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London and Australian based actor who has appeared on television and in movies. For more information please visit

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  • Fighting Back

    Fighting Back (2018)
    Film by Martin J. Thomas (Action, Crime and Thriller) Actress Special Forces veteran Tom Hicks returns home from military operations to find that his Cousin has been murdered in his old neighbourhood! With the Police having no leads to go on and as a consequence, Tom decides to put his military training to good use and do his own investigating. However, Tom's old neighbourhood is not as it once was and it is not very long until Tom ends up in a major altercation where he gets noticed by the wrong people! Tom thought that he had left War behind him in the military, but little did he realize how things would escalate out of control as a result of his actions! Written by Martin J. Thomas

  • Reality Check

    Reality Check (2018)
    Film Actress

  • It's in the Trees

    It's in the Trees (2018)
    Film Actress

  • Roundabout

    Roundabout (2018)
    Film Actress

  • Psychomanteum

    Psychomanteum (2018)
    Film Actress

  • The Loft

    The Loft (2018)
    Film Actress

  • Life Outside

    Life Outside (2017)
    Film by Martin J. Thomas (Action, Crime and Thriller) Actress A story about Ray, a former Detective turned homeless man and Liam, a young man who turns to a life of crime. One night as Liam tries to escape the Police during a failed drug deal, he crashes into Ray who is walking the street pushing his trolley. Ray is looking for his daughter, Gemma, as he has not seen her or her Mother for 15 years! But unbeknownst to Ray, Liam, who he crashed into is Gemma's boyfriend! However, Liam's associates kidnap Gemma and it is up to Ray to save her! Ultimately the paths of Ray, Liam and members of the underworld are set to collide in their life outside on the street. Written by Martin J. Thomas

  • Viking Siege

    Viking Siege (2017)
    Film Actress

  • Buttoned Up

    Buttoned Up (2017)
    TV Series Actress

  • Sad Little Boy

    Sad Little Boy (2017)
    Film Actress

  • Godless

    Godless (2017)
    Film Actress

  • Ouija Sex

    Ouija Sex (2017)
    Film Actress

  • We Are Not a Muse

    We Are Not a Muse (2017)
    Film Actress

  • Alright Harry?

    Alright Harry? (2017)
    Video Actress

  • Lies and Laudanum

    Lies and Laudanum (2017)
    Film Actress

  • The Woman Who Came to Dinner

    The Woman Who Came to Dinner (2016)
    Film by Jamie Benyon (Comedy and Drama) Actress Sous chef Paul attempts to get himself back into the dating game, by setting himself up on a blind date with Catherine. After three courses and a few glasses of wine Paul gains more than he bargained for.

  • Mnemophrenia

    Mnemophrenia (2016)
    Film by Eirini Konstantinidou (Drama and Sci-Fi) Actress, Writer Mnemophrenia is an anthology film. Three intertwining stories explore the effects of mnemophrenia whose main symptom is the involuntary blending of real and artificial memories, creating an identity crisis. The three main characters who live in different time periods, all placed in the future, are connected in three ways: by blood; by the condition itself, since they are all mnemophrenics; and by their shared interest in the ways that technology affects the human condition. Written by Eirini Konstantinidou

  • To Dream

    To Dream (2016)
    Film Actress

  • The 95th

    The 95th (2015)
    Film by David Nolan Actress

  • Way of the Monkey's Claw

    Way of the Monkey's Claw (2015)
    Film by Marc Price (Action) Actress

  • Gracie

    Gracie (2015)
    Film by Jane Alexandra Foster (Mystery and Thriller) Actress, Producer As Gracie wonders why she hasn't got the guts to kill herself, a Girl runs onto the bridge where Gracie stands, in fear for her life. She begs for Gracie's help, and almost beyond help herself, Gracie drags the Girl to what she believes is safety... But the Men after her don't give up. And as the Girls now face overwhelming odds together,it becomes clear that if they survive the night, their lives will change forever... and that love will always conquer and the light will always triumphs, but sometimes... in the most surprising way. Written by Jane foster

  • Sparks and Embers

    Sparks and Embers (2015)
    Film by Gavin Boyter (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actress Tom and Eloise meet for the last time to say goodbye as Eloise is moving back to France. With the moment of departure approaching, does one of them have the courage to rekindle the embers of their relationship or will their love be lost forever?

  • Unify

    Unify (2015)
    Film (short) by Jane Alexandra Foster (Sci-Fi) Actress

  • Distance to Now

    Distance to Now (2015)
    Film (short) by Felicity Josling (Drama) Producer A family torn countries apart by the violent actions of their father.

  • Love Online

    Love Online (2015)
    Film by John Psathas (Comedy and Romance) Actress, Music department

  • Survivors

    Survivors (2015)
    Film by Adam Spinks (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Actress The dead will rise and the infection will spread in Initiative Motion Pictures and Organised Chaos TV and Film's "Survivors". From Director Adam J Spinks comes a story about the depth of courage in the face of an enemy unleashed by our own scientific arrogance. Written by Anonymous

  • Barry

    Barry (2014)
    Film (short) by Matthew Simmonds (Drama) Actress Two actors audition for a new reality television show. Their motives are questioned, neither happy to admit their desire to become an instant celebrity.

  • Coffee and Cake

    Coffee and Cake (2014)
    Film (short) by LaToyah Gill (Drama) Actress

  • Where's the Toffee: Morning Coffee?

    Where's the Toffee: Morning Coffee? (2014)
    Film (short) by Enrique Rovira (Comedy) Actress

  • Shoot for the Moon

    Shoot for the Moon (2014)
    Film (short) by Chris Wickett (Comedy, Fantasy and Sci-Fi) Actress A homeless astronaut sets out for the moon, armed with nothing more than a travel case, some bottle rockets, and a trolley load of ambition.

  • Art Ache

    Art Ache (2014)
    Film by Berty Cadilhac (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actress Alex is a shy accountant living in London. He is reluctant to step out of his comfort zone, but when he falls in love with an adorable French artist named Penelope, he pretends to be a talented artist himself; and now he needs to win a Modern Art contest to prove it. Written by Anonymous

  • Extinction

    Extinction (2014)
    Film by Adam Spinks (Adventure and Thriller) Actress Deep in the Amazon jungle a research team lead by a respected Professor strive to protect vulnerable and endangered species, but when their guides abandon them they soon realize they are in the hunting ground of prehistoric apex predators.

  • A Marble Finish

    A Marble Finish (2013)
    Film (short) by Ben Coverdale (Drama and Thriller) Actress Abby invites her colleague Julie back to her house after a night on the tiles but the evening takes a turn for the worse when Abby's boyfriend Sam is sitting up waiting for them... This 'punchy' 4.5 minute short, which touches on domestic violence, has a number of twists and turns before delivering it's final blow. 'A Marble Finish' is the second collaboration by film production companies 'Stock Film' and 'twobytwo video' and aims to shock, surprise but also amuse viewers, putting a darkly humorous spin on a very serious situation. Written by Anonymous

  • Fear

    Fear (2013)
    Film (short) by Omer Kula (Drama) Actress What happens when a vulnerable woman who lacks confidence, finds solace in owning a gun.

  • For Love

    For Love (2012)
    Film by Paul Windmill (Drama and Romance) Actress Sarah, a wild thirty year old blond, is ditched in 'small town life' by her ex-boyfriend. Stranded she meets 18 year old rebel Deezee. His older women crush remains unfulfilled as Sarah stay the night away, with devastating consequences for her career and love life. Written by ForLoveFilm

  • Tyres R Us

    Tyres R Us (2012)
    Film (short) by Tito Sacchi (Comedy) Actress

  • The Pharmacist

    The Pharmacist (2012)
    Film by Patrick von Boetticher (Drama) Actress A woman tries to escape the life she has carefully built.

  • Demons and Doors

    Demons and Doors (2012)
    Film by Stephen Southouse (Drama and Thriller) Actress Marion is a former actress who has committed murder. She is put in to an institute and slowly we discover she has multiple person Disorder. Marion has over 40 different personalities each personality is played by a different actor there is one main actor playing the real Marion. Written by S Southouse

  • A Different Life

    A Different Life (2011)
    Film (short) by Adam Spinks (Drama) Actress Touching, delicate and a tribute to the enduring power of true love, A Different Life spans the course of 12 hours in the life of a seemingly ordinary couple. Their life is less than ordinary.

  • Forest of the Damned 2

    Forest of the Damned 2 (2011)
    Film by Ernest Riera (Horror and Thriller) Actress Despite Lucy's reservations, she agrees to her husbands request to attend a wild party of Lust and sexual exploration on a remote island. Their passion soon turns to terror when they discover that one of the group has disappeared. Some start to believe that there is something evil lurking in the forest while others begin to suspect each other. Lucy's biggest fear was that the weekend could ruin her marriage, she didn't realize that it could cost her her life too... Written by IQ

  • Egression

    Egression (2011)
    Film by Ray Brady (Drama) Actress Three people meet and become friends in London. Two of them form a relationship in turns loving and destructive. The death of one of them forces the others to reassess their lives and change or die. The main themes of 'Egression' are escape and redemption. All the characters are trying by some means or another to escape from aspects of their pasts. Whether it's by drinking, taking drugs, gambling, casual sex. What begins as fun distractions in youth leads to lives of self abuse and addiction. With forms of therapy frowned upon by the strata of society composing the piece and families distant or uncaring, the characters have no recourse but each other. After the lead female character takes her own life, the others are left with the repercussions; blame, guilt, self-doubt. Thoughts of the futility of their own existence. Deciding to simply keep on living is the nearest to redemption these characters allow themselves or are perhaps even capable of. Written by Des Brady

  • From the Cellar

    From the Cellar (2010)
    Film (short) by Tito Sacchi (Comedy) Actress For Igor even the most surreal experience is banal, trapped by the monotony of his extraordinary work. From the Cellar is a comedy about perspective and how innocuous requests can make big waves.

  • The Awkward Man

    The Awkward Man (2010)
    Television (Comedy) Actress The protagonist (Jesse, played by Regis Broadway) is a genuinely nice guy who is looking for a girlfriend. He's not sleazy, he's reasonably handsome, intelligent, sporty, and kind natured. Girls are interested in him (initially) but somehow he manages to destroy all chances of getting to know them better by being, well, awkward. Written by Iwan Cornelius

  • One Night in London

    One Night in London (2010)
    Film (short) by Holly Redfern (Drama) Actress, Producer After 5 years, Melanie welcomes her best friend Olivia back to London for a single evening. Olivia's visit appears innocent at first until the arrival of an old and distant friend.

  • Thirty Second Love

    Thirty Second Love (2009)
    Film (short) by Desi Achilleos (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actress You find love the moment you stop looking for it.

  • Tangled Up in Blue

    Tangled Up in Blue (2009)
    Film by Haider Rashid (Drama, Romance and War) Actress Filmed in and around the streets of London, this award winning cosmopolitan drama, depicts the son of a world renowned Iraqi writer facing the aftermath of his father's assassination in Baghdad, his moral dilemma about the publishing of a book he has been writing for five years and his undeclared love for his best friend. Written by Radical Plans Ltd

  • Deader Country

    Deader Country (2009)
    Video by Andrew Merkelbach (Comedy and Horror) Actress Whilst wagging school, two teenagers stumble across a strange hybrid creature, a beast that is half man, half alien and all zombie, which has managed to make its way unseen across desolate countryside to the town of Pleasance.

  • With Sex in the Title

    With Sex in the Title (2009)
    Film (short) by Magdalena Pniewska (Drama) Actress

  • Jimmy

    Jimmy (2009)
    Film (short) by Benjamin Potter (Comedy and Crime) Actress Jimmy and Bill arrive at a house to pick up the 'money' that is owed to them. It is real simple. They go in, get the money, and they leave. Under no circumstances are they to shoot anyone. If only things were this easy.

  • Trees Are Memories

    Trees Are Memories (2009)
    Film (short) by Maia Krall Fry Actress This follows a childhood memory of 'Lyra Crayford'. We watch sympathetically as her mother habitually favours her younger sister, and as Lyra tries to comprehend why her mother does this we see through her eyes, and her diary entry how the world is viewed to a small 9 year old child. Her sister, jealously, steals Lyra's precious ribbon, but as the film un-roles we see it is too late for her to say sorry because, as we see from the older Lyra's story, she suffers a lung disease and passes away quite suddenly. Her letter reveals everything and in an emotional ending Lyra gets her ribbon back, and finds in it something to remember her sister by. Written by Anonymous

  • Airport Security

    Airport Security (2008)
    Film (short) by James Uren Actress Geoff has calculated that the 4th of August is the day he is going to die. He decides to flee for the safety of Toronto, but when he passes through security at the airport he realizes that this is the safest place he can be. But for how long? Written by Alastair Nicholls

  • Andrew

    Andrew (2008)
    Film (short) by Alex Barrett (Drama and Romance) Actress Andrew and Sue are a seemingly happy couple, despite the fact that Sue is married to another man. However, Andrew is racked with guilt at the thought of inflicting on Sue's husband the pain that was caused to him when his ex-wife left him for another man. After having a romantic meal together, Andrew's conscience catches up with him and, over the events of one evening, it becomes apparent that Andrew must decide what is stronger: the increasing hate that he feels for himself, or the love that he feels for Sue. Written by TKS

  • Touched by Fellini

    Touched by Fellini (2006)
    Film (short) by Paul Barry (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actress Take one Alfonso, a romantic and passionate waiter with a warped reality. Then take Isobel, a woman whose life is at a cross-road. Stir in Rob, her distracted and ambitious boyfriend. Sprinkle some charm and flirtation from Tony. Add one fountain. Finally, garnish with Fellini's La Dolce Vita. A recipe for passion or a recipe for disaster? Sometimes a random meeting can highlight what is wrong, what is right, and what is possible in your life. Touched by Fellini. Written by Chester Productions

  • Gettin' Square

    Gettin' Square (2003)
    Film by Jonathan Teplitzky (Comedy, Crime and Thriller) Actress Gettin' Square is about starting over, keeping clean and going straight. Barry Wirth is fresh out of prison and determined to stay on the straight and narrow. But like his mate Johnny 'Spit' Spiteri and reformed gangster turned restaurateur Dabba, he finds out the hard way that there are old scores and a few new ones that'll make getting square a lot harder than he thought. Written by Anonymous

  • That's English

    That's English (1993)
    Television Actress

  • Megans Game

    Megans Game

  • Criminal Audition

    Criminal Audition


  • University of Queensland - Psychology BA

  • Actors Conservatory - 3 years

  • Ecole Philipe Gaulier School

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