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John Jamison

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Author, Content Creator, Creative Executive, Screenwriter, Voice Actor, It Tech and Narrator

New Berlin, Illinois

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About John

I hate writing bios. I mean really, how can I explain what it means to have grown-up in a small town on the Illinois River back in the day that I could walk down Jackson Street on a summer morning with my rifle over my shoulder, heading to the river to shoot tin-cans, without being stopped by a SWAT team, tazed a few times and ending up on some 'watch' list? And how in the world can I explain what it meant to have a father who was a riverboat captain who was home for a month and then on the river for a month, and a mother who was home, but was also a fairly crazy artist, photographer, writer, floral arranger...(list edited for brevity)? It was like living in a world that rebooted itself every 30 the idea of thinking long-term was just not part of my reality. And while dad was captain of his boat, mom was captain of her home, when he came home and the house had an overabundance of captains...we'll, let's just say you kind of had to be there to understand it.

Everything from there on has pretty much been an attempt to make sense of that first chapter. The captains are both gone now, but not really...some of you know what I mean...

In short...I've published a half-dozen books with collections of stories, just published my first full novel "Disruption", wrote and illustrated my first children's book "I Can't Paint My Dog!", am finishing my second novel, illustrating my second children's book "Stan!", writing my third and fourth children's books, just signed a contract for another collection of stories...and in my spare time I take care of my beehives.

Unique traits: Breathes in oxygen, converts it to carbon dioxide and then releases it. Oh, wait...that's not all that unique. How about...stands erect balancing upon bipedal appendages. No, that doesn't quite do it either. Maybe...has a neural cavity overflowing with ideas and craziness and is always dreaming-up some new creation. Rats, everyone in here is like that. Hmmm, let's try...wakes up each morning determined to change the world, listens to old time radio, watches old movies, plays games, tends beehives, spoils grandkids, designs game-centric eLearning activities, plays guitar, paints, constantly reminds himself that the first draft of chapters of his novel don't have to be good...they just have to be written, and when he is not writing he is trying to dream up something really awesomely cool to do with his wife for their 45th anniversary next year. Yeah, I'll go with that one.


  • Distraction

    Distraction (2018)
    Print by ImagiLearning Author There have always been people warning us that technology could not be trusted. “Someone might use it against us!” they said. “Someone might find a way to take the things we have created to serve us, and use them as a way to destroy us!” they said. Today, it looks like those people may have been right. A small group of men with the power to do anything they desire, has chosen to use that power to make their empires even larger. After ten years of preparation, the attacks begin. But, something goes wrong. Once again, Agent Emily Graham finds herself in the role of having to uncover the truth of what is happening, who is behind it, and how to stop it. And once again, she discovers that, sometimes, what you see and hear is not reality. It is just…Distraction!

  • Meet the Skwerdlock!

    Meet the Skwerdlock! (2018)
    Print by ImagiLearning Author/Illustrator It began with a song at 2:00am some 38 years ago, and it's not over yet.

  • I Can't Paint My Dog!

    I Can't Paint My Dog! (2017)
    Print (Family) Author/Illustrator What can you do when you love to paint everything, but your dog just loves to run? A fun little story for early listeners and readers. My first children's book.

  • Disruption

    Disruption (2017)
    Print by ImagiLearning, Inc. Author In the midnight darkness north of New Orleans, the towboat’s routine trip up the Mississippi River becomes something far more deadly. Captain Charlie Graff is suddenly thrust into the middle of one of the most twisted domestic terrorist plots ever conceived. He has to use his skill as Captain to protect his crew, his boat, his river, and his country. On land, already overwhelmed FBI agent Emily Graham finds her-self thrust into the role of leading the pursuit of the terrorists. Her journey leads to dead ends and dead witnesses. She discovers her trust in her team-members is wrong, the terrorist are not who they say they are, and that the people who actually initiated the attack don’t even exist. This tense, fast-paced thriller is a thousand mile journey with more twists and turns than the river that carries it. A story that begins and ends with betrayal. Betrayal that has but one goal: Disruption.

  • Simple Stories

    Simple Stories (2016)
    Print Author eBook collection of original, faith-based old time radio scripts.

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