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Mick Merivel

Creative Executive, Producer and Business Development/sales

Beverly Hills, California

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About Mick

Mick Merivel works in the film & entertainment industry throughout the world, with experience in a wide range of fields from voice over, to production, to acting & hosting.
As well as launching into venture capital projects in recent years from construction, real estate, and the service industries.

Born in Virginia, Mick grew up an only child. His father is a retired Veteran whom worked for the United States Army since the Vietnam Era, this afforded Mick a tour of the world, living and experiencing many cultures. Over the years, Mick lived in Virginia, Germany, Bavaria, Panama, Texas, Oklahoma, and California. Child acting and modeling were early methods his mother helped acclimate and encourage Mick.

Besides living in numerous cities and countries, since early childhood, Mick was fortunate enough to spend a great deal of time visiting and touring the majority of Europe, Central and South America, and the vast majority of the United States. It was with these experiences, as well as having a loving mother who was a school teacher, later in his life, that Mick garnered an appreciation for many eclectic subjects, and a diverse knowledge of and on a great number of topics.

Mick has won numerous accolades and awards over his life thus far, from reaching Eagle Scout as a youth and "Who's Who" as a High School Honors Student, with awards from The American Legion, Kiwanis, Optimist, Rotary, and Lion's Club's, as well as being a Youth Leader and volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America, Boy's State, Medical Explorers, Rotary Youth International, and a State and United States Representative to The Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation World Congress. Mick also attended Rio Vista Summer camp as a youth for 5 years, of which he suggests to all young people, male or female, should take part in growing up. In Mick's final year at camp he received their highest award as 'Honor Camper', given to only one youth per year.

After high school, Mick attended The University of Oklahoma and distinguished himself there upon arrival in numerous clubs and organizations as well as by becoming the Junior Inter-Fraternity Council President. Mick had been chosen to represent his new pledge class of The Sigma Nu Fraternity at the Junior Inter-Fraternity Council among all other Fraternity Representatives and left that meeting as their leader. Mick wore many hats in the Sigma Nu Fraternity, but in the end found that his college education lacked the necessary knowledge and skills he needed to succeed on his career path. Mick was advised by a number of professors that he greatly admired that it would be better for him to begin immediately working in the field of his passion, rather than studying it any longer. (Although he finished his degree, and is contemplating getting his Master's & has already been accepted to Law School in California.)

Upon leaving university and moving to California, Mick began work in the arts, initially from acting and film production to music and videos. These different fields would lead him to working with a variety of experts, specialists, and teachers. At the suggestion and support of a great number of people, Mick began working with voice over, and found a passion for it. He attended training with Lori Tritel and Michael Bell. He was then trained by the great casting agency & school, Kalmenson and Kalmenson. Mick has since done voice work in both America and Australia on the radio, TV & internet. He has done commercial ads for casinos and hotels in Las Vegas, as well as movie promos and trailers.

Mick has also been an avid volunteer, contributor, and philanthropist in a number of organizations such as: The AltaMed Health Care organization, After School All-Stars, Rotary International, KUSC Radio Los Angeles, The Boy Scouts of America, and HOBY International to name a few.

Mick has been a Producer with The Century City Film Fund and at Tongue & Nose Productions. He was the Producer on the controversial documentary AMERICAN FEDERALE, (currently being remastered for a redux version) as well as a contributing writer for the Century City News. Filming other projects like VEGAS FLY TRAP, (in which he also stars) and the Documentary's, A CAMP LIFE & THE COLONIAL EFFECT, with a couple more on the way, Mick Merivel is excited for any future projects, though he is considered retired.

"It's been an amazing transformation these last few years even with all the wrenches thrown my way and toward my family, but I'm looking forward to the future and never back at the past... Just a bit of advice, don't let cyberbully's, naysayers, or ambulance chasing lawyers ruin your goals or crush your dreams... They will fail all on their own... After all, if they really mattered they'd have better things to do than attempt to harm or harass you or even post negativity about you. Be well and may all your hopes and happiness bloom into whatever you desire!"

{As a child model and long time actor, voice over artist and most recently a producer, I've been considering promoting myself more as a spokesperson and host model on the encouragement of my friends and co-workers. I'm looking forward to a rewarding experience that I've seen a great number of my fellow friends enjoy through Stage 32, and the connections they found through this website. I seek professional connections only please. Thank you.}

This has turned out to be a wonderful site to be a member of... Special thanks out to recent friends met and projects completed -- Wishing everyone out there success in your endeavors.



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  • The University of Oklahoma

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