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Warren Workman

Workman Productions
Producer and Producer of Marketing & Distribution

Orem, Utah

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About Warren

Hi guys! I make films and TV shows and also work as a hired gun for those looking for a Producer of Marketing & Distribution. I also produce events like the Utah Film Awards, Utah Music Awards and the Park City Film Festival. Yeah my life is pretty awesome.

Unique traits: I have an unhealthy love affair with bacon.


  • Prescription for Love

    Prescription for Love (2019)
    Film Editor

  • Ultra Championship Wrestling

    Ultra Championship Wrestling (2016 - 2018)
    TV Series Producer

  • In Emma's Footsteps

    In Emma's Footsteps (2018)
    Film Actor

  • Boyfriend's Deceit

    Boyfriend's Deceit (2018)
    Film Location management

  • Afterlife

    Afterlife (2015)
    Television (Drama) Producer After most of the worlds population is wiped out the survivors try to rebuild their lives.

  • Blood & Oil

    Blood & Oil (2015)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Romance) Actor The present day oil boom in North Dakota is tempting the young and ambitious to try their luck in the black gold business. Such are Billy and Cody LeFever, a young married couple that's just arrive in a North Dakotan town famous for its rich oil fields. They don't know anyone there, but Billy is ambitious and always has an idea on how to start some small business, while modest Cody makes friends easily and just wants to make a home for themselves there, even if they have to compromise and do something much more common and less glamorous and profitable than partaking in the oil business. While Cody goes to find them a place to live and a job for herself, Billy spends all the money they have, most of which came from their friends back home who pitched in to help them build a tiny starting capital, to buy a modestly lucrative plot of land owned by old and bitter Clifton Lundegren. The deal is made after some tough negotiating, but then notorious local oil baron Hap Briggs offers Billy a ...

  • Mythica: A Quest for Heroes

    Mythica: A Quest for Heroes (2014)
    Film (Action, Adventure and Fantasy) Miscellaneous Crew Stuck in a life of indentured servitude, Marek dreams of becoming a wizard. When she meets a beautiful priestess, Teela, in need of help, Marek escapes her master and puts together a team of adventurers and embarks on an epic quest to free Teela's sister from a vicious ogre.

  • 16 Stones

    16 Stones (2014)
    Film (Adventure) Miscellaneous Crew In 1830s Missouri, James will stop at nothing to protect his people after they are attacked. But he's convinced to pursue a more reasonable approach, and takes on a quest to find an artifact from the Book of Mormon-one of the 16 Jaredite stones-to prove to the world that the book and his beliefs are true. Written by Candlelight Media

  • Nowhere Safe

    Nowhere Safe (2014)
    TV Movie (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew After two girls cruelly impersonate her online in a "reverse cyber bullying" plot, Ashley's reputation is ruined and she and her mother flee a growing threat to their lives. Starting over at a new school, romantic interests and the poignant lessons from an eccentric history teacher draw them out of seclusion until they realize confronting a hurtful past is essential to ensure a brighter future.

  • Survivor

    Survivor (2014)
    Film (Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and 1 More) Miscellaneous Crew During their search for a habitable planet the last living humans crash-land on a barren world, inhabited by bloodthirsty aliens and mysterious post-apocalyptic warriors.

  • Ivory

    Ivory (2013)
    Film (Short and Thriller) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Whip Brawler

    Whip Brawler (2013)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Sport) Producer An accountant trains for a dreamed Mixed Martial Arts match set up by a trusted friend. As his journey progresses we see the true colors of his family and find out know one knows the answer to who his opponent will be.

  • Filmed in Utah

    Filmed in Utah (2011 - 2013)
    Television (Talk-Show) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Book Untitled: Choose Your Own Adventure

    Book Untitled: Choose Your Own Adventure (2013)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Producer When Phil (Kyle Demontmorency) finds a book that predicts the future he discovers that his beautiful boss Brenda (Evie Keener) is attracted to him and looking for a reason to get the two of them alone together. But is the book guiding Phils' future or is it just a coincidence? Written by Warren Workman

  • Merlin's Magic

    Merlin's Magic (2013)
    Film (Short and Fantasy) Producer Assisted by his mother(Cate Allen) who teaches him the secret of the magic, young Merlin (Oaken Whittaker) sets out to prove to his older brother Glavis (Trey Foote) and to himself that he is a true wizard. Over-zealously, Merlin performs a spell which sends him on a journey into the future. Now Merlin has no more eggs and is unable to get home.. As he wanders around in this strange world, he rescues Gwen (Demetria Cline). Together, the two embark in the search of legendary magic eggs. That quest takes them deep into the domain of the powerful and dreaded Dark Wizard (Ðàvé D L Walker). Written by Warren Workman

  • Family Game Night

    Family Game Night (2013)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Devoreaux

    Devoreaux (2012)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Director In this Mokumentary style film, we follow a casting session held by the well-known, but sleazy, sexist, racist, and all around offensive director, Mr. Devoraeux. The quirky actors who come to this director's "hot tub audition" covet a role in one of his films but their disdain for him propels some of them to plot his murder. Mr. Devoraeux remains oblivious as several of his self-absorbed actors begin disappearing. Written by EME Productions

  • The Wayshower

    The Wayshower (2011)
    Film (Drama) Actor Running from his mistakes, Jesus heads to Helper, Utah to reconnect with his mentor/teacher John-Roger's past. Through dreams and a Mystical book, he learns from his mentor's past-life mistakes. He realizes he must confront his own inner conflict, forgiving the past and self examining himself, he finds peace and reunites with his Mentor/teacher. Written by Christopher Finn

  • Stiletto

    Stiletto (2011)
    Film (Short and Horror) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Utah Flash Mob

    Utah Flash Mob (2011)
    Television Camera and Electrical Department Dancers and choreography, Robin D, Walmartah Anita Bea Neutered google images and youtube for video.

  • The Threshold

    The Threshold (2011)
    Film (Short, Drama and Romance) Sound department The Threshold is a short film about choice. The choice of love or morals. The Threshold explores the idea that perhaps the choice that seems right, isn't.

  • Huntsville

    Huntsville (2010)
    Film (Short, Drama, Horror and Sci-Fi) Producer A young girl goes missing during the night and the town searches for the little girl. Instead of finding the child, the search party is attacked by a wild creature. The police are investigating the recent killings in town only to find that they are being hunted by a creature they have never seen before. Will they be able to stop the creature before it kills again? Staring Bill Gillane, Keith Hottinger, and Taunya Gren, and directed by Warren Workman, Scott Warren, Shane Farr, Tosh Roberts, and Joe Peck. Huntsville was created as a no budget volunteer web series. Written by Dora Workman

  • Tattle Tail

    Tattle Tail (2010)
    Video (Short, Comedy and Horror) Producer Cathleen (Cathleen Mason) and Kevin (Kevin Hoagland) have been married for 20+ years. The children are all grown up and moved out leaving the couple as new "empty-nesters". With all this time on her hands, Cathleen starts to notice Kevin has a flaw she can't put up with for another 20+ years. Based on Edgar Allen Poe's "Tell Tale Heart". Written by Quinn Workman

  • With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story

    With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story (2010)
    Film (Documentary and Biography) Camera and Electrical Department A feature length documentary on the life and creations of Stan Lee. Stan Lee is the co-creator of Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and over 200 other characters that can be found in comic books, movie screens, and in retail stores around the world. Written by Anonymous

  • Tu Tengo: Victoria's Inception

    Tu Tengo: Victoria's Inception (2009)
    Film Producer

  • Raising Kayn

    Raising Kayn (2009)
    Film (Family) Producer This is a family series about the Kayn family. This family goes through the loss of their father to vampires and deal with the grief in different ways. Samantha, the mom, deals with her grief by being smarter than others. Katy her oldest daughter deals with it by being stronger. Kayla her younger daughter faces her loss by being a social teen and forgetting her problems. Her son Stephan deals with the loss of his father by being distant. Stephan hides in his lab creating who knows what. This family has to stick close together to face the monsters in their heads as well as the monsters in real life. Written by Colton Tran

  • American Idol

    American Idol (2009)
    Television (Game-Show, Music and Reality-TV) Miscellaneous Crew Twelve finalists and/or future singers (six men and six women) who were selected from America, compete in a talent contest in which they were asked to sing any song they like on this "Star Search" clone. After each song that was sung, the judges, Abdul, Jackson and Cowell, then critique that finalist's chosen song. After each show's ending, America must vote for a finalist to whom they really think their performance is good using this AT&T (now Cingular Wireless) or any other cellular phone to cast votes with. Once the votes are locked in, the judges and America decides who has the most and the least amount of votes, and the contestant with the least amount of votes is eliminated, and it goes on each week's show until the winner is crowned as "American Idol," where he/she wins a recording contract worth up to $1,000,000. The rest of the other finalists to whom they have been voted off before (the runner-up) also get recording contracts, too. Written by Gary Richard Collins II (gcollinsii@aol.com)

  • Crossroads

    Crossroads (2008)
    Film (Short and Drama) Production manager When a Mother can't get over the death of a loved one, her daughter realizes she's the only one that can help her.

  • Unrest

    Unrest (2006)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director In a medical school, the freshmen students Alison Blanchard, Brian Cross, Carlos Aclar and Rick O'Connor receive the cadaver of a young woman for dissection in their anatomy class of Professor Walter Blackwell. The atheist Alison has a weird sensation that the spirit of the corpse is trying to communicate with her and tries to unravel who the woman was. Meanwhile, all the persons that handle the corpse mysteriously die. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Mobsters and Mormons

    Mobsters and Mormons (2005)
    Film (Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew When forced by the FBI to rat out mob boss Angelo Marcello, Carmine "The Beans" Pasquale is a wanted man on the lam being hunted by hit man Little Nicky Cappuccio. Taking along wife Gina and son Vincent, Carmine enters the federal witness relocation program and is given a new home and a new identity. Now known as The Cheeseman Family from Omaha, Nebraska, these former East Coast mobsters are relocated into the middle of a quiet, straight laced Mormon community in Utah where much to Carmine's frustration; he can't even find a decent cup of coffee let alone a horse track. Life in this small town becomes anything but ordinary once The Cheesemans move in. Many locals are weary, if not outright afraid of these rough around the edges outsiders, while others go annoyingly far out their way to try to embrace them. Despite the efforts of well meaning neighbor Michael Jaymes to help Carmine feel welcome, Carmine can't help but wonder if being this much of a fish out of water -- is actually ... Written by HaleStorm Entertainment

  • Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde

    Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (2003)
    Film (Comedy) Casting department Sassy postgrad Elle Woods is all about animal rights. In fact, she puts her nuptial plans on hold to head to Washington D.C. to get an anti-animal testing bill passed. Her building's doorman quickly shows her the ways and workings of our nation's capital. Written by Anonymous


  • Best Host - UFP Film Festival

  • Silver Telly Award

  • Barry E Wallace Award

  • UFC Creative Choice Award


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