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  • In Search of Aliens

    In Search of Aliens (2014)
    Television (Documentary) Editor IN SEARCH OF ALIENS follows Giorgio Tsoukalos, an Ancient Astronaut theorist and leading contributor to Ancient Aliens, as he explores the fascinating evidence behind some of the Earth's most famous mysteries.

  • The Girl with Half a Face

    The Girl with Half a Face (2013)
    TV Movie by Andrew Nock (Documentary) Editor

  • Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan

    Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan (2004 - 2012)
    Television (Family and Reality-TV) Editor Emmy-award nominated Cesar Millan has an uncanny ability to rehabilitate problem dogs of all shapes and sizes. With the major success of his hit show on National Geographic Channel and DVD, Cesar has captured the national spotlight as America's favorite dog expert. Relive his most challenging moments and greatest transformations on this very special Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan DVD. Written by Anonymous

  • The Man Who Lost His Face

    The Man Who Lost His Face (2011)
    TV Movie by Christopher Barnes (Documentary) Editor A film crew follows a 51 year old man, Jose Mestre, from Lisbon Portugal, who, for the past 35 years has suffered a tumor on the face which has grown to 12-15 pounds. Jose undergoes a long 13 hour surgery to remove the mass from his face.

  • The Search for John the Baptist

    The Search for John the Baptist (2005)
    TV Movie by Mark Hufnail (Documentary) Editor John the Baptist's time on the biblical stage was brief, yet he left an indelible mark on Christianity. We know that he started the sacrament of baptism, but was he also the man behind the message of Jesus? Does a secretive Middle Eastern sect practice ancient rituals handed down directly from John? Despite mentions in the Gospels and the works of the Jewish historian Josephus, little was known about the historical John until now. TIME MACHINE follows in the footsteps of the prophet and examines startling new archaeological evidence that provides the first concrete proof of the life of this enigmatic biblical character. Written by Anonymous

  • The True Story of Hannibal

    The True Story of Hannibal (2005)
    TV Movie by Mark Hufnail (Documentary) Editor One of history's greatest military leaders, at age nine Hannibal accompanied his father Hamilcar Barca on the Carthaginian expedition to conquer Spain. Before embarking, the boy vowed eternal hatred for Rome, his people's bitter rival. Twenty years later, in 218 BC, he left New Carthage (now Cartagena, Spain) to wage war on "The Eternal City" with an army of about 40,000, including cavalry and elephants. After crossing the Pyrenees and Rhone River, he traversed the Alps while beset by snowstorms, landslides, and hostile mountain tribes. This 2-hour special brings to life the story of the Carthaginian general who struck fear in all Roman hearts and wreaked havoc with his masterful military tactics, bringing the mighty Roman Republic to the brink of ruin. Archaeologists, historians, and military experts guide us through ancient Carthage and give insight into his military strategy up to defeat at Zama in 203 BC. Written by Anonymous

  • The New Roswell: Kecksburg Exposed

    The New Roswell: Kecksburg Exposed (2003)
    TV Movie by Melissa Jo Peltier (Sci-Fi) Editor

  • Big Cat Magic (with Dirk Arthur)

    Big Cat Magic (with Dirk Arthur) (2003)
    with Dirk Arthu by Jim Milio (Documentary) Editor A profile of illusionist Dirk Arthur, who uses tigers and leopards in his Las Vegas act. Included: how the big cats are trained for the show; conservation and breeding.

  • The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence

    The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence (2002)
    TV Movie by Melissa Jo Peltier (Documentary and Sci-Fi) Editor From the initial news of a "disk" being recovered in the desert to a scientific excavation of the 1947 crash site in Roswell, N.M., this documentary offers an account of what may be an event in the 20th century. Includes eyewitness interviews and new footage. Archaeologists from the University of New Mexico, in partnership with SCI FI Channel, set out to uncover physical evidence to help prove whether the claim of an extraterrestrial craft crash is science fiction or science fact. Written by Anonymous

  • Inside Islam

    Inside Islam (2002)
    TV Movie by Mark Hufnail (Documentary) Editor It is the second largest of the world's great religions, and the fastest growing. Its name comes from the word for peace, yet to many Westerners it is synonymous with terror. INSIDE ISLAM lifts the veil of mystery surrounding a misunderstood faith. Trace its roots back to the Hebrew Bible and discover how the Five Pillars, the religion's central tenets, helped spread Islam to the far corners of the world. Find out what the Qu'Ran says about war, violence and suicide, and how these words have been co-opted by extremists. And hear from experts like Khaled Abou el Fadl (author of Speaking in God's Name), who explore the challenges facing Islam today, including a crisis of authority and deep divisions among many sects. Illuminating, important and objective, INSIDE ISLAM exposes the heart of a faith mired in controversy. Written by Anonymous

  • The Nightclub Years

    The Nightclub Years (2001)
    Television by Douglas Brooks West (Documentary) Editor

  • Runners

    Runners (2001)
    Film by Carlo Gustaff (Drama) Editor

  • Extra: In the Background of a Dream

    Extra: In the Background of a Dream (2001)
    Film by Topher Straus (Documentary) Editor In the world of Hollywood and celebrities, known mostly for its glamorous lifestyles and big dreamers, there exists a segregated underworld, a subculture where dreams are rarely realized and whose contributions go unappreciated. EXTRA: In the Background of a Dream offers the first true glimpse of the most common Hollywood experience, documenting the plight of movie ?extras?, or as they?re known in the business, ?background artists?. Through numerous hours of interviewing and observing on sets, including Little Nicki, 13 Days, The Beach Boys (TV), V.I.P. (TV), and a national commercial, EXTRA: In the Background of a Dream is a raw examination of the extra?s world of hope and disillusionment. Taking a behind-the-scenes look at two families immersed in ?background? life, EXTRA: In the Background of a Dream focuses on: Catfish Bates, a responsible, proud extra supported and respected by his loving wife Helen. Eking a living off an extra?s meager pay, Catfish and Helen is a story of a ... Written by Anonymous

  • Whispers: An Elephant's Tale

    Whispers: An Elephant's Tale (2000)
    Film by Dereck Joubert (Family) Editor A nameless baby male elephant was just getting used to life in the herd, when poachers kill his mother, so he runs and gets lost. He's found by a grouchy female, Groove, the sister of a matriarch, who walks off disgusted with life in her herd. Not exactly wholehearted, she still takes the orphan under her wing, 'till we find your herd', but fails to find his herd, or a new home with males -who find him disrespectful and mouthy- or her own herd, which nicknames the kid whispers since his trumpeting is so weak. meanwhile the fear for poachers and (that is, in the movie) lions drives them north over the great river, a long and dangerous journey... Written by KGF Vissers

  • Vierspel

    Vierspel (1994 - 1996)
    Television (Drama) Editor

  • Jock: A True Tale of Friendship

    Jock: A True Tale of Friendship (1994)
    Film by Duncan MacNeillie (Adventure, Family and History) Editor In 1886 the 20 years old Percy Fitzpatrick sets out from Kaapstad (Cape Town) for the Transvaal to dig for gold. On his way he prevents the weakly puppy Jock from being drowned and adopts him. But when they finally reach the destination of his journey, there's no gold there anymore. So Percy starts out as a foreman, and henceforth he and Jock live through many exciting adventures involving wild animals and slave drivers. Written by Tom Zoerner <>

  • Taxi to Soweto

    Taxi to Soweto (1991)
    Film by Manie van Rensburg (Comedy) Editor

  • Konings

    Konings (1991)
    TV Movie by David Lister (Drama) Editor

  • The Fourth Reich

    The Fourth Reich (1990)
    Film by Manie van Rensburg (Drama) Editor

  • Dirty Games

    Dirty Games (1989)
    Film by Gray Hofmeyr (Action, Adventure and Thriller) Editor The beautiful daughter of a murdered scientist determines to apprehend her father's brutal killer at a nuclear waste site they're both inspecting as part of a team of international delegates. But the visiting scientists soon realize that ruthless terrorists intend to blow up the complex. Written by Anonymous

  • Toxic Effect

    Toxic Effect (1989)
    Film by Robert Davies (Thriller) Editor A reporter stumbles on a dirty secret involving illegal agricultural use of forbidden chemicals.

  • You Must Be Joking Too!

    You Must Be Joking Too! (1987)
    Film by Leon Schuster (Comedy) Editor

  • The Gordimer Stories

    The Gordimer Stories (1982)
    Film by Manie van Rensburg (Drama) Editor Three stories, "Country Lovers," "Six Feet of Country," and "Nadine Gordimer Interview," all involving, in some way, the participation of Nadine Gordimer. Written by Keath

  • Diamant en die Dief

    Diamant en die Dief (1978)
    Film by Jan Scholtz (Comedy) Editorial department




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