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Pitchfest Schedule

30 APR

Adam Matalon - Award-winning Executive Producer, Showrunner, Creator and Director , Chatsby Films Inc.

30 APR

Jennielyn Abrot - Producer & Manager

30 APR

Kate Sharp - Producer,


Jacob Holm - Producer, HolmMade Films


Darina Voloshina - Creative Producer, AwesomenessTV


Stephanie Marin - Founder / Producer, El Camino Entertainment

Online Pitchfest 57: Short Scripts!

Entry Fee (Skype or Written): $45 per session

Online Pitchfest 57: Short Scripts!

Congratulations to the Stage 32 writers who have seen success through our programs and services this year! So far, 7 writers have been signed, 1 hired for a writing assignment, 1 signed to a shopping agreement, 1 TV show has been sold and general meetings have been arranged with executives throughout the industry!

Every month, Stage 32 hosts an themed Online Pitchfest dedicated to executives looking for specific genres and formats of screenplays, and this month we're excited to bring you this exclusive opportunity to pitch your short scripts or digital series to these executives in our 57th Online Pitchfest. If you have a short script or digital series you've been itching to get made, this is your chance to pitch to these incredible executives!

The executives are looking for top-tier short film and digital series screenplays!

We're bringing in executives who specialize in short form and digital content for online pitch sessions - this is your opportunity to pitch to them one-on-one via Skype or by submitting a two-page written pitch for consideration and feedback! Sign up to pitch one executive and all executives in attendance will review your logline for consideration.

This pitchfest is also eligible for our buy one, get one free promotion throughout the month of April!

April 30th

4:30-7:00PM Kate Sharp - Producer

Co-Executive Producer of "Madame Bovary", "The Hallow", and Hulu's "Behind the Mask".

Specializes in digital series, female-driven feature and pilot scripts (including reality/docu-series).


4:30-7:00PM Jennielyn Abrot - Development Executive, The Van Johnson Company

Management & Production company behind "Queen of Hearts" (Dir. Johnny Lin; "Bernie", "Hesher"), "The Tomb", "Diego".

Specializes in feature and short scripts (action & horror).


May 1st

10:30-1:00PM Jacob Holm - Producer

Producer and former Development Associate for Jane Startz ("Ella Enchanted", "Indian in the Cupboard", "The Magic Schoolbus").

Specializes in feature and short scripts (comedy & drama).


2:30-5:00PM Darina Voloshina - Creative Producer, AwesomenessTV

Digital production company with over 150 million subscribers and 17 billion views. They produce content for Netflix, Universal and Dreamworks!

Specializes in short scripts and digital series (comedy).


2:30-5:00PM Stephanie Marin - Producer, El Camino Entertainment

Founder of El Camino Entertainment, Associate Producer of "Lucky" starring Colin Hanks; named one of Hollywood's Top 10 Up and Coming Producers.

Specializes in feature scripts and digital series of all genres (no slasher horrors!).


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As with all Stage 32 Happy Writers Online Pitchfests, your pitch will be reviewed for consideration by the executive of your choice and you will also receive a scorecard plus pitch notes after your pitching session. Give yourself the best opportunity for success with the Stage 32 Happy Writers Online Pitchfest 57!

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Company Executives

Adam Matalon

Adam Matalon - Award-winning Executive Producer, Showrunner, Creator and Director , Chatsby Films Inc.

Adam Matalon is an award-winning executive producer, show runner, director and creator. Born in NYC and raised in London, he spent his formative years as a working actor in New York and London’s West End in numerous productions and this set the stage for his strong storytelling instincts.

Moving into TV and film, he has done almost everybody’s job except PA. At home in both scripted and unscripted arenas TV, Adam has executive produced scripted and unscripted programming in a variety of genres delivering programming for most of the major networks and cable broadcasters.

He recently produced the 14 part scripted digital series Tainted Dreams nominated for a 2014 digital Emmy and in 2015 he executive produced and helped launch two successful brands Donnie Loves Jenny starring Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy, and a new African American plastic surgery format for Lifetime called Atlanta Plastic.

2016 marks the launch of a new personal production shingle, work on a variety of unscripted development and alongside Aether Pictures, producing a new feature film about the real-life story of a transgender opera singer.

Credits include:

Adam MatalonAdam MatalonAdam MatalonAdam Matalon

Jennielyn Abrot

Jennielyn Abrot - Producer & Manager

Jennielyn is looking for action, horror and thriller feature screenplays. All budget ranges are welcome.
Jennielyn Abrot was the Creative Executive behind Lovelace, check out the trailer below!
Jennielyn Abrot is an independent producer and manager. She is a former Development Executive with The Van Johnson Company, Threshold Entertainment, and Eclectic Pictures. She has navigated first-look deals with both Universal Pictures and Millennium Films. She is the Creative Executive behind films like Lovelace (Amanda Seyfried, James Franco), Trust (Clive Owen, Viola Davis), Solitary Man (Michael Douglas, Jessie Eisenberg), and the Co-Producer of As Good As Dead (Andi MacDowell, Matt Dallas).
Jennielyn is the Director of Development behind the upcoming Tetris film adaptation which is currently in pre-production, and is looking for stellar scripts ripe for production, and writers prime for representation.
Credits include:
Jennielyn AbrotJennielyn AbrotJennielyn Abrot
Kate Sharp

Kate Sharp - Producer,

Kate is looking for reality shows, docuseries, period films, international films and elevated genre projects (sci-fi, thriller) of any budget range.
Check out the trailer for Better Living Through Chemistry, produced by Kate Sharp!
Kate Sharp is an Emmy-nominated producer who has produced Showtime, MTV, Verizon, Funny or Die, Braun, Evolve Media and Coca-Cola.
Kate is the former Vice-President of Development for Occupant Entertainment. Her feature film credits include Better Living Through Chemistry (Sam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde, Michelle Monaghan, Jane Fonda, Ray Liotta), Madame Bovary (Mia Wasikowska, Paul Giamatti, Ezra Miller), and The Hallow which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015.
Kate is also the Executive Producer on the Emmy-Nominated Hulu Original Series, Behind the Mask.
Credits include:
Kate Sharp (3 Spots Left!)Kate Sharp (3 Spots Left!)Kate Sharp (3 Spots Left!)Kate Sharp
Jacob Holm

Jacob Holm - Producer, HolmMade Films

Jake is a former development associate for veteran producer Jane Startz (Ella Enchanted, The Indian In the Cupboard, The Magic School Bus), helping her manage and develop a large slate of film/television projects for children and young adults, including the upcoming Universal Pictures film, The School for Good and Evil, and the Lionsgate thriller series starring Zoe Saldana, Hell or High Water.
Aside from lending creative input on projects, Jake was also responsible for scouting new properties and finding financiers for projects, which included such household names as Genius Brands, 9Story Entertainment, Aardman Studios and Lionsgate Television.
Jake Holm, a native New Yorker, has worked with such directors as Alma Har’el (Bombay Beach) and Josh Greenbaum (Behind the Mask, Shortgame), and has produced his own award-winning projects including Reporting on the Times and Those Who Can’t Do.
Jacob specializes in comedies for all ages, and dramas for both children and young adults.
Credits include:
Jacob HolmJacob Holm
Agustine Calderon
Tips on pitching to Jake:
- Focus on set pieces when pitching the story aspect.
- Have intriguing, three-dimensional characters, who battle both internal and external conflicts.
Darina Voloshina

Darina Voloshina - Creative Producer, AwesomenessTV

Darina is looking for comedy TV pilots and digital series.

AwesomenessTV is a joint venture between DreamWorks Animation and The Hearst Corporation. Founded by producer Brian Robbins (Smallville, Varsity Blues) and Joe Davola (One Tree Hill, In Living Color), they are responsible for producing scripted series online in partnership with brands like Coca Cola, Google, and Royal Caribbean.

A driving force on Youtube, AwesomenessTV's productions have garnered over 17 billion views, and over 150 million subscribers. Their productions have appeared on Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube Red.

Darina Voloshina is a Creative Producer with AwesomenessTV. She's worked with companies like Nickelodeon, NBC Universal, SONY Pictures, Seventeen Magazine, and now works with AwesomenessTV.

Company credits include:

Darina VoloshinaDarina VoloshinaDarina VoloshinaDarina VoloshinaDarina VoloshinaDarina VoloshinaDarina Voloshina



Stephanie Marin

Stephanie Marin - Founder / Producer, El Camino Entertainment

Stephanie is the owner and founder of El Camino Entertainment. Stephanie recently produced the feature film, Fallen Stars, which will have its world premiere at the Austin Film Festival in October. Prior to El Camino Entertainment, Stephanie worked in development at Cross Creek Pictures, the production and finance company most known for Black Swan. She is the Associate Producer of Lucky (starring Colin Hanks, Jeffrey Tambor) and also produced a series of documentaries for the United Nations. Previously, Stephanie worked at The Skouras Agency and began her professional career in the Page Program at Paramount Pictures.

Last year she was named one of Hollywood's top 10 up and coming producers in Hollywood by Studio System.

Biannually she hosts one of the most sought out networking events for executives called The Little Black Book with attracts over 300 executives from New York and Los Angeles. Stephanie is originally from Dallas, TX and a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin.

Credits include:

Stephanie MarinStephanie Marin

Tips on pitching to Stephanie:

  • Highlight what the characters' arcs and trajectories are. 
  • Give away the ending in your feature pitches.
  • Don't be vague in your pitches. The major plot points must be specified.