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Steven Moreti was raised in the City of Philadelphia by his tenacious, Italian-American mother. The oldest of four children, Steven found himself trading after-school activities for the role of care-taker. Without a male role model in his life, he went in search of his own experiences and found much success in the way of Mixed Martial Arts, tennis, running, swimming as well as Motor Sports and horseback riding. Without an example to follow, Moreti usually had to learn on his own and did so with immense success. Uninspired by the traditional route, Steven first got his education in the open job market after dropping out of high school.

Moreti has held just about every job you can think of from baker to longshoremen, as well as several jobs in construction. Moreti even trained with the United States Postal Service with plans to become a letter carrier. Finding success in just about every path he followed, Steven had trouble settling down with one life long career.

As the 90's were ending, and the day-to-day grind of the labor industry wore on him, Moreti found himself at a cross roads. Should he return to acting or go to college? His dark good looks and intense gaze had brought him a lot of attention from local industry representatives. However, when sharing his desire to try his hand at Hollywood with family and friends, Moreti was met with caution. So, off to college he went. Four years later, this high school drop-out graduated at the top of his class and landed coveted computer programming positions. What does computer programming have to do with Steven's desire to act? Nothing! Realizing he made a mistake, Steven quickly returned to his acting coach and started to tap back in to the contacts who had been scouting him for modeling and commercial work.

Before moving out west, Steven enjoyed a successful career in the local Philadelphia film and television markets, working on such features as "In Her Shoes", "Invincible" and "Annapolis". On set, Steven worked directly with director Peter Jackson and actors Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Wahlberg and Toni Collette. Steven also appeared in multiple local and regional commercials as well as HBO's, "The Wire" in which Steve played a reoccurring role as City Developer, Sean.

Always having had incredible respect for the Soaps, Steven had the privilege to cut his west-coast teeth with multiple appearances on "The Bold and the Beautiful". He then enjoyed the opportunity to sink himself into the character of an alcoholic in the comedy "Bottleworld".

Moreti is having a blast while living his dream. He splits his time between working on the west coast and spending time with family on the east coast. "It's a hell of a commute" says Moreti, "but well worth it."

Unique traits: Tattoos on left arm. Natural ability to adapt to any situation quickly and efficiently. Extremely athletic and can change his physical look in a very short time (put on muscle, become very thin, etc)



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