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Carlos Dittborn

Director at Cinemadiccion
Director, Editor, Screenwriter, Director of Photography, Filmmaker, Photographer (Still), Producer and Videographer

Santiago, Chile

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About Carlos

Carlos Dittborn (1978). Chilean Filmmaker with over 20 years of experience. Studied film at ARCIS University and later worked as an editor for feature films, short films, documentaries and television series for more than 12 years. From 2011 to 2019, lived in London, where worked as director and editor of advertising, branded content, web content and corporate videos for clients and brands such as: Arsenal Football Club, Maybelline, Juicy Couture, Visit Britain and Calvin Ayre among others.

My latest work as Director/Writer is the Romantic Drama short film titled "What Remains Between Us" (2022) or "Lo Que Queda Entre Nosotros" by its original title. Also had written, produced and directed “Stone Cold” (2018) and “The Second Chance” (2013), both short films shot in London and previously made “Pristine in Torment” or "Prístinas en Tormento" (2011) by its Spanish title, a fantastic drama that was awarded by the Chilean Audiovisual Fund for its production.

As a director also have an extensive work as a Videodance and Music Videos director. In parallel to my filmmaking work, During the years I've developed a semi-professional work as musician, composer and music producer, which has allowed me to collaborate in the production of music videos. My work sits between the adjoining borders of commercial content, film, music, and dance.

Long Bio
Carlos Dittborn was born in Santiago, Chile in 1978. From an early age, he showed great interest and skills in arts, exploring drawing, oil painting, poetry, photograph and music, resulting in what would become his great passion, cinema. In 1997 he was admitted to Film Studies at the ARCIS University where he took interest in the fields of Direction, Editing and Writing.

He began working in audiovisual production in Chile in 2001, participated as Film Editor and Assistant Director (in some cases) in major projects such as features films, documentaries, short films and as Editor for television fiction dramas and cultural programs for the last 10 years. In 2004 he founded Cinemadiccion Audiovisual Production, focusing on the realisation of cinematographic productions and audiovisual products with an artistic view. As Director of audiovisual products ventured into business products, with the realisation of TV advertising, institutional and training videos for companies.

His interests in exploring new forms of artistic expression has led him inside the world of contemporary dance, working on projects that have aimed to integrate the film technique, the video support and the broad-ranging of the dance language. He has directed and edited several award-winning Dance Videos. He has also produced contemporary dance live choreographies, led by Chilean choreographers.

Carlos also has a teaching background, for over 12 years, he's been the head instructor in Digital Editing Course at La Toma Film Institute, as well as continually offering training courses in Digital Editing and Film Post-Production for audiovisual professionals in various regions through Chile.

The Music, his second great passion, is an important complement for his audiovisual production. Carlos has been bassist and a songwriter for 15 years, has recorded two LP albums, 3 EP and has performed live in over 100 shows in Chile and Argentina. This experience has enabled him to have an extensive knowledge of rhythm and carry into the direction of music videos, live performances recordings and for the edition of TV Documentaries about popular music.

His latest work as Director/Writer is the Romantic Drama short film titled "What Remains Between Us" (2022) or "Lo Que Queda Entre Nosotros" by its original title. Carlos, had written, produced and directed “Stone Cold” (2018) and “The Second Chance” (2013), both short films shot in London. He previously made “Pristine in Torment” or "Prístinas en Tormento" (2011) by its Spanish title, a fantastic drama that was awarded by the Chilean Audiovisual Fund for its production.

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  • El Amanecer de los Antiguos

    El Amanecer de los Antiguos (2017)
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  • Tears Won't Hurt

    Tears Won't Hurt (2014)
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  • The Second Chance

    The Second Chance (2013)
    Film by Cinemadiccion Film Production (Drama, Fantasy, Romance and Short) Director/Writer Morgan and Kameela are a young couple who dream of taking a new step in their lives, however, due to an impulsive mistake, Morgan is faced with a strange woman who can change their destinies forever. They have to deal with the possibility of losing their dream, but what if pure love can change the life events? Written by Cinemadiccion

  • Tournée Cadenza

    Tournée Cadenza (2013)
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  • One Good Deed

    One Good Deed (2012)
    Film (Short, Adventure, Drama and Fantasy) Editor A naughty country boy's true nature is revealed when he encounters some child spirits deep in the forest.

  • Prístinas en tormento

    Prístinas en tormento (2011)
    Film by Cinemadiccion Film Production (Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller and 2 More) Director/Writer Pristine in Torment tells the story of a mother and daughter who are confined at an early age by his father, thus having to face the constant lookout for her captor, perpetuating the attempt of the mother to protect her daughter and prevent the cycle horrible to repeat. Written by Cinemadiccion

  • Dejar Todo

    Dejar Todo (2010)
    Film (Short and Drama) Editor Between the wet hills close to the edge of the world, a soft light is born subtle and without prominence behind the forest hilltops in the low Andes range. On a near field, a strange young living on a pigsty, leaks his sight between the cracks in the walls made of old pine wood that are still crying the sap from the skinless trees. He thinks of dark ideas by whom he's been seduced, and these ideas give him the peace he needs, the peace of freedom. He thinks of leaving everything. But how? There are hollow lives, others that even not being empty they come and go, some even not being of importance they don't lack of stories. But his life, was a life forbidden, to world, to the sight, to the point of even vanishing from he's own existence. Whit out any doubt it could not be called a life. Calm as the ox being wiped, always looking towards the sun.

  • Filmografías

    Filmografías (2010)
    Television by Cinemadiccion Film Production (Talk-Show) Writer/Editor

  • Korpunater

    Korpunater (2010)
    Film by Cinemadiccion Film Production (Short) Director/Editor The humans, their activities and freedom on the environment, as opposed to a dynamic set of sinuous nature, questioning the man and the effect of belonging to natural environment, the state of impropriety of the human species before it.

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    Film by Cinemadiccion Film Production (Fantasy, Musical and Short) Director/Writer The obsession of power as a theme, placed in a science fiction scenario, which by means of a sarcastic language shows us the icons representing the different powers mankind longs for to be able reach till the last hierarchical ranking.

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    Secuestro (2005)
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