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Michael E Hayworth

Business Affairs Consultant, Producer, Production Accountant, Screenwriter and Transmedia Producer

High Point, North Carolina

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  • R.E.D.D.

    R.E.D.D. (2015)
    Film by Patrick A. Prejusa (Sci-Fi) Producer It's the year 2233. America is no longer a super power, and Earth is no longer a central planet. Half of Earth's population has moved on to other planets in our solar system and beyond. As all the major cities have fallen to war or catastrophe, it is the rural areas where large communities have thrived. Magic Valley is one such place. The U.S. Military is dying. Slowly being taken over by the large Grimm Corporation which has all but seized power of the Alliance and all the Unified Planets. The last U.S. Military base is about to be closed for good, leaving communities like Magic Valley unguarded by terrorist factions. And unprotected by the growing evil in the forests of Magic Valley. A growing dark energy consumes the woods, spawning evil creatures, Werewolves, Vampires, and Zombies. This energy threatens to spread to the communities and eventually the destroy the entire planet. The last Secret U.S. Government Agency is a secret division of soldiers known as R.E.D.D. The last ... Written by A. Marster

  • Thankfully Local With Chef Chuck

    Thankfully Local With Chef Chuck (2012 - 2014)
    Television by Fresh Brewed Films/Fire Horse Productions Creator/Executive Producer A cancer survivor for more than ten years, and a strong believer in eating fresh locally grown produce, Chef Chuck shows us how to eat 'healthy' and takes us to meet farmers who share his concerns and dedicate their lives to growing only the very best. Every show takes us to a different farming community acting as an ideal backdrop for Chef Chuck as he demonstrates southern cooking and hospitality and teaches you, the viewer, how to buy locally grown produce and create the ultimate healthy meals for your family.

  • The Gospel According to Booze, Bullets, & Hot Pink Jesus, Act II: A Saint of Sin in a Den of Thieves

    The Gospel According to Booze, Bullets, & Hot Pink Jesus, Act II: A Saint of Sin in a Den of Thieves (2013)
    Film by Jaysen P. Buterin (Short, Comedy, Crime and Sci-Fi) Producer Trickster was a red-skinned silver-tongued devil who'd rather lurk amongst criminals than live on a reservation. Diana Maria was a gorgeous senorita content to live a care-free life with her market and her memories. As luck would have it, when their paths crossed and their eyes met, their fates were sealed. As bad luck would have it, her father also happened to be the sworn enemy of his uncle in a long-standing crime feud that was growing dirtier and deadlier by the day. As the star-crossed lovers speed towards their destiny, bad guys and good guys, cowboys and Indians, and even the Mexican mob all descend upon them in an explosive climax. But when you're on the run and under the gun, which would you rather trust, love... or lust? Written by Mad Ones Films

  • The Key Man

    The Key Man (2011)
    Film by Peter Himmelstein (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew An insurance salesman gets mixed up with two gangsters in effort to make more money and provide for his family, but things don't go as he planned.

  • The 5th Quarter

    The 5th Quarter (2010)
    Film by Rick Bieber (Biography, Drama and Sport) Miscellaneous Crew In February, 2006, young Luke Abbate accepted a ride home from a fellow student following his high-school team practice. In a severe case of irresponsible and reckless teen-age driving, and over the objections of Luke and the other young passengers, the driver lost control of the car at nearly 90 miles-per-hour, spinning off a narrow road and landing in an embankment some seventy feet below. Luke suffered irreparable brain damage, and died in the hospital two days later - just four days before his sixteenth birthday. Written by anonymous

  • The Peanut Gallery Presents: Black Lake

    The Peanut Gallery Presents: Black Lake (2009)
    Film by Joshua Strayhorn (Short and Horror) Producer After seeking refuge at an abandoned campground, Bill, Donald, and Amy are forced to struggle against the pending Zombie Apocalypse.

  • Briar Patch

    Briar Patch (2003)
    Film by Zev Berman (Drama, Romance and Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew Briar Patch is a modern, Southern Gothic tale of true love and murder. It centers on Inez Macbeth, a wisp of a girl just a shade over twenty, who may lack a formal education, but has already been taught plenty by life. She's at a dead end, married to Edgar, a petty thief who had his shot and missed long ago, but is too dense to realize it. She spends her days catering to Edgar's whims and fighting off lame advances from his taciturn partner in crime, Flowers. One day, Butcher Lee, Inez's trusted friend and an amateur mystic of sorts, reveals a vision that Inez's One True Love is close by. Determined not to let this opportunity slip by, she vows to act on that information right away. Unknown to anyone, Inez has begun a secret tryst with Druden, a sweet-spirited, oddly-romantic, and wealthy young lawyer in town. With utter certainty that Druden is The One from Butcher's vision, Inez plans their escape to Richmond. Edgar gets wind Inez is up to something and blows his cool, beating her ... Written by Anonymous

  • Barflies

    Barflies (2002)
    Film by Michael Pietrobon (Short and Comedy) Producer

  • Cabin Fever

    Cabin Fever (2002)
    Film by Eli Roth (Comedy and Horror) Miscellaneous Crew The college friends Paul, Karen, Bert, Marcy and Jeff rent an isolated cabin in the woods to spend a week together. When they arrive, a man contaminated with a weird disease asks for help to them, but they get in panic and burn the man, who falls in the water reservoir and dies. The whole group, except Karen, makes a pact of drinking only beer along the week without knowing where the dead body is. When Karen drinks tap water and gets the disease, the group begins their journey to hell. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • 55 Mercer Street

    55 Mercer Street (2001)
    Television Producer A group of single 20-somethings share a loft in Soho.

  • Morning

    Morning (2001)
    Film by Ami Canaan Mann (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew A man returns to his small-town roots following the death of his childhood friend.

  • Hullabaloo


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