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Matthew Kaplan

Screenwriter, Actor and Filmmaker

Brooklyn, New York

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About Matthew

Writer, Actor and Filmmaker in Brooklyn, NY. My tastes vary but often get dark and humorous. I am the writer, director and co-producer of It's Time for Tea, shooting fall 2017 and to be released spring 2018.

Past production projects include the horror web series Disturbances, (writer/actor/producer) and TV Pilot The Unspeakable Love (writer/actor/producer). Further acting, writing, directing and production credits can be found below.

I have a few finished screenplays, including two features, one short and one animated pilot. I am seeking opportunities with these screenplays, and look forward to connecting, networking, and working with people here.

I recently wrote this blog piece for Stage 32:



  • It's Time for Tea

    It's Time for Tea (2017)
    Film (short) by Matthew J. Kaplan (Comedy, Fantasy and Short) Writer, Director, Producer After losing their child, a couple grieves in very different ways. She represses her pain to quickly move on, while he regresses to the age of his daughter in order to replace. An unorthodox therapist arrives just in time for tea, and that's when doors to new worlds open, and things get a little odd.

  • Grave Secrets: Bottom of the Stairs

    Grave Secrets: Bottom of the Stairs (2016)
    Television by Red Marble Media (ID Network) Gregg Schmunck, ME Detectives called to the home of Ken and Kristine Fitzhugh learn that what was once considered an accidental fall is now being investigated as a homicide. They soon find themselves on the hunt for the real scene of Kristine's death... and for her killer.

  • Moves We Make

    Moves We Make (2016)
    Film (short) by Nonstop Show Group/Patrick Coker Detective (As Matt Kaplan) "Moves We Make" is a film based on the short story "Check Mate". Found in the 2010 anthology "The Massacre", written by J.M. Benjamin. Christopher Hill, better known as "Real" is a conflicted street thug who makes a series of decisions in 24 hours, which sets off a chain of catastrophic events in his life. His long time girlfriend, Rolonda wants more out of the relationship but she learns troubling news which implicates her future husband in her cousin's death. Moves We Make written by Jm Benjamin and directed by Patrick Coker, is an examination of trust and betrayal and will keep the viewer on the edge, wondering about each characters next Move.

  • Containment

    Containment (2015)
    Film (short) by Slick Devil Entertainment/Scott W. Perry (Horror, Thriller and Short) Daniel (as Matt Kaplan) A date goes horribly, horribly wrong...

  • Benny & Deb

    Benny & Deb (2015)
    Film (short) by Matthew J. Kaplan Writer/Director/Producer Benny and Deb share the same dream, and the same heartaches...

  • You Make a Grown Ghost Cry

    You Make a Grown Ghost Cry (2015)
    Film (short) by Matthew J. Kaplan (as Matt Kaplan) Writer/Director/Producer Even after death, Kevin still can't take a hint. Poor ghost.

  • Disturbances

    Disturbances (2015)
    Series by Ivy's Room Productions Actor, Writer, Producer The neighbors all say there is something very disturbing about the decrepit old house on the block. Some believe there may be supernatural forces at work. A "Room For Rent" sign hangs in the window, attracting unwitting guests to the house for a spell: a newlywed couple, a grieving friend, a businessman, and a recent college graduate. What the neighbors don't see behind the closed doors is the ghost of Ivy, the elderly landlady, terrorizing each of her death.

  • The Unspeakable Love

    The Unspeakable Love (2014)
    Television by UberGato Films Lyndon B. Johnson Goldberg Lyndon B. Johnson Goldberg has written the best-selling adult novel "The Unspeakable Love" under a pen-name. He has been offered a film option but to accept he must come out as the real author, and risk the shame and ridicule of his family.

  • The Misfortunes of a Clown

    The Misfortunes of a Clown (2014)
    Film (short) by Mark Feinsod and Matthew J.Kaplan (as Matt Kaplan) (Comedy and Short) Klaus Klaus is a clown whose biggest fear is humans. Can he make it home before the humans get him first?

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