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Florin Marksteiner

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Chatham-Kent, Canada

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About Florin

Born and raised in Romania. He finished high school in 1994 in his native town, Bacau, with architecture diploma. Jumping from the school to the work force jungle was hard so he had to go thru a series of jobs until he would find his passion. After just one year he discovers the computer graphics and the TV production being hired at the local TV station. After that, his career starts to snowball, being involved in different TV productions, stage productions and multimedia campaigns. He starts to produce music videos and corporate video and he moves to Bucharest where he works with one of the best advertising companies in the country. Now he is involved in national projects and beside the video production he is involved in show and tour production. But, even that his career was successful, the money wasn’t right, so he decided in 2004 to go work with Carnival Cruise Ships as an A/V Staff. He met his future wife there [Nadine] and he marries her in Galveston, Texas in 2005. In 2006 they decide to move to Canada and his career starts to pick up again. In 2007 he is establishing Productionmark LTD, his own video-audio-photo production company, in partnership with Nadine in London, Ontario. Lots of clients are really pleased with Florin and Nadine’s work style and costumer service and especially with the final products.

With more than 15 years experience in video-audio-photo production, Florin is an established complete videographer, that can take a project from concept to the final product and deliver it with the confidence that it was well done.


  • Elvis: The Legend Continues

    Elvis: The Legend Continues (2017)
    Film by Florin Marksteiner (Documentary) Editor, Director Elvis left a legacy: the music, the dream and the legend. The world wide "league" of Elvis Tribute Artists come together to explain how they do it and what's the reasons that drives them to keep Elvis alive and to continue the legend.

  • Zenno

    Zenno (2015)
    Film (short) by Florin Marksteiner (Action) Actor, Director, Producer, Writer An Asian immigrant tries to blend into North American society until one day.

  • Carvapalooza: The Art of Raw

    Carvapalooza: The Art of Raw (2015)
    Film by Florin Marksteiner (Documentary) Editor, Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer The best men and women from around the world coming together to perfect the raw art of chainsaw sculpting.

  • J...

    J... (2015)
    Film (short) by Florin Marksteiner Editor, Director, Producer, Writer A young man is embarking on a journey in the wrong direction after he steals his parents savings, breaks a bank and carjacks a pour soul. Little does he know that he will pick up a mysterious passenger that, along the story, will make he's way from the trunk to the driver's seat and will change the young man's life for good. Written by Florin Marksteiner

  • Daughter of the King

    Daughter of the King (2014)
    Film by m&s Marshall Productions (Drama) Haydar

  • Traumatic

    Traumatic (2014)
    Film (short) by Kenneth Duchamp Editor, Sound department

  • In Search of the Kushtaka

    In Search of the Kushtaka (2014)
    Film by Daniel Jones (Documentary) Writer In Search of the Kushtaka, the mythical shape-shifting creature of the Tlingit Indians of Southeastern Alaska. Some call it a myth, some call it a hoax, you'll discover how real it can get.

  • Dark Betrayals

    Dark Betrayals (2013)
    Film by Corrinne Wood Sebastian

  • Tujunga Horror Story

    Tujunga Horror Story (2013)
    Television (Crime, Horror and Romance) Miscellaneous Crew A young couple struggling with their relationship and a secret from their past seeks a new beginning by relocating to a restored 1920's home in the quiet suburb of Tujunga, California. Unbeknownst to them, their new home conceals dark secrets of its own. Written by Tujunga Horror Story

  • The Cultured Criminal

    The Cultured Criminal (2012)
    Film (short) by Productionmark (Drama) Hangman J.R.R. Radclive Reginald and Florence Birchall are a couple that pose as British aristocrats in Oxford County, Ontario. Rex, as he likes to be called, seems to have a well thought plan to get rich by luring young Englishmen to Canada promising them wealth and luxury that they can achieve on a fictional farm. The scam is revealed once the body of Frederic C. Benwell, one of Rex's "business partners", is found in the Blenheim Swamp. The primary suspect is Reginald Birchall, who is arrested and trialed because of a key witness: Douglas Pelly, one of his victims who managed to avoid the scam and death. The trial takes place in Woodstock and the jury reach the verdict: GUILTY. That is in spite of the defense attorney proving that the gun Benwell was shot with doesn't match the bullet caliber. Rex is sentenced to be hanged. Birchall waits in jail for the hanging day. Florence tries her best to prove him innocent and to prove her endless love for him. They can't do anything to change the situation. Reginald is hanged. Was he really guilty? Did they hang an innocent man? Join us as we revisit the 1890 Birchall-Benwell Affair, one of the most sensational murder cases in Canadian history. From a gruesome discovery in the Blenheim Swamp to the trial in Woodstock’s Old Town Hall and beyond...

  • Out of My Body

    Out of My Body (2012)
    Film (short) by Margarita Rosillo Angry man

  • Epitaph

    Epitaph (2011)
    Film (short) by Jay McAllister Gregory

  • Dr. Zack

    Dr. Zack (2010)
    Film (short) by Yilmaz Vurucu (Drama, Family and Fantasy) Actor Zack (seven years old) is studying medicine. A mysterious book thrusts him into a fantasy world filled with definitions, symptoms and cures. Although Zack fails to understand the dysfunctional family life he is a part of and the harsh reality of his environment, he endeavors to find a cure for his abusive father. With no-one around to inspire him, Dr. Zack, his imaginary mentor, comes to the rescue. Making an appearance while Zack is fully immersed in studying the book, the doctor teaches him that cooties aren't real and that injections are necessary to cure people. After attempting to diagnose a mentally unstable father with a midlife crisis, Zack is kicked out of the family trailer. He watches two serious looking men, clad in dark black suits, walk by. A knock on the door surprises the father who assumes the neighbors filed in a complaint about him. Little does Zack know that he and his mentor are about to deal with their greatest challenge yet. Will Zack attain his dreams and ... Written by Anonymous


  • Award of Merit - The Accolade Global Film Competition - The Cultured Criminal

  • Award of Merit - indieFEST - The Cultured Criminal

  • Silver Winner - International Independent Film Awards - Editing - Daughter of the King

  • Silver Winner - International Independent Film Awards - Actor in Leading Role - Daughter of the King

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