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Burbank, California

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About Jason

Producer/Directeor from Los Angeles.
I've written and directed several features... edited a gaggle too.
My production company is ZapruderFlix. We do everything from Production through post, animation and coloring.
I have a youtube channel focusing on distribution and marketing for independent film. The J. Horton.

Unique traits: Can do a mean fox trot.


  • Monsters in the Woods

    Monsters in the Woods (2016)
    Film (Horror) Writer/Director Low budget filmmaker, Jayson has made the movie of his dreams... but to his dismay, it can't sell in Hollywood. The distributors tell him "... you have nothing exploitative in your movie. Add some sex scenes, more violence, and maybe we'll buy your film." The distraught filmmaker approaches his neophyte, semi-psychotic producer, Bravo and tells him, "... put together a cast and crew... we're going to re-shoot and give them what they want!" Bravo nervously tells him, "We're out of money. " Jayson screams at him, "I don't care. Do whatever you have to do!" Bravo enlists a young movie crew to follow them into the remote back woods of the Great Bear Mountains by telling them "There's no money, but when we sell this, you'll all get a big piece of the profits for your efforts... and great craft service!" Various 'B' movie actors, including stuntman Burt, and his gorgeous wannabe actress girlfriend, Ashley, join them as Jayson has promised her a role in the movie. After a series of '... Written by Anonymous

  • Trap

    Trap (2015 - 2016)
    Film (Action, Crime and Thriller) Writer/Director A brutal abduction goes from bad to worse when a middle-aged kidnapper falls in love with his teen victim.

  • Mono

    Mono (2016)
    Film (Comedy) Editorial department A mono virus outbreak at Highland Park High takes out the most popular kids for two months, allowing the outcasts to rule the school.

  • Hitchhiker Massacre

    Hitchhiker Massacre (2016)
    Film (Horror) Producer Beautiful young Hitchhikers are being slaughtered on the desert highways by a cannibalistic madman. Sally is trying to make her way back home when she's picked up by the killer - can she survive the night or will she become Road-Kill in this 80's style horror blood-bath!!!. Written by James L. Bills

  • Finding Noah

    Finding Noah (2015)
    Film (Documentary, Adventure, Drama and Mystery) Editorial department A group of intrepid explorers go on a journey of discovery and excitement as they climb and live atop a 17,000ft mountain in Eastern Turkey to conduct a scientific expedition to determine the final resting place of Noah's Ark. Finding Noah is more than a quest for answers, it is a testament of the human spirit, where belief and the need for exploration transcend risk and limitations.

  • The Congregation

    The Congregation (2014)
    Film by Step Kids Productions (Comedy) Director/Editor Over the top personalities and mayhem ensue in this quirky comedy about on-going sex scandals at Rain's church. There's a new pastor in place, but it's pretty clear from the get go that not everyone is quite ready to move on from the trauma and the drama of the past.

  • The Other Side

    The Other Side (2014)
    Film by Amg Film Partners (Thriller) Writer/Director Which side will you choose when evil takes over...

  • Men, Money & Gold Diggers

    Men, Money & Gold Diggers (2014)
    Film (Comedy) Editor Caleb Peterson has it all-a great job, plenty of money, and a fine fiancée in former model Paisley Terrell. They're all set to get married just as soon as she signs a prenuptial agreement, but there's just one problem..."Paisley don't do pre-nups!" As war wages and trusts start to crumble, it turns into a battle of the sexes. Written by Warnessa Hightower

  • Pastor Shirley

    Pastor Shirley (2013)
    Film (Comedy) Director/Editor Add a Plot »

  • Sox

    Sox (2013)
    Film (Comedy and Family) Director/Editor The Levy family is just starting their new life together, but there seems to be something missing. The boys, Jesse & Liam, are not getting along and their Mom (Ashley Noel) doesn't know what to do. Things get worse when their dad (Jamison Haase) has to leave town on business. Things seem hopeless until Uncle Nick (David DeLuise) come to visit and brings a present: Sox the dog! But Sox is hiding a secret too: He can talk! But the F.B.D.I and local dogcatchers are after him. Can the Levy family keep him safe? Written by Anonymous

  • Deceitful

    Deceitful (2013)
    Film (Thriller) Director/Editor Two brothers who plan on selling their business soon find their personal lives full of deceit and deceitful things...

  • Inside the 50 Shades: Real Women Confess

    Inside the 50 Shades: Real Women Confess (2013)
    Film (Documentary) Editor An exploration of the dominance and submission lifestyle as revealed in the best-selling book trilogy "Fifty Shades of Grey." In this film, real women and men reveal their experiences, wants and desires as dominant and submissive participants. Written by Anonymous

  • When a Woman's Fed Up

    When a Woman's Fed Up (2013)
    Film (Comedy) Director/Editor Taryln is a powerful and career-driven woman with a high tolerance for her husband's foolishness. When she discovers that her man has been unfaithful, she hatches a devious plot to teach her "better half" a lesson he will never forget.

  • The Prayer Circle

    The Prayer Circle (2013)
    Film (Drama) Director/Editor When a young ex-con joins a prayer group to receive guidance - and the group members discover they have more in common than they thought - their lives are changed forever.

  • Hemingway

    Hemingway (2012)
    Film (Comedy) Editor After the owner of the Hemingway publishing empire dies, his family is keen on its inheritance. However they quickly learn of one stipulation in the will, that they must put aside their issues and repair the rift that divides them in 8 hours, or they'll inherit nothing. Written by Vision Films [us}

  • Worth: The Testimony of Johnny St. James

    Worth: The Testimony of Johnny St. James (2012)
    Film (Drama, Family and Thriller) Writer Johnny St. James was a young seminary student who lost his wife to a drunk driver. With his reason for living gone, John lost his faith and turned to alcohol. Ten years later, John is finally read to get his life back on track. With his best friend Hickey ('Eric Roberts') in tow John attends his first AA meeting. He soon finds that his road to recovery tested when he runs into the man who ran down his wife. Written by Producer

  • Should've Put a Ring on It

    Should've Put a Ring on It (2011)
    Film (Comedy) Director/Editor Thea plans on proposing to Jamar. Much to her chagrin, he expresses men should play the traditional role in marriage. She's scrambles to remove all traces of the surprise engagement party before he finds out. Will he now put a ring on it?

  • Edges of Darkness

    Edges of Darkness (2008)
    Video by Gas Money Pictures (Horror) Writer/Director Three interconnected tales of terror set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse.

  • Miss B's Hair Salon

    Miss B's Hair Salon (2008)
    Film (Comedy) Editor Miss B and the hair dressers at Miss B's hair salon combat unruly customers, lawyers and a ruthless drug king pin. But it's all in a day's work.

  • Pastor Jones: Samuel and Delia

    Pastor Jones: Samuel and Delia (2008)
    Video (Drama) Editorial department Samuel Sutherland, a charming and charismatic Pastor, is about to discover the true meaning of faith, prayer and forgiveness. Haunted by a tragic past and shunned by his friends and supporters, he begins to loose faith. After Samuel's world is turned upside down he finds himself on the street with just the clothes on his back and the good book in his hand. With nowhere to go but up, Samuel sets out on a journey to rediscover himself. Written by Jean Claude LaMarre

  • Black Woman's Guide to Finding a Good Man

    Black Woman's Guide to Finding a Good Man (2007)
    Video (Comedy) Editor Add a Plot »

  • Rich in Spirit

    Rich in Spirit (2007)
    Video (Comedy) Editorial department A Pastor at the local church becomes an object of desire for a Christian woman in RICH IN SPIRIT.

  • Walk by Faith

    Walk by Faith (2007)
    Video (Comedy) Actor This romantic comedy revolves around a woman named Pamela (LaRita Shelby) who leaves her fiance at the alter and goes in search of another man.

  • Pastor Jones 2: Lord Guide My 16 Year Old Daughter

    Pastor Jones 2: Lord Guide My 16 Year Old Daughter (2006)
    Video (Drama) Editor Add a Plot »

  • Grace & Mercy

    Grace & Mercy (2006)
    Video (Crime and Drama) Editorial department In poor health and dead broke, Grace has a plan to provide a future for her young daughter. With the help of her sister Mercy, she robs her former employer. But an alarm goes off during the robbery and they escape into a nearby church. They hold the police at bay by taking the Pastor and the elders hostage by gun point. Outside, the LAPD try to avoid another public relations disaster by keeping the hostage situation quiet and the local media away. Inside, the Pastor and the elders do their best to ease a potentially dangerous situation with their good-natured, spiritual guidance. Eventually, the church members become a new family to the desperate sisters, who have learned to trust in the Lord. But will the Lord provide HIS own Grace & Mercy for these two desperate siblings? Written by Anonymous

  • Butcher House

    Butcher House (2006)
    Video (Horror) Editorial department In the 1960's at Arthur Kingston's old butcher house blood and guts were routine. That all changed one night when the blood spilled was human. At the hand of a murderous, rampaging butcher, two workers and the owner's son were killed. The factory was shut down. Decades pass. The massacre became a legend, but the abandoned butcher house still held the evil in its halls. As six teenagers explore the old butcher house, they unleash the horror that lies within. Written by Marc Porterfield

  • Refuge of Last Resort

    Refuge of Last Resort (2006)
    Video by Gas Money Pictures (Documentary) Producer This no holds documentary chronicles the days before, during and after Hurricane Katrina. Told from the viewpoint of several families stuck in New Orleans, this moving and unflinching story says so much by saying so little. Most of this footage has never been seen by the public, and there is absolutely no stock footage used in this film. Written by Anonymous

  • Color of the Cross

    Color of the Cross (2006)
    Film (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew A retelling of the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, based on the idea that he was a black man whose death was a racially motivated hate crime.

  • Rise of the Undead

    Rise of the Undead (2005)
    Video (Horror) Writer/Director The apocalypse has arrived. Seven strangers escape a fiery blast that has engulfed the city. Refuge is found in an abandoned government building. Trapped with nowhere to go, they soon realize they are not alone. Something sinister, hidden in the shadows, is slowly killing them off one by one. A game of survival has begun. Become the hunter or become the hunted. Written by Anonymous

  • Don't Touch If You Ain't Prayed

    Don't Touch If You Ain't Prayed (2005)
    Video Actor After saving herself for marriage, a forty year old Christian woman finally meets her soul mate. But her hopes sour once she finds out this candidate carries extra baggage; a drunk wife and shady dealings with criminal elements. With no other takers on the horizon, she begins to doubt her faith. But good things come to those who wait and a new reformed man returns to her life. Written by Anonymous


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