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Author of more than 20 novels, novellas and non-fiction books, and host of the Wordslinger Podcast, as well as cohost for the Self Publishing Answers and Creative Writing Career podcasts. I've written professionally for 30 years, so I'm not going anywhere. And nobody has asked me. Also, not a fan of pants.

Unique traits: I'm about to buy an RV and travel the country with my wife, full time, while I write books and stay out of trouble (poorly). I'm the kind of guy who couldn't narrow down what he wanted to be when he grew up, so I just did all of it. I host three different podcasts, and talk to a lot of amazing people in unconventional careers. I have background in electronics engineering, and I worked in that field for a few years. I have a Masters in Education, and I taught the "bad kids" at an alternative center in a public high school, then went on to teach yearbook layout at a Christian private school and writing courses at the college level. I once made Drew Carey and Steve Martin laugh on the same day, and almost just called the whole life complete at that point. I make a lot of jokes about pants, and the absence thereof, because I think "pants" is an inherently funny word. Pants.


  • Evergreen

    Evergreen (2015)
    Print by Happy Pants Books Author ONE TOUCH AND HE KNOWS ALL YOU KNOW A brush of a hand, a casual bump of an arm, a firm handshake—that's all it takes for Jaylin Roland to absorb everything you know and everything you are, and you have no idea it's happening. Operating under the codename "Evergreen," Jaylin uses his gifts to make a living from the city's seedy underworld, but his only goal is to stay free and stay alive. He's developed a habit of constant paranoia—never sleeping in the same space twice, always disappearing into the crowded streets of Manhattan. When a stranger hires him to take on an impossible task for an unbelievable payday, Jaylin suddenly finds himself in a world filled with corporate espionage, international intrigue and a very real and deadly danger that could threaten billions of lives. There are people who know what Jaylin can do. And they will stop at nothing to control him. AND HIS ONLY ALLIES ARE ALL IN HIS HEAD.

  • Citadel: Omnibus

    Citadel: Omnibus (2014)
    Print by Happy Pants Books Author GET YOUR SHIP TOGETHER. "If you like Andy Weir's 'The Martian' and Hugh Howey's 'Wool,' you will love Kevin Tumlinson's 'Citadel.'" AN ANCIENT ENEMY. A THREAT OF WAR. AN UNEXPECTED HOPE. ALL ON THE WRONG FREAKING PLANET. It’s been over a century since the terrorist attack that nearly ended any chance for humanity to travel to the stars. Then there was the fifty years of war with the plant-like Esool, the rise of a powerful, cult-like anti-colonization group, and the increasing tensions between the wealthy upper class and the lower working class. But we’re getting better. Except for the part where the first joint colony effort between humans and the Esool results in the colony ship Citadel crashing on the wrong planet, with no hope of returning home. Now the struggling colony itself led by a former alien enemy, and hidden among them is both the saboteur and the most notorious terrorist history has ever known. Survival will mean pulling together and doing the impossible a few dozen times. Unless, of course, a brand new alien species puts a stop to the whole thing. And the colonists thought it was a rough ride coming down. THE COMPLETE SERIES "Tumlinson's Citadel series is an amazing fantasy omnibus, one of the best sci fi boxed sets you can read." "It has all the humor, complexity and charm of books by Andy Weir and Hugh Howey — a rich scifi landscape that constantly surprises and keeps you turning page after page." "Groundbreaking work, ready for the science fiction hall of fame!"

  • Fullmetal Fantasy

    Fullmetal Fantasy (2006)
    Film (short) by Vic Mignogna (Fantasy) Actor, Thanks Fullmetal Fantasy is a fan film dedicated to the popular anime Fullmetal Alchemist, starring the series' English vocal cast and directed by Vic Mignogna, who plays Edward Elric. In the film, Mignogna (whose character is simply credited as "The Fan") receives a reproduction of the State Alchemists' silver pocket watch one day, and wakes up the next to discover that the world is becoming more and more like the world of Fullmetal Alchemist, with himself transforming into Edward and other members of the cast appearing all around the city, with Scar appearing at the end disguised as the postal worker who delivers the watch. Most of the actors from the series play their own characters physically as well as vocally, except for Aaron Dismuke (Alphonse Elric) and Christopher Sabat (Alex Louis Armstrong), who could not play their characters due to the great physical differences between them. However, both actors provide their characters' voices, with Alphonse being replaced by a life-size replica (loaned to the crew) and Armstrong played by a look-alike (Dave Henkin, Texas Cosplayer) (the character of Gluttony was played by J. Kevin Tumlinson, who shaved his head for the role as a favor to his friend Vic). Also absent from the film is Roy Mustang, as his actor Travis Willingham was out of town during the filming.

  • Honor Squardons

    Honor Squardons (2000 - 2003)
    Documentary by Reel Adventures Productions / Todd Hewey Writer and Producer Head to Texas for historys greatest combat aircraft! Of the 500,000 planes that flew during World War II, less than 6,000 remain. And only a handful are still flying. But the Confederate Air Force, made up of about 8,000 international members, is dedicated to keeping the spirit of these icons alive. Just how much time, money and energy does it take from this all-volunteer crew to keep these iconic airplanes flying? And why do they do it? Find out in Honor Squadrons, previously viewed on public television. Plus, hear from World War II veterans, including George H.W. Bush and Lloyd Bentsen, as well as Luftwaffe test pilot Werner Seitz and Imperial Japanese Navy air cadet Ryu Hatano. Experience the restoration process of the B-17 Texas Raiders, the B-24 All American, P-51 Mustang, P-38 Lightning and the Japanese Zero.


  • Writers of the Future - Honorable Mention, Short Fiction

  • American Advertising Awards - Addy Gold

  • Danny Lee Lawrence Award for Fiction

  • Danny Lee Lawrence Award for Fiction

  • Veterans of Foreign Wars: Voice of Democracy


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