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Iain Cash

Actor, Camera Operator, Director, Director of Photography, Producer and Screenwriter

Wigan, United Kingdom

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About Iain

Filmmaker in the North West Of England.
Award winning film maker, films screened across the globe.


  • About Time, Too: Ivy's Story

    About Time, Too: Ivy's Story (2019)
    Film Director

  • Big Bambora: Call My Bluff

    Big Bambora: Call My Bluff (2019)
    Video Editor

  • Forever Manchester

    Forever Manchester (2018)
    Film (Drama and Short) Director/producer When news breaks of the bombing at Manchester Arena on May 22nd 2017, James and Lisa Barnes experience every parent's worst nightmare as they try to contact their daughter, Abi, who is attending the concert.

  • Is This Now

    Is This Now (2017)
    Film (Drama, Mystery and Romance) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Trust

    Trust (2016)
    Film (Thriller and Short) Director/Producer/Actor When a stranger offers you help - Do you accept?

  • Cafe Society

    Cafe Society (2016)
    Film (Comedy) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Matchstick Girl

    Matchstick Girl (2015)
    Film (Short and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Contradiction: The Interactive Murder Mystery Movie

    Contradiction: The Interactive Murder Mystery Movie (2015)
    Video Game (Adventure, Crime and Mystery) Camera and Electrical Department Contradiction is the first fully interactive, all-video murder mystery adventure game. Everything you see is live-action video, with real actors in atmospheric locations. You decide where to go, where to investigate, who to speak to and what to ask. As the story unfolds you'll meet new people, witness new events and discover new places. You investigate with Inspector Jenks, who has been assigned to the case of a student found murdered in an idyllic English country village. You meet several characters during the game, most of whom you can visit as often as you like. You can ask these characters about any item of evidence or information that you've collected along the way. The aim (and name) of the game is to spot contradictions in what they've said. By consulting your notes and pairing together two contradictory replies, Jenks will interrogate the character and they will be forced to reveal new information, allowing you to progress further through the game. Reveal all the ... Written by Tim Follin

  • My Lonely Me

    My Lonely Me (2015)
    Film (Drama, Musical and Thriller) Actor She is aged 7 and fears for her life. She runs to a Convent door. Cries for her Mother and Father. But they are no more. She is now 21 locked in a swirling mist. Music is the only key - That will unlock her destiny.

  • Rum Gits

    Rum Gits (2015)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Crime and Drama) Actor After coming to the end of the school year, Cameron a 16 year old from the north of England, finds that his dad is in debt with the local gangster and psycho 'Big Ste' and has 3 day to pay up. With the help of his 4 closest friends they decide to combine their money and efforts to clear the debt and make a little money for themselves too. However, not all goes to plan.

  • Ordinary Lies

    Ordinary Lies (2015)
    Television (Drama) Actor On the shop floor and in the offices of a motor showroom, desperation can lead to drastic solutions.

  • The Morgue

    The Morgue (2015)
    Film (Short and Horror) Director A cadaver still has conscious thought on the slab

  • Cafe Society: Teaser

    Cafe Society: Teaser (2015)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Director Add a Plot »

  • All the Ordinary Angels

    All the Ordinary Angels (2015)
    Film (Drama) Producer The patriarch of a traditional - and failing - ice cream business pits his two sons against each other to determine who will inherit the company. The game is on. Younger son Lino has lived in the bullying shadow of older brother Rocco all his life. Rocco's a chancer who'll stop at nothing to win and doesn't care who gets hurt. Lulu, the quirky quality control girl at the factory makes a 'special recipe' ice cream reserved for parties held by her brother Joe, an unscrupulous and brutal man with a shady past - It tastes amazing and people want more and more and more of it - but what is the secret ingredient? Will the competition tear the brothers apart and destroy the family business forever...? All the Ordinary Angels is a story of sibling rivalry, the descent into the underbelly of illicit substance use and the consequences of winning at any cost. Written by simon lovell

  • Tamla Rose

    Tamla Rose (2013)
    Film (Drama and Music) Actor Three teen girls in a Motown band embark on an emotional ride to hell and back.

  • The Last British Execution

    The Last British Execution (2013)
    Film (Comedy) Director/producer When a popular VIP is assassinated there is public outrage. A historian has unearthed a 400 year-old law that makes clear the assassin must be executed. This generates media heat, and an unpopular government, only seven weeks from an election, sanctions the execution to win public favor. They decide to privatize it. Hugo is a prison governor beset with crises; career, money & marital. He is passed over for promotion, his much younger boss wants him out and his wife's spending is pushing him towards bankruptcy. The American company operating the prison is granted the tender for the execution and Hugo is given the task by an area manager who wants Hugo to fail. Maurice is a conman who has intermittently spent almost thirty years in Hugo's prison - they know each other well. Maurice has a proposal - a way to solve Hugo's money worries; secretly setting up an offshore company to market the TV rights to the execution. Hugo becomes desperate enough to agree. The execution which soon becomes... Written by Peter Spencer

  • Death Comes to Us All

    Death Comes to Us All (2013)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Director When David has had enough of life, he takes a piece of rope and slips it around his neck. Standing on a chair he is seconds from Death, literally. David notices a man in his room that he has never seen before. This is Death, the grim reaper. By accident he has got his appointments the wrong way round and has come to David too soon. Is this David's 2nd Chance, or is Death going to try and talk him into going through with his fate? Written by Iain Cash

  • The Motivators

    The Motivators (2012)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department When sharp business woman Georgia Marshall wants to launch a website for people who wish to cheat on their partners, she enlists the help of her old flame and motivational speaker Zack Vitelli. Will her new venture be a roaring success or will Zee Vee's unconventional methods put Marshall Inc in some very precarious situations? Written by Anonymous

  • First Time Loser

    First Time Loser (2012)
    Film (Drama and Music) Actor Liverpool 1962. An Irish teen boy on the run from a shotgun wedding arrives in Liverpool. He joins the music scene and is inspired by the yet to be famous Beatles.

  • Towns

    Towns (2012)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actor High on top of a building a man is going to jump to his death. His suicide starts a chain of events that impacts on several of the Town's peoples lives. Follow the Town's folk as we meet dodgy nightclub owners, a murderous couple on the hunt for a new home, a guilty lady, and a hit man with conscience. Written by Iain Cash

  • Tea-Break

    Tea-Break (2012)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Director Two work men are hired to re-decorate a house, as soon as they are left alone they down tools and have a Tea-Break. It is not too long before their curiosity gets the better of them. They go through the cupboards, search through piggy banks and try to finish their biscuits before the home owner comes home. However they open the wrong cupboard and it is going to be a Tea-Break that they will never forget. Written by Iain Cash

  • Judas Kiss

    Judas Kiss (2011)
    Film (Short) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Derren Brown: Hero at 30,000 Feet

    Derren Brown: Hero at 30,000 Feet (2010)
    Film Camera and Electrical Department Derren Brown motivates and manipulates an ordinary man into taking control of his life and achieving his aspirations.

  • Some Dogs Bite

    Some Dogs Bite (2010)
    Film (Drama) Actor It's a Crime to Steal a Baby! But What if it's Your Brother? H (18), Casey (14) and baby Severino have been split up after their mother's death. Casey is in foster care; Severino is about to be adopted, and no one really cares what H (Taylor) does. Written by Anonymous

  • Paranormal Happenings

    Paranormal Happenings (2009)
    Television (Documentary) Director Looks at the Paranormal events that take place around the UK.

  • Whines and Spirits

    Whines and Spirits (2008)
    Television (Mystery) Camera and Electrical Department Expert Ghost hunters Karl Beattie and a paranormal investigators look for the U.K's most haunted pubs.

  • The Enfield Poltergeist

    The Enfield Poltergeist (2008)
    Film (Documentary) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Ghost Hunting with Radio One

    Ghost Hunting with Radio One (2007)
    Film Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Ghost Hunting with Girls Aloud

    Ghost Hunting with Girls Aloud (2006)
    Film (Reality-TV) Camera and Electrical Department Yvette Fielding guides girl group Girls Aloud through some of the spookiest locations in the UK.

  • Fated

    Fated (2006)
    Film (Romance and Fantasy) Camera and Electrical Department Jack employs his younger brother Cal to work as a bouncer at his new club, which attracts the likes of Jools, Kathleen and Pedro. Feeling that he's living in Jack's shadow, Cal sets fire to his brother's fiancee's wedding dress, accidentally burning down the club as a result - Cal goes on the lam. Meanwhile, Tatty witnesses a statue coming to life in a burnt out church. Called Amy, she only has a short amount of time on this earth, she must recieve a kiss from her true love between midnight and sunrise. Cal appears to be her ideal suitor, but he dosen't know that her time is running out. Written by Chris Crook

  • Celebrity Daredevils

    Celebrity Daredevils (2006)
    Television (Short and Reality-TV) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • The Ride

    The Ride (2006)
    Television (Talk-Show) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Pop the Question

    Pop the Question (2006)
    Television (Music) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • The Men They Couldn't Hang: 21 Years of Love and Hate

    The Men They Couldn't Hang: 21 Years of Love and Hate (2005)
    Film (Documentary, Biography and Music) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Bad Manners: Don't Knock the Bald Heads

    Bad Manners: Don't Knock the Bald Heads (2005)
    Film (Music) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • The Jumper

    The Jumper (2004)
    Film (Comedy and Short) Director All Brian wants to do is get his weather readings from the roof and get them to the news room. However when he gets to the roof he finds that he is not alone up there. He finds the Jumper. A woman that has had enough with life and wants to end it all. Only one man can save her, but it isn't Brian. He doesn't care because if those weather readings aren't on the new desk soon he will be out of a job. Written by Cash, Iain

  • Ab Inne Kiste

    Ab Inne Kiste (2002)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor A little old lady encounters a series of bizarre accidental deaths on the way to a funeral.

  • How to Get Ahead in Business

    How to Get Ahead in Business (2001)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor A couple must race through the city of Manchester to drop of a mysterious package before they run out of time.

  • Most Haunted

    Most Haunted
    Television (Horror and Reality-TV) Camera and Electrical Department Paranormal investigations into haunted locations, using psychic mediums and scientific equipment.

  • Dear John, I'm Sorry

    Dear John, I'm Sorry

  • Right Turn

    Right Turn
    Film (Short) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

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