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About Libby

Libby Mitchell loves writing. Flash fiction, feature scripts, plays, stories. Tidbits of conversation held in the next booth over. An overheard conversation on a one-sided cell call. The minutiae all around is there to be creatively picked up if you listen. She wins awards for both writing as well as directing.

Her plays have been performed in Plano, Texas with Rover Dramawerks. Many of her short films have won awards. She favors drama and believes that sci-fi and fantasy shows life's hassles and passions in an entertaining and enlightening way. Currently, working on a screenplay and converting one of her short stories into script format for next year.

Directing is also a passion. Not many people want to be up at the crack of dawn, with a camera that has frozen over, and lightening going in and out. But it happens and when it is finished, it is awesome.

Enjoy life, laugh, and smile. And when you can, write about it.

Unique traits: Is known for being able to write scripts that work within a smaller budget so the project is brought in under budget and on time. Weird quirk of loving to write on a time limit with 24 hour screenplays, One Days Only, and NYC Midnight.



  • A Dark Profession

    A Dark Profession (2020)
    TV Mini Producer

  • Painted

    Painted (2017)
    Film Production manager

  • A Dark Alley

    A Dark Alley (2017)
    Film Director

  • Human Wreckage

    Human Wreckage (2014)
    Film (short) by Libby Mitchell (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Director A couple will do whatever it takes to survive a zombie Armageddon cause by a virus emitted from a meteor shower.

  • Jail Wagon

    Jail Wagon (2014)
    Film by David Edwin Read (Action, Comedy and Western) Miscellaneous Crew, Producer

  • Rockin' Reverend

    Rockin' Reverend (2013)
    Film by Scot Michael Walker (Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew Robert Brown is an agnostic Shakespearean actor. His new girlfriend, Valerie, drags him to church after a night of pre-marital sin. He is impressed with the amount of money given to Valerie's church, and he's especially impressed with the reverend's $70,000 Hummer. Robert and his stoner friend, Gary, realize that being a preacher is a lot like acting - you memorize a monologue, you put on a costume, you do a show, and people give you money. So Robert and Gary decide to create their own church and Robert transforms into the Rockin' Reverend. His sermons are controversial, being an agnostic. As he becomes successful, he is tempted by greed, lust, and drugs. He must choose between being a rock star reverend or being a good father, loyal friend, faithful boyfriend. Written by Scot Michael Walker

  • Courage

    Courage (2011)
    Film (short) by David Edwin Read (Action, Adventure and Western) Miscellaneous Crew, Producer, Production manager It's 1870 in northwest Texas. After a bloody shootout in a hole-in-the-wall saloon, Texas Jack Slater, a notorious outlaw, kidnaps a widowed saloon girl, Zeta, and heads west. As fate would have it, the two come up on a chuck wagon and three cowboys traveling towards a cattle drive. After being invited in, by the cook, conditions quickly deteriorate when the cook discovers what has happen. To add fuel to the fire, Jack recognized one of the cowboys, as the man that sent him to prison years before. The stage is set for courage and luck to play out their hands in the deadly battle that is to ensue... "but even a losing poker hand can win if everyone else at the table folds". Written by Anonymous

  • The Dancer

    The Dancer (2011)
    Film (short) by Tom Young (Drama and Mystery) Producer, Director

  • Gravestoned

    Gravestoned (2009)
    Video by Michael McWillie (Horror) Miscellaneous Crew Shark and Coltrane, two out-of-work pot farmers really want to break into the movie business. So they chainsaw a cadaver's arm off and use the severed arm as a prop in a horror film. Now they have to survive a night in the graveyard with a cadaver zombie that wants his arm back! Written by Michael McWillie

  • Bollywood Beats

    Bollywood Beats (2009)
    Film by Mehul Shah (Comedy) Production manager Raj, a lovable Indian guy, is down on his luck after another unsuccessful dance audition, his tragic breakup with his girlfriend, and his parents threatening to kick him out of their home. Life doesn't seem to be going according to plan for him until he meets Jyoti, an attractive older woman who suggests for him to start a dance class for Indian women. Raj is leery of the idea, but reluctantly accepts the proposal since it will be a way for him to pursue his love of dance. While unsuccessful at the start, Raj's class begins to grow with students like Laxmi, a housewife new to the country, Puja, an unenthused high school student who's grandmother, Vina is forcing her to come to class, and Vincent, a young gay teen who wants to dance regardless of his father's objections. Raj's dream becomes reality when he gets the job to choreograph an emerging star's music video. But something doesn't feel right. Raj must decide to take the shot he's been wanting all his life or to be there for his ... Written by Mehul Shah

  • Waiting for Hockney

    Waiting for Hockney (2008)
    Film by Julie Checkoway (Documentary) Miscellaneous Crew A young working class Baltimore man spends 10 years on a single portrait, believing it is his means to fame and fortune. But he also believes that only one man can lead him there---the famous artist David Hockney. What happens when you finally meet the god of your own making? Written by Julie Checkoway

  • Why Do I Look My Father

    Why Do I Look My Father (2008)
    Film (short) by M. Legend Brown (Drama) Producer Raymond Blackwell JR is an establish author, who decides to take on his biggest demon, his own story. But, the memories of his abusive father are too much for him to bear. He exiles himself from his family in hopes of not unleashing the Jekyll buried inside. Written by Anonymous

  • All for Love

    All for Love (2008)
    Film (short) by Ron E. Harris (Drama, Romance and Thriller) Production manager, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Dale Jackson had the perfect life, and the perfect wife. Until one day he comes home and she doesn't. Throughout the next year of his life, he undergoes physical, emotional, and psychological changes that culminates in a psychotic episode that changes his life and the lives of others as well. Written by Jared Johnson

  • Blood on the Highway

    Blood on the Highway (2008)
    Film by Blair Rowan (Comedy and Horror) Production manager The citizens of sleepy small town Fate, TX gather for the grand opening of Consumart, a shiny new one-stop-shopping box store. The eager consumers gleefully pour into the store as the doors open at sundown. Why is the grand opening at sundown? Who cares, they've got cut-rate prices on plasma screens and baby clothes! DVDs! Mayonnaise! Coffins! Coffins? And before they have to time to really question this item, terror ensues and the store erupts into a bloodbath. A few weeks later, three oblivious, self-absorbed twenty somethings - CARRIE, SAM, and BONE - head out on a road trip to Mr. Fire (a festival which shares only minor non-litigious similarities, all of a purely coincidental nature, to Burning Man) and accidentally wander into Fate, unaware of its population's ill-fated transformation... into vampires. Being that the heroes are 20-somethings, they do it. Carrie, a shallow hothead, is dating Sam's wallet, er, Sam, who is a whiny, naive, hypochondriac rich boy. Bone, a callous ... Written by blareruin

  • Marriage Camp

    Marriage Camp (2007)
    Television (Reality-TV) Producer

  • The Gambler: Love Turns to Hate

    The Gambler: Love Turns to Hate (2007)
    Film (short) by Libby Mitchell (Crime and Drama) Producer, Director A beaten down gambler needs to make the score of his life to protect the woman he loves.

  • A Stranger with a Rose

    A Stranger with a Rose (2004)
    Film (short) by Larry Purtell (Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew, Production manager An older gentleman brings a rose to the park to give to a lady he has met before. His quest encounters some difficulties as he meets odd characters along the way.

  • The Millionaire's Club

    The Millionaire's Club (2004)
    Film Casting director

  • Dark Evolution

    Dark Evolution (2003)
    Film (short) by Tony Brownrigg (Sci-Fi) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Dark Evolution is a sci-fi short based on the live action role-playing game with the same name that is set in post-apocalyptic future. This dark world is rife with violence, technology, and biogenics. It is the law of the fittest. Dark Evolution tells the tale of a cohesive team, and its struggle to survive. Each individual team member has complementing strengths and unique qualities that make the team stronger as a whole. But something goes terribly wrong. They were setup, and there is nowhere they can turn for help. They have been marked for death, and the only way to survive is to break up the team they have been a part of most of their lives. Written by Kim Fishman

  • Zombie Campout

    Zombie Campout (2002)
    Video by Joshua D. Smith (Action, Comedy and Horror) Actress Radioactive meteorites from a meteor shower crash into a cemetery causing the dead to rise as flesh-eating zombies. Armed with only their wits and few camping supplies, can the attractive teens get out with their skin? Or will they become another midnight snack for the rapidly growing mass of zombies? This Zombie Campout will be one they'll never forget!! Written by Anonymous

  • The Lightning Man

    The Lightning Man


  • Second Rounder Austin Film Festival - AMC One Hour PIlot - Thorn Jack

  • Cinequest - TV Pilot - Quarterfinals - Thorn Jack

  • Second Rounder Austin Film Festival - Short Film - Rewind


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