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Sam Borowski was destined to be a filmmaker. In fact, he grew up just a stone's throw from the house that served as the Corleone Home in the Academy-Award winning film, "The Godfather." He also watched the Oscars intently as his cousin Danny Aiello was Nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 1990. Eventually, it was time for Borowski to get in the game. After selling his first option in 1999 and attending the Cannes Film Festival, Borowski produced 10 films, including 4 shorts. Among them, he directed and produced the film, "Night Club," Academy-Award Winner Ernie Borgnine's final theatrical feature. It also starred Natasha Lyonne, Paul Sorvino and Academy-Award Nominee Sally Kellerman and was one of the final films in Mickey Rooney’s legendary career. "Night Club," won a whopping 16 awards over 9 film festivals. Before that, Borowski wrote, produced and directed, "The Mandala Maker", a short for Academy-Award consideration in 2010 that went on to qualify for the Oscars in the Live-Action Short category. It garnered 7 awards over 8 festivals, including 3 in the Accolade Competition (for Direction, Short Film and Lead Actress). It also played in the prestigious Film Columbia Festival, alongside 2010 Academy-Award Best Picture nominees, "Precious" and "Up In The Air." Borowski wrote and produced the feature-length documentary, "Creature Feature: 60 Years of the Gill-Man", which featured Academy-Award Winner Benicio Del Toro and is narrated by 3-time Emmy-winner Keith David. Recently, Borowski produced the feature film, "A Place For Heroes," in Iowa starring the aforementioned Sorvino and Kellerman, among others, and also directed the film, "Maniac," a year later. He was wrapping up post-production in 2016 on the horror short, "Wraith," which he produced in New Jersey. In addition, he has also worked as a script doctor for both studios and independent film companies. When you consider that everything came full circle as Borowski eventually was mentored by 2-time Oscar-Winning producer of "The Godfather," Albert S. Ruddy, and you look at his life's path, it's hard to argue that he was, indeed, destined to be a filmmaker.

Unique traits: Myth-Smith.



  • Wraith

    Wraith (2016)
    Film (Short, Horror and Thriller) Producer Jessica is tormented by the ghost of a little girl, that threatens both her relationship with her boyfriend Mike, and her very way of life.

  • A Place for Heroes

    A Place for Heroes (2014)
    Film (Drama, History, Mystery and War) Producer The death of a WWII veteran leads his estranged daughter to discover some shocking things about her father, and leads her on a journey to learn the truth of her father's love, sacrifice, and a different kind of heroism.

  • Creature Feature: 60 Years of the Gill-Man

    Creature Feature: 60 Years of the Gill-Man (2014)
    Film (Documentary) Producer This movie documents the era surrounding the creation, marketing and distribution of the influential horror film, "Creature From the Black Lagoon," and the two sequels that followed. Flash forward 60 years later, and we see how the legion of fans continue to grow for this classic horror character, and how the movie is still relevant today. Written by Sam Borowski

  • Maniac

    Maniac (2013)
    Film (Short, Crime and Drama) Producer The Man is a disgruntled and disturbed citizen, a loner on the mean streets of New York City and New Jersey, as he ventures into isolation and violent misanthropy. He deals with tragedy by dispensing his own form of justice on the criminal low lives that "keep on hurting the good people." In doing so, he attempts to help young prostitute Gina to free herself of her abusive pimp Johnny Ramone. Eventually using two hand guns, he sets out to rid the world of the people "doing terrible, horrible disgusting things to other human beings." Written by

  • Pollination *

    Pollination * (2012)
    Film (Short and Drama) Producer Plants are the children of the earth. They will grow and respond according to how we treat them ...

  • Night Club

    Night Club (2011)
    Film (Comedy) Producer Three friends, Justin, Chris and Nikki, decide to start their own Night Club, after taking a job working the night shift in a retirement home to put themselves through USC. They get a lot of help from one of the home's residents, Albert, who claims he used to run the hottest night club in Los Angeles for decades. As Justin tries to win the affections of a college mate April, Albert, Chris and Nikki, have the time of their lives throwing college parties attended by senior citizens, and a few famous singers/comedians. Written by cinematicheroes

  • The Mandala Maker

    The Mandala Maker (2009)
    Film (Short and Drama) Producer The story of Naomi, a struggling artist, who dares to dream of a better life. But, is there a better life in sight? Naomi, whose art career and life is seemingly headed nowhere, also has a terrible tragedy from her past that is holding her back from advancing her soul ... and life. This dark secret has overwhelmed her, and taken control of her existence. It has come between her relationship with her boyfriend, Eric, and has held her back in both social and career situations. One day, Naomi discovers the secret of Tibetan Mandalas - circular designs that psychologists - even the legendary Carl Jung, an influential thinker and the founder of analytical psychology - will tell you have 'healing' powers in them. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for Naomi. Once discovered, Naomi attempts to heal herself from this hidden tragedy by painting these very designs. While she does this, Naomi summons the courage to face her past, and walks a spiritual journey toward enlightenment. ... Written by cinematicheroes

  • Rex

    Rex (2008)
    Film (Drama) Producer Set in Rex, Ga., the film tells the story of a young man named Chase who attempts to save his farm from being stolen by the corrupt sheriff that framed and murdered his father 20 years earlier. In the process, Chase begins mixing meth in the farm's basement and becomes involved in a love triangle between his best friend and his girlfriend. Written by Danielle Swanson

  • Karloff and Me

    Karloff and Me (2006)
    Film (Documentary) Producer Karloff and Me, will explore the parallel between Boris Karloff, the first man to don the Frankenstein suit, and Ron MacCloskey, the largest collector in the world of vintage Karloff and Frankenstein memorabilia. Through interviews with legends of Hollywood and television, we will learn about all the different phases of Karloff's career (movies, T.V. and Broadway) and all of the different phases of MacCloskey's life, and how he got to know the man in the Frankenstein suit through all of his different projects. There is a strange parallel between these two men as MacCloskey began filming this project - a lifelong ambition - at the same age that Karloff began filming the original Frankenstein, his breakout role. Written by Anonymous

  • Creature Feature: 50 Years of the Gill-Man

    Creature Feature: 50 Years of the Gill-Man (2004)
    Video (Documentary) Producer First surfacing in 1954, the Gill-Man from CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON has been one of the most influential screen monsters. This documentary fondly recalls the history of the 3-D horror film - which spawned several sequels and countless imitators - and the behind-the-scenes story of its making as told by cast and crew. Written by rottentomatoes

  • Fort Totten: The Face of Freedom

    Fort Totten: The Face of Freedom (2003)
    Video (Short and History) Producer This documentary traces the history of Fort Totten, in Queens, NY. The fort served to protect the Long Island Sound area before the Civil War and was home to a Nike Missle Base. Today, it is home to the 77th Regional Support Command.


  • 2015 Rondo Award for Best Documentary (shared w/ M. Crick) Creature Feature: 60 Years of the GillMan

  • 2013 Northeast Film Festival Award for Best Short Film (Maniac)

  • 2013 Northeast Film Festival Award for Best Director of a Short Film (Maniac)

  • 2013 Long Island Film Festival Grand Jury Prize Short Film (Maniac)

  • 2012 Trail Dance Film Festival Director's Award (Night Club)

  • 2012 Golden Door International Film Festival Best Short Short (pollination * )

  • 2011 Golden Door International Film Festival Best Feature (Night Club)

  • 2011 Golden Door International Film Festival Best Director (Night Club)

  • 2011 Long Island Film Festival Best Director (Night Club)

  • 2011 Long Island Film Festival Best Feature (Night Club)

  • 2011 Acclade Competition Best of Show Feature Film (Night Club)

  • 2011 Acclade Competition Award of Excellence Direction (Night Club)

  • 2009 Accolade Competition Award of Merit Direction (The Mandala Maker)

  • 2009 Accolade Competition Award of Merit Short Film (The Mandala Maker)

  • 2009 Central Florida Film Festival Best Mini-Feature (The Mandala Maker)

  • 2009 Staten Island Film Festival Best Short Screenplay (The Mandala Maker)

  • 2008 Staten Island Film Festival Audience Choice Award (Rex)

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