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Nashville, Tennessee

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About Brad

Numerous films playing wide variety of characters.
Writer and punched up many films I have been in.
Professional comedian
Sleight-of-hand artist/ sword-swallowing
Black belt in Wado Ryu Karate



  • Unapologetical!

    Unapologetical! (2018)
    Video Writer

  • Dry Bar Comedy

    Dry Bar Comedy (2017)
    TV Series Writer

  • Say Goodnight Kevin

    Say Goodnight Kevin (2016)
    TV Series Archive footage

  • My Many Sons

    My Many Sons (2015)
    Film by Ralph E. Portillo (Drama) Actor The life story of legendary basketball coach Don Meyer.

  • The Secret Handshake

    The Secret Handshake (2015)
    Film by Howard Klausner (Family) Actor Men and boys learn together what it takes to be a man.

  • Let the Lion Roar

    Let the Lion Roar (2014)
    Film by Vanessa Frank (History) Actor Uncover one of the greatest and darkest deceptions of our time - the conspiracy to cover up the Church's true identity.

  • Persecuted

    Persecuted (2014)
    Film by Daniel Lusko (Action, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor, Producer Nationally acclaimed evangelist John Luther is the last obstacle in the way of sweeping religious reform in the States. When a U.S. Senator and Luther's own supporters abduct and frame him in the murder of an innocent teenage girl, an unprecedented era of persecution is unleashed. Out on personal recognizance, Luther escapes police surveillance in search of the truth. And suddenly a once-normal life is targeted by a team of ex-military operatives who wage a relentless campaign to eliminate the incriminating evidence. As evangelist turned fugitive, Luther vows to expose anyone involved with, or profiting from, the girl's murder. It's a mission that brings him face-to-face with the coming storm of persecution that will threaten the entire American Christian community. Written by Daniel Lusko

  • Witness Protection: Return of the Prophet

    Witness Protection: Return of the Prophet (2014)
    Television (Drama) Writer, Producer The man whose testimony ended the porn industry recounts his experience exiting the witness protection program.

  • Rumors of Wars

    Rumors of Wars (2014)
    Film by Paul Tomborello (Drama, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor Rumors of Wars is a film with two converging story-lines, the first one centering around an aspiring college journalist named Roxy (Jennifer Cooper), finds herself searching for answers when she investigates end time prophecies for a term paper. Recording her research in a diary, her findings prove to have more of an impact than she could have ever imagined. Her diary is discovered years later, in the rubble of a post apocalypse society filled with decay and violence. With the truth of what really happened to the world in its pages, the book finds its way into to the hands of an officer, named Shaw (Ben Davies) in the New World Army. But what will he do with this new found truth? Written by Bearfruit Films

  • Broken

    Broken (2014)
    Film by Damian X. Fulton (Action, Adventure and Drama) Actor John Tossel's parents have surrounded him with everything that money can buy, but his life seems empty. As he searches for something else, Emma draws him to a youth retreat and John attends with his friends Hope and Nevil. While there, he is kidnapped by escaped cons. Investigator Marv Headly comes to the aid of his parents working to get John back from the kidnappers, but he finds stumbling blocks in the form of Federal Marshal Owens and Deputy Marshal Hobbs. Written by Anonymous

  • Deserted

    Deserted (2012)
    Film (short) by De Miller (Comedy, Family and Mystery) Actor Alice Barnett considers herself a good Christian woman, having obeyed the Ten Commandments all her life. Her 40 year old son loves her, but he lives a town away and his time is much occupied with his growing family. So Alice is lonely. After hearing several messages about the Rapture, she day-dreams about that Biblical prophetic event and is confident that she will be among the chosen ones. But, what if she isn't among the chosen? She would be left to deal with a world overrun by heathens during the time of tribulation foretold in the Bible. Finding an "escape clause" in a Bible passage from the Book of Revelation, Alice undertakes a frantic attempt to insure that she will be among the saved. Written by De Miller

  • Covering Your Tracts

    Covering Your Tracts (2012)
    Film (short) by Caleb Vetter (Comedy) Actor

  • Christmas with a Capital C

    Christmas with a Capital C (2011)
    Film by Helmut Schleppi (Comedy, Drama and Family) Actor, Soundtrack When successful attorney, Mitch Bright (Daniel Baldwin), returns home after more than 20 years to the small town of Trapper Falls, Alaska he runs into his old high schools rivals: the Reed brothers, Dan (Ted McGinley) and Greg (Brad Stein). Dan is building a new platform for the town's traditional nativity scene, but he is the mayor of the town, the platform is being built with city money, and it's on city property. To top things off: Dan is even married to Kristen (Nancy Stafford) the girl both Dan and Mitch liked in high school. The first thing Mitch does is file a legal injunction against the nativity citing separation of church and state. The second thing he does is decide to run for mayor against his main rival Dan; Dan has been the mayor for years. Mitch accuses Dan of forcing his Christianity upon the entire town, then Mitch goes on a rant about the arrogance and hypocrisy of all Christians. Mitch has a way with people, and plans to bring more business to the town, and soon he ... Written by Tana Colburn

  • Run On

    Run On (2011)
    Video by Joseph Davis (Comedy) Actor, Writer Run On is stand up comedy at its best. Delivered by three of the top Christian performers as they hysterically share a stage and tell of their own prodigal journeys. Though each story is from a unique experiences, they weave seamlessly together to form the oldest human story of all, the futility of trying to "run" from God. David A.R. White, Tommy Blaze and Brad Stine bring a comedic flare to the stories of their lives. While relaying humorous stories along with the real truth of their testimony, they entertain the audience with hilarious comments about parents, family, and growing up. But they also show a serious side as they testify to sinful moments in each of their lives. These men will make you laugh and teach you some important lessons for your life as they discuss the Christian influence that changed each of them. Written by anonymous

  • Marriage Retreat

    Marriage Retreat (2011)
    Film by David Christiaan (Comedy and Drama) Actor When a group of best friends decide to go on a marriage retreat in the mountains for no deeper reasons to relax and have a little fun, they discover the true state of their marriages and how far apart hey have drifted. Once there, Dr. Sullivan (Fahey) and his wife Katrina (Jackson) challenges them to confront their own sin to heal their relationship issues through some rather unconventional methods grounded in Biblical principles. Written by Anonymous

  • Sarah's Choice

    Sarah's Choice (2009)
    Video by Chad Kapper (Drama) Actor Sarah Collins is considering an abortion. Before she makes her final decision, she is presented with three visions causing her to think about the impact on her future.

  • Homeless for the Holidays

    Homeless for the Holidays (2009)
    Film by George A. Johnson (Drama) Actor Jack Baker is a self-made executive who enjoys a happy, upper-middle-class life - until he loses his job, and finds himself working at a burger joint in order to make ends meet. To make things worse, ends are not being met, and, if something doesn't change soon, the Bakers could lose everything by Christmas. Written by Anonymous

  • Time & Chance

    Time & Chance (2008)
    Film (short) by Tim Hodge (Comedy) Actor

  • Welcome to Paradise

    Welcome to Paradise (2007)
    Film by Brent Huff (Drama) Actor WELCOME TO PARADISE is the inspirational family story of a preacher who is sent from a big city church to Paradise, a small, rural community that is in desperate need of direction. The fact that the preacher is named Debbie only complicates things. She finds a town that is stuck in complacency as well as a town that turns its back on its neediest neighbors. Debbie begins building a new vision for her congregation and the veil of indifference starts to lift. When the Paradise Church is accidentally burned down, and it's charter is in danger of being revoked, the members rally around Debbie and in doing so, realize that a "church" is defined by it's community, not by the four walls that house a Sunday Service. Debbie's kindness and insight bring a blast of fresh air to this out of the way country town. It also brings her a second chance at love. Written by Patrick Stack

  • The Creation Adventure Team: A Jurassic Ark Mystery

    The Creation Adventure Team: A Jurassic Ark Mystery (2003)
    Film (short) by Cathy Henderson (Adventure, Comedy and Family) Actor

  • The Creation Adventure Team: Six Short Days, One Big Adventure

    The Creation Adventure Team: Six Short Days, One Big Adventure (2002)
    Video by Cathy Henderson (Adventure, Comedy, Family and Mystery) Actor The Creation Adventure Team embarks on an unexpected adventure when they use amazing new inventions to help a student with her science report. Buddy Davis and friends reveal the wonders of the six days of Creation, with the help of the hilarious "ABC Cam," showing that the universe is the work of God and not millions of years. It all makes sense when the class looks through "BR" Glasses! From a submarine deep underwater to an airplane high above the earth, Buddy Davis and his team are out to explore! Biblical Reality glasses reveal the unseen truth about God and the world around us. This kid-friendly series for ages 7-12 combines live- action with cutting edge special effects and animatronics, plus 2D and 3D animation. Every episode is accompanied by a fun song and tons of humor. (The Creation Adventure Team series features real-life dinosaur expert and recording artist Buddy Davis. He has dug up Duckbill dinosaur fossils in Alaska and recorded several Christian music albums, but ... Written by Dale Mason <>

  • Before She Met Me

    Before She Met Me (2000)
    Film by Peter Miriani Actor

  • Poodle Springs

    Poodle Springs (1998)
    TV Movie by Bob Rafelson (Crime and Drama) Actor Set in 1963, an aging Philip Marlowe (James Caan) is supposedly giving up his wild times to get married to a younger socialite (Dina Meyer). However, as might be expected crime follows Marlowe as he is soon mixed up in blackmail and murders as a sleazy photographer (David Keith) threatens to expose photos of a former stripper (La Joy Farr) who is now running with a billionaire. As things progress, he soon realizes that his new wife's father (Joe Don Baker) is also involved. Written by John Sacksteder <>

  • Acquitted by Faith

    Acquitted by Faith
    Film Actor

  • Christian Movie

    Christian Movie

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