Volkan (Walkie ) Durakcay

Volkan (Walkie ) Durakcay

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Author volkan (walkie ) durakcay has studied and graduated from two different universities in Environmental Sciences and religious beliefs and studied Chinese and Arabic language for many years.
The author wrote the book The Devil is Getting Married. It received very positive feedback from readers. His articles were published in some journals.
As a child of a family that had been soldiers for many generations, he received a very good education. He trained in glider schools, skydiving, underwater diving, shooting training, Mystical and paranormal training,( such as cabbalah, I-Ching, Tarot, magical power
development, etc), and half a dozen martial arts. He served as a sniper in the Army. He became a champion in sniper contests
He decided that peace much better thing and left all of these and became a writer. He wrote his first book, "The Devil's Getting Married," and He turned his first book into a script. And now It is a Quarterfinalist in the SCRIPTAPALOOZA SCREENPLAY COMPETITION 2021
the writer Walkie can speak fluently English, Chinese, and a little bit of Arabic. He is married and working in a company as an export-import-purchasing manager.
''''''''''''''Hi. I'm Walkie, you can also call me Walkie. I am a former sergeant, glider pilot, diver, and Kendo student. In fact, I had half a dozen martial arts and sniper training and walked around like a homemade Terminator which was produced with cheap materials. Then I started writing while in the military. Even after tough military training, I realized that writing until midnight made me super high and happy. It woke me up and cleared my mind just like strong vitamin pills. Then l said Peace and writing is a wonderful thing! So I dived headfirst into civilian life.
Of course, my father, who said we have been soldiers for generations, was not very happy about this. But who doesn't have a problem with their child?
But now my areas of interest are earthquake search and rescue teamwork, philosophy club work, and script writing. It's not going too bad for now. It is a pleasure for me to be in contact with you and to be your friend. What are you doing? What are you interested in? How are life and business? l hope everything is good for you. I am looking for someone who is interested in my projects. But hard to find him or her just like it a hard to find a good lawyer.''''''''''''

Unique traits: They are former soldiers, snipers, underwater divers, paragliders, glider pilots, and active search and rescue personnel. Therefore, what is action? What does it mean? knows well.




    DEVIL'S GETTING MARRIED Budget: $1M - $5M | Romance Comedy Satan gets bored of everything and decides to take a romantic vacation in NY.To catch the right woman,he gets a dog,goes to a sports club,nightclubs joins dating sites.He meets an image maker and gets a cool look.Despite being repeatedly rejected by the ladies, he continues to try.He believes he is good and tough enough to find love.But NY women are much tougher than the devil.He finally found her: Jennifer. But all problems started after that.


    MAGICIAN OF HITLER Budget: $5M - $10M | Thriller Action A real character from II.world War; Hannusen was Hitler's Magician,the mentor.Hanussen appears in today's world with a group of his sorcerers team.When planets gather in a flat line,he wants to do a special Magicial ritual.His plan is to bring Hitler back to life and start the III.world War.Hanussen needs Hitler's corpse,some holly relics in Europe and Africa,the middle east.CIA agents try to stop him.Against him, agents are having a hard time.


    MACHINE GUN FIGHTER Budget: $1M - $5M | Sports Drama Jimmy is an MMA fighter who has been out of the ring for four years.His son's illness and expensive medical expenses will force him to return to the ring.He must convince his former trainer and start working.His alcoholic wife is not positive about treatment and returns to the family. He is in a great battle to keep his family together and return to the ring.He will discover both the meaning of being in a family and his own power.


    SNIPER EAGLE Budget: $1M - $5M | Action Drama Legendary sniper captain eagle single-handedly destroys terrorist groups.Captain Eagle is a one-man army.He directs his own Show alone.And he loves to sing classic rock songs when hunting.He is the nightmare of terrorists with his high-level experience and tactics.He follows Terrorist groups and runs circles around them and kills all of them.But at that time,he is trying to save a teenage girl's life.This mission will be very difficult for him.


    QUEEN NEFERTITI Budget: $1M - $5M | Historical Drama This is the love and passion story of Queen Nefertiti and her husband Pharaoh Akhenaton . Queen Nefertiti came to Egypt from the Mitanni kingdom, became a queen, and ruled Egypt for 17 years. Both of them shook all the system of Egypt and totally try to change it. They closed all temples and make angry all of Amon priest. It all started when a group of archaeologists found the bust of Queen Nefertiti at an excavation site.



    Series by David Heavener CO WRITER

  • Searching for Amelia

    Searching for Amelia
    Film (short) by Elie de Rosen SCRIPT CONSULTANCY - CRITICISM AND REVIEW - DEVELOPMENT The script of our esteemed director was read, reviewed and developed.


  • ISA Fast Track Fellowship - Top 50 Sept. 29, 2023

  • ‘’Devil's getting married’’Quarter-Finalist SCRIPTAPALOZA SCREENPLAY COMPETITION 2021.


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