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Author, playwright and screenwriter in London, England

About Kaye

Kaye has been a journalist/presenter/author in factual television and media for many years (BBC News, ITN, Channel 4 News) and has written twelve books several of which are screenplays.

Her latest book ‘Borderline In Sicily’ (due out soon) is her first soul bearing memoir. In it, she takes us on a cycle ride through Sicily, where she stops at campsites along the way. On her journey, she uncovers her own inner pride and the crime she has committed that keeps her guilty heart on overdrive. From a steamy scene in Sandhurst Academy, to a bucking bronco wedding party, from a cannabis encounter with a 70s hippy to her kidnapping on Mount Etna, Kaye's emotions unravel as the challenges she faces become ever more entwined with the person she knows she must face - or die.

Prior to 'Borderline In Sicily', Kaye wrote ‘For the Love of Sweet William’, which tells a fictionalised tale centred on her job in news media. There, she tells of a bully-boss and a misfit team of production assistants at the BBC, how she fell in love with a movie star and left behind the suburbs of London forever.

Kaye’s other books deal with the link between mind and emotions on the subjects of depression, anxiety and relationships. When not writing on the subject of psychology, Kaye continues to create stories based on dramatic realism with romance and comedy thrown into the mix. Her screenplays include:

‘Saturday Rendezvous’ is a 90 minute a romantic comedy based on an unlucky in love guy who places an ad in the Singles pages;
‘In the Right Place’ is a 90 minute romantic drama centred on Lauretta, a woman who yearns for something that is just teasingly beyond her grasp;
‘A Ring Around You’ is a 90 minute romantic drama focused on a photographer who meets an emotionally scarred rock star - as they begin to restore a house together, they find more than their shattered lives are repaired
‘A Tinker’s Tale’ is a historical drama script for television based on the Baptist preacher, John Bunyan, in the 1600s. Her play, 'One Small Step' was adapted from Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, and staged in Surrey over 20 years ago.

Due out soon, Kaye’s new book ‘Borderline in Sicily’, is part of a series of revealing memoirs currently in production. Kaye is not a woman to sit on her laurels, so is also developing three additional scripts:
'Bellus Locus' is based on her family history;
'Daisy Chains and Hand Grenades' is a dramatic series for television centred on her work as a psychotherapist, and
'Dr. Jones: The Killer Touch' fits with the thriller/mystery centred on an undercover criminologist researching the Social Services.

WRITERS: I'm always happy to help you with your scripts. I can give you a 'diagnostic' feedback sheet (genre/premise, structure/style, characters, dialogue, production budget/location considerations and overall comments) if this would help.


Name: Kaye Bewley

Lives in: London, England

Company: BewleyBooksPlus.com

Occupation: Author, Playwright, Screenwriter and Script Consultant

Unique traits: Just a plain, ordinary woman living an ordinary life in a very confusing world - and writing about it. I love books, films and MANkind (men note: I think you're doing brilliantly, so please don't apologise for being, well, male!). I'm also one of those dying breeds that loves the lessons found in Paul's New Testament. I like to get to the point, quickly (so I come across as a bit blunt) because I think life is way too short. What I am not, is a feminist.


  • A Ring Around You - Screenplay

    A Ring Around You - Screenplay (2017)
    Film by BewleyBooksPlus.com Writer Jae McCoy, sensuous, artistic and secretive, lives alone in a dilapidated cottage in desperate need of renovation. With the help of her ex-partner, she hopes to renovate more than just the house. However, with the arrival of the moody, depressive rock star, Adrian Fox, her emotions are thrown into disarray. Subsequently, she binds a ring of protection around herself to ward off his obvious attraction.

  • Saturday Rendezvous - Screenplay

    Saturday Rendezvous - Screenplay (2017)
    Film by BewleyBooksPlus/Writer Writer Maurice is an unlucky loser in love. He left America so he could settle in the UK simply because his mom so rudely told him “British girls are easier than them Yankee tarts!” Ruefully watching his friend Lawrence’s arrogant ease with the ladies, he wonder’s what’s wrong with himself. It’s Lawrence’s off-hand remark that goads him to place an advert in ‘The Times’ Saturday Rendezvous. When he actually does it, he wonders if he has truly flipped – that is until Sarah and a string of other hopefuls respond.

  • In the Right Place - Screenplay

    In the Right Place - Screenplay (2017)
    TV Movie by BewleyBooksPlus.com Writer Lauretta is a busy woman. She has a day job that doesn’t pay enough to settle her student debt, an idle, but talented boyfriend who just will not do as he’s told and a dream she cannot fulfil – no matter how hard she tries. In The Right Place is a 90 minute feature film script centred on a story about Lauretta who yearns for something that is just teasingly within her grasp – if only she would stop long enough to listen, look and pay attention. Through Lauretta's escapades, In The Right Place shows you just how your thoughts produce your dreams, that they act as a magnet that either attracts or repels. You just have to be aware of the signs that the Universe sends to you and pay attention to the subtlety that makes itself present in your life.

  • The Tinker's Tale - Screenplay

    The Tinker's Tale - Screenplay (2017)
    TV Movie by BewleyBooksPlus.com (Adventure and Drama) Writer This is the dramatised biography of Baptist preacher, John Bunyan's life. Mr Bunyan was an ordinary working man - a Tinker - with an extra-ordinary message. From behind the bars of a prison cell, he wrote his most famous works 'The Pilgrim's Progress'. This is a fictionalised faith-based episodic drama telling of his tale following that story.

  • Ami in the Malverns - Swanny Pond  - Short

    Ami in the Malverns - Swanny Pond - Short (2017)
    Print by BewleyBooksPlus.com Writer Ami can’t enjoy Christmas this year because her friend Mr. Mallard has flown away. What can she do to bring him back? And what do her parents have in the box in the kitchen that Mr. Mallard wants so badly? This is a Children's Christmas colouring book - with illustrations by the author.

  • For the Love of Sweet William - Novel

    For the Love of Sweet William - Novel (2015)
    Print by BewleyBooksPlus.com Writer From the real-life experiences of a secretary in the BBC news department (albeit H&S), this is an eye-opening insight into the life of a woman with a dream that’s about to come true. Heather is an intelligent single woman in her 50s who hates her job and has created a fantasy romance to get her through it. When she realises it could become a reality, she desperately tries to change it. If you’ve ever wondered about the behind-the-scenes world of BBC news media, now’s your chance. Heather juggles her fantasy-world with the reality that’s being forced upon her – with dire consequences.


  • Nottingham Trent University

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