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About Curtis

Acting is my passion, it truly is the one job that I would consider my dream job. My goal is to be a professional actor and make enough to support my family without having to work a full time job on the side as well. I am very driven to not only pursue my own passion but to also help other people find and pursue their passions.
When we are children, we are taught that we can do and be anything we want. We're taught to dream big and that we have no limits. However, somewhere along the journey of life those dreams can get lost. We get wrapped up into, going to school to get a good paying job. Who cares if you love what you do, just get a good paying job and take care of your family. I believe that if we want to grow as a society, as a people, that we need to push, not only our children, but also each other to find and pursue our passions. It isn't by accident that God blessed as all with individual passions and talents to back those up. If we were to all follow our passions, almost every job would be filled and people would be happy about going to work. If you truly enjoy what you do, work is something you GET to do opposed to something you HAVE to do.
For me, I feel extremely blessed that I GET to act. When we follow our passions, an aura of positivity surrounds you. It's something that people around you notice and also want to feel.
I believe that God has given me the desire and talents to act because I believe that His plan for me is much bigger than me. Acting will be my platform to spread the message that He gave me. The message of following your dreams and living a positive life. Negativity only brings more negativity, but positivity will change your world. If you learn to look at the positive in every situation, everything is possible.
As for something more about me...the above is a glimpse into my heart and my mind.
If there is something else you would like to know, please feel free to ask.

Curtis McGann
5'10, 170lb

Special Skills
Conversational Spanish, Accents (Country/Southern, American, Mexican), Football, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby, Martial Arts and boxing, Improv, Guitar, Surfing, Skate boarding, weight lifting, sports


"As a director, it's always refreshing to see the character I had in mind come to life because you didn't just act, you became the character. Looking forward to working with you again!"
-Matthew Laeng

"Curtis is my favorite actor and together with Rowan and Angela our strongest actor. He listens, and then does things. Exactly how you ask him too."
-Timur Or

"Many thanks for your stellar acting... You did an incredible job, and were a pleasure to work with." -Tom Howe

Unique traits: Conversational Spanish, Accents (Country/Southern, American, New York, British, Mid West, Mexican), Football, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby, Martial Arts and boxing, Improv, Guitar, Surfing, Skate boarding, weight lifting, sports, Construction, Fishing, Boating, Swimming (all strokes)


  • C.O.L.A

    C.O.L.A (2019)
    TV Series Actor

  • Josh Taylor's Prom Date

    Josh Taylor's Prom Date (2019)
    Film Actor

  • The Sacren

    The Sacren (2018)
    Film Actor

  • What Doesn't Kill Us

    What Doesn't Kill Us (2018)
    Film Actor

  • Adornment Jewelers/Aliencrane BTS

    Adornment Jewelers/Aliencrane BTS (2016)
    Commercial by Aliencrane Productions Lead

  • Princess

    Princess (2016)
    Film (short) by Mumukuba Principal

  • Hussein Who

    Hussein Who (2016)
    Film (short) by Bobby Mccllean Principal

  • Missing

    Missing (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Crossroads

    Crossroads (2016)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Actor A dark, tragic contemporary noir thriller.

  • Her Loss

    Her Loss (2016)
    Series by Sig Hall Lead

  • T-Mobile- Uncarrier Training

    T-Mobile- Uncarrier Training (2016)
    Hosting by Vossler Lead On screen host for T Mobile Un Carrier training

  • Grimm

    Grimm (2016)
    Television by NBC Extra

  • Magnum Opus

    Magnum Opus (2015)
    Film (short) by Faith vs Fate Lead Wasteland type Madmax inspired film

  • Pathos: First Session

    Pathos: First Session (2015)
    Television (Thriller) Actor

  • T-Mobile Commercial

    T-Mobile Commercial (2015)
    Commercial by Vossler Featured Extra

  • Tom Howe website

    Tom Howe website (2015)
    Internet by Marketeering Group Lead

  • Key to My Heart

    Key to My Heart (2015)
    Internet by Michael Carnela Lead

  • Spectroverse

    Spectroverse (2015)
    Film by Phenomenalist Pictures Lead/Hero

  • Speedy Glass

    Speedy Glass (2015)
    Commercial by Elton Media Lead

  • Dell Computers

    Dell Computers (2015)
    Commercial by Attackships on Fire Featured Extra/ Model

  • HTC Phones

    HTC Phones (2015)
    Commercial by Vossler Stunt/Featured Extra

  • Blood Gold- Ron Howard Project Imagination

    Blood Gold- Ron Howard Project Imagination (2015)
    Film (short) by Gabriel Werner Seattle

  • T-Mobile

    T-Mobile (2015)
    Commercial by Vossler Principal/Stunts

  • Hyatt Olive 8

    Hyatt Olive 8 (2015)
    Commercial by YNR Marketing Lead

  • Grey Gull Hotel

    Grey Gull Hotel (2015)
    Commercial by Fireshoe Productions Lead

  • Assisted

    Assisted (2015)
    Film (short) by Death by Meercats Principal

  • Ghostruck

    Ghostruck (2015)
    Commercial by Ghostruck Lead

  • Divine Shadow

    Divine Shadow (2015)
    Television by Flying Gecko Principal

  • Ray's Apartments

    Ray's Apartments (2015)
    Commercial by M.E.G.A. Media Lead

  • Microsoft Zero

    Microsoft Zero (2015)
    Print by Microsoft Model

  • Red Lobster

    Red Lobster (2015)
    Commercial by Lustre Communications Principal

  • The Day My Powers Arrived

    The Day My Powers Arrived (2015)
    Television by Cosmic Reach Media Principal

  • Last Seen in Idaho

    Last Seen in Idaho (2015)
    Film by Fireshoe Principal

  • Time is on Your Side

    Time is on Your Side (2015)
    Television by Matthew Laeng Lead

  • Swedish Hospital

    Swedish Hospital (2015)
    Commercial by Zebra Productions Principal

  • Dell

    Dell (2015)
    Internet by Attackships on Fire Lead Commercial

  • Stop Being A Slave to Fear

    Stop Being A Slave to Fear (2015)
    by Nuclear Exchange Lead

  • Mother's Love

    Mother's Love (2015)
    by Faith vs Fate Lead

  • Last Seen in Idaho

    Last Seen in Idaho (2015)
    by Fireshoe Productions Principal

  • Dell Computers

    Dell Computers (2015)
    by Attackships on Fire Lead

  • Sound Transit

    Sound Transit (2015)
    by PRR Principal

  • Leantime

    Leantime (2015)
    Commercial by Icecream Visuals Lead

  • Facade

    Facade (2015)
    Film by Mumukuba Principal

  • Shadow of the Colossus

    Shadow of the Colossus (2015)
    Film (short) by Part One Media Lead

  • Zombie Short

    Zombie Short (2014)
    Film (short) by Mark Bernard Lead

  • Miller's Wheel music video

    Miller's Wheel music video (2014)
    Video by Furman Productions Lead

  • Anywhere for You- John Martin

    Anywhere for You- John Martin (2014)
    Video by Matthew Laeng Lead

  • music video Arrows- Fences ft Macklemore

    music video Arrows- Fences ft Macklemore (2014)
    Video by Jason Koenig, John Keatley Featured

  • Burned

    Burned (2013)
    Internet by Digital Cinema Principal-Spy

  • Sustained

    Sustained (2012)
    Film (short) by 3 Line FIlms Principal

  • Vector Virus

    Vector Virus (2011)
    Film (short) by Jeremy Productions Lead

  • Training Video for Theft Prevention

    Training Video for Theft Prevention (2010)
    Industrial by Training Video Productions Lead

  • Grease

    Grease (2006)
    Theater by John Adams Principal

  • Wake me up Before you Go

    Wake me up Before you Go (2006)
    Music by Mike Frisk Entertainment Co-Lead

  • Notre Dame Football Hall of Fame

    Notre Dame Football Hall of Fame (1998)
    Voice-over by Impact Media Lead

  • The Gardener & The Rose

    The Gardener & The Rose
    Film Actor

  • Travel Channel Pilot

    Travel Channel Pilot
    Internet by Independent Host


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