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Koeko Not Here

Koeko Not Here

Actor, Playwright and Other

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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October 2011
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About Koeko

Iam a third generation immigrant from marokko, After third war II holland was in need off Nord-African people as marokko to come and cleen up the mess Hitler left in Europe countries..The Nederland who needed a lot off workers to build back their country .. I was the little girl age 7 ,who was welkomed to have a new life as a dutch citizen . Having two nationalities and a lot off oppertunities i started lving up the Dutch life styl.....

Studied at the Caland lyceum and The Dutch Police Academy in Amsterdam. Took classes at the Amsterdam theater, played mayor rols in different amsterdam.acted in comedy playes for Joop van Den Ende television. rols as Ha die Pa",Integration Documentair for the police off Nord Holland ..Video availble 1976-1993.

Took my back pak and traveld away to see the other side off the worlds"" from the hard times off integration as an immigrant, the country was in a lot off change and growt devolpments having new starngers as maroccens living under the dutch. Did not give a little girl like me peace in her mind. This times the marokkens had to endure a lot off discrimination trough their proces off trying to become a dutch citizen....And the dutch had to get to know all their differences in cultur.also living up too two cultures was not easy for me aswel""

Sint maarten1993-1995
Promotion and sails for clothing lines and worked for Big Mullet bay resorts just wonderful Time

New york New York when the Dollar was the god off every humen being and America was in the hearts off the famos and the wealthy.1995-2003.

Studied Theater at schelsia Reportory/HB-studios/diner theater/prime time TV/Cabaret of Jack Wild Prod., voice over classes and cabret muziek""
Theater and Television: Better Days,The meter is running,forgive and forget,Ereser/Godzilla projekts Time warner and warner brothers supporting actor"'Spike Li videos and manny manny exiting studie experiences in this show bussiness.
Learned skilss in mau Thai Kickboxing, Aerobisc,Modern dance, belly dancing,Fitness and aerobic dancing for mayor new York Sport Club and LA Sport Clubs Off new York.

Got involved in doing charity for and with the church off christ saving and beeing saved In the Big Appel.
At this time in my life i was l Living between the poor Gettos off New York and The rich Upper east siders

After 911 the mission Europe
Back Home Amsterdam The trouble Youth fromAarab countries maroccens where stuck in between two wars off two different countries and the bad name terrorist""
The little girl is gonne contribute "giving back to your sociaty is the game plan its just happen this way"'The News television 5RTL and Het parool news paper has written the story about it"'2005

Devoleping New manners and getting involved in your communities....I have seen the youth suffering from this Hard Times wars and culture Differences.s Arabs....But they are Arb-Dutch now...
I had to do somthing American mentality that i already had become from the American dream experiences''

Cold Year was holland becoming after 911, Rasism and hatert and no one want to talk about it? but i did not want to alow this to happen seeing people seperating themself"" I used my Dutch 211 badge again"" and started to talk to the councel city off Amsterdam to open up about this corrupt times""

Started the Non-profit foundation to help the city and the Young not to get involved with the adult Wars.....Keep Kids off The Streets and Crimes// Against rasism/Talk about Islam/two nationalities/the black schools /the screem off togetherness/facebook International support peace in the middle east/all religions are one/charity and promotion third World countries as marocco and so ford".

After 911 films
11:59uur NPS television and staats gevaarlijk movieäbout a maroccen boy dating a Dutch girl whos fhater is a lawyer. The maroccen boy is put in yail as a suspekt and i played his sad mother""log to stads-film-filmrecensies.Tv-Gids

My other Goals and vision for the futur
Arab Women Civilization and Freedoms and I am having the best rol that a humen ever can have"" beeing who iam""....humen creation only from a different sperm drop

Hobbys belly dancing ,playing sports ,gitaar and wrting,praying runs trough my fains""

Unique traits: modern and tradition bellydancer,weightlifter,aerobics,salsa latin daner,play gitaar gospelyazz,support freedoms and devolvements security savety to the dutch goverements troughout dutch neighberhood initiatief keeping kids off the street international""concept education/cultur/ promotions help the need middle east/africa.ArabWomen civilizations and freedoms.



  • New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts

  • HB -studios New york/drama/ camera work in the Evenings

  • Yack Wild productions Dinner theater New york

  • Commercials/talent agency workshops/classes/work silvia fay/stanly kaplan

  • Amsterdam overtoom theater

  • Manhatten university Haarlem New york during days

  • Succes for women attitude training New york/Strive devolpments building communities

  • Police Academy Amsterdam Nederland

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