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Fredrik Blom

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Music Composer, Stunt Coordinator and Stunt Performer

Uppsala, Sweden

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About Fredrik

With a background in martial arts since 1982 and a keen film making interest from about the same age and a big fan of soundtracks it is no wonder I started composing music for films in 2002 and started doing stunts and coordinating since 2006.
Always putting the directors vision first and leave my ego at home to be able to give the film what it needs with everyones safety as a first priority.


  • Contact of Reality

    Contact of Reality (2018)
    Film Stunts

  • Springfloden

    Springfloden (2018)
    TV Series Stunts

  • Morden i Sandhamn

    Morden i Sandhamn (2018)
    TV Series Stunts

  • Battlefield V

    Battlefield V (2018)
    Video Game Actor

  • Gåsmamman

    Gåsmamman (2017)
    TV Series Stunts

  • Hassel

    Hassel (2017)
    TV Series Stunts

  • Innan vi dör

    Innan vi dör (2017)
    TV Series Stunts

  • Ingen så fin som du

    Ingen så fin som du (2017)
    Film Actor

  • Morran & Tobias - Som en skänk från ovan

    Morran & Tobias - Som en skänk från ovan (2016)
    Film Stunts

  • Vilsen

    Vilsen (2016)
    Film Stunts

  • Maria Wern

    Maria Wern (2016)
    TV Series Stunts

  • Birkebeinerne

    Birkebeinerne (2016)
    Film (Action, Adventure and Drama) Stunts In the year 1206 Norway is raged by civil war. The King's illegitimate infant son, Håkon Håkonsson, which half the kingdom wants killed off, is guarded in secrecy by two men. A story which changed the course of the country's history.

  • Svartmunkarnas Krönika-Codex Dei

    Svartmunkarnas Krönika-Codex Dei (2015)
    Film (Short, Adventure, Drama and History) Stunts In Sweden in the 18th century, two opposing sides want to get hold of a book: "The Chronicle of the Black Monks", where an evil society, Codex Dei, is revealed. The Codex Dei with officer Anckarström, also disguised as a priest, tries to get back the chronicle from the good side of the Queen, family Streck and a loyal officer (Per Ragnar). Meanwhile Russian troops are harassing the Swedish countryside. Written by László Schüszler

  • Högt Spel

    Högt Spel (2015)
    Film (Short and Action) Stunts What's in that suitcase? Why is it so important that people are willing to die for it? The hunt takes place in Åkersberga, outside Stockholm, Sweden. It looks like there is bigger fish behind the local gangsters.

  • Welcome to Sweden

    Welcome to Sweden (2015)
    Television (Comedy) Stunts New York accountant Bruce moves to Sweden after falling in love with a Swedish girl.

  • Animalistic

    Animalistic (2015)
    Film Stunts

  • Mazda

    Mazda (2015)
    Film (Short, Adventure, Comedy and Drama) Stunts After a brutal police beating, riots has broken out in a suburb outside of Stockholm. Three friends, Sara, Victor and Billy join up to participate in the riots and to burn cars. Finding themselves trapped in the middle of the riots they are forced to escape, stumbling upon an old Mazda. Written by Singularity Film

  • Jordskott

    Jordskott (2015)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery and 1 More) Stunts Detective Inspector Eva Thörnblad (Moa Gammel) returns to Silver Height seven years after her daughter Josefine disappeared by a lake in the woods . The body was never found and the girl was believed to have drowned. Now a boy has vanished without a trace and Thörnblad wants to find out if there is a link to her daughter's disappearance. At the same time , she will take care of the legacy of her father, the great entrepreneur Johan Thörnblad, who build an empire of timber and timber processing on the large forest owned by his ancestors. As the plot deepens more children are kidnapped and what initially seems like a police drama takes a more sinister and stranger twist with each episode.

  • The Stockholm Bloodbath

    The Stockholm Bloodbath (2015)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Stunts Carlos, Jessie and Brian are three charming bad boys. They travel the world picking up girls, filming their escapades and building up a world wide online community of followers. When they arrive as tourists in Stockholm during the summer celebration of "The Stockholm Bloodbath", a centenary tradition celebrated in the old town of the city. They will meet a group of stereotyped Swedish girls which drive them into the local underground club and rock scene in a night of extreme excitement. Everything seems to be according to plan when the guys together with other tourists get involved in a rampage of killings Written by David Espina

  • The Hundred Code

    The Hundred Code (2015)
    Television (Crime) Actor New York, USA. Stockholm, Sweden. Over the past twelve months young, blonde, blue-eyed women have been found dead in a meadow where Asphodel flowers grow. New York Detective Tommy Conley gets a special dispensation from the NYPD to go observe and act as an adviser to the Stockholm Police Department in order to help solve these crimes.

  • Jag är min egen

    Jag är min egen (2014)
    Film (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Stunts In the far stretching forest landscape of Sweden, M, a drug dealer on the run from the law for killing a cop gets in to the position where he has to care for a baby girl. With the child's welfare in peril he pursues a deadline to deliver a batch of the killer drug grunt to his notorious boss, before escaping the country. Written by Johan Bergqvist

  • La Solitude

    La Solitude (2014)
    Film (Short and Drama) Composer Javier, a street performer and ventriloquist is forced to make a tough decision when Chuy, his puppet and only friend refuses to speak.

  • Vertical Village

    Vertical Village (2014)
    Film (Short and Horror) Composer Joel has lived in an apartment, on the top floor of a high-rise block for years, when he realises that something strange is happening to the building. At first he cannot put his finger on it until he realises that the building seems to be leaning. Should he tell the neighbors? You shouldn't bother people with petty. This sentiment is what kills him, and the rest of the inhabitants of the building as something supernatural starts to occur. Written by Johan Bergqvist

  • Tjockare än vatten

    Tjockare än vatten (2014)
    Television (Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Tjuvarnas jul: Trollkarlens dotter

    Tjuvarnas jul: Trollkarlens dotter (2014)
    Film (Adventure, Comedy and Family) Stunts Rejoining the orphan Charlie in this stand alone film. Now he has a family with Gerda and Kurre. But when Gerda gets a child of her own, Charlies happiness feels threaten. A fair is in town and the family visits it, Charlie meets a wizard who shows her the tricks to a new world, but the wizards holds more darker secrets up his sleeve. Written by Annonymous

  • Luftslottet

    Luftslottet (2013)
    Film (Short and Drama) Stunts Add a Plot »

  • Orion

    Orion (2013)
    Film (Drama) Stunts As the summer is getting closer, Tony finds himself between adolescence and the grown-up world. His days are filled with miserable family conditions and destructive actions. Suddenly he finds his shelter together with the naive and dreamlike Anna. But when his past catches up with him, the two different world are becoming increasingly difficult to keep apart. Orion is a drama about friendship and love. About betrayal and hatred. But it's also the story about the strength that lies in forgiveness. Written by TS Produktion

  • A Tribute to J.J. Abrams

    A Tribute to J.J. Abrams (2013)
    Film (Short, Action, Music and Sci-Fi) Stunts In 2009, Danish movie critic Johan Albrechtsen met Hollywood director J.J. Abrams ('Star Trek', 'Super 8') and rapped for the filmmaker during an interview. Abrams enjoyed it so much he asked Johan to 'record it'. Four years later, Johan assembled a talented film crew and some of Denmark's leading hip-hoppers to write a rap song AND produce a music video for Abrams. This is the finished result - a short film that not only celebrates Abrams and his 'Star Trek' films, but also the awesomeness of being a nerd. Featuring critically acclaimed Danish rappers Tue Track and Per Vers and cameos by renowned actors Tom Cruise and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, this video has to be seen to be believed! Written by Anonymous

  • Ego

    Ego (2013)
    Film (Drama) Stunts For 25-year-old Sebastian it is all about surface and appearance. Life is full of party, money and one-night stands. He has never challenged himself, whether it be his dream of a music career or maybe, especially true love. When everything is at its best in his superficial life he has an accident that leads to him becoming blind. A whole world closes, or rather opens up. When he sees everything in black, he meets Mia, a personal assistant. A girl he normally would not pay any attention to. She becomes the first to successfully open his eyes to what is important in life. But when Sebastian discovers that Mia is not who he expected superficiality gets an entirely different meaning. EGO is a romantic comedy drama about vanity, love, sex, and that things are not always as they seems. Written by gamer10

  • Vittra

    Vittra (2012)
    Film Stunts

  • Den Sista Dokusåpan

    Den Sista Dokusåpan (2012)
    Television (Comedy and Horror) Actor Abbe gets an internship at a reality show produced by the amoral Micke B. During the trip to the shooting location, the cast and crew get struck by the slight inconvenience of a zombie apocalypse.

  • Agent Hamilton: But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter

    Agent Hamilton: But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter (2012)
    Film (Action, Drama and Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew Special agent Carl Hamilton is forced to play by his own rules when his goddaughter is kidnapped by terrorists, as he learns that he will get no help from the Swedish secret services.

  • Blood Runs Cold

    Blood Runs Cold (2011)
    Film (Horror) Stunts Winona, a successful artist looking to get away from her stressful life. Her manager rents her a house in her home town where she runs in to an old boyfriend. They go back to the house, only to find out it is not as empty as they assumed.

  • The Light

    The Light (2011)
    Film (Short and Drama) Composer It's all about love, and life, when an old and dying author writes his last novel about a young couple and the games they play.

  • Desperata

    Desperata (2010)
    Video (Action) Stunts Follow two bank robbers on the run, and their struggle against the law, each other, and the unpredictable general public.

  • Bella & Real, the Movie

    Bella & Real, the Movie (2010)
    Film (Drama) Stunts Taking place at the Swedish countryside and in a suburb of Stockholm. At the Swedish east coast, OLLE, a football coach who has lost his job, dreams of coaching an international team. He has to look after his sickly mother, and is too shy to approach the women he has loved all his life. One day he gets a letter offering him his last chance, which means moving to the suburb of Stockholm a big city in Sweden. It is to coach an immigrant team, called REAL. Here he meets BELLA a Kurd young woman with hopeless dreams, who is betrothed to an unknown family friend back home. Brought together by chance, both Olle and Bella are forced to reassess their circumstances. Written by Peratt, Börje

  • Madness

    Madness (2010)
    Video (Horror) Stunts Two cheerleaders hitchhike with two handsome boys, but soon they are captured by a family of violent Swedes.

  • Sektor 236

    Sektor 236 (2010)
    Film (Sci-Fi) Stunts A Squad of elite commandos is lost in the Swedish wilderness during a secret mission. A tactical unit is sent out to investigate. I the meanwhile a group of hikers enter the area. Their phones suddenly loses reception and the compasses stops working. One after the other they start to disappear. Written by Anonymous

  • Failure to Cope

    Failure to Cope (2009)
    Film (Short and Drama) Composer Add a Plot »

  • Bara för idag

    Bara för idag (2009)
    Video (Short, Drama and Romance) Composer Bernt is sober alcoholic and meets young Cissi in AA. They start a relation. Cissi is searching for her drug-addicted father Bernt for his lost family, a woman and his youth. When they realize that they cannot respond to each other needs and wishes their friendship became disastrous. Bernt finally gets in touch with his daughter in USA that deserted him six years earlier and goes further in life with hope and new perspectives. Cissi search for a new father figure. Written by Ferling, Jan-Eje

  • Panopticon

    Panopticon (2009)
    Film (Short) Composer A woman who is sickly obsessed with her own appearance goes to see a doctor who recommends an unusual treatment.

  • Day of Fools: Veni Vidi Zombi

    Day of Fools: Veni Vidi Zombi (2008)
    Video (Short, Action, Horror and Thriller) Stunts Two brothers on a road trip to their grandmothers funeral encounter a serial killer believing to be the arch angel Michael. When Michaels former victims awake as flesh eating living dead the brothers are trapped in the middle.

  • Mellan 11 och 12

    Mellan 11 och 12 (2008)
    TV Movie (Drama) Stunts Add a Plot »

  • Sjalar och mustascher

    Sjalar och mustascher (2008)
    Film (Short) Composer An old single woman search for romantic dates by answering newspaper ads, but without success. She realizes that a male is not her solution. She buys a dog and then meets the very potential gentleman, but the dog turns him away. The woman decides to change her lifestyle and sets off for a journey to adventure and new perspectives. Written by Ferling, Jan-Eje

  • The Fight to Survive: A Mighty Wind

    The Fight to Survive: A Mighty Wind (2008)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Composer A parody of the Discovery Channel show 'I Shouldn't Be Alive', a man's observance of the Golden Rule puts his life in danger.

  • Replaced

    Replaced (2008)
    Video (Short, Crime and Thriller) Composer A young man wakes up and finds himself kidnapped. Powerless to oppose his captors, all he can do is watch as their plans are set in motion.

  • Manipulating Life

    Manipulating Life (2008)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Composer Doctor Thomas Sproul has taken part in a science experiment that will change the Earth in a major way. His Nobel Prize winning work weighs on his conscience and the result is an attempt to destroy the creation. He hopes to do away with the project and slip away with his very touchy Autistic son William. When his colleagues, catch on to his plan, a confrontation occurs that changes everyone's plans. Written by SS

  • Den fjärde mannen

    Den fjärde mannen
    TV Mini Stunts

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