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  • The Shunned House

    The Shunned House (2012)
    by Eric Morgret (Short and Horror) Actor Based on H.P. Lovecraft's story of the same name, The Shunned House features a two-man ghost hunting team that take it upon themselves to explore a house with an uneasy history...

  • Crit-Sit: 593

    Crit-Sit: 593 (2009)
    Film (Drama) Actor The dev team at Diviner software has just been notified that a hacker plans to exploit a hole in their software that would expose over one trillion dollars worldwide. Their weekends ruined can they come up with a fix in time and save their jobs before the Hacker tells everyone in the world how to exploit it? Written by Anonymous

  • A Touch of Soul

    A Touch of Soul (2007)
    by Monica Surrena (Short, Comedy and Sci-Fi) Actor

  • Parental Guidance Suggested

    Parental Guidance Suggested (2006)
    Video by John Gray (Short and Drama) Actor A film noir about a father doing what he thinks is best for his opera singing prodigy daughter.

  • Creatures from the Pink Lagoon

    Creatures from the Pink Lagoon (2006)
    Film by Chris Diani (Comedy and Horror) Actor In a small town in 1967, plucky young sissy Phillip is about to celebrate his birthday at the beach cottage owned by his best friend Stan. All of Phillip's friends are gathered for the festivities, including Stan's hunky-but-impulsive boyfriend Billy, Billy's shy, nerdy cousin Joseph, and Randall, the chain-smoking, bitter queen of the bunch. Meanwhile, a horde of libidinous gay men - turned into ravenous flesh-eating zombies by toxic mosquitoes at a cruisy highway rest stop - are making their way towards our oblivious celebrants, eating every man in their path. With body parts washing up on shore and party guests disappearing, our heroes must find a way to stop the zombie onslaught. Will Stan keep the rotting corpses out of his spotless home? Will Joseph work up the courage to declare his love for Phillip? Will Billy keep it in his pants long enough to stay alive? Will Phillip's cheating boyfriend make it to the party - and if so, will he be there to save them, or to eat them? No one... Written by Anonymous

  • Bullets, Blood & a Fistful of Ca$h

    Bullets, Blood & a Fistful of Ca$h (2006)
    Film by Sam Akina (Action and Crime) Actor A hard boiled tale of bloody revenge that interweaves the stories of nine criminals. Hector Gonzales, a ruthless kingpin who has risen through the ranks over the last ten years and now stands on the verge of ruling the city; Bill Nguyen, a Vietnamese mafia boss; Abe Shanks, a black market organ dealer; Johnny Tran, a young Dai Ca within Nguyen's Viet mafia; Tommy Two Toes, a hot tempered Sicilian Capo; Lenny, a brutal mercenary working for the highest bidder; Pablo Valdez, a flamboyant Columbian drug lord; Donnie Edwards, a drug dealing Vice cop with aspirations to escape the undertow of the cities criminal milieu; and, at the center of this dark yarn, Cash, a gunslinging ex-convict on a death quest to find the man who raped and murdered his wife over a decade ago, Hector Gonzales. The story takes place in one day, on the eve of an all out syndicate war. Through a twisted series of events, the interweaving narratives are put on an ultra-violent collision course that will determine, ... Written by Anonymous

  • Beach Demons

    Beach Demons (2005)
    Film by Marc Longenecker (Horror) Actor On the way home from a live action role playing tournament, two uber-dork dudes find their way into a tale of tiki terror. First, their car breaks down along a stretch of abandoned beach property. Next, the dudes encounter a band of surfers marooned on the beach. Soon, the dudes learn that the surfers are a part of an ancient covenent with the beach demons who want to make the dudes the latest addition to their cult. The Dudes' friendship is put to the test as each each dude struggles to find his own way out of this story of an endless endless summer. Written by Peter Hagan

  • Simply Fobulous

    Simply Fobulous (2005)
    Film by Richard Cranor (Comedy and Romance) Actor Simply FOBulous is a romantic comedy about a rebellious daughter who succumbs to her mother's dying wish for her to marry a Vietnamese mail-order husband. Unwilling to marry him when he arrives, Thuy loans him to her sister Van, who uses him to hold her shopping bags and other important tasks. Both sisters look down on Dung's simple Third World ways. However, Dung finds his own way to adapt to life in America by becoming friends with a trio of bubble tea loving Vietnamese guys from work. They show him the ropes, teach him a few dirty words, and help him find his way around America. Dung reveals his secret to them, that he speaks English fluently, and that he knows what his host family really thinks of him. They've only been looking out for their own best interests, with little regard for Dung's. After all, to them, Dung is a FOB, or "Fresh Off the Boat'. What does he know about anything? To everyone's surprise, Dung's secret is revealed, along with a hidden romance for an unexpected ... Written by Richard Cranor

  • Got Milk? The Movie

    Got Milk? The Movie (2005)
    (Short, Action and Adventure) Actor A man who works for the world's leading bio-technologies company, turns against it when he learns the dark secrets hidden inside. He vows to steal the only piece of evidence than can take the enterprise down, which leads him on an intense chase. Written by Anonymous

  • Strange Aeons: The Thing on the Doorstep

    Strange Aeons: The Thing on the Doorstep (2005)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Actor Precociously talented poet and scholar Edward Derby (Erick Robertson) begins exhibiting violent mood swings and changes in behaviour and personality not long after his marriage. When he confides in his friend and graduate advisor Professor Dan Upton (J.D. Lloyd) that his wife Asenath Waite (Angela Gillo)is using him for her own purposes and that her late father Ephraim Waite may not be dead Upton is unsure of what his friend means. However, when Derby is found wandering in a deranged state in rural Maine he tells Upton an incredible story of his wife's powers, her intentions and who 'she' really is and begs him for his help. Written by Mark_a_Wood <>

  • Police Beat

    Police Beat (2005)
    Film by Robinson Devor (Crime and Drama) Actor Police Beat is a highly unconventional crime film in which the protagonist Z is so preoccupied with his possibly unfaithful girlfriend that he never once acknowledges criminal world that swirls around him. The crimes Z encounters become mirrors of the his turbulent inner state, allowing him to philosophize about his unstable romantic relationship as well as his own development as an emotional being. While Z's regular interactions are in English, his thoughts ­ the film's narration ­ are in his native Wolof, the primary language of West Africa. In this way, Police Beat is an unusual portrait of an immigrant new to the United States that focuses less on the protagonist's socio-economic difficulties than on his emotional responses to American life. Written by Devor/Mudede

  • The Thing on the Doorstep

    The Thing on the Doorstep (2003)
    Film by Eric Morgret (Horror) Actor Insane asylums, shallow graves and magick of the blackest kind. Maelstrom Productions' newest project is an updated but faithful adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's "The Thing on the Doorstep". Stephen King describes Lovecraft as "The 20th century horror story's dark and baroque prince". Shot entirely on Digital Video, the film promises to satisfy fans of Lovecraft and the genre itself. Written by Anonymous

  • Get the F***in' Money

    Get the F***in' Money (2003)
    (Crime and Short) Actor The greedy feed the needy in this twisted noir tale of bankrobbers, ex-cons and hidden loot.

  • The Fugitive

    The Fugitive (2001)
    Television by Roy Huggins (Action and Drama) Actor Dr. Richard Kimble is framed for his wife's murder by a mysterious one-armed man. During sentencing Kimble escapes intending to catch the one-armed man and find out why he was framed. Following in hot pursuit is Inspector Philip Gerard, who is intending to bring in Kimble alive. But Gerard and the one-armed man are not the only thing Kimble has to worry about. The father of his late wife has hired bounty hunters who are willing to break the law to catch him, and in the age of internet tracking and high-tech surveillance, it's not as easy to hide as it used to be. Written by Ronos

  • 3 Idiots w/ GUNS

    3 Idiots w/ GUNS (2000)
    Film Actor Add a Plot »

  • Amazing World

    Amazing World (1999)
    Film by Denise Ohio Actor Tabloid reporters, Nico and Bing experience UFO's, pet psychics and other strange characters as they uncover a series of murders.

  • Where the Air Is Cool and Dark

    Where the Air Is Cool and Dark (1997)
    Film Actor Thirty-year-old Emmett LeClere, a former logger and recovering drug addict, returns from school in New York to make a film in his Olympic Peninsula hometown. To finance the project, he decides to grow marijuana with an old buddy. After an abbreviated affair with an ex-girlfriend ends in a drug binge, Emmett finds a promising but doomed new romance. Countering good intentions with dishonesty, Emmett is soon left questioning his place in the world. Written by Anonymous

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