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Igor Mamlenkov


Actor, author and dancer in Verscio, Switzerland

About Igor

I'm a physical theatre and film actor, director and writer from Russia. I currently reside in Verscio, Ticino, Switzerland. I'm now studying physical theatre, comedy, poetic gesture at Scuola Dimitri, Switzerland. I am fond of film making and acting. I have had an independent video production company - Videoshot in Barcelona, Spain. I also formed part of different theatre companies such as "Toy Studio" and Garik Wiskin. We have produced various types of plays and shows, amongst which there are quite some non-spoken, physical comedy shows and we take them to theatre and street festivals. I have launched a cycle of atmospheric and avangard shortfilms - "PLACE". I toured and performed in INSOMNIA, a collective physical theatre performance directed by Pavel Stourac. I have participated in Physical Theatre Summer Project "LOD'/A BOAT" in Theatre Continuo, CZ. On 19th and 20th of January, 2018, I will premirere my solo creation "DOMOVOI" for my Master Diploma at Teatro Dimitri.

Name: Igor Mamlenkov

Lives in: Verscio, Switzerland

Company: DOMOVOI

Occupation: Actor, Author, Dancer, Director, Screenwriter, Comedian, Filmmaker, Puppeteer, Translator and Voice Actor

Unique traits: Smile



    DOMOVOI (2017)
    Theater by DOMOVOI / Igor Mamlenkov Musician / Domovoi Эта сказка стара, как мир. Говорят, что по ночам приходит дух и приносит мир, покой и радость в дом. Иногда даже подарки на Рождество. Он выглядит как неопрятный старик, но глаза у него чистые, как у новорожденного, и большое сердце. Но вот незадача, тут появился человек, который находится на краю жизни, который вопрошает самого себя стоит ли вообще жить. Когда этот человек уже готов шагнуть в бездну, приходит тот самый дух. Это игривое существо даже не знает, что означает человеческое чувство неудовлетворенности или разочарования… он просто знает, как быть. Он свободен. Он – Домовой. ДОМОВОЙ говорит об игривости, легкости, эмоциональной эмпатии, невидимом прикосновении и человеческих трагедиях посредством клоунады, танца, театра движений и фантазии. Спектакль рассматривает под увеличительным стеклом одну из самых распространённых современных расстройств – острое ощущение потерянности, невозможность замечать и наслаждаться маленькими вещами в жизни, из которых то и строится ежедневное счастье. Это клоунский, поэтический спектакль о иллюзиях, надежде и высвобождении.


    INSOMNIA (2015 - 2016)
    Theater by Pavel Stourac / Continuo Theatre Artist THE PLOT Seven young artists that live in a loft in the industrial district of a city and are searching for a job. They share the space, food and their ideas about life and art. They dream of a better world and of revolutionizing their art -about creating an unforgettable show that will bring them glory - or at least earn them enough money to be able to pay the rent. But they doubt the meaning of art itself, they doubt themselves, they struggle between the philosophical ideal and the tough reality. This fascinating physical theatre experiment questions the anxieties of young artists and young people in general who have to face the professional world. And thus, another sleepless night is about to begin… THE CREATION Insomnia was directed by Pavel Stourac. The final result (characters, situations, costumes and music) is the product of an intense work of the whole ensemble. Insomnia is a theatrical performance that combines puppetry, physical theatre, clown, juggling and live music arranged and performed by the artists themselves, whose need to be creative makes them overcome all difficulties. The spectacle is based on poems and texts by authors, directors and choreographers of the last century such as Antonin Artaud, Jerzy Grotowsky, Rudolf Laban, Edward Gordon Craig and others. Insomnia was created in 2016 as a collective Master piece at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio (CH). After various performances in Switzerland, Hungary, Italy and Czech Republic, the collective feels the need to perform this piece further.

  • LOD' / A BOAT

    LOD' / A BOAT (2016)
    Theater by Pavel Stourac / Continuo Theatre Passenger

  • The Rules of The Game

    The Rules of The Game (2015)
    Theater by CLOWN TOWN free group The Green


    THE SPOILER (2015)
    Theater by Garik Wiskin Josef Kranik

  • The Place is Now

    The Place is Now (2015)
    Film (short) by Garik Wiskin / Wayne Scott (Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery and 2 More) The Mime

  • Requiem of a Place

    Requiem of a Place (2015)
    Film (short) by Mikhail Chernikov (Drama and Film-Noir) Dmitriy Snegirev

  • A place of Encounters

    A place of Encounters (2014)
    Film (short) by Toy Studio, Garik Wiskin, Army Of Monkeys (Short) Son

  • A Place called Home

    A Place called Home (2014)
    Film (short) by Garik Wiskin, Wayne Scott Image (Comedy, Fantasy, Music, Musical and 1 More) Hitler

  • Apokalipstik working title

    Apokalipstik working title (2014)
    Film by Gilles Gambino Panda

  • Birmingham Ornament 3 D

    Birmingham Ornament 3 D (2014)
    Film (short) by Andrey Silvestrov Juan Miró

  • Baggage

    Baggage (2013)
    Film (short) by Skattercat Company, Army of Monkeys Marcel Puyol

  • Las Aventuras de Jesus Maria Cristobal Pequeño

    Las Aventuras de Jesus Maria Cristobal Pequeño (2013)
    Film by Gilles Gambino Subject 216

  • Fool Of Life

    Fool Of Life (2013)
    Documentary by Tommaso Magnano Clown

  • Soñeneros (Dreamy Sailors)

    Soñeneros (Dreamy Sailors) (2013)
    Theater by Toy Studio Lolek

  • The Place of Encounters

    The Place of Encounters (2013)
    Film (Short and Fantasy) Actor Truly important encounters don't happen everyday. A masterpiece dawns upon a master. A man and a woman recognize each other. A father gets to know his grown-up son. Somebody is coming home after a long trip. This story consists of these unique, magic moments. These moments sometimes coincide phenomenally in life, forming a cascade of miraculously harmonic chain of situations that may lead somewhere exciting. Geography of these encounters is blurry, but anyone who's ever been in love, knows what the talk is all about. Even the air is thick within the space of those special moments. The time slows down and even stops. You don't need to understand French or Chinese to be enjoying the 'being' with the other person. It's deep and profound, once you had that, you will never be able to forget that person. Have you been there, haven't you? Or maybe... just maybe you're there now... in the Place of Encounters? Written by Igor Mamlenkov

  • Las aventuras de Jesús María Cristóbal Pequeño

    Las aventuras de Jesús María Cristóbal Pequeño (2013)
    Film (Sci-Fi) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Birmingemskiy ornament

    Birmingemskiy ornament (2011)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Add a Plot »




  • THE BEST PRODUCTION, 48 hour film project, BARCELONA


  • International Theatre School Bety Tovias, LeCoq

  • Nou Prodigi

  • Neauvou Clown Institute

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