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Chris Bridgewater

Actor, Producer and Stunt Performer

Gold Coast, Australia

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About Chris

Chris Bridgewater is an accomplished Australian actor and stuntman with a remarkable background in martial arts spanning three decades. Starting with a passion for physical disciplines, he has honed his skills to become a prominent figure in martial arts and film.

Chris was born in Dundee, Scotland and moved to Australia at a young age, beginning his journey into the world of martial arts at age 10. Over the course of 30 years he dedicated his life to various disciplines. His commitment and talent led him to a professional career as an MMA fighter and coach, where he competed for an impressive decade.

Beyond his achievements in martial arts, Chris transitioned into acting and stunt work. With his outstanding physical abilities and deep understanding of combat techniques, he seamlessly merged his love of martial arts with his newfound passion for performing. He’s also made a name for himself in the world of fight choreography.

Chris's dedication to his craft and willingness to take on physically demanding roles in film quickly garnered attention. His dynamic presence on screen and his ability to execute complex stunts with precision has made him a sought-after talent in the industry.

Today, Chris is known not only for his martial arts prowess but also for his contributions to entertainment. His journey from martial arts and fighting to the silver screen serves as a testament to his versatility, dedication, and ability to captivate audiences as an actor, fighter, and stuntman.

With each project he undertakes, Chris continues to showcase his extraordinary skills, leaving a lasting impression on the Australian and international stage.

Unique traits: Stunt performer, Fight Choreographer/ Coordinator, Former MMA fighter, Martial Artist, Model



  • Quiz With Balls (U.S.)

    Quiz With Balls (U.S.) (2024)
    Television by Eureka Productions Safety Officer

  • Zombie Plane

    Zombie Plane (2023)
    Film by Radioactive Media / Lav Bodnaruk & Michael Mier (Comedy and Horror) Stunt double (Vanilla Ice), Fight Coordinator

  • Fear Below

    Fear Below (2023)
    Film by Bronte Pictures Stunt Double (Various actors), Creature Puppeteer

  • The Mole s2 (U.S.)

    The Mole s2 (U.S.) (2023)
    Television by Eureka Productions / Kate Douglas Walker Stunt/ Challenge Safety Advisor

  • The Amazing Race Australia s7

    The Amazing Race Australia s7 (2023)
    Television by Eureka Productions / Michael McKay Stunt/ Challenge Safety Advisor

  • Boy Swallows Universe

    Boy Swallows Universe (2022)
    Series by Netflix / Various Directors Stunt Double (Simon Baker), Stunt Performer

  • Nautilus

    Nautilus (2022)
    Series by Disney / Various Directors Stunt Double (Donnie Baxter), Stunt Performer, Trooper #4 Whistle blower

  • Kane

    Kane (2022)
    Film by BMS / Blaire Moore Joey, Fight Coordinator

  • The Portable Door

    The Portable Door (2021)
    Film by Stan, Jim Henson Co / Jeffery Walker Tunnel Rigger Goblin, Stunts

  • Canvas

    Canvas (2021)
    Film by Gidass Films / Criss Gidass Beckett, Fight Coordinator

  • I'm Coming Home

    I'm Coming Home (2021)
    Film (short) by Defy Productions / Brad Day Lead

  • Junk Shop

    Junk Shop (2021)
    Film (short) by Satori Films / Lawrence McCudden Rueben Marx, Stunts

  • DUO

    DUO (2020)
    Film by Haul Media / Matt Schembri Brad, Fight Coordinator

  • The Possessed

    The Possessed (2020)
    Film by SlaughterFX / Chris Sun Prosthetic Demons (x4)

  • The Legacy

    The Legacy (2020)
    Film (short) by Jilted Films, FoathTV / Chris Bridgewater, Grant Bell Writer, Director, Producer, Fight Coordinator, Ryan

  • Bloody Hell

    Bloody Hell (2019)
    Film by Boi from Hel / Alister Grierson Cowering Man, Stunts

  • Reef Break

    Reef Break (2019)
    Television by ABC, Hoodlum / Various Directors Stunt Double (Grant Bowler), Stunt Performer

  • Relentless

    Relentless (2019)
    Film (short) by SAE / Jack Ure Lead, Fight Coordinator

  • Danger Close

    Danger Close (2018)
    Film by Deep Water / Kriv Stenders Stunts

  • Chiroptera

    Chiroptera (2018)
    Film by DanMad Films / Danial Donai Young Simpson

  • Tidelands

    Tidelands (2018)
    Series by Netflix / Various Directors Stunt Performer

  • Magdala Rose

    Magdala Rose (2017)
    Film by Angel Studios / Dr. Paul Day Lord Pierre Rogers / Fight Choreographer

  • Harrow

    Harrow (2017)
    Television by ABC, Hoodlum / Various Directors Stunts

  • The Out of the Woods Project

    The Out of the Woods Project (2017)
    Film by Initiative Production Co. / Jason Solari (Drama and Thriller) Stunt Double (Carlin Sterrit), Shadow Figure, Fight Coordinator Will Denovan, a successful and driven real estate broker, wakes up dirty and disheveled in the middle of a mysterious wood with no idea how he got there. On the outside, Will is a huge success; the right job, the right house, the wife, the family, but Will has his secrets. His ambition has driven him into an addiction to prescription medication, sending his high functioning lifestyle, not to mention his fractured marriage, spiraling out of control. None of that matters in the woods, however, as he struggles to survive and make it home to his family. With no perceivable way out, he is forced to face the ghosts of his past and conquer his fiercest opponent: himself.

  • Guts

    Guts (2017)
    Film (Thriller) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Lt. Jangles

    Lt. Jangles (2016)
    Film by Vertical Films / Nick Champeaux Brave Beefcake

  • Psychopath

    Psychopath (2016)
    Film (Horror) Actor Two brothers travel to a country town, in search of locations for a film about a double murder eight years ago. While they both find romance, they also cross paths with a psychopath that is still stalking townsfolk and visitors to the area.

  • We Were Tomorrow

    We Were Tomorrow (2016)
    Film (Drama) Actor How many lifetimes will alter tomorrow? In attempt to salvage humanity, Alchemists relocate a small group to an alternative world and grant them three lifetimes to restart the population. Now, after only a few centuries, those in the new world face annihilation faster than those in the world they left behind. Tattooed with the key to escape, twin siblings Noah and Evelyn, battle through three vastly alternate lifetimes, to reconnect with their matches Warrick and Siena, before time, an immortal hunter Cain, or the world, robs them of their last chance. Written by Mad Lane Productions [au]

  • Hand of Art

    Hand of Art (2016)
    Film (Drama) Actor A story about an aspiring artist and how the unwavering pursuit of his dream affects the people and relationships around him with tragic consequences.

  • Boar

    Boar (2015)
    Film by SlaughterFX / Chris Sun Ryan, Creature Puppeteer

  • Final Round

    Final Round (2015)
    Film (Short and Action) Actor Add a Plot »

  • 9Ball

    9Ball (2015)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Steve has all he thinks he needs, money and a life of decadence. He does what he wants, when he wants and to whom he wants. There is only one problem with all that, one day you have to pay a price for your sins. A game of chance that will change his life. 9 Ball.

  • Composure

    Composure (2015)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Gifted

    Gifted (2015)
    Film (Short, Action, Drama and Sci-Fi) Stunts The rise and fall of the worlds first superhero, Guardian.

  • Boar

    Boar (2015)
    Film by SlaughterFX - Chris Sun Toby

  • Miscommunication

    Miscommunication (2014)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Miscommunication is a story about two friends, Matt and David. the Two friends have a disagreement over a payment Matt was meant to pay David. The film follows Matt's story as he tries to pay David back correctly but then is cut off half way, reverting back to David after the Miscommunication. The film then follows David as he tries to figure out a way to pay his overdue bills. David ends up making a crucial decision that leaves the friendship in ruins and a heavy weight of guilt on David's shoulders. Written by Anonymous

  • 500 Miles

    500 Miles (2014)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Actor Emily is the girl that the world seemingly forgot about. Lost on the opposite side of the tracks, it isn't until she becomes stranded in the middle of nowhere that she finally begins to discover a path to her own redemption.

  • Thicker Than Water

    Thicker Than Water (2014)
    Film by Madlane Productions - Dominic Crisci Brent

  • Amaya's Rewrite

    Amaya's Rewrite (2013)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Drama) Actor If you don't like your story, change it.

  • Junior

    Junior (2013)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Junior tells the story of A man who returns home to find out that his older brother has an interesting new girlfriend. How will this affect his relationship with her and his brother?

  • Fractured!

    Fractured! (2013)
    Film (Drama) Actor Carly (Madeleine Kennedy) and Paris (Ellie Popov) attend a masquerade party that bares no limits. Without rules or consequence, the pair plunge into their true carnal instincts.

  • The Visitor

    The Visitor (2013)
    Film (Short, Action, Crime and Thriller) Actor A weary crime boss hires a hit man to eliminate his opponents. This ends up being a big mistake as the hit man is now hunting him. When your biggest mistake catches up with you, what do you do?

  • Mayhem and the Overlord of the Underground

    Mayhem and the Overlord of the Underground (2012)
    Film (Short, Action, Adventure and Fantasy) Actor Mayhem's street smart and fighting spirit got him to the top of the gang world, second only to Vile in the most ruthless gang around, the Livids. But now he wants out. In a teenage Neverland of destruction and debauchery, Mayhem is searching for freedom. He tries to break free of the Livids but it's stay or die. Now on the run with nowhere to go, his only hope is an island that may not exist. Written by Anonymous

  • Swot

    Swot (2012)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor A new special police squad must overcome their inexperience and an inept commander to ensure the future of their team. He leads them from one hilarious failure to another, can they finally work together to catch the bad guys?

  • P.Z.A

    P.Z.A (2012)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Arch

    Arch (2011)
    Film (Short and Fantasy) Stunts Arch is a character-driven fantasy adventure, about a half angel, half human who poses a threat to the spiritual balance and must be destroyed by the Archangel who fathered her and the Archangel that is in love with her.


  • Best Supporting Actor (MAGDALA ROSE) ASIN Awards

  • Best Actor (MONGREL) Martini Film Awards

  • Best Actor (AMAYA'S REWRITE) Martini Film Awards

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