spinnin Gold Into Grass Grass movie about the hollyness of weed

  • Darkery

    Darkery Where everyone lies and all nursery rhymes are dark at night

  • Knights of Old v,s Mytholigy

    Knights of Old v,s Mytholigy Knights go back in time for Zeus,s head and every other creature

  • Satan and The Devil Do It Holy

    Satan and The Devil Do It Holy Action Horror Satan attracts angels and then people to seem holy to people posseses them and starts world war three.

  • Dark Shark

    Dark Shark A movie about a shark who sold his soul for Dark power

  • Star Wars- Out Of Darkness

    Star Wars- Out Of Darkness Adventure Anikin Skywalker is reborn on Earth as Mark johnston to deliver the galaxy from evil and take everyone to the light one soul at a time as the saviour

  • Porn Of The Dammed

    Porn Of The Dammed Drama A boy is born to a porn couple and rules the buisness in LA

  • Tar and Feathers

    Tar and Feathers Action Adventure Comedy A movie about the haunting of a tar and featherer

  • Groupie

    Groupie Horror A movie about a haunted groupie  

  • Lizzard Blizzard

    Lizzard Blizzard Action Comedy A movie about a lizzard blizzard hitting a desert town

  • Star Wars-The New Testament of Darth Vader

    Star Wars-The New Testament of Darth Vader Darth Vader returns to battle the antiskywalker

  • Supersonic Bastards

    Supersonic Bastards Comedy Drama A young woman tries to screw and cheat and turn a guy who's popular with the ladies and turn him into a bastard she is wasted when he leaves her pregnant with his bastard

  • Dirty Clean

    Dirty Clean The gay movement are all virgins and they waste the satanic conspiricy and all those judgemental scum that kill them with the help of Jesus and God and the west

  • Twin Geeks

    Twin Geeks Comedy A town full of geeks that virtually lives on Twin Peeks on acid

  • Capitalist Plastics

    Capitalist Plastics Documentary Capitalist rip off's in the plastic industry where things are made to feel cheap and expensive but actually cost the same and then giving cheaply produced  products like razors, sunglasses and medical supplies huge mark ups.

  • Adult Bully

    Adult Bully A punk ass football player kid turns into an adult bully adult and is awesome

  • The Mourners

    The Mourners Western A gunman is hired at a funeral

  • Hanna Barbera

    Hanna Barbera The story of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera's colorful lifes in their world of animation from beging with MGM to the biggest TV hit's ever.

  • Not Recommended For Adults

    Not Recommended For Adults Comedy Comedy about a bunch of big kids going back to high school and getting told off by the students at every turn

  • The meaning of life

    The meaning of life A movie about the meaning of life being all things said and written in accepted quantum physics as only God knows quantum physics it must be him or her talking and writing it. The movie also shows The New Testament as a meaning of life and all written words also depending where your at in life you may read crappy things if your life sucks or good things as your life progresses and changing your life by reading about Jesus for the better I would like to show proof I have of this in the movie.

  • Half Sun

    Half Sun A movie about a boy from the Sun and his Hawk.

  • Lost Ghosts

    Lost Ghosts  A group of lost ghosts try to find theyre way out of being trapped by a demon force in America and find themselves next on the menu until "The Man With The Truck" ( who is a Saint) rescues them them and sends them to Heaven x


    RANDY CANDY Experimental A young girl get's into the rave scene and finds it is getting her down the closer she gets into God hallucinations she feels better after reading the scriptures and making offerings.

  • Minning Beers

    Minning Beers An Irish bhoy minesweeps(eg: drinks everyones pint) in pubs and drinks out of the tap.

  • 200 GASPERS

    200 GASPERS A whore has to smoke 200 cigarettes with her pussy to save the world from destruction.

  • Ghost Puddles

    Ghost Puddles Animation Experimental Family Ghosts trapped by the water and sleeping in puddles are set free by some kids.

  • Ethics

    Ethics Horror A movie about high ethics destroying the people that voted for them like for instance political correctness leading to psychological problems and all normal people being sidelined as not "proper".

  • The Contortionist

    The Contortionist Character study from childhood to aged of a human subject whose once pure spirit is contorted by life and how his attitude changes when confronted only to be made pure again by letting go and forgiving.

  • Coin Operated Casinos

    Coin Operated Casinos A movie about life in general especially putting money in people and not knowing what comes out of them ergo the meaning of life COIN OPERATED CASINOS

  • Battery Operated

    Battery Operated A gay spirit being takes over earth with his/her body snatchers

  • Smell Your Mother

    Smell Your Mother Comedy Bare bums balls anaul up against the lavvy wall

  • I made your into Father a catatonic mess

    I made your into Father a catatonic mess A movie about St Monica bless her played by Monica Potter about batterers

  • Last on's the faither Darth Vader

    Last on's the faither Darth Vader A movie about Lukes real da shug fae the Gorbals


    HARD WORK WITH PAY Film-noir A confession from the entertainment business designed to stop all involved from going to Hells

  • Being a Living Confession

    Being a Living Confession A man that has sold his soul changes his name to reflect that and beats the Devil. Also comming out as gay gets respect from God and treated like a good person

  • Cornholes and Skinflutes

    Cornholes and Skinflutes A young man marries a woman when he suspects her of cheating he cornholes her and all the bastards cocks rot off and they die

  • 2 Weeks Ago That Was a Thing Of the Past

    2 Weeks Ago That Was a Thing Of the Past Comedy Reliving an incident over and over becomes too much when a young man snaps into telling jokes

  • Star Wars The Dark Side Beckons

    Star Wars The Dark Side Beckons Jedis battle a Sith outbreak in the Star Wars Galaxy

  • Keep Your Eyes Shut In The Dark

    Keep Your Eyes Shut In The Dark Horror An alien lizzard sends out scary visions in the dark to get his angels into people and make them his slaves he survives by eating the innocent and makes the possesed bring them to him for his dinner.

  • 101 things to do with sh*te

    101 things to do with sh*te Brushing your teeth with shite turns out to be a smelly pastime

  • Gayman in Dark Forces

    Gayman in Dark Forces A young man takes excstasy and one of the people he becomes is a gay superhero named Gayman he joins GayForce but has problems adjusting because of all of the people he is

  • Dude Doe

    Dude Doe Crime Dude washes up on the beach but who put him there and was it supernatural.

  • I am JB

    I am JB Comedy Autobiographical account of my life fortold by Karl Jung

  • Dude Doe

    Dude Doe Crime Dude washes up on the beach but who put him there and was it supernatural according to "The Bunny" it was.

  • It's Your wife then you and the lives of your kids

    It's Your wife then you and the lives of your kids Crime Murder mob style for grassing.

  • Hypernature

    Hypernature A movie about smart drugs

  • Star Wars The Force Darkens

    Star Wars The Force Darkens The son of the Sith is born and darkens the entire force for years until the son of the Jedis is born and brings order to the force the reincarnation of Darth Vader

  • Contentment

    Contentment Contentment is about being happy in ones self even after the loss of loved ones being girlfriends boyfriends or relations a feel good movie.

  • Slutman

    Slutman Comedy A movie about a man and his dark obsession with fresh gals

  • Falling Through The Cracks

    Falling Through The Cracks Drama A movie about escaping lifes pitfalls and living forever enlightened.

  • C.P.D. Christian Police Force

    C.P.D. Christian Police Force A movie about an awesome Police force who stop crime and don't persecute people. Their mission is to keep the peace and not proscecute things they have done while incinerating God's enemies that can get whole cities and Nations damned and cause bad weather and darkness (depression) in the people and animals. Goldie Hawn and Chirstine Dunst and myself Robert Di Nero

  • Hover People

    Hover People Above a contaminated planet covered in abobinations in the future is Hover City and from there come the Hover People to clean the Earth and destroy The Abominations

  • Black Castle

    Black Castle Doing dark deeds for badness for magic but it only works if you say they are bad and get rich from Satan and go to heaven from Satans dark castle in Hell kinda saying gayness is bad and doing it for magic. Lines like "do the deed" and "it works if you think it's bad"

  • The Florida Keyz

    The Florida Keyz Dope

  • Twig

    Twig Comedy Detective Twig is Gods cop investigating criminals in the global concionsness in the first movie it's satanists in the A.A. he catches making a bad president of Russia

  • Wife Back

    Wife Back Comedy Two classic batterers try gayness to get theyre wifes back from the gay guy's they ran away with.

  • Hammerstien

    Hammerstien A cooky horror comedy about the lead character and director both in front and behind the camera Hammerstien

  • Dead Lead

    Dead Lead A genre movie western about to blow up x

  • The Blaas

    The Blaas A story of hippies and weed where everybody gets stoned

  • Feed Her So She's Tight

    Feed Her So She's Tight Comedy A young man takes his bulemic girlfriend out on a date before sex because of her baggy pussy

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