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Dean Dawson


Actor, voice actor and producer in Seoul, South Korea

About Dean

Introducing Dean Dawson, an actor who can easily portray rugged and tough characters while maintaining an unlying tenderness; with a unique ability to capture the vulnerability of humanity. Dean is a consummate professional, who humbly displays a great work ethic and mastery of his craft. He can be that one actor who helps you tie everything together and supports your work with his dynamic dedication to telling your story. Whether it's the boss in the office, the bulldogged, hard-nosed detective, the police chief, the devoted husband, the kind but stern father or the lovable guy next door, Dean has the talent and creativity to complete your next casting call.

Name: Dean Dawson

Lives in: Seoul, South Korea

Company: KEC

Occupation: Actor, Voice Actor and Producer

Unique traits: An actor with gravitas. Commands a deep tonal register that conveys authority. An improvisational talent that is truthful and believable.


  • Eyes Wide Open

    Eyes Wide Open (2018)
    Film by Paranoid Gecko / Will Forrester (Thriller) Actor An American student in Seoul, South Korea uses his skills as a spy to stop foreign agents and local gang members from obtaining a supercomputer that can connect to anyone and anything.

  • Take Point

    Take Point (2018)
    Film by Pierfect Storm / Byung-woo Kim (Action and Drama) Actor As tension escalates between North and South Korea, an independent contractor, Private Military Company (PMC), is hired to liberate a prisoner from an underground bunker.

  • Steel Rain

    Steel Rain (2017)
    Film by Mofac Pictures / Woo-seok Yang (Action and Drama) Actor A coup in North Korea forces an agent to defect to South with unconscious "Number One". While operatives from North hunt for both of them, the agent has to work with South Koreans to stop the nuclear war.

  • The Cure

    The Cure (2017)
    Television (Drama) Actor From the early to mid-1930s, Bishop Adrien-Jean Larribeau, sought the blessings of the Vatican, to establish the first Catholic hospital in Seoul, Korea, with the hope to care for the most vulnerable in society; the indigent and those suffering from incurable disease.

  • Descendants of the Sun

    Descendants of the Sun (2016)
    Television by KBS 2 / Eung-bok Lee (Romance) Actor A love story develops between Captain Yoo Shi Jin, from South Korean Special Forces and Doctor Kang Mo Yeon, who works as a Surgeon at Haesung Hospital in Seoul. They will find themselves in the middle of great events and deadly dangers, both in their Motherland and in the fictitious, war-torn country of Urk. Written by Abdalonimus

  • Robot Sound

    Robot Sound (2016)
    Film by Lotte Pictures / Ho-jae Lee (Drama and Sci-Fi) Actor The plot revolves around a robotic satellite with artificial intelligence that crash lands in Korea and contains clues for a father who is desperately searching for his missing daughter.

  • The Long Way Home

    The Long Way Home (2015)
    Film by Harimao Pictures / Seong-il Cheon (Action, Comedy, Drama and War) Actor 24th of July in the year 1953, three days left until North and South Korea will sign the truce. Nam-bok is a normal soldier who just wants to go home to his farm. Instead he must bring a secret paper to the Western front but on his way, he is attacked by North Korean forces which causes him to loose the paper. Accidently the secret paper is discovered by Young-gwang, a North Korean soldier and the last remaining survivor of his unit. While Nam-bok is searching for his important papers, he sees Young-gwang stealing them. Now Nam-bok fights like a lion to get the secret paper back. Written by Anonymus

  • She Was Pretty

    She Was Pretty (2015)
    Television by Bon Factory / Jung Dae-yoon (Comedy and Romance) Actor Child-hood friends are seperated for fifteen years without many connections. The time comes when the two finally meet again, but the once beautiful Kim Hye-Jin has become unattractive, and the unattractive Ji Sung-Joon grows up to be a very attractive man. Will Kim Hye-Jin be able to face him? Love and vanity are put to the test in 'She Was Pretty'. Written by Skylar Toney

  • Oh My Ghost!

    Oh My Ghost! (2015)
    Television (Fantasy and Romance) Actor Na Bong-Sun (Park Bo-Young) works as a sous chef. Because of her timid personality and low self-esteem, she doesn't have any friends. Since she was a child, she has been able to ghosts because of her shaman grandmother. One day, she becomes possessed by seductress ghost Shin Soon-Ae. Kang Sun-Woo (Cho Jung-Seok) is a star chef. Na Bong-Sun has a secret crush on him. He is good looking and confident as a chef. Even though he is popular with women, he has yet to get over his ex-girlfriend. He begins to notice Na Bong-Sun after her sudden change. Written by mahaar92

  • Perfect Proposal

    Perfect Proposal (2015)
    Film by Bidangil Pictures / Je-gu Yun (Drama and Thriller) Actor An attractive young woman is robbed by her business partner in Macau. She meets and forms a connection with a handsome man, who proposes a plan: that she apply for work on a luxurious yacht to assist his boss, the difficult, old and infirm chairman of a large company, with the aim of manipulating him so that they can get their hands on his vast wealth.

  • Missing Noir M

    Missing Noir M (2015)
    Television by OCN / Seung-Young Lee (Action, Crime and Thriller) Actor Gil Soo-Hyun after graduating Harvard University worked at the FBI for 10 years. Afterwards, he decided to come back to South Korea. He now works as the leader of the Special Missing Persons Unit investigating mysterious case of serial killer.

  • The Queen's Flower

    The Queen's Flower (2015)
    Television (Drama and Romance) Actor Trying to escape a troubled past in Korea, Lee Soo-Jung (Kim, Song-Ryong) immigrates to the United States, to reinvent herself as Rena Jung. In America, she enrolls in culinary school but great success eludes her there and she is forced to return to Korea 20 years later. By conniving and manipulating others, she emerges as the beautifully ambitious star chef who hosts her own cooking show and an eye to marry the wealthy, first son of TNC Group, Park Min-Joon (Lee Jong-Hyuk).

  • Mystery Television

    Mystery Television (2012 - 2015)
    Television (Mystery) Actor Mystery Television is a popular weekly show in South Korea that has been running since 2002 with two casts: a Korean cast that acts in Korean and an international cast that acts in English. Every week, a 50 minute episode features five short stories that each have a surprising twist or mystery. Currently in syndication on the Fox Korea Network, it is now reaching an even broader audience on the Korean peninsula and it is exported to China on a weekly basis where it is also a smash hit.

  • C'est Si Bon

    C'est Si Bon (2015)
    Film by Nogunri Pictures / Kim Hyun-seok (Drama and Romance) Actor Oh Geun-tae (JUNG Woo) is a country boy with a booming baritone who is discovered by aspiring singer-songwriter Lee Jang-hui (JIN Goo) and thrust into the bustling world of Seoul's iconic folk music café-C'est Si Bon. Unwittingly, he becomes the third member of the yet-to-debut "C'est Si Bon Trio" and the begrudging buffer between two rival musicians-the vocal genius, Song Chang-shik (JO Bok-rae), and the heartthrob, Yoon Hyeong-ju (KANG Ha-neul). Amidst the smoke and chatter of C'est Si Bon's youthful clientele, they meet aspiring actress Min Ja-young (HAN Hyo-joo) and find themselves completely bewitched. Will their muse inspire them to create legendary music, or tear them apart before they even begin? Written by CJ Entertainment America

  • Royal Seals

    Royal Seals (2015)
    Television (Drama and History) Actor A modest and humble curator at the Smithsonian Institute, Paul Taylor (Dean Dawson) is made aware of the value and historical significance of Royal Seals that have been recovered after having been stolen by an American soldier, 50 years earlier, during the Korean War. Mystery and intrigue follow the path of these priceless artifacts' return to their rightful location in Korea.

  • Secret of Supremacy

    Secret of Supremacy (2015)
    Television (Drama and History) Actor In the 1800s, American politicians battle for supremacy as proponents of democracy in a new republic that culminates in a bitter pistol duel between political rivals, George Alexander Hamilton (Liam Lusk) and then sitting Vice President of the United States, Colonel Aaron Burr (Dean Dawson).

  • Midway Round

    Midway Round (2015)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor A middle aged guy has just been dumped by his girlfriend. During a game of poker he realizes that all odds are against him and that his luck in life may lie elsewhere.

  • Warm Blooded Killer

    Warm Blooded Killer (2015)
    Film by Relative Sanity / Pablo Fuentes Gomez (Short) Actor The story follows an unconventional assassin on a job that changes how he views his life and career.

  • Sweet Secrets

    Sweet Secrets (2014)
    Television (Romance) Actor Sung-Woon is the self-centered director of a fashion company. After falling in love with a goodhearted single-mother, Sung-Woon reevaluates his priorities in life.

  • The Tenor

    The Tenor (2014)
    Film by Basara Pictures / Sang Man Kim (Drama, Biography and Music) Actor The talented Korean tenor, Bae, who penetrate the audience's hears through his delicate and powerful singing, is on the rise to stardom at the European opera scene. Sawada, a Japanese music producer, is searching for a new tenor for an upcoming performance. He watches a performance of Bae and invites him to Japan, which marks the beginning of friendship. But, the thyroid cancer strikes Bae. During an operation, the nerves of his vocal cords has be cut due to the widely spread cancer. Unfortunately, Ba ends up losing his voice at the peak of his career. Sawada cant's stand to watch Bae's miserable so he starts to look for a solution. Written by Anonymous

  • Big Man

    Big Man (2014)
    Television (Romance) Actor Kim Ji-Hyeok (Kang Ji-Hwan) doesn't have parents and goes through a tough life. He then meets Dal-Sook who runs a small restaurant at a traditional market. Kim Ji-Hyeok follows her like his mother and settles down at the traditional market. He works hard to open up his own store within the traditional market. Suddenly, Kim Ji-Hyeok becomes a hidden son from a family that owns Korea's top company Hyunsung. He realizes though that there are impure intentions. Since that moment, Kim Ji-Hyeok takes revenge upon the people at the Hyunsung company. He becomes romantically involved with a woman named So Mi-Ra (Lee Da-Hee) who he meets at the most important time in his life.

  • Into the Flames

    Into the Flames (2014)
    Television (Drama) Actor The drama recounts the life of steel magnate, Park Tae-Joon, who became the founder and chairman of POSCO, a then-fledgling South Korean steel company that grew into a multinational steel-making conglomerate. The story revolves around Park's tireless effort to build a steel mill amongst the devastation in the aftermath of the Korean War. Rising up from the ashes amidst poverty and despair, this is the story of the Korean people's resolve and a relentless drive towards modernization. Plot »

  • Tomorrow's Children

    Tomorrow's Children (2014)
    Television (Drama) Actor The story follows the 1927 U.S. Supreme Court case of Buck v. Bell, which permitted the compulsory sterilization of those deemed deficient due to their feeble-mindedness, "for the protection and health" of society. This eugenics movement led to more than 60,000 people being institutionalized; deemed as criminals, sexual deviants, mentally deficient or mentally ill and forced to undergo sterilization operations from the early to mid- 20th century.

  • Pretty Man

    Pretty Man (2013)
    Television (Comedy and Romance) Actor Dok Go Ma Te is a macho with an impeccable appearance who has shaken up ten of the top 1% it-girls in South Korea. He is about to share some tips on 'how to get a girl'. Among his women, there is an ordinary girl who falls in love with Ma Te and her name is Kim Bo Tong. The story becomes more interesting when Bo Tong starts to do things to win his heart and the unpredictable romance finally starts. Written by KBS World

  • The Heirs

    The Heirs (2013)
    Television by Drama Fever / Sung, Chul Bu | Kang, Shin-Hyo (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor Cha Eun Sang and her disabled mother both have to work hard, humiliating jobs, in order to support her older sister who's at university in America. Cha Eun Sang can't wait for her sister, who's her idol, to come back to Korea, and start earning money, so she can stop washing dishes and get a degree herself. However one day, Cha Eun Sang learns that her sister is about to get married, and realizes she'll never return to Korea, so she'll forever have to wash dishes. She resolves to go to America as well, and get better life. However, what she finds in America is far worse than she could ever imagine. Her sister is not only not getting married, but is also not at university, and is earning money working as a waitress, and maybe some shadier side jobs as well. After her sister notices her, they have a fight, she takes all of Cha Eun Sang's money and runs off, leaving her to cry and gather her broken dreams of the pavement. This entire exchange is observed by mysterious Kim Tan, who has ... Written by Woobluv

  • Goddesses of Marriage

    Goddesses of Marriage (2013)
    Television (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor Four women, Song Ji Hye (Nam Sang Mi), Hong Hye Jung (Lee Tae Ran), Song Ji Sun (Jo Min Soo) and Kwon Euna (Jang Young Nam) are found in different stages of love and marriage, all facing relationship choices in a modern world. The drama follows how these women react to their respective predicaments.

  • Political Backstory

    Political Backstory (2013)
    Television (Drama) Actor The story follows General Park, Chung-hee's (Chang-hwan Lee) rise to leadership and becoming President of South Korea in 1963. His dictatorial rule continues until his assassination in 1979.

  • Crazy Love

    Crazy Love (2013)
    Television by tvN / Changhan Lee (Drama) Actor Despite humble beginnings in an orphanage, Yoon, Mi-So (Park, Sun-Young) marries Lee, Min-Jae (Heo, Tae-Hee) the son of a rich family, only to be betrayed by her husband and eventually abandoned. After enduring a lifetime of abandonment and betrayal, she tries to find love again.

  • Spin Doctors

    Spin Doctors (2013)
    Television (Drama) Actor The unlikely story of three American political advisers - Joseph Shumate (Dean Dawson), George Gorton (Donovan Darkone), and Richard Dresner (Jeffery Mellman), who are hired to create a positive spin on Boris Yeltsin's reckless yet ultimately successful Russian presidential reelection bid mired by drunkenness and scandal.

  • The Spy: Undercover Operation

    The Spy: Undercover Operation (2013)
    Film by JK Film / Lee Seung-jun (Action, Adventure and Comedy) Actor The Spy: Undercover Mission is an espionage comedy that follows Chul-Soo, a super spy whom is hiding his true identity under the cover of working as a civil servant, not even his wife Young-Hee knows about his true identity. Come the bombing at the heart of Seoul, Chul-Soo is sent to Bangkok to investigate a lead that could prove to solve the case. While on the job, Chul-Soo comes to find his wife Young-Hee, whom is supposed to be in South Korea, with a handsome foreigner named Ryan. Chul-Soo is now facing two difficult tasks; a mission to save his beloved country, but also to save his own marriage. Written by Paul Magne Haakonsen

  • The Empire

    The Empire (2013)
    Film by Roll the Dice Pictures / Raoul Dyssell (Drama, Thriller and Short) Actor 'The Empire' transports Shakespeare's 'Richard III' into a high rise penthouse and follows a manipulative woman who is turned on by a friend she believes murdered her husband. She turns the tables of vulnerability when she coerces him into a sexual encounter aimed to leave him at her mercy. Written by Anonymous

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