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Kipp Tribble

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Actor, Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Script Consultant and Editor

Los Angeles, California

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About Kipp

After years of working on stage, Kipp launched his film career when he wrote, directed, produced and starred in the micro-budget action drama, SUGAR CAIN, which was picked up by Artist View Entertainment for worldwide distribution. After the success of his first feature, he next produced and acted in the action thriller, MOVING TARGETS, which enjoyed success in Blockbuster Video and premium cable outlets, as well as internationally. Kipp then became one of the first filmmakers to work with the 24p High Definition format on the romantic comedy, UP, MICHIGAN!, which he also co-wrote and starred in. After another stint in the theatre, he returned to film by starring in, co-writing and producing the character drama, RUNNING SPRINGS, which secured a deal with a new company at the time called Netflix. His producing credits over the next few years included feature films such as THE WAITERS, SAFEHOUSE, STILL WATERS, and BACHELOR PARTY MASSACRE.

In 2011, Kipp went back to his multi-hyphenate roots when he wrote, produced, co-directed, and starred in COFFIN, a contained thriller starring international star Kevin Sorbo and Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe & Emmy winner Bruce Davison. The film finished in the Weekly Top 20 Rentals at Redbox for the week it was released (2012) in the U.S., and went on to gain a large cult following.

Kipp next produced the multiple award-winning short, CURIO SHOP: A POST-APOCALYPTIC ACID WESTERN, and THE MAN FROM WAILING RIVER, based on a novel by acclaimed western novelist, Luke Short. He also expanded internationally by serving as Executive Producer on the WWII film, MIASTO '44 (aka, WARSAW ’44), the #2 most profitable Polish-language film at the 2014 Polish box office. The film was honored with several wins and multiple nominations at the 2015 Polish Film Awards, including Best Picture.

In 2015, Kipp filmed his sci-fi romantic thriller, CHRONOLOGY, shot in Poland and South Carolina. He co-directed from the script he penned, as well as produced. He also stars in the film alongside William Baldwin, Danny Trejo, John James and Johnny Alonso. The film is set for a 2018 release. Kipp returned to Redox in 2017 when he wrote, directed, produced and reprised his role in COFFIN 2, the sequel to his indie hit. The film was released on DVD and VOD in 2018, securing deals with iTunes, GooglePlay, YouTube Movies, FandangoNOW, Amazon Prime, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, and more. Also releasing in 2018, the horror feature THE UNWILLING. Kipp served as Co-Executive Producer on the film starring Lance Henriksen, Dina Myer, David Lipper and Jake Thomas.

Kipp is currently in pre-production on CHAR MAN, a horror feature centered around the Ojai, California legend. Additionally, Kipp has COFFIN 3 is in active development, along with several other projects, including a real-life military crime series set up at a cable production outlet. As a screenwriter, Kipp has recently completed rewrites on studio and indie films alike and recently launched a distribution arm of his company to handle specialty indie films.

Unique traits: Member of SAG-AFTRA. Works as a local in Southern California, New York Tri-State area, the Carolinas and Georgia.


  • The Heist Before Christmas

    The Heist Before Christmas Comedy Two petty thieves must pull a job on Christmas Eve, but get derailed by a dysfunctional family's holiday get-together.


  • Char Man

    Char Man (2018)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Producer Two friends visit fire-ravaged Ojai, California, intent on making a fake documentary about the infamous Ojai Vampire. However, things take a bizarre and frightening turn when they learn about a different local legend: The Char Man.

  • Addicted to You

    Addicted to You (2018)
    Film (Comedy) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Luke Peters is hell-bent on avoiding love, leading him to pose as a recovering sex addict to ditch a clingy girl.

  • Coffin 2

    Coffin 2 (2017)
    Film (Thriller) Producer Trick is among five hostages trapped together, paralyzed from the neck down. While an FBI agent and former detective race against the clock to find their location, the group tries to figure a way out before their promised execution.

  • The Unwilling

    The Unwilling (2017)
    Film (Thriller) Producer When five relatives come to the perfectly ordered home of David Harris, a shut in, to hear the reading of the will of his hated father, they are surprised by the delivery of an old antique box. Once activated, the box starts to reveal special items to each one in turn, which lead to surprising and mysterious deaths. As each person succumbs to the box's mysterious hold on them, David fears his father's dangerous spirit has returned from the dead demanding retribution. But he soon realizes something far more ancient and terrifying has invaded his protected home, and if he can't solve the puzzle of the devilish box, he will surely die with the rest of them, all entombed in his house forever. Written by gb-520-639951

  • The Man from Wailing River

    The Man from Wailing River (2016)
    Film by Blu Haus Productions Producer

  • Chronology

    Chronology (2015 - 2016)
    Film by Kipp Tribble Actor, Writer, Director, Producer

  • Curio Shop

    Curio Shop (2014)
    Film (Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller and 2 More) Actor, Producer An epic post-apocalyptic tale about two brothers who struggle to avenge the wrongs done to their family.

  • Warsaw '44

    Warsaw '44 (2014)
    Film (Drama, Romance, War and History) Executive Producer A story of love, friendship and the pursuit of adventure during the bloody and brutal reality of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising.

  • Coffin

    Coffin (2011)
    Film by Skyrocket Productions Actor, Writer, Director, Producer

  • Still Waters

    Still Waters (2009)
    Film (Drama and Thriller) Producer Still devastated over his ex-fiancee's murder, Jay goes on a weekend camping trip with his new girlfriend, his brother and his brother's girlfriend. Now away from the distractions of the city, conflicts arise and hidden secrets come to light. As jealousy and paranoia take hold, the fragile relationships in the group soon spiral out of control.

  • Safehouse

    Safehouse (2008)
    Film (Action, Crime, Mystery and Thriller) Co-Producer Cooper O'Neil's life changes when his former FBI partner arrives DOA with a thumb drive that's the key to a diabolical plot headed by a madman with an ax to grind. Welcome to Safehouse, where friends can be enemies and games can be deadly!

  • Running Springs

    Running Springs (2006)
    Film (Drama) Actor, Writer, Producer A weekend getaway proves trying for three couples when dark secrets start to surface, threatening to change their lives forever.

  • Bachelor Party Massacre

    Bachelor Party Massacre (2006)
    Video (Horror) Producer A group of friends decide to throw a Bachelor Party in the mountains; little do they know an escaped killer is on the loose ready to kill the party.

  • The Waiters

    The Waiters (2006)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Executive Producer Taylor Starks and his co-workers, all aspiring actors, toil in a Los Angeles restaurant while "waiting" for their big break.

  • Jarhead

    Jarhead (2005)
    Film (Action, Drama and War) Actor Anthony "Swoff" Swofford, a Camus-reading kid from Sacramento, enlists in the Marines in the late 1980s. He malingers during boot camp, but makes it through as a sniper, paired with the usually-reliable Troy. The Gulf War breaks out, and his unit goes to Saudi Arabia for Desert Shield. After 175 days of boredom, adrenaline, heat, worry about his girlfriend finding someone else, losing it and nearly killing a mate, demotion, latrine cleaning, faulty gas masks, and desert football, Desert Storm begins. In less than five days, it's over, but not before Swoff sees burned bodies, flaming oil derricks, an oil-drenched horse, and maybe a chance at killing. Where does all the testosterone go? Written by <>

  • Crossing Jordan

    Crossing Jordan (2002)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actor Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh is a forensic pathologist who lost her job with the Boston medical examiner's office because her passion for solving homicides frequently extended beyond the autopsy table. Years later, an old ally rescues Jordan from court-ordered anger management training in Los Angeles and rehires her to her former job in Boston. Jordan is still feisty and mercurial and a pain in the butt, but management tolerates her because she is good at her job. She and her father, a disgraced former Boston police detective, often solve crimes together by using a role-playing game they've played since Jordan's childhood. It goes: "You be the killer, and I'll be the victim and we'll figure out how this happened." The driving force in Jordan's life and career is the crime she took the longest time to solve -- her mother's murder. Written by A.B. Gilpin

  • UP, Michigan!

    UP, Michigan! (2001)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Actor, Writer, Producer Rivalries are renewed and love is rekindled when a group of old friends return to the U.P. for their high school reunion.

  • Series 7: The Contenders

    Series 7: The Contenders (2001)
    Film (Comedy and Thriller) Actor Ever seen the show "Survivor" and wished they would just start killing each other?? Series 7 literally gives its contestants the guns. The film is not merely a satire on reality TV. It is an example of just how far people will shamelessly go for fame. 6 contenders are pitted against each other in a no holds barred, kill or be killed contest. The reigning champ is Dawn, a hard-nosed, mother-to-be. We go back and forth between Dawn and the other 5 contenders to see if someone can dethrone Dawn and become the new Champion. What is the prize? How are the contestants picked? These questions are not as important as asking yourself how shameless has our society become? Written by Jeff Mellinger <>

  • Delivering Milo

    Delivering Milo (2001)
    Film (Comedy and Fantasy) Actor A guardian angel has 24 hours to convince a soul that life on Earth is worth the effort.

  • Militia

    Militia (2000)
    Film (Action and Adventure) Actor An ATF agent goes undercover to retrieve stolen anthrax missiles.

  • Moving Targets

    Moving Targets (1999)
    Film (Crime and Thriller) Actor, Co-Producer A pair of cops are following a lawyer who has information on a mobster. He's killed and his wife has to help the cops catch the bad guy.

  • Sugar Cain

    Sugar Cain (1996)
    Film (Action, Crime and Thriller) Actor, Writer, Director, Producer Sugar Cain's story revolves around four young men, Cain, Joey, Vince and Zeke doing the dirty work of the local crime lord Donovan. While eluding the clutches of the city's police inspector, the foursome continue to do job after job for Donovan. When he hands them their largest assignment, Cain is the only one who seems to realize what the price could be. When a plan goes wrong and appears to give the inspector evidence which could convict them, the personal conflict among the quartet intensifies. The deception which ensues pits brother against brother in greedy free for all. Written by dictrix

  • Coffin 3

    Coffin 3
    Film (Thriller) Producer Hostages awaken on a boat in the middle of a secluded lake, their feet bound to weights. As they search for an escape, a band of ruthless criminals play cat-and-mouse with those trying to find the captives before the clock runs out.

  • Spring to Winter

    Spring to Winter
    Film (Drama) Actor From the ashes of the unexpected and devastating loss of a young friend, two strangers meet at the wake, and through their shared grief, a torrid and tumultuous affair grows.


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