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Christopher Cline

Director, Producer, Production Coordinator and Unit Production Manager

Phoenix, Arizona

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Freelance Film Production Services
Owner of Show-Biz Network Productions
Engineering Technician & Replay Coordinator (NFL Arizona Cardinals)



  • True Love: A Documentary on Relationships

    True Love: A Documentary on Relationships (2014)
    Film (short) by Christopher M. Cline (Comedy) Director, Writer, Editor, Producer, Actor Hopeless romantic Vincent attempts to film a documentary proposal video for his future children "Tommy & Stephanie", accompanied by his close friend Jeremy. Unable to find his love Jennifer at her residence, Vincent proceeds to break into her house and plan a romantic proposal, only to discover another proposal is being planned by a man named Stan. As Vincent and Stan begin to uncover Jennifer's deceitful nature, a male model named Ron Jeremenson wakes up in the room, revealing that he also is romantically involved with Jennifer. Emotionally distraught, Vincent tells his "future children" that he is now a single man and begins to leave the house, only to discover another bachelor named Clint about to propose. A fight between Vincent, Clint, and Jeremy breaks out, closing the documentary. The final interviews reveal that Vincent's friend Jeremy was also romantically involved with Jennifer as well. Written by SHOW-BIZ NETWORK PRODUCTIONS

  • Y.O.L.O.

    Y.O.L.O. (2013)
    Film (short) by Samantha Erdmann (Comedy) Director, Writer, Editor, Producer, Actor, Cinematographer When "Death" comes an hour early to claim the soul of "Eric", the two of them spend his last hour on earth together as he goes through each of the "Five Stages of Death".

  • One Good Deed

    One Good Deed (2013)
    Film (short) by Christopher M. Cline (Drama) Director, Writer, Editor, Producer, Cinematographer Michael Geary (Steven Cox) enters his bathroom, his hands drenched in blood, and slowly begins brushing his teeth as memories of his past flash before him. It's revealed that Michael lives a double life as both a criminal thug for Arizona gangster Vincent Raikkonen (Eetu Karvonen), as well as a loyal and loving partner with his girlfriend Jan Halverson (Ariel Pascual). For a time, Michael is able to successfully keep his shady career a secret from Jan, but as Vincent's deadly tasks grow increasingly more intense, and Jan and Michael officially become engaged, the burden on Michael's heart continues to grow heavy. After killing one of Vincent's targets, Michael finally decides to tell Jan all of his dirty secrets in a local coffee shop. However, Jan surprises Michael with the gift of a stuffed teddy-bear named "Pat The Messenger", and reveals that she's always known that Michael was involved. Michael apologizes for his deception, and Jan encourages him to give up the life of crime. ... Written by SHOW-BIZ NETWORK PRODUCTIONS

  • House of Cards

    House of Cards (2013)
    Film (short) by Christopher M. Cline (Romance) Director, Writer, Editor, Producer A nameless young woman (Faith Benson) plays with a deck of cards in a local bar. A nameless young man (Steven Cox) ventures over to watch her play. The voice of the young woman narrates over the video, explaining that she believes that the cards led them together, and that they have power. The couple dances at the bar, has a picnic at the park, and continue to play with the cards as their relationship develops. The young man proposes to the young woman, and they kiss. She and her pet dog (Shiba) move into a house with him, and the three of them continue to spend time together before discovering that the woman is now pregnant. But shortly after the young woman grows ill from her pregnancy and passes away. The young man, outraged, removes her wedding ring and drives into the middle of the desert, crying in agony. After abandoning his car, the young man wanders into the desert alone, dropping cards as he walks. Another nameless young woman (Alexia Joubert) follows the cards, discovering ... Written by SHOW-BIZ NETWORK PRODUCTIONS

  • Secrets of a Desk

    Secrets of a Desk (2013)
    Film (short) by Katrina Palmisano (Drama) Cinematographer Aspiring nurse Olivia (Olivia Martin) receives the tragic news that her great-grandmother has passed away, while she is leaving the hospital one evening. After the funeral, she is comforted by her friend Emma (Gina Sandoz) and learns that she has inherited her great-grandmother's antique desk. While exploring the desk's compartments, she comes across a key that opens a locked drawer, concealing a long-lost diary of her ancestor Elizabeth Smith. A photo of Elizabeth, and her husband William Smith (Jerod Flores), falls to the floor, revealing the similarities between Olivia and her ancestor. As she reads through the diary, she learns of the tragic life they both led during the hardships of the Civil War. The hand-written letters between Elizabeth and William during the war contained within reveal their intimate relationship, Elizabeth's trials of raising her son alone, the death of William on the battlefield, and the subsequent development of a fatal illness that claims Elizabeth's life... Written by Palmisano Productions

  • Game Noire 74

    Game Noire 74 (2012)
    Film (short) by Christopher M. Cline (Comedy) Director, Writer, Editor, Producer, Actor, Cinematographer, Composer This black-and-white contemporary film noir follows the epic console gamer Gordon Freeman (Eric Zagar). He gets his daily dose of DOOM on his iPad while in Quistis Trepe's detention class before she takes it away, announcing that a group project will be required for detention credit. Gordon narrates to himself throughout the film, providing gaming insight to his personal problems. Gordon is assigned to write an essay on Mendel's theories of genetics, and is partnered up with his arch-nemesis, the PC gamer Simon Seseman. Knowing that Simon will never help on this project, Gordon returns home and absorbs himself in playing HALO. His mother GLaDOS offers him cake as he leaves, but Gordon refuses proclaiming that "The Cake Is A Lie!!!". Gordon's girlfriend stops by to play Mass Effect with him, but Gordon says he's not in the mood. Lara encourages him to fight through this challenge, reminding him of all the sacrifices he made to defeat many video games from his past. Gordon continues to ... Written by SHOW-BIZ NETWORK PRODUCTIONS

  • Khane Black

    Khane Black (2012)
    Film by Christopher M. Cline (Thriller) Director, Writer, Editor, Producer, Actor, Casting department, Casting director, Editorial department, Production manager Khane Black is a psychological horror film about the double-edged nature of love and affection, and the oftentimes blurred line between dedication and madness. After a particularly horrible break-up, Khane and his loyal band of followers kidnap his former fiancée, Amber Caesar, and drag her off to an abandoned house to be beaten and tortured. They plan to murder Amber for alleged "crimes against Khane", and post a series of videos leading up to her death on YouTube for the world to see. But as the uploads hit the web and Khane's diabolical plans unfold, his desire for revenge brings about more trouble upon his soul than he ever could have imagined. Inspired by a real-life relationship, and littered with sadistic homages to Orson Welles' classic film "Citizen Kane", Khane Black is an independent film sensation that launched the film career of Christopher M. Cline. Written by SHOW-BIZ NETWORK PRODUCTIONS


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