Veronica J. Valentini

Veronica J. Valentini

Cherry Wine Entertainment, LLC.
Producer and Screenwriter

Cleveland, Ohio

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About Veronica

Veronica has been writing and producing short script and feature-length screenplays for well over 20 years. She is an accredited script consultant/editor, ghostwriter, author/poet, podcast show co-host, website designer and voice-over artist, specializing in local TV commercial, radio ads and animation.

Ronni or Jade, as most call her, was lucky enough to be cast as an extra in the 1984 film, Starman, at the age of 12. It was then that she fell in love with the art of film production and she attributes her opportunities in film to her mother and father who supported her dreams of being in film and who, painstakingly, gave her words of encouragement and drove many, long hours to take her to auditions.

Veronica auditioned for a small role in the 1994 film, Natural Born Killers, but did not get the part and decided to pursue the craft of screenwriting and film production, behind the camera instead. She still, however, takes an occasional background/extra gig for fun.

As a realist, Veronica has also raised a family and worked regular jobs to make ends meet while pursuing her film/writing career, including but not limited to, factory machine operating, security detail and a data conversion operator for the USPS.

A huge movie buff since first seeing Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) in the theater with her mother at seven years old, Veronica's drive for succeeding in the film industry stems from not only knowing that everyone has a story to be told, but also yearning to leave a little part of herself for future generations to hopefully appreciate. She thrives on the reactions of an audience in a dimly lit theater when a scene has captured their attention.

Veronica, as do most people, lives out her fantasies, vicariously, through movies on the big screen, be they short story video/animation or major feature-length film, from silent movies to "talkies." It's the love of watching a cast and crew, work together, to put a puzzle together, the outcome, that of a memorable film for all to enjoy and remember for years to come.

When not working, Veronica volunteers some of her time to charities like S.O.O.H.(Special Olympics Ohio). She is also a major advocate for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for over 10 years, as well as a proponent for L.G.B.T.Q. equality, R.A.I.N.N. (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) and a staunch supporter for the M.A.D.D (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) organization.

Unique traits: Juggles, Plays Guitar. Other traits, V.O. artist and can write a great mad scene.



  • Butterflies & Diamonds

    Butterflies & Diamonds (2020)
    Film (Romance) Producer A romance blossoms between a very unlikely duo, can they survive the hatred and ignorance from society?

  • In Search of Darkness

    In Search of Darkness (2019)
    Film Producer

  • In Search of the Last Action Heroes

    In Search of the Last Action Heroes (2019)
    Film Producer

  • Cherry Malicious

    Cherry Malicious (2019)
    Film (Thriller) Producer A teenage girl, turned sadistic vigilante, seeks revenge on the men who murdered her entire family.

  • Stuck in the 80's

    Stuck in the 80's (2019)
    Film (Comedy) Producer A trio of teens accidentally get stuck in a different time dimension full of neon clothing, valley girls and huge hairstyles.

  • Halloween at Aunt Ethel's

    Halloween at Aunt Ethel's (2018)
    Film Producer

  • Hurricane

    Hurricane (2018)
    TV Short Producer

  • Another Plan from Outer Space

    Another Plan from Outer Space (2018)
    Film Miscellaneous Crew

  • Hooked

    Hooked (2017)
    Film (Drama and Short) Producer "Hooked" is a film that follows the brother and sister duo of Tommy and Ally. Ally's life long dream of a better life as an actress in Hollywood sets the story in motion. Tommy, who has a very intimate, deep love for his sister will do ANYTHING to see that his sister lives out her dream. Tommy may think of himself as a rock star and above the average man, but he is blinded by his own dreams and demons. This film will take you along for the ride as you see how far both Tommy and Ally are willing to go... and how far they make it. Written by Director

  • Night of the Living Dead: Genesis

    Night of the Living Dead: Genesis (2017)
    Film (Horror) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Vitals

    Vitals (2017)
    Film (Thriller) Producer On vacation, a man wakes up in an abandoned motel room in a tub of ice and his kidney missing. It's only a matter of time before he finds his wife in the adjacent room waiting to be the next victim to a horrible organ harvesting organization. Originally taking the vacation to work on their failing marriage, they must now set their differences aside and use each other's wits and skills to escape before their captors return and their dark secrets are revealed. Written by Author

  • Anne

    Anne (2017)
    Film (Horror) Producer A mentally ill woman with a severe personalty disorder develops a strange relationship with her dolls. She becomes victim to insomnia and even self-mutilation leaving her son to unfold the strange truth about Anne's illness.

  • Autism: A Curious Case of the Human Mind

    Autism: A Curious Case of the Human Mind (2017)
    Film (Documentary) Producer Autism: A Curious Case of the Human Mind is a one off documentary that aims to open up the obstacles that the Autistic and their caretakers who have to face society on a day-to-day basis, including the stigma that is placed on Autistic people, battling the label of them being a burden on their loved ones, society and how the education system and government treats and helps Autistic students become independent. This documentary delves into the difficulties of raising a child with classic Autism due to the social acceptance and government handling of the topic. Written by Thomas E. Griffiths

  • LeagueOne: In the Spotlight!

    LeagueOne: In the Spotlight! (2015 - 2017)
    TV Series Producer

  • The Telephone

    The Telephone (2017)
    Film Producer

  • We Set Them Free

    We Set Them Free (2016)
    Film Producer

  • Grievance Group: A Life for a Life

    Grievance Group: A Life for a Life (2016)
    Film Producer

  • The KiddiePreneurs

    The KiddiePreneurs (2016)
    TV Series Producer

  • Rosie's Place

    Rosie's Place (2015)
    Television (Family) Producer On Rosie's Place, we take stories written by kids and bring them to life through actors, puppets, and songs. We aim to teach kids about story writing, and help them to tell compelling and wonderful stories.

  • A Blood Story

    A Blood Story (2015)
    Film by Joe Hollow (Horror) Producer Three strangers find themselves at a villa, each with the same goal of discovering the Fountain of Youth, rumored to be nearby. One by one they succumb to the carnal perversions and depraved delights provided by the villa, unaware they are pawns in the resurrection of a centuries old evil.

  • Purpose

    Purpose (2015)
    Film (Action, Fantasy and Thriller) Producer Purpose is the story of love and the fight to realize ones fate. On the day of Brandon's two year old sons birthday, terrorist attack the home killing the wife and son in front of Brandon before killing him as well. In time Brandon is brought back from the dead with the help of God to full fill his purpose in life which Brandon struggles to accept. On the hunt for vengeance, he helps a struggling NCIS agent over come him demons to close out a case. Written by Ralph Yajama

  • Little Alex

    Little Alex (2014)
    Film (short) by Juan Felipe Zuleta (Drama) Producer A short film about an innocent six year old boy who spends an ordinary day with his mother, Rose. Later, a stranger takes him away from her.

  • Blood Red Christmas

    Blood Red Christmas (2014)
    Film by Veronica J. Valentini (Horror) Producer, Actress, Writer, Casting director Having witnessed the slaughter of her family ten years before, a mentally disturbed young woman begins to question her own mind when the killer comes back to haunt her.

  • Potential Inertia

    Potential Inertia (2014)
    Film by Matt Croyle (Drama) Producer The story revolves around a young man, Declan Holmes, who is graduating college and about to make the transition to the "real world". As he's going through this life-changing time, he's faced with losing people that matter and struggles to process and ultimately deal with those losses. Written by Official Site

  • The Price of Honor

    The Price of Honor (2014)
    Film by Xoel Pamos (Documentary) Producer The Price of Honor is a documentary about the murders of Sarah and Amina Said, two teenage sisters from Texas who were killed in a premeditated Honor Killing planned and executed by their father Yaser Said back in 2008.

  • Friday the 13th: The Curse of Jason

    Friday the 13th: The Curse of Jason (2014)
    Video by Brandon Prewitt (Horror) Producer

  • The Fly Trap

    The Fly Trap (2014)
    TV Series Producer

  • Demonica

    Demonica (2014)
    Film (Comedy and Horror) Producer Demonica is a comedy/horror film about a group of kids in the eighties that get trapped in a skating rink overnight and are killed off one by one by hideous demons.

  • My Craigslist Hook-Up

    My Craigslist Hook-Up (2014)
    Film Producer

  • The Grievance Group

    The Grievance Group (2014)
    Film (Action) Producer A "support" group of vigilantes band together to seek revenge on those who murdered their loved ones.

  • Everything Is Falling

    Everything Is Falling (2013)
    Film Producer

  • Lean

    Lean (2013)
    Film (short) by Kevin J. O'Neill (Drama) Producer An African American male looks back on his life and the woman he fell in love with as a child.

  • Anxiety

    Anxiety (2013)
    Film Producer

  • Shayna

    Shayna (2013)
    Film (Romance and Short) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Squad X

    Squad X (2013)
    Film Producer

  • Sarcoma Cancer Awareness

    Sarcoma Cancer Awareness (2013)
    Film Producer

  • Writing on Ice

    Writing on Ice (2013)
    Film Producer

  • Beverly Hills Canine Country Club

    Beverly Hills Canine Country Club (2013)
    Television (Comedy and Reality-TV) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Add a Plot »

  • Face Down

    Face Down (2013)
    Film Producer

  • My 3 Brother's

    My 3 Brother's (2013)
    Film Producer

  • 1 of 13

    1 of 13 (2012)
    Film Producer

  • I'm Not Your Sister

    I'm Not Your Sister (2012)
    Film Producer

  • Sugar Daddies

    Sugar Daddies (2012)
    Film Producer

  • The Card Game

    The Card Game (2012)
    Film Producer

  • I Am Not My Body

    I Am Not My Body (2012)
    Film by Mark Williams (Documentary, Drama, Family and Biography) Producer 'I Am Not My Body' is the story of a young 9-year-old Romanian boy who was severely burned on more than 75% of his body because of a house fire. Even though he lost his nose, eyelids, all 10 fingers, and his parents as a result of the fire, he still chooses to see the positive things that happen in life despite his personal circumstances. Written by Anonymous

  • Damn You, Roland Ruby!

    Damn You, Roland Ruby! (2012)
    Film Producer

  • No Collateral

    No Collateral (2012)
    Film Producer

  • Pro Athletes with Pro-Nrg

    Pro Athletes with Pro-Nrg (2012)
    Film Producer

  • Behind You

    Behind You (2011)
    Film Producer

  • Up in Arms

    Up in Arms (2011)
    TV Series Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

  • Shake Road

    Shake Road (2010)
    Film Producer

  • The Sky Has Fallen

    The Sky Has Fallen (2009)
    Film Actress

  • Betrayed

    Betrayed (2007)
    Film Producer

  • Hunted

    Hunted (2007)
    Film Producer

  • In the Shadows

    In the Shadows (2006)
    Film Producer

  • Starman

    Starman (1984)
    Film Actress/Extra Jenny Hayden never did get over the death of her husband. So when an alien life form decides to model 'himself'on the husband, Jenny is understandably confused if not terrified. The alien, or Starman, as he is called, has a deadline to meet and kidnaps Jenny in order to meet it. Written By Rob Hartill

  • Auditions: A Mockumentary

    Auditions: A Mockumentary
    Film Producer

  • Water Warriors

    Water Warriors
    Film Producer

  • Invasion of the Not Quite Dead

    Invasion of the Not Quite Dead
    Film (Horror and Sci-Fi) Producer In 1978 a meteorite crash lands into the Swiss Mountains, unleashing a deadly virus. Killing everyone within a 20 mile radius, the incident was covered up by local officials. Now thirty years later the virus is released onto an unsuspecting island off the coast of England. A group of survivors must band together in order to survive the death and destruction of the once friendly locals in this black comedy horror "Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead". Written by Tony Lane IV (Writer)

  • Breathless Betrayal

    Breathless Betrayal
    Film (Drama) Producer A lonely, abused housewife falls in love with the female police officer who responds to her desperate 911 call. Unable to continue to endure her husband's constant emotional degradation and physical violence, the wife convinces her female lover to plot to murder the egomaniacal husband so that both ladies may begin a new life together. Written by Veronica J Valentini

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