Nicola Marasso

Nicola Marasso

Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Editor, Filmmaker and Photographer (Still)

Trofarello, Italy

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About Nicola

With a big love about cinema, I graduated in Technical Audiovisual Industry in 2012 at "Fellini Institute" in Turin; and after then, i specialize in Technical Graphics 3D in 2013 at "ITS for Information and Communication" to improve my passion for video games and improve my skills in videomaking / filmmaking.

During my studies I got very exercised behind the camera; creating commercials, music videos, short films and feature films, to have a 360 visual on all audio-visual works.

Unique traits: NO ONE


  • DOG

    DOG (2021)
    Film by ADRAMA / LDP ENTERTAIMENT (Action, Adventure, Drama, Horror and 4 More) Production Assistant In the not too distant future, a pandemic has decimated the world population by 90%, leaving only a few survivors looking for the hope of a cure ...

  • Baby Doll

    Baby Doll (2021)
    Film by ADRAMA / LDP ENTERTAIMENT (Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror and 2 More) Production Assistant During an Erasmus vacation, some students find themselves spending their evenings in a house that will gradually take over their lives; noting that their plans will not be as expected.

  • Enjoy The Little Things

    Enjoy The Little Things (2020)
    Film (short) by Nicola Marasso Director This video was made during the Italian quarantine, in one day, by myself, in collaboration with my best friends and the best moments spent together; with the hope that these moments will return stronger than before


    FALLEN (2018 - 2019)
    Film by ADRAMA / Niccolò Fumero (Action, Adventure, Drama, Family and 4 More) Production Assistant The film narrates the vicissitudes of Reverend Abraham Fallen (Andrea Zirio) who, after operating on the front line during the period of darkness, retired and lives a solitary life with his daughter Sarah (Ortensia Fioravanti) in a house near the woods . The only contacts that these characters have with what remains of civilization are with Thomas (Fabio Tarditi), a young boy secretly in love with Sarah who brings food from the city store to the family. But strange creatures start to come from the nearby woods: is it the Darkness that is about to return or is it the past of the Reverend that resurfaces? The film was shot entirely in the Ceresole countryside, near Carmagnola. It was also recently sold to a major American major for rights in North America and has among the co-protagonists the actor Daniel McVicar, the well-known face of the telenovela Beautiful, who plays here the master of Reverend Abraham Fallen

  • Once Upon a Time In Italy

    Once Upon a Time In Italy (2019)
    Film (short) by ProdAction (Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy and Short) Editing e VFX This is a short movie written, directed and performed by “Once Upon a Time Cosplay Italia”, a group that gathers all the Italian cosplayers from ABC’s tv show “Once Upon a Time”

  • Equal Against Violence

    Equal Against Violence (2019)
    Film (short) by MOVIEMEN-TO ARTE CINEMA & SCRITTURA (Crime, Drama, Thriller and Short) First Camera, D.O.P A woman tells the love story between him and her boyfriend to a mysterious figure..

  • The Equilibrist with The Star

    The Equilibrist with The Star (2019)
    Film by JC Abraham De Palma / Davide Campagna (Drama, Family, Romance, Thriller and 1 More) Production Assistant The story is set in South Tyrol, in the north Italy, during the second World War. The lifes of a Jew girl, Anastasia, and a circus boy, Thomas, meet when the little circus of Freit family arrives in the city. They soon fall in love. But their love is full of sacrifices, because of the racial laws. So Anastasia decides to hide in the circus, but also there the situation is hard because of the son of the Circus Director, Artur, who hates her because of her Jewish origins and wants her out of the circus. At the same time all the family of Anastasia, staying at home is deported. Only the sister of Anastasia, Greta, will luckily survive. After a series of unfortunate events, Anastasia will be obliged to mask herself first, then to escape from the circus. The story continues trough thick and thin, following an impossible love story between Anastasia and Thomas.

  • Love Story

    Love Story (2018)
    Film (short) by Enza Lasalandra (Drama and Family) 1st Camera, Audio, and Editing A man is on therapy. His delirium causes him obsessions in relations with the other sex. Oneiric is the name of her woman, her relationship with her is dreamlike and destructive ...

  • Gotham Dream's

    Gotham Dream's (2018)
    Film (short) by Chris Heaven (Comedy, Fantasy and Animation) 1st Camera, Audio, and Editing Joker wants to bring together all the evil characters to win Gotham; but only two young women answer the call: Harley and Poison Ivy. Beyond this, the clown will also have to deal with a vision that torments him ...

  • Ulysses: A Dark Odyssey

    Ulysses: A Dark Odyssey (2018)
    Film by ADRAMA (Action, Crime and Drama) Production Assistant Taurus City, The United States of Europe, 2023. Uly, a disillusioned soldier riddled with amnesia, returns home from a war in the Middle East, knowing only that he must desperately comb the city to find his beloved wife, Penelope. Fate fills this endless night with a series of chance meetings. Whether it be the wealthy Alcyde, the beastly cyclops Popov, Aeo the Gyspy, or Cici the Sorceress, good or evil that they be, each encounter fills in a missing piece of Uly's memory, so that he can finally face his past.

  • Sport Crime

    Sport Crime (2017)
    Series by ADRAMA Production Assistant Unconventional trainer and charming partner discover a natural talent to protect athletes while investigating sport related crime.


    Film (short) by Nicola Marasso (Crime, Drama, Thriller and Film-Noir) First Camera The mobster Natale "Nat Jones" Giannetti (Chris Heaven), villain of the first episode of "Zero - The series" (New Life) and protagonist of "Nat Rules - The laws of Nat" (coming soon!) Spin off / prequel of Zero, meets Ned (Viro Markesan), villain of the second episode of "Zero - the series" (Isolated Citizens. The two confront each other on their episodes in a somewhat rival and somewhat paternal speech

  • I Was Waiting for You

    I Was Waiting for You (2016)
    Film (short) by ZOOMlife (Comedy, Romance and Short) 1st Camera, Audio, and Editing A woman enters a restaurant to meet someone she has only talked to via chat; but a book is around the corner...


  • ITS for Information and Communication

  • Fellini Institute

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