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About Josemaria
Jose Maria Velez Bedoya
Born February 21, 1953 Medellin City Dept. Antioquia
He attended primary school in Columbus School in Medellín City and Liceo University of Antioquia going to do four semesters of economics at the same university and leaving without finishing studies.
Continuing with the writing of the novel "Blood´s Flower" which then end up in film and television script. After this first attempt at film language, try to do another script based on a short story about the last days of the life of General Cordoba in his rebellion against the central government encouraged by the regional leadership after independence grenadine, leaving This second attempt to link the letters with the image on film or video script for "victory or death".
Alternating survival with the art of painting and teaching of English continues to "Danger in Spring" on the issue of drug trafficking and its relation to illegal immigration to the United States of Latinos and culminates with a third script for film or series of emulating TV series "Miami Vice" but with an orientation towards the style of the " cinema noir " as known in the forties.
Traveling throughout Colombia promoting the art of pyrography with a series of engravings on Spanish colonial architecture in the New World is another story to move it to the language of cinema also very momentous period of our daily economic partner as it has been on drugs and is "The Flight of the Eagle"
Living in Canada, Toronto and completing the knowledge and mastery of the English language to Colombia returns with the desire to find a story more folks to our town and our character and begins to elucidate the issue of "Café Society" with the theme of the barons Drug and his power over corrupt politics of Colombia for more then decide find a topic more suited to regional issues on violence and its political roots and start investigating the issue of the guerrillas as a source of an action-adventure script and socio-political importance for the international conglomerate and ends "Escape from Hell"


  • Escape from Hell

    Escape from Hell Action Adventure War Freedom or death Screenplay Escape from hell Full resume of action A peasant boy named John comes in third in a cycling competition in a village in Huila. The boy's mother admonished him to desist from their aspirations to continue in Sports grounds that dreams because do not have the money to buy a bike competition and to be devoted to studying and homework in the family farm. The boy was truly sorry and decides to enlist in the guerrilla to know that there is a committee in town to recruit young men like him. Guerrilla gang comes to the boy's house to take him to the camps of the FARC-EP. The group is headed for the mountains for several days and nights to find an outpost of the guerrillas led by a guerrilla girl guides them through the jungle and make it to a camp for children recruited called "the cove of children Johnny is attached to the army of the FARC-EP and ideological preparation starts attending lectures and conferences that they are given to groups of boys by the coaches. The boy began his military training and the performance of their duties and tasks imposed on them all for the policies of the guerrillas. Through its activities in the youth aware of the intimidation that is being done to children through intervention in the war councils called revolutionaries who make it to the new hooks that are found guilty of committing crimes such as transgressions to revolutionary code, remittance theft, failure to follow orders from superiors, discipline problems with the other recruits, etc. Johnny tells his confidant and also recently enlisted, Arnulfo, his fear of being accused also somehow and the two decide to collaborate on everything they have their superiors. Edilberto, a veteran guerrilla encourages young people to drink the blood of the executed and intimidated so does Johnny. Then they are taught to tap the dead and to the pits where the bodies are thrown. Johnny also was chosen to execute some poor peasant and his elderly mother who are charged how official army informants. The boy and his boss Alonso capture a couple of thieves and robbed their weapons, they executed and placed a sign to justify his action to the peasantry and thus demonstrate the authority of the FARC-EP. In a guerrilla camp, a group of fighters escaped an army official meddling and hide in the dense jungle and try to survive on state and drinking water from streams found. Johnny is warned by the commander and accused of cowardice and informant which is unarmed and sentenced to load the wood for the camp for several days. The heartbroken boy goes on a mission of 25 guerrilla fighters and the army ambush, suffering tremendous shock to see fall killed several of his colleagues and is traumatized for some time. In another raid the army that bombed the camp from helicopters and unarmed Johnny do escape unharmed by hiding in the bushes from where all the action observed. Sorry and scared Johnny is warned by an old fighter named "Guaracas" after a flight falls in the mud and denies his situation. In a clash with army soldiers in Port Creveaux in charge of "Cocorico" ,Johnny manages to survive after seeing gunned down his four companions. Jacobo Arenas commanding attends to attack a military base near Puerto Creveaux.The fighters get beat soldiers and guerrillas celebrate the Triumph. young observes an apprentice doctor removes applying water to the wounded combatienters with a syringe, causing them pleuresis. In the path of "One Thousand" are received as heroes by the crowd of peasants. Johnny is welcomed and it is changed the old rifle by a carbine knob thirty point is commissioned for a new appointment as a squad replacement. Here he really know the meaning of revolutionary code FARC-EP. Johnny heard of "Tiro Fijo" on the military operations against the secretariat prepares FARC-EP.Alfonso Cano explains the guerrlla strategies to shape the national coordinator guerrilla Simon Bolivar with the ELN, the EPL and the M-19 At Mount Johnny and other guerrillas after tying peasants were hanged one by one and they finish off with a shot in the neck for not alert the army that is near and they are in combat. Johnny is separated from Yazmin which had requested as a replacement for his squad and they were living for more than six meses.Alonso and Alexander involved so that young people are isolated. The young woman is captured, tried and executed for that Alonso.Johhny did not know the whereabouts of the girl learns from Arnulfo of the fate of his chief and then infuriated him making face the claim in front of their peers. Alexander gets tipped off the other leaders of the youth's attitude of wanting to kill Alonso for what happened but can not do much else against the investiture that blanket the appointment by Arenas and the same squadron of commander Cano. Johnny gets a new love in Floralba a newcomer to the guerrillas. The company led by Isaias Pardo "The gocho Alexander" is cornered in the Mount by the army and after an intense battle lasting more than three hours, Johnny manages to break the siege at the entrance of the river canyon “Duda”; beyond it being guerrillas twenty six of them died in the guerrilla combat.The fighters fleeing through the woods to “Sabanetas “targeted in radio by Jacobo Arenas. In Camp of “Green House”, Johnny announces his move to company Armando Rios and then he says to Floralba ,goodbye. The boy paid guard at the tent where Jacobo Arenas conference secretariat to the guerrilla commanders explained the work of the company Armando Rios. Johnny in the company of other guerrillas hold a vehicle on the road to Villa Rica and kidnap an elderly farmer and after tying their hands and threaten their desire to escape into in the forest. Months of captivity in the rebel camp the old guy begs for his freedom but he reported that his family is still not given the order from "Tiro Fijo" has made the rescue. In the camp, "The Pavas celebrated the anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. Johnny executes a deserter on a trail in the forest after their persecution. The boy and other guerrillas hanged one by one to three villagers accused of collaborating with soldiers of official army and then click the bodies thrown into a common grave. In the camp, "The Turkies" Johnny is chosen to take a course of “gunning”. The young man after celebrating his departure with other guerrillas fired fellow Marine. In a shop in the village "El Carmen" ,to other guerrilla youngers Johnny talk about their future training. In the camp, "The rubber" "Tiro Fijo" instructs the young man who directs his squad to “The July”. Johnny on the mountain is presented in the company to Raul Reyes to start the course of hitman. Johnny falls in love with Carolina, a guerrilla makes `part of the guard Raul Reyes. In the camp, "The July", those selected are trained militarily by the instructors come from Cuba and Nicaragua. Upon completion Johnny returns to the front 17 rather than 25 from which it came (Isaias Pardo) and is back with Edilberto Alonso and his former boss who announced a series of missions that must comply with the urban militia. In the path "Colombia" in Huila Johnny participates in the kidnapping of a farmer in the region of his childhood. At camp, the boy received from his boss Alonso instructions and operational command of its new mission in the city of Neiva. Edilberto delivery documents and tools necessary to perform the operation “Cleanning” of enemies of organization. In “Gaitania” in the station of Transportation, the young fighters are received by the urban militia head UP activist Vicente Guzman. In Terminal Neiva are received by Felix Guzman whom headed home to celebrate the success of the operation "Cleanning" the enemies of the people. In the village of "fountains" Huila, after receiving logistical support and instructions, the group of assassins ,execute to seven men in a cockpit. After mowing down three men at the door of a family house in front of some children. Johnny made his girlfriend to nancy daughter of Carlos Gomez, a member of the Communist Party. In a pool of “Camp Funny” Johnny and his companions murdered a man. In a restaurant in Neiva, Johnny and Albert on a motorcycle gunned a young man accused of being an informer of the police. In the guerrilla camp Johnny is arrested, handcuffed and bound is confined to a dungeon and then be judged. In the tent of the guerrilla front direction 17 takes place the martial Johnny. Mario comes out in defense of the boy. Edilberto as jury president calls the squad for the defendant. Patiño was appointed defender of the young. Johnny makes a brief statement of the reasons. The voting is done and the result is a tie of 48 votes against 48 other favor. The final verdict was innocent and that the vote was 53 against 48.Johnny is released by Patiño. In the camp, "The Turkie” Mur comment about disappointment with the youn fighter. In mount near of “San Rafael”The Guerrilla is decimated by the Colombian army and the chiefs Morales, Edilberto and Rubin Mur make an unfavorable balance of the situation and plead with the fighters not to abandon the revolution. In camp The Golden" "Tiro fijo" announces the dismantling of front 25.Johnny know of a possible court-martial to Ivan and advises him to flee. The young man is recaptured by a commission from the front 17 and confesses the suggestion of escape by Johnny for his life. In the camp, "The Golden" Johnny and Johanna are imprisoned and separated from the company Armando Rios. Carlos Julio is presented to Johnny and tries to get this a confession that involved in guilty. Johnny sets out a confession to confuse Carlos Julio. Before his is transferred to another camp in the bush where he was interrogated by intelligence experts FARC such Bertulfo and Trujillo, be taken to Alfonso Cano. The guerrilla leader receives it told him his decision to release on Acknowledgement to the work done with the urban militia and incorporate it into his personal guard. Johnny had been designed to integrate the company Simon Bolivar responsible for keeping the camp of Jacobo Arenas and attend a summit meeting of the National Coordinator guerrilla where they attended all the highest leaders of the insurgency. Jacobo Arenas interviene with a speech and Alfonso Cano announced the death of Comrade Pardo leal. In the guerrilla camp on 31 December 1987 "Tiro Fijo" speaks to the audience about the future of the guerrillas in '88. The guerrillas celebrate the new year with dance and drink., Screaming vocals and the revolution alive and Jacobo Arenas. Johnny as Jacobo Arenas guard intimidated about revolutionary readings. Johnny is chosen with other young fighters to take a course with foreign instructors. In the camp, "Grandparent's Corner" are taught young communist ideology selected. In the mountain guerrillas who make it to the second phase of training are trained extensively and boldly for the commanders who came from abroad. A series of mishaps occur during the hard exercise of the combatants as accidents and deaths. 125 guerrillas in the camp that made it through the course make street parade and honor of "Tiro Fijo" amid the hymn of the FARC. Tent in the direction of the guerrilla camp "Tiro Fijo" meets with some guerrillas among them is Johnny and entrusted the mission to ambush an army patrol in the trail of“Vega Larga”. At camp, young fighters are disciplined for "Tiro Fijo" after the failure of the mission of the “mobile unit” to which he had entrusted In the field under a bridge Johnny and other guerrillas hanged a farmer accused of informing the army. In the field Johnny and Mariela make love in the cove of the latter and Edilberto who had surprisingly opted to wait the couple of penalties. In the tent camp in the direction of Raul Reyes announces Johnny on a course to be issuing about 80 new fighters coming from the cities. "Tiro Fijo" scolds the boy for complaints of the treatment that gives some young people during the practices. A helicopter appears in the camp and Jacobo Arenas received a visitor of the Communist Party. In the tent at the camp address the principal chiefs meet after hearing the news of the death of Jaramillo Ossa. In the guerrilla camp in the village of "Arabian" Lysimaco asks Johnny to work with Carolina but she refuses him and the man after shoot himself with the rifle in the face and Timoshenko orders remains alive as he auctioned off ,The guerrillas continue the celebrations of the first day of January. The guerrillas gathered the economy of trucks and canoes take them from “San Juan de Sumapaz” to “Santo Domingo”. Johnny in the camp during his tour of duty is caught making love to Nayibe by Archimedes that threatens them with a new council of war. The two young men decide to separate. In Camp of”Green House” leaders of the FARC-EP are planning an attack on an army patrol of the ninth brigade .. Sent a company called Pardo Leal in tribute to recently deceased leader. Johnny tries to organize the vanguard but Arnoby tells him to wait until the next day. Duvar informed him that Carlos Julio being put through a mine ambush.johnny refuse to obey his orders, then admonish a young that refuse johnny’s orders and Darwin Duvar reminding the hierarchy of the young commandant and the possible consequences to its disaproval. Duvar and Johnny planning strategy of the ambush from the radios. Arnoby discontinue the attack and returned disappointed the commission.In Camp of “Green House”chiefs gathered guerrilla with the guerrillas involved in the mission, listen to criticism of the facts happenned .”Tiro Fijo” concludes admonishing the cowardice of the leaders front and praising the attitude of Johnny. In the guerrilla camp Johnny is asked by "Tiro Fijo" to the honor guard's body at funeral of Jacobo Arenas. At the funeral of rebel leader speaking to the crowd his sons Fred and Beatrice and "Tiro Fijo" In camp after the funeral is shot in a corner a guerrilla who dared to criticize the recently deceased, after being judged ,Johnny gave the coup de grace. A month after funeral was a meeting of a national coordinator of guerrilla with the assistance of the great majority of the leaders of the insurgency. In Camp “GreenHouse”undertake military aircraft bombarded by entrenching the guerrillas. "Tiro Fijo" comes with a bye to the visiting delegation. In the “Cold Hole” camp, Nayibe and Johnny visit at Mount,a armory workshop where live and work two Salvadoreans who are called "gringos", Jose and Erika. In Camp of “GreenHouse”be celebrates anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution. At the camp, “Small Town”" reaches "Tiro Fijo" dawn announcing the military attack and then goes back into his helicopter. An intense bombing is followed by the landing of troops from helicopters hovering terror on the guerrilla camp. The main rebel leaders are hunted down and amid the confusion of the attack decide to meet to make a decision to control the situation and try to leave the enclosure in which the Colombian army has. Raul Reyes asks "Tiro Fijo" orders from the radio and that he reluctantly download all responsibility for what happens. On December 12 the battle still raging between the FARC-EP and the Army. Johnny fight fiercely from his entrenched position and hold his machine gun and AK-47 beside Mariela pregnant. To take flight for the relief soldiers Johnny goes to “The Russia”, where "Tiro Fijo" to receive his orders and the guerrilla leader assigned him ,25 fighters to support a Gaitan and Onofre that are cornered in the “Lower Duck”. In the Jungle Johnny and Mariela with 25 men moving under fire of a Kafir Israeli aircraft of the Colombian army and upon reaching this position, onofre immediately instructed him to attack the enemy troops approaching from the river bank. In a house found a guerrilla who had just given birth to a baby and they advised her to leave the baby in the hands of farmers having no life safety with the arrival of the soldiers. When approaching an enemy is spotted immediately an advanced that is removed and the army warned that its presence and the attack from a helicopter but Johnny and his men manage to go to the other side of the river still beyond reach of soldiers.Johnny and his men celebrate their success before the astonished gaze of local farmers to begin to move to a place where there are no clashes. "Tiro Fijo" with their personal safety seeking a better place to scape of the army that is gaining ground in the forest and Mariela joins the group leave Johnny. In a colonial house on the banks of the Sorrento river Johnny celebrates with his team mates with liquor and a roast beef when presented onofre.In a camp near the “Tiger” river ,"Tiro Fijo" talks the situation to the troop formed in order. In the port of Creveaux where Johnny and other squad leaders dictate courses meets the young Nayibe chatting in a diner. The father of the girl to wear for Medellin of Ariari with the consent of the Management. In the trail of "The break", the commander of the FARC celebrate Christmas. December 25 is received in the guerrilla camp "Grandpa" Libardo, a veteran guerrilla leader with a company of 100 men for support. In an incident happens guerrilla camp by the imprudence of a fighter killed a young newly graduated to the guerrilla ranks causing a council of war on the guilty. In the path of “the Uribe” Johnny and other guerrillas retreat to deal with the army that eagerly seeks to capture "Tiro Fijo". Johnny saved from being captured Francis, who had been wounded in the buttock with a rifle shot. Libardo "Grand Pa" names Johnny replacement for Onofre squad. In the rebel camp of “The Uribe”Johnny announces to his men lost two fighters in a clash with the army in the village "The Yavias" In the guerrilla camp “The Uribe”a messenger arrives with an order from the secretary of Onofre present them to recount their activities compared to control., Johnny calls his men to make a celebration that is approved by all the unfortunate that in the midst of the party and the army has killed two guerrillas and lost equipment and the shipment in flight. Libardo “The Grand Pa" angrily admonished and Johnny face him.The next day the man tries to advise the young to make ends entrusting a task to Santander. In the camp at Port Creveaux Libardo "The GrandPa" arrives unexpectedly found M-60 machine gun lying on the floor and so abandoned and rebukes veryfurious . Johnny orders his men to penalties for that act and insulting to the veteran in fron of others. In celebration of Women's Day, May 8 johnny gives priority to Sonia as a representative of these and then ignoring the suggestions of these assigned tasks, but seeing this as absurd Libardo return the old order The guerrillas do the funeral of two guerrillas killed in combat. In "Sea Gulls" in the bush Johnny and his men ambushed an army patrol and successfully manage to capture an M-60 machine gun and a rifle G-3.The wounded guerrillas asked to be killed. "Tiro Fijo" promotes Johnny as a company commander. In the restaurant “The Divise" Johnny and Sonia celebrate his farewell. Near to “Boqueron”in Saint Arama`s john Johnny teaches about under age fighters. On the road between “Vista Hermosa” and Saint Arama`s Jhon, guerrillas mounted a checkpoint. In the complaint, the company of Johnny cross the river. And are routed to the front 40 where Johnny meets Adriana, the nurse who courted guerrilla Wilson and that this does not like the game. In Saint Arama`s Jhon, Johnny attack the police station and he was wounded in his attempt and then has to be helped by Adriana to leave the place and then take it to the Health Center site by the severity of the injury and surgical intervention immediately. Johnny is assisted in his care by Adriana at camp over the Wilson Ferreira jealous of unfinished after his wound ,healed instructs to Johnny to bring down a bridge over the river . In celebration of the success of the mission sent a letter to Johnny Adriana thanking his attentions and confessing his love that is intercepted by Wilson who makes every effort to stop this romance. In the Jungle Johnny and his company plan to ambush a patrol of soldiers.Johnny and Adriana make love in a cove improvised and are surprised by the Wilson Ferreira . In the jungle when Johnny is ambushed Ferreira received an order to cross the river and seeing the absurdity of such action tells her friends, but accepting the order is received by an enemy bullet and guerrilla withdrawal is chaos. At camp guerrilla when taking stock of the facts was a verbal confrontation between the two heads. But then Johnny who had had a few drinks invited to fight to Wilson Ferreira with the idea of killing him in self-defense but Adriana involucre and Johnny is stranded in a struggle with his boss that ends in the wound of a partner who had intervened to separate them. The matter was left in the silence of the group to avoid a new war council and Adriana separated from Johnny to end the mess and give back to Johnny orders against 27 to Martin Villa. Johnny made the trip with a thousand resentments in his head. In Port “Toledo”Johnny met “The Priest”that invites him where prostitutes. In a town hosting the young man converses with a girl.In he market town Johnny says to "Alka Selser" a militiaman to leave the ranks of the FARC and the "Priest" is intimidating knowing if he persists in his desire. The young leave the market and interviews with Maryluz make her an appointment to look at “Vista Hermosa”. Johnny goes to a bar where three militants of the FARC try to convince him to return to the camp and who had armed ,shoot over they because could not return without he. "Alka Selser" terrified out other militants warning the fierce determination of the young fighter and Johnny is on the banks of the river where he gets a cannoe to take to front where the commander Esteban. The cannoeman on the way to see the skirmishes of the other militants to pursue the deserter asks Johnny to kill him but,this forced him to move more into the river and then shot him and pulls off her boots and money .At Piñalito a warning to prepare an ambush that the front 27. Wandering in the forest stays three days and nights making retribution skirmishes of the commission charged with capturing him. Then decide hit the road .A militian died,the young man kills him mercilessly Johnny continues its path to freedom without objecting to having to fight to preserve his life. JoseVelezB

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