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About Caroline

According to her parents, Caroline has been writing since she was 6 mos old; reading since she was 2 years old. During her first months of Kindergarten, Caroline recalls "Show and Tell" time translating Italian nursery rhymes /lullabyes, such as: " Battiamo le mannine (Let's clap hands)", for her class. While in elementary school she wrote, directed, produced, made costumes for and starred in her first play (Thanksgiving Story) at 9 years-old. On Saturday afternoons, she would improvise short plays with school friends. She won poetry contests as a child including a speech writing competition in a state pageant.

Hindsight being 20/20, Caroline sees how she was steered away from a natural creative life. A native New Yorker, she completed her undergraduate studies at NYU, studying comparative religion. Admittedly, the MOST FUN she had was as the female lead in an NYU student film: That NYU Student film won 1st place :)

While living in SoCal, Caroline was an active member of JLLA. Although she thoroughly enjoyed her community service work: teaching children to read better, feeding displaced/battered/homeless women and children as, "Chef in Residence" - something had to give: she resigned the Junior League {in good standing} to complete her law studies. Eventually, Caroline would earn her law degree, dedicating over 44,000 hours of study in an unconventional way: both through traditional brick and mortar and synchronized distance learning, as this was the only way she could continue to take care of her son in the manner she so desired.

Understanding how crucial the first year of law school/legal study is to one's success, Caroline continues to offer coaching/legal writing (essays) and tutoring services to 1L's. Her areas of expertise are Contracts, Torts and Criminal Law and mentoring, (particularly to non-traditional students). Believing in always giving back and doing more applies with her students as well: when and if a student asks her to review one essay dealing with one area of law, Caroline will go a step further and request an essay for another subject or two so that the student will have a good foundation for that subject as well. She believes there's no point in being competent in one area while marginal in another.
Currently a non-barred attorney, never a quitter; Caroline is pursuing admission to State/s and Federal Bar.
Additionally, Caroline offers legal guidance and is assisting a former wrongfully incarcerated individual navigate the criminal justice system to seek rightful compensation.

Although Caroline has a genuine love of the law and sees beyond any box; creative writing has always called her back. Over the last several years, she has been deeply inspired to simply write. Caroline is acutely aware that although she has story ideas, she needs to work on her actual script writing. She is teachable, willing to learn the craft, proper process/es and format for submission/s. She is the author of several forthcoming books, from cookbooks to inspirational writings, including poetry for which she is seeking publishers.

Being able to think rationally without being infected by emotion, Caroline tries to view conflicts in life as a legal essay. She believes that there are not simply two sides to an issue but, three; she does her best to see each side's point of view: to be the advocate. Clear, concise and competent on all/varied sides of politics, with more than many leaders plagiarizing her original creative thoughts /ideas in various media without attributing credit to her; Caroline has simply let go of that arena as she realized it was not congruent with her core beliefs and life goals. She wishes everyone well. Moving on...

DIALECT COACH/VOICE-OVER: Caroline studied with Kalmenson & Kalmenson as well as LynnAnne Zager. Voice-Over work is something she'd love to pursue very much. Mimicking accents comes quite naturally. AVAILABLE to consult on your film as a SICILIAN DIALECT COACH

Caroline's first screenplay: 38 DAYS is based on the the true story of her late father's WWII experiences as a Sicilian soldier in Italy and Sicily, after Hitler turned on Mussolini. She recently completed her second screenplay, a passionate-romantic feature film.

As of this writing, Caroline is creating two TV Pilots. In addition, Caroline has over ten (10) registered pitches for documentaries/reality series ranging from inspirational to educational to practical.

Caroline has crystallized her focus and sees herself succeeding in this creative medium as she is nurturing her natural talents and unique gifts.

Although she is not perfect; Caroline is authentic...

Blessings and success to everyone here on Stage32.

***Please note: Any and all information: including but not limited to Loglines, Synopses, AND Commentary on this site is not to be shared with others without the express consent of Caroline. Caroline's information is not to be used for harm, ill will, profit and the like. This includes photos, written words, creative ideas etc. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Additionally, Caroline is responsible for an elderly parent. ***
Yes, this is a pseudonym...she has a very Italian/Sicilian name :)

Unique traits: Availability as SICILIAN DIALECT COACH



  • 38 Days

    38 Days Budget: $30M+ | Biography Drama Following Hitler turning his back on Mussolini, a young Sicilian soldier and his squad narrowly escape death while they are shot at by Nazis; they are repeatedly confronted with challenges as they seek to return home.

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