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Matthew J. Kaplan

Screenwriter, Actor, Filmmaker, Director and Musician

Brooklyn, New York

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About Matthew

I am a Writer, Filmmaker, Actor, and Musician in Brooklyn, NY. I am mostly drawn to dark comedy. I am the writer, director and co-producer of the award-winning short It's Time for Tea (2019). I have two cats: Bumpy and Clementine.

Past production projects include the horror web series Disturbances, (writer/actor/producer) and TV Pilot The Unspeakable Love (writer/actor/producer). I have written two completed feature screenplays, three series, two web-series and a collection of shorts. Further acting, writing, directing and production credits can be found below. I am seeking opportunities with these screenplays, and look forward to connecting, networking, and working with people here. More about me:


  • Zombie Extra

    Zombie Extra Horror Comedy A struggling actor is attacked by a zombie and can only get work on horror films, and finds that becoming undead has finally made him feel alive.   


  • Thanks For Your Donation

    Thanks For Your Donation (2020)
    Film Writer Logline: When an orphan discovers that she has been adopted for the sole purpose of being an organ donor for her sickly new brother, she must fight her new family and escape their old mansion before her life is taken and her lungs are harvested.

  • It's Time for Tea

    It's Time for Tea (2017)
    Film (short) by Matthew J. Kaplan (Comedy, Fantasy and Short) Writer, Director, Producer After the death of their young daughter, all that remains in Rebecca and Allen’s home is an extensive toy collection and profound grief. Both are attempting to process their loss: Rebecca chooses to repress her pain, while Allen regresses to their child's age in order to replace her. When an unconventional therapist visits with them, he assures Rebecca he can bring her husband back. But first, she must enter into Allen’s land of make-believe.

  • Grave Secrets: Bottom of the Stairs

    Grave Secrets: Bottom of the Stairs (2016)
    Television by Red Marble Media (ID Network) Gregg Schmunck, ME Detectives called to the home of Ken and Kristine Fitzhugh learn that what was once considered an accidental fall is now being investigated as a homicide. They soon find themselves on the hunt for the real scene of Kristine's death... and for her killer.

  • Moves We Make

    Moves We Make (2016)
    Film (short) by Nonstop Show Group/Patrick Coker Detective (As Matt Kaplan) "Moves We Make" is a film based on the short story "Check Mate". Found in the 2010 anthology "The Massacre", written by J.M. Benjamin. Christopher Hill, better known as "Real" is a conflicted street thug who makes a series of decisions in 24 hours, which sets off a chain of catastrophic events in his life. His long time girlfriend, Rolonda wants more out of the relationship but she learns troubling news which implicates her future husband in her cousin's death. Moves We Make written by Jm Benjamin and directed by Patrick Coker, is an examination of trust and betrayal and will keep the viewer on the edge, wondering about each characters next Move.

  • Containment

    Containment (2015)
    Film (short) by Slick Devil Entertainment/Scott W. Perry (Horror, Thriller and Short) Daniel (as Matt Kaplan) A date goes horribly, horribly wrong...

  • Benny & Deb

    Benny & Deb (2015)
    Film (short) by Matthew J. Kaplan Writer/Director/Producer Benny and Deb share the same dream, and the same heartaches...

  • You Make a Grown Ghost Cry

    You Make a Grown Ghost Cry (2015)
    Film (short) by Matthew J. Kaplan (as Matt Kaplan) Writer/Director/Producer Even after death, Kevin still can't take a hint. Poor ghost.

  • Disturbances

    Disturbances (2015)
    Series by Ivy's Room Productions Actor, Writer, Producer The neighbors all say there is something very disturbing about the decrepit old house on the block. Some believe there may be supernatural forces at work. A "Room For Rent" sign hangs in the window, attracting unwitting guests to the house for a spell: a newlywed couple, a grieving friend, a businessman, and a recent college graduate. What the neighbors don't see behind the closed doors is the ghost of Ivy, the elderly landlady, terrorizing each of her death.

  • The Unspeakable Love

    The Unspeakable Love (2014)
    Television by UberGato Films Lyndon B. Johnson Goldberg Lyndon B. Johnson Goldberg has written the best-selling adult novel "The Unspeakable Love" under a pen-name. He has been offered a film option but to accept he must come out as the real author, and risk the shame and ridicule of his family.

  • The Misfortunes of a Clown

    The Misfortunes of a Clown (2014)
    Film (short) by Mark Feinsod and Matthew J.Kaplan (as Matt Kaplan) (Comedy and Short) Klaus Klaus is a clown whose biggest fear is humans. Can he make it home before the humans get him first?

  • Jules and Binoculars

    Jules and Binoculars
    Film (short) (Comedy, Romance and Short) Writer On his 50th birthday, Julius is kicked out of his mother's basement. He finds work selling honey at the local farmer's market, and it's there that he meets Lauren, a woman obsessed with getting stung by a bee. This is a reluctant and shy romance between two oddballs, finding love when they least expect it.

  • Gleiberman

    Film (short) (Thriller and Short) Writer (Twilight Zone-esque Thriller) A paranoid military vet spies on his Brownstone neighbors by wiring items for sound, and leaving them on the free “giveaway bench." Although the neighbors only have the best intentions, Gleiberman misinterprets his findings, leading to horrific results.

  • Zombie Extra (2019)

    Zombie Extra (2019)
    Film (Comedy and Horror) Writer Logline: After getting attacked by a zombie, a struggling, disconnected actor can only get work on horror films, finally feeling alive now that he's undead. Zombie Extra tells the story of Peter Knight, a struggling actor disconnected from his roles, and his life. In love with a girlfriend who cheats on him, and struggling to find work, he hopes something, anything will happen. Lightning strikes the toxic Gowanus Canal of Brooklyn and Aldo, the victim of a long-forgotten Mafia hit, is reanimated. The zombie Aldo attacks Peter and now the only work he can find is as an extra in horror films. Peter’s best friend Nicholas, a zombie enthusiast, tries to help him return to his former human self, but Peter is having the time of his life, even while being undead. In the tradition of films like Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland, Zombie Extra plays on our greatest fears of getting our flesh eaten while still managing to tickle our funny bones. Image by David Mark from Pixabay

  • Reggie & Reinhardt (2019)

    Reggie & Reinhardt (2019)
    Television (Comedy) Writer Welcome to BIG TIME CITY, a place full of big dreams that never come true. But don’t tell Reggie and Reinhardt that – actually, please do – someone has to! Logline: Two moppers at a mop factory hatch plans in order to break free from their mundane lives, but no matter how weird, wrong or extraordinary their adventures are, they always end up back with their ordinary lives. Reggie & Reinhardt is an episodic half-hour dark comedy featuring the antics and misadventures of two mispaired best friends. With each episode comes a new dream to be fulfilled or a problem to be solved. Unfortunately for Reinhardt, Reggie’s “bright ideas” get in the way of any sensible solutions, and the simplest of problems lead to the worst possible results. ​ Reggie & Reinhardt is like a Twilight Zone episode featuring Laurel and Hardy and directed by the Coen Brothers. While Pinky and the Brain try to take over the world, Reggie and Reinhardt try to escape it. But just like Skipper and Gilligan, these two buddies will never escape their Island. Image by Szilárd Szabó from Pixabay

  • Handbasket

    Television (Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery and 1 More) Writer It’s the Fall of 1995 in an artsy college town and the band Handbasket is on the verge of success. They just need a little extra luck, but if it wasn’t for bad luck they’d have no luck at all. Logline: When a drummer’s deal with the devil results in the disappearance of the singer, the remaining bandmates must face their own demons in order to break the deal before the next singer vanishes. The same night Handbasket lands a lucrative record deal, their singer mysteriously disappears. With pressure from the label, the remaining members go into the studio with a replacement singer. But with every new success, another singer is gone, and the only clue left behind is burnt remnants of their shoes. Many new people have started to hang around the band – can one of them be the devil? Handbasket is a serial science-fiction thriller about good vs. evil, the nineties indie music scene, and the budding romantic relationship between bandmates. In the same way that Stranger Things uses the '80s and shadow monsters to explore friendship, Handbasket uses the '90s and the devil to explore band relationships, romance, and the music industry.

  • Matty and Patty

    Matty and Patty
    Television Writer Matty trampolines himself through the sky of his world and right into Patty’s hometown. This is just the first of their many adventures! Logline: Two ten-year-olds from different dimensions, Matty the dimwitted gentle-giant and Patty the wise-beyond-her-years, no-nonsense brains of the operation, travel through different worlds to find Patty’s lost cat Bruno and return Matty to his family. The two friends begin and end each adventure in Patty’s hometown of Hubdale. There, the duo must avoid run-ins with neighborhood bullies, mean teachers and Patty’s family. In the other dimensions, danger is around every corner until they slowly learn how to control their travels, with the help of a mysterious stranger. Matty and Patty are fifteen-minute animated episodes, appropriate for all ages but, similar to the Muppet Show, Animaniacs and The Simpsons, this show is intended to work on multiple levels, appealing to children and adults alike. Easy-to-follow adventures, along with social commentary and subtle humor, are mixed into big laughs for the whole family.


  • It's Time for Tea: Best Picture Editing at the Festival of Cinema NYC.

  • It's Time for Tea: Best of the Fest at The Shmoovies, Rochester, NY

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