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Caroline Rovello

Storyteller, ESL Script Consultant, Sicilian Dialect Coach/Cultural Consultant

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About Caroline

According to her parents, Caroline has been writing since she was 6 months old; reading since she was 2-yrs old. During her first months of Kindergarten, Caroline recalls "Show and Tell" time, translating Italian nursery rhymes /lullabies, such as: "Battiamo le mannine" (Let's clap hands), for her class.
Immersed into the English language at age six (6) without any ESL classes: Caroline has no trace of an accent; she sounds like a native American-English speaker... She's sad about this as her mother sounds like Sophia Loren and she doesn' is not fair, she says :(

While in elementary school, she wrote, directed, produced, made costumes for and starred in her first play (Thanksgiving Story) at 9-years old. On Saturday afternoons, she would improvise short plays with school friends. In junior high/middle school, she was assistant director for the school play. She won poetry contests as a child and later a speech writing competition in a state pageant.

For over a decade, Caroline went through extensive speech therapy for stuttering/stammering which is nearly 99%-100% cured.
She was teased, maligned, bullied for this and for a host of other things throughout elementary, junior high/middle school, high school, and beyond.
In her opinion, and personal experience: Bullying doesn't stop; it simply takes on a different form.

And so, there's (nearly) nothing that doesn't surprise her because she's been through A LOT of STUFF...
Not easily intimidated, Caroline deliberately put herself in situation/s whereby she had to cold call to make a living. This has served her well.

Caroline earned her Juris Doctor, albeit in a non-conventional manner, with the blessing of the CA Bar. Understanding how crucial the first year of law school/legal study is to one's success, Caroline continues to offer coaching/legal writing (essays) and tutoring services to 1L's. Her areas of expertise are Contracts, Torts and Criminal Law and mentoring; particularly to non-traditional students. Additionally, Caroline offers legal guidance {she preps you for your attorney consult} and is assisting a former wrongfully incarcerated individual navigate the criminal justice system to seek rightful compensation.

While Caroline has a genuine love of the law and sees beyond the lines of a legal pad; the majority of her time is spent writing and re-writing...

To date, Caroline has completed two screenplays, a half-hour TV Pilot (dramedy). She is polishing off an additional four (4) screenplays and is working on two hour-long TV Pilots (drama). She's written one novella, one novel and a play.
Her screenplay, CONCERTMISTRESS recently placed top 5 in the Features Category in the "Burning Love Screenplay Contest" at the Poe Film Festival, Richmond, VA. Caroline was the sole female screenwriter among the top five.

ESL SCREENWRITING CONSULTANT: A solid grasp of many languages beyond Italian and Sicilian, Caroline understands how challenging it is to write and master English. She is available to review your script for syntax, grammatical issues and will offer you key pointers to move forward.

A never-ending fountain of creativity, Caroline has over twelve (12) registered pitches with WGAW for documentaries/reality series, anthologies/mini-series, ranging from the inspirational to educational and the practical. In particular, a documentary is in the works highlighting how social media caused her to become a recluse for quite some time for personal safety reasons. With dozens of projects swirling around in her mind and on paper - Caroline has no shortage of creative ideas and executing her original ideas...

There are only 24 hours in a day... and, although over the last two or three decades you may not have heard of Caroline within the entertainment in the fact that while she was taking care of others, mentoring others: in short: putting everyone else first...she did her best to carve out time throughout her day and most especially at the end of each day to simply WRITE...

Finally: something had to give...
Now, having made the decision to 'put her oxygen mask on first' ... all things are aligned...

A lioness who will no longer be deterred by anyone or any thing:
Caroline is ready to accept the blessings her creative life has to offer, as this is her true calling...

AVAILABLE to consult on your film as a SICILIAN Cultural Consultant and DIALECT COACH.

"...We need originality. We need new stories...stories from different cultures and ethnicities...don't think we need to be remaking anything else. Let's create things. Creation, that's what women are best at. We create, right? We bring life."
- Linda Woolverton, first and only female screenwriter with a sole-writing credit on a billion-dollar film (Disney's Alice in Wonderland, 2010) quote from IndieWire interview, October 2019

While she is not perfect; Caroline is authentic...

*** I go where I'm celebrated; not where I'm tolerated...***

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn coming soon...

Production Company information coming soon...

Thank you for your consideration

N.B. All information on my profile as well as information including photographs, videos obtained through links (contests, other social media and the like) is not to be used in a negligent manner or with malicious intent.

Unique traits: Fiercely Loyal


  • 38 DAYS

    38 DAYS Historical Biography When a Sicilian soldier and his squad, who had no faith in his skills, narrowly escape death following Nazi gunfire, they resolve stay together despite recurring challenges as they journey home. 


    CONCERTMISTRESS Romance Drama When an Ivy-league immigrant daughter transforms into a marriage-minded Medusa following discovery of her deceitful musician's entanglements, she then forges her own path to control her life-story.



  • CONCERTMISTRESS: Finalist, BURNING LOVE/Poe Film Festival (sole female screenwriter finalist 1/5)

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