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Author, playwright and screenwriter in London, England

About Kaye

Kaye has worked as a journalist/presenter/producer/fund-raiser and writer in theatre, factual television and media for several years (BBC News, ITN, Channel 4 News) and has written twelve books several of which are screenplays.

She has been hired chiefly because of her excellent organisational and project management skills. Working in theatre as a script consultant, prompt and assistant set-designer, she has raised funds through international businesses, local communities and online, while she has also applied her savvy business awareness to marketing and promotion of the work being produced. She has also provided set photography for theatre productions as well as producing and staging her own stage play 'One Small Step' by adapting John Bunyan's 'The Pilgrim's Progress' into the style of Baz Luhrmann's 'Moulin Rouge'.

Having earned an MA in psychotherapy, Kaye’s published work deals mainly with the psychology of depression, anxiety and relationships. However, she combines her knowledge of psychology with her media production and business skills by creating stories centred on low-budget family-based dramatic scripts with romance and comedy thrown into the mix. See her work listed in the credits below.

You'll see that Kaye is not a woman to rest on her laurels. Currently, she is developing the following:

- 3 scripts (a thriller, a sci-fi and a personal memoir - all with female leads)
- 3 factual books on 'how to be an author' - which she's turning into an online course
- collecting her short stories together - to be published on Valentine's Day
- publishing and promoting another author's work from her own small-press publishing platform

Writers, Producers, Directors, Kaye is passionate about all aspects of the film and publishing process and is happy to assist with editing/advising on scripts, promotion/marketing and raising funds. She can give diagnostic feedback (genre/premise, structure/style, characters, dialogue, production budget/location considerations and overall comments). More to the point, if you're working on a small budget, she'll be happy with a film credit. Although, if you insist on funding her wine cellar, then a small percentage of the profits generated is appreciated.


A Ring Around You (Romantic Drama - published)
In The Right Place (Romantic Drama - published)
Saturday Rendezvous (Romantic Comedy - published)
Something to Remember (Sci-Fi Drama - to be published late Autumn 2018)

A Tinker's Tale (Episode 1, published, available for option)
A Tinker's Tale (Episode 2 - to be published late Spring 2018)

One Small Step (Adaptation, 2 Acts, staged)

For the Love of Sweet William (Romantic Comedy - published)
Dr Jones: The Killer Touch (Detective Thriller - to be published early Spring 2018)
Daisy Chains and Hand Grenades (Sci-Fi Trilogy - to be published Autumn 2018)

Borderline in Sicily (Personal Memoir - to be published early Summer 2018)

York Court (Paranormal Dramas - to be published on Feb. 14th 2018)

Ami in the Malverns - Swanny Pond (Children's colouring book - published)

Book of Songs (published)

How to be an author - Writing Your Writing (Book 1 - to be published late Summer 2018)
How to be an author - Promoting Your Writing (Book 2 - to be published late Summer 2018)
How to be an author - Publishing Your Writing (Book 3 - to be published late Summer 2018)
Depression - how to help yourself through it (published)
Anxiety Pangs - what they are and how to get them under control (published)
Ugly Frog or Faithful Dog - which do you wanna kiss? (published)

Infinite Possibilities A Spiritual Awakening, by Bill Geringswald (to be published early Spring 2018)
Harry Dennison, by Steve Kemp

Name: Kaye Bewley

Lives in: London, England

Company: BewleyBooksPlus.com

Occupation: Author, Playwright, Screenwriter and Script Consultant

Unique traits: Just an ordinary woman living an ordinary life in a very confusing world - and writing about it. I love books, films and MANkind (men note: I think you're doing brilliantly, so please don't apologise for being, well, male!). I'm also one of those dying breeds that loves the lessons found in Paul's New Testament. I like to get to the point, quickly (so I may come across as a bit blunt) because I think life is way too short. What I am not, is a feminist.


  • A Ring Around You - Screenplay

    A Ring Around You - Screenplay (2017)
    Film by BewleyBooksPlus.com (Comedy and Romance) Writer When you keep hiding from love - one day it will find you. A 90 minute romantic drama feature film. Available to option. Author willing to do re-writes where required.

  • Saturday Rendezvous - Screenplay

    Saturday Rendezvous - Screenplay (2017)
    Film by BewleyBooksPlus/Writer (Comedy and Romance) Writer An unlucky loser in the dating game humiliates himself to find love. A 90 minute romantic comedy feature film. Available to option. Author willing to do re-writes where required.

  • In the Right Place - Screenplay

    In the Right Place - Screenplay (2017)
    TV Movie by BewleyBooksPlus.com (Drama and Romance) Writer How can an overweight, underpaid, disorganised woman save a Sports and Leisure Centre from closure? Especially when her only goal conspires to make that happen. IN THE RIGHT PLACE is a 90 minute television film script. Available for option. Author willing to do re-writes as required.

  • The Tinker's Tale - Screenplay

    The Tinker's Tale - Screenplay (2017)
    TV Movie by BewleyBooksPlus.com (Adventure, Drama and History) Writer This is the dramatised biography of Baptist preacher, John Bunyan's life. Mr Bunyan was an ordinary working man - a Tinker - with an extra-ordinary message. From behind the bars of a prison cell, he wrote his most famous works 'The Pilgrim's Progress'. This is a fictionalised faith-based episodic drama telling of his tale following that story.

  • Ami in the Malverns - Swanny Pond  - Short

    Ami in the Malverns - Swanny Pond - Short (2017)
    Print by BewleyBooksPlus.com (Family, Fantasy and Short) Writer Ami can’t enjoy Christmas this year because her friend Mr. Mallard has flown away. What can she do to bring him back? And what do her parents have in the box in the kitchen that Mr. Mallard wants so badly? This is a Children's Christmas colouring book - with illustrations by the author.

  • For the Love of Sweet William - Novel

    For the Love of Sweet William - Novel (2015)
    Print by BewleyBooksPlus.com (Adventure, Drama, Fantasy and Romance) Writer From the real-life experiences of a secretary in the BBC news department (albeit H&S), this is an eye-opening insight into the life of a woman with a dream that’s about to come true. Heather is an intelligent single woman in her 50s who hates her job and has created a fantasy romance to get her through it. When she realises it could become a reality, she desperately tries to change it. If you’ve ever wondered about the behind-the-scenes world of BBC news media, now’s your chance. Heather juggles her fantasy-world with the reality that’s being forced upon her – with dire consequences.

  • Book of Songs

    Book of Songs (1980 - 2008)
    Print (Drama, Romance and Music) Author This book of 58 songs and poems has been collected from my files over the years since 1980. If you’d like to option any of them for your own songs, and put them to your own music, please get in touch with me, Kaye Bewley, at admin@bewleybooks.com and I’ll get in touch with you just as soon as I can. I’ve put the songs and poems in this book in date order. From my early (immature) work from 1980 through to 2008 where it becomes a little more sophisticated and spiritual. I make no apologies for this. You have the whole selection. First, I wrote poems about the thrill and the pain of love. Then I turned my psychological awareness onto the wider world and wrote most in the style of songs and even put some to music. My later work, you will see, turns more spiritual in nature. Through this collection, you will see how the work matures as it grows from the heart hurt experienced in the innocence of love, through to a woman who knows how love really works - and loves herself as she is. I trust you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Kaye Bewley


  • Distinction for my MA project exploring gender differences in the workplace


  • Nottingham Trent University

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