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Lana Palmer


Director and producer in San Francisco, California

About Lana

As a producer, director and composer, my goal is to combine solid technical artistry with compelling, inspiring storytelling.

I have eight years of film industry experience working at every stage production, from low-budget documentaries to multi-million dollar feature films. I've worked on projects for major tech, entertainment, electronics and pharmaceutical companies, in addition to work for non-profits, arts organizations and narrative passion projects.

Originally from Canada, I began my career working in the camera department on TV shows and feature films (Psych, Watchmen) in Saskatchewan and Vancouver, BC. I moved on the Rocky Mountains of Alberta to work at the Banff Centre's New Media Institute, where I had the opportunity to work with influential artists, technologists and researchers from around the world. At the Banff Centre I developed an interest in sound design and music for picture, and went on to complete a graduate certificate in Audio Post-Production. As a composer, my music is now used on over 50 TV shows airing on CBS, Fox, NBC, CTV, MTV, VH1, and TLC and others worldwide.

I've worked nearly every production position, from script supervisor to boom op - a key quality that makes me equally at home as part of the crew or leading a team as producer/director. I'm an insatiable learner and constantly challenge myself to grow in my life and my career. After many years spent behind the camera and in the editing room, I pushed myself to become a better director by studying acting. I enrolled in a Meisner technique program, and now work professionally as an actor for both film and theatre.

In whatever capacity, and in whatever medium I work in, my goals remains to inform, delight and inspire with well-crafted stories.

I'm always on the lookout for interesting projects or opportunities, and can be reached at

Specialties: Producing, Directing, Video Editing, Adobe Creative Suite, Sound Design, Music Composition.

Name: Lana Palmer

Lives in: San Francisco, California

Company: Kaleidotone

Occupation: Director and Producer


  • Cardinal X

    Cardinal X (2015)
    Film by Angie Wang (Drama) Actress When an Asian American girl from the wrong side of the tracks is accepted by a prestigious university, she finds that her academic prowess can be put to lucrative use.

  • SanFranLand

    SanFranLand (2014)
    Television (Comedy) Sound department

  • Dfact

    Dfact (2014)
    Film (short) by Lana Palmer (Drama) Composer, Producer, Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor Brandon McKinley is offered a job at the mysterious DFACT - with potentially disastrous results.

  • The Destroyer

    The Destroyer (2014)
    Film (short) by Lana Palmer (Drama) Producer, Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor Miles and Dawn take a trip to the beach, and are visited by childhood memories.

  • Mom, Murder & Me

    Mom, Murder & Me (2014)
    Film by Heather Donnell (Comedy, Family and Mystery) Miscellaneous Crew What does it take to admit your overprotective mother is right? When Annabel's elderly neighbor passes away, Joan insists it's murder. Without evidence for the police, Annabel blunders through a comical investigation with Joan as her only ally and a murderer who may be on to their amateur sleuthing. Written by Anonymous

  • Match

    Match (2014)
    Television (Action, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi and 1 More) Miscellaneous Crew Match is a serialized web show in which individual episodes are tied together by a common theme: there is a fire that burns deep within each of us, that motivates us into action - for good or for evil - and that intertwines us with others.

  • Wedding Bells & Shotgun Shells

    Wedding Bells & Shotgun Shells (2013)
    Film by Patrick Christl (Comedy) Sound department A behind-the-scenes look at the worst reality show ever produced.

  • Broken

    Broken (2013)
    Film by Celinka Serre (Drama) Composer, Composer Following his release from prison, after seven long years apart, Marrick and Helen are reunited and they reignite their relationship. Secrets surrounding Marrick's wrongful imprisonment are disclosed when Helen's father, Jerry, visits the house. However, when Marrick mysteriously collapses, Helen is left with more unanswered questions. Helen's world shatters around her when Marrick tells her he is dying of heart disease. Together they struggle for hope that he may yet survive. Written by Celinka Serre

  • Avery

    Avery (2012)
    Film (short) by Anna Waters (Drama) Sound department, Composer In medieval literature the house is used as a representation of the psyche of the woman. Avery pulls on this metaphor as we step through her story. As the house closes in on her one light bulb, one neuro synapse, guides Avery to see things that were not as clear before. The path straight toward another being is illuminated; however, Avery has lost touch with how to express what she feels for this figure. Finding herself nested deep in the ethereal truths of the world Avery's dysfunction manifests itself dangerously quickly without the friction of reality to sooth the blow. Written by Anonymous

  • Darkness

    Darkness (2012)
    Film (short) by Zach Steele (Animation, Drama and Sci-Fi) Sound department In a Dystopian future where the population is sedated by government enforced medication, Joshua, an average citizen, is awakened to a world of unseen lies and violence after witnessing a horrifying event orchestrated by those in power... SOLUTION. Written by Anonymous

  • Pedro Falls

    Pedro Falls (2012)
    Film (short) by Heather Donnell (Drama) Sound department While apartment hunting in San Francisco, Pedro, a rising indie musician, unexpectedly runs into a painful part of his past and makes decisions that might threaten his future.

  • Found

    Found (2012)
    Film (short) by Heather Donnell (Drama) Composer

  • Interface

    Interface (2011)
    Film by Chantal Deguire (Sci-Fi) Sound department It is at a Deaf club that a low immersion Virtual Reality system engineer, JASON SMITH, encountered the odd mannered, eccentric, and wicked anarchist for the first time. She had this peculiar way of leading a bunch of male fans into following her around everywhere she went. At first, it didn't seem to peak his interest until he saw one of the fans dropping his video-gadget. Destination: At Dawn, at the Lees bus station. Early in the morning, the Lee's bus station is quiet and empty. There are no buses or any people around. It is by surprise that he sees one of the anarchist's fans showing up and stealing his video-gadget before running away. He follows him with difficulty until he appears in front of the anarchist's special store, uPlump (In American Sign Language (ASL) it means "you (u) sign fluently (plump)"). When entering the store, he notices all the specially designed gadgets that are made for both the Hearing and Deaf individuals in favour of the Deaf culture. Then suddenly, ... Written by Anonymous

  • Passengers of 7D

    Passengers of 7D (2011)
    Film (short) by Sharifa Williams (Drama and Sci-Fi) Sound department A sci-fi short about a divorced man who encounters a formidable woman when dimensional levels fluctuate inside his apartment.

  • Tribe

    Tribe (2010)
    Film (short) by Beatrix Moersch (Music) Camera and Electrical Department Bellydance carries with it a burden of sexual connotations, sullying a dance form created by women for women to celebrate conception and birth. 'Tribe' explores the impact this has had on the dance in a visual poem following a woman's explorations of bellydance as spirituality, bellydance as objectification, and finally, bellydance as women's community. Written by Anonymous

  • Watchmen

    Watchmen (2009)
    Film by Zack Snyder (Action, Mystery and Sci-Fi) Camera and Electrical Department In a gritty and alternate 1985 the glory days of costumed vigilantes have been brought to a close by a government crackdown, but after one of the masked veterans is brutally murdered an investigation into the killer is initiated. The reunited heroes set out to prevent their own destruction, but in doing so discover a deeper and far more diabolical plot. Written by evan murphy

  • Out in the Cold

    Out in the Cold (2008)
    Film (short) by Colleen Murphy (Comedy and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department On a night so cold it hurts to breathe, Soft as Snow and Cold as Ice meet Thomas, a drunk young man, who's been dumped on the outskirts of town. When Thomas suggests the two men should walk back with him, they persuade him to stay the night. Each has a different motive... Written by Anonymous

  • Surveillance

    Surveillance (2008)
    Film by Jennifer Chambers Lynch (Crime, Drama, Horror, Mystery and 1 More) Camera and Electrical Department Grisly murders occur in a small town. Two FBI agents arrive, set up their cameras in three interview rooms, and set up interviews of three survivors: a girl of about nine, a foul-mouthed cop with a bandaged hand, and a young woman of about 20 who uses drugs. Each tells their story as the male FBI agent listens and watches from a separate room: the girl draws for and talks to the female agent, the local chief interviews the injured cop, and two officers interview the young woman. As they tell their stories, some of which are inaccurate and self-serving, we see what actually happened the day before. Can the agents or anyone else put the pieces together? Written by <>

  • The Englishman's Boy

    The Englishman's Boy (2008)
    Television (Drama and Western) Camera and Electrical Department A movie producer in 1920s Hollywood tries to track down an elusive Western star for his next picture.

  • Psych

    Psych (2007 - 2008)
    Television by Steve Franks (Comedy, Crime and Mystery) Camera and Electrical Department Think you are psychic? Well so does Shawn Spencer. Shawn and his best friend Gus own a business called Psych. They are able to stay in business only because of the cases they work with Santa Barbara police department as psychics. Shawn and Gus go through many ups and downs trying to keep the ruse up. Can they pretend forever? Or is the world they built going to come crumbling down?

  • The 4400

    The 4400 (2007)
    Television by Scott Peters (Sci-Fi, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department The pilot begins with a ball of light sailing towards Earth, but rather than the expected catastrophic event, thousands of returned abductees are left with no memory of their otherworldly experiences. Each has been gone anywhere from a few months to several decades, but hasn't aged a day. These are the stories of the 4400 abductees after they are returned to Earth. The show follows two NSA agents who are trying to figure out what happened and why. Some of those returned have been affected in mysterious ways with certain abilities, both good and bad. Written by Anonymous

  • New Team Colours

    New Team Colours (2007)
    Film (short) by Lana Palmer (Drama) Composer, Producer, Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor The size of Megan's graduating class doubles in size when an exchange student from China comes to her small prairie town.

  • Corner Gas

    Corner Gas (2006)
    Television by Virginia Thompson (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department Popular comedian Brent Butt returns to small town Saskatchewan to portray the life he would have led had he gotten a real job - pumping gas at Corner Gas. Each episode of Corner Gas delivers a half-hour of comedic voyeurism in a place where everyone knows everyone else's business. The series is set in the fictional town of Dog River Saskatchewan, and focuses on the life (or lack thereof) of gas station owner Brent LeRoy, coffee shop proprietor Lacey Burrows and the folks who populate the area. Dog River is a nice town, but far from the quaint and idyllic little burgs we're used to seeing on TV. Written by Anonymous


  • UCLA

  • Fanshawe College

  • University of Regina

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