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  • Mistress City

    Mistress City Crime Thriller A woman scorned, kidnapped at a young age to work in an American brothel complex, sold by her parents to pay their debts. And now freed by a twist of fate. Free to take vengeance on anyone in her way. You don't call her. She'll call you.


  • For the Birds

    For the Birds (2014)
    Film (short) by Tara Atashgah (Drama) Actor A crowd of people in Iran gather to watch the execution of a young girl. She cries and begs everyone for help. Horrified, people look away as the girl is about to get hanged, but one particular bystander cannot remain silent. Written by Anonymous

  • Troublemaker

    Troublemaker (2011)
    Film by Geeta Malik (Drama) Actor Rekha is broke, jobless, and often drunk. When she overhears surprising news about her absentee father, she embarks on a road trip with her best friend to find him.

  • Got Healthcare?

    Got Healthcare? (2010)
    Video by Sheila Dvorak (Documentary and News) Producer, Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Sound department, Self Protesters at recent health care reform rallies on both sides of the issues speak their minds and concerns revealing some interesting and enlightening information not seen in the news media.

  • The Off Track

    The Off Track (2009)
    Film (short) by Jordana Spiro (Drama) Actor

  • Escape Train

    Escape Train (2009)
    Film (short) by Jack Raymond (Drama) Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Director, Editor A train commuter, bored and annoyed by the noisy environment of a commuter train, finds a kindred spirit in an unlikely businesswoman commuter.

  • Bank Issues (and the Magic Pie)

    Bank Issues (and the Magic Pie) (2009)
    Film (short) by Jack Raymond (Comedy) Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Director, Editor A young aspiring writer discusses financial stresses with a fellow commuter, who finds it interesting he has no bank account and questions how writers can make money to which the writer explains the magic pie theory.

  • Freudian Eyebrow

    Freudian Eyebrow (2009)
    Film by Stephen Mouton (Comedy and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department Unsuspecting college students guard a dark secret after signing up for a midnight experiment to improve their grades. Strange events unfold resulting in twisted outcomes, juxtaposed with hypnosis and deception in this quirky thriller. They get more than a grade boost when they unwillingly fulfill a bizarre fetish by a maniacal proctor, blurring the lines between reality and the mind's eye. Written by Mouton Productions

  • Eight-ish

    Eight-ish (2008)
    Film (short) by Jack Raymond (Comedy) Actor, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Sound department Brad a young fashion photographer decides to throw himself his 21st birthday party and he invites all his friends, including a few models, his ex-girlfriend, Brittany, and his latest model obsession, Brandi, which makes for a bit of a triangle when Brittany finds out. Written by Jon Raymond

  • Idiot Box

    Idiot Box (2008)
    Film (short) by Lee Citron (Sci-Fi) Actor In an apple pie town of green grass and white picket fences, a failing marriage destroys one family's chance for that promised American dream in a world perverted by television.

  • Nick Romero: One Good Sin

    Nick Romero: One Good Sin (2008)
    Video by Schwan Park (Crime) Actor

  • One Normal Day

    One Normal Day (2008)
    Film (short) by Omar Mora Actor

  • Hey Democrats

    Hey Democrats (2008)
    Film (short) by Jack Raymond (Documentary) Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Director, Editor

  • Murder by the Book

    Murder by the Book (2006 - 2007)
    Television (Documentary and Crime) Actor Well-known crime authors talk about some of the most compelling true crime stories that have long captivated them.

  • The Investigators

    The Investigators (2007)
    Television (Documentary and Crime) Actor

  • LA Forensics

    LA Forensics (2007)
    Television (Crime) Actor

  • North Mission Road

    North Mission Road (2007)
    Television (Drama, Crime and Mystery) Actor Documentary style show that details "unique and compelling" cases of the Los Angeles County Coroner Department. The name of the show is based on the road on which the office of the Los Angeles County Coroner is located.

  • Driving to Zigzigland

    Driving to Zigzigland (2006)
    Film by Nicole Ballivian (Comedy) Actor A chronicle of a day in the life of a Palestinian cab driver in Los Angeles, DRIVING TO ZIGZIGLAND, portrays the social struggle of the Arab immigrant in post-9/11 America. A film audition typecasts Bashar to play an Al Qaeda terrorist role. The utilities are due and Bashar has twenty-four hours to make the money. For the remaining hours left until tomorrow, an unceasing flow of passengers ride in Bashar's taxi and give the Arab cabbie the run around on issues that deal with suicide bombers, George Bush, Cat Stevens, the war in Iraq, music, and world geography. Bashar's quest to make the money is won until he realizes he has to choose between the Department of Homeland Security and his family. Written by Anonymous

  • Fast Food Mystery Shoppers

    Fast Food Mystery Shoppers (2006)
    Film (short) by Ryan Maples (Comedy) Actor Threatened by impending job losses, three pathetic Mystery Shoppers make a video in an attempt to save their useless jobs.

  • Dishwasher Safe

    Dishwasher Safe (2006)
    Film (short) by Jack Raymond Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Director, Sound department Watching a dishwasher can be comforting.

  • The 73 Virgins

    The 73 Virgins (2005)
    Film (short) by Jubin Joseph (Drama) Actor

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