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Andrew Mondia

Actor, Comedian, Host/presenter and Voice Artist

Toronto, Canada

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ANDREW MONDIA is internationally known as “The Intuitive Traveler” having lived and worked all over the world from Canada to Europe to Asia and back again. He has worked with award-winning actors, directors, and authors on stage/screen to promoting successful books. In his own life, he has also written and produced his own one-man show, podcast host and is a #1 International Best-Selling Co-Author of My Journey My Journal. His mission in life is to serve and inspire through laughter by bringing joy to the people he meets and performs for through various mediums.

“A unique combination of child-like enthusiasm and innocence coupled with worldly ambition and determination”

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  • The Mad Bad Ad Show

    The Mad Bad Ad Show (2012)
    Television (Game-Show) Actor

  • London 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony: Enlightenment

    London 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony: Enlightenment (2012)
    TV Movie by Jenny Sealey (Music) Actor

  • London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony: Isles of Wonder

    London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony: Isles of Wonder (2012)
    TV Movie by Danny Boyle (Sport) Actor The world's best all-round sporting event returns in 2012. This time in London, and England's capital has a lot in store.

  • Alien Agenda: Project Grey

    Alien Agenda: Project Grey (2007)
    Film by Crystal-Dawn Rosales (Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor It's fear that they seek! Dr. Schroder listens to her criminally insane patient as he recounts the story of the murder of his four friends. A story of infidelity, jealousy and revenge takes a strange turn revealing an alien agenda. Chip implants, government mind control, Russian military, and alien visitors, form the puzzle pieces of this science fiction thriller. A search for the answers leads to the truth...It's our fear that they seek! Written by LGMP Inc.

  • Windup

    Windup (2006)
    Film by Dave Cote (Action) Actor Windup is a very original comedy. We follow Bernie Shaddick from his tragic childhood, through to his present day pursuit of a career as an inventor. Likened to such films as "Raising Arizona" and "The Big Lebowski", gritty cohen-esque humor saturates Bernie Shaddick's life, from his encounter with mace at a potential sale, to his murderous mentors posing as his Aunt Audre and Uncle Reg. Bernie is a man who, in the face of rejection and ridicule, just "doesn't get it", and perseveres anyways. His good nature gets on the nerves of his cruel co-workers at his commercial real estate day-job. Upholding an almost delusional enthusiasm, Bernie unknowingly sells his soul with a smile! Bernie's girlfriend Latrice and roommate Stuart only accentuate Bernie's seemingly pathetic existence. Latrice, sexy in a dirty sort of way, loves Bernie, although she would prefer to love his money, if he had any. Stuart, usually clad in underpants and obsessed with the rubix-cube, lives with Bernie because it... Written by Dave Cote

  • The Horror Seasons

    The Horror Seasons (2005)
    Film by Shawn Buffington (Comedy and Horror) Actor A French conductor tells 4 different stories with his music taking place each season. The first one autumn on Halloween of a traveller escaping from his past but reveals deadly encounters, the second one winter close to Christmas of an evil demon spirit killing bad people that are members at a crazy Reverend's church, the third spring on Easter Sunday of a monster from the underworld returns to right a wrong in a past life who was actually married to a woman that is seeing someone else, the fourth an final one is suimmer of a women living her life for the first time as a vampire. Written by Anonymous

  • The Clicking

    The Clicking (2002)
    Film (short) by Elaine Moyah Actor A haunting exploration of the origins of violence in a psychologically troubled young man.

  • Love and Treason

    Love and Treason (2001)
    TV Movie by Lewis Teague (Adventure, Action and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Kate is a Naval officer whose married to a Marine. When she learns her husband is committing treason she turns him in. He's sent to prison and she divorces him and would have to deal with the stigma of being married to a traitor. A few years later, her husband escapes from prison and the consensus is that he's going after her. And he approaches her but doesn't do anything to her. She thinks he's up to something and tries to find out what it is. Written by

  • See Spot Run

    See Spot Run (2001)
    Film by John Whitesell (Action, Comedy, Crime and Family) Miscellaneous Crew A drug sniffing agent canine is a target for an assassin boss so the FBI calls Witness Protection to send him somewhere else. Meanwhile a single Mom puts her 6 year old boy James in the care of her irresponsible, mailman, neighbor, Gordon, when the babysitter bails on her. Meanwhile, an assassin mob boss hires 2 goons to kill Agent 11. But when 11 escapes from the van when they tried to kill him, he hides in Gordon's Mailtruck that James is in too. And guess what they name him. Spot. Written by garfield2710

  • Da Vinci's Inquest

    Da Vinci's Inquest (2000)
    Television by Chris Haddock (Crime, Mystery and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Vancouver City Coroner Dominic Da Vinci is an ex-police officer who brings his police mentality into his current job. Da Vinci is opinionated which has caused him to make many friends but also many enemies along the way of his professional career path. Although he has the admiration of most that work with him, especially a very loyal secretary, Helen, he also often butts heads with even his most ardent of supporters in the Coroner's Office and the Homicide Department of the Vancouver Police Force. These include his bosses, the homicide detectives and the pathologists, one of whom is his ex-wife Patricia. Da Vinci, the staff at the Coroner's Office and the Homicide Department work together to try and undercover some of the mysteries surrounding the deaths that take place in Vancouver. Da Vinci tries to balance his professional life with his personal life, which includes taking care of his teen-aged daughter with whom he has joint custody with Patricia. More often than not, he is ... Written by Huggo

  • Beautiful Joe

    Beautiful Joe (2000)
    Film by Stephen Metcalfe (Comedy and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew In the Bronx, Joe, an Irish good guy, gets bad news twice the same day: he has a brain tumor and his wife wants a divorce, saying he's dull and lacks adventure. With her father's blessing, Joe takes off for adventures in the weeks before risky surgery. In Louisville, he's latched onto by Hush, a talkative belle with two kids, big debts to a nasty bookie, and few prospects. Even after she steals his wallet, Joe offers temporary help, bonds with her kids, and faces down the bookie. Soon Hush, Joe, and the kids are on the run toward Vegas. The bookie's on their tail, so are some Bronx bad guys, cancer lurks, Hush has her gambling jones, and the kids want stability. Can this work out? Written by <>

  • Sweetwater

    Sweetwater (1999)
    TV Movie by Lorraine Senna (Biography, Drama and Music) Miscellaneous Crew In 1969, the rock band Sweetwater led by lead singer Nansi Nevins opened Woodstock and subsequently received considerable media attention, appearing on a number of television shows. However, just as they appeared to be receiving a really lucky break, they just disappeared. Thirty years later, a cable television reporter for MIX-TV, a musical station, is removed from her show because of being stoned on the air. Her station gives her a choice of being dismissed or investigating what happened to Sweetwater. A blending of modern day fiction and past fact is then blended in this biographical story. Written by John Sacksteder <>

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