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Lili Wexu
Actor, Director, Producer, Voice Actor and Screenwriter

Los Angeles, California

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About Lili

Lili is powerful and immortal, like Zeus! Daring, and hilarious in failure, like Julia Louis Dreyfuss. Zany like Vonnegut, Tom Robbins & David Kronenberg. She is as quirky as a Coen brothers movie. Complicated and profound as Darren Aronofsky’s cinema. Fast like The Flash & Jack Kerouac. Inspiring, like Oprah and Gandhi. And like her hero Bambi, she remains innocent, loving and kind with a heart big like the Milky Way! Lili is infinite, -like all the Earthlings!

This trilingual (English, French and Spanish) powerhouse is also a great story teller: she is writer, director, producer, actress, speaker, as well as an accomplished voice over talent (narrator, announcer).

A talented character actress, she has a very unique and distinctive type that has as much edge as it has commercial appeal. She plays politicians, cops, detectives, high status, low status, white collar, blue collar, troubled characters, moms, villains, suspects, and professionals of all types in film, TV and on stage. She is as emotional and fearless in drama, as she is hilarious in comedy. This highly trained actress with unique special skills brings humanity and creativity to all her roles. She also writes, acts and directs her own projects. To see Lili in action, see her acting video reels.

Lili’s favorites actresses are Claire Danes, Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand, Penelope Cruz, Hilary Swank, and Edie Falco. When working, she actually feels like a darker Claire Danes herself, and in comedy as a younger cross between Tilda and Frances! People often find she looks a lot like Hilary, and if she could come back as anybody in a next life, she’d definitely come back as Penelope…

Her specialties are: acting for film, television & commercials, spokesperson & voice overs (live announcer, radio & television commercials, television imaging, business presentations, corporate videos, narration, documentaries).

Her special abilities are: road racing & rallye (car), skydiving, dirt biking (motocross), trapeze.

Interests: Behavioral biology, Chaos theory, Technology & Science Fiction, Near Death Experience (NDE), Out-of-body experiences (OBE), Empathy, Kindness, Emotions.

Lili is a permanent resident of California; she is a green card holder and she is a SAG-AFTRA-ACTRA-UDA member in good standing. She was raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada but having lived for many years the US as a child, she performs in both North American English and French Canadian with absolutely no accent. She also speaks Spanish fluently as she lived in Argentina for several years.

Unique traits: «No» just means there is a better way to do it. Obstacles are always opportunities in disguise.


  • 96 Souls

    96 Souls (2016)
    Film (Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actress An agnostic university research scientist, about to lose funding and status, has a lab accident and discovers he can see people's true intentions -- which makes his situation even worse.

  • Yamaska

    Yamaska (2016)
    Television (Drama) Actress Add a Plot »

  • The Art of More

    The Art of More (2015)
    Television (Drama) Actress The Art Of More exposes the crime and intrigue behind the glamorous facade of New York auction houses.

  • Miraculum

    Miraculum (2014)
    Film (Drama) Actress Sometimes, we're just waiting for a miracle. A nurse who is a Jehovah's Witness, grows fond of the miracle survivor of a plane crash. Two sexagenarians, a bartender and a parking lot attendant want to explore their forbidden passions. A conservative, well-off couple drown their disappointments in booze and gambling. And a man does his utmost to make amends for an irredeemable action, bringing us to a plane bound for Cuba. An ensemble film where every character affects the lives of others. Written by Gabriel Sabourin

  • La ferme des humains

    La ferme des humains (2014)
    Film (Drama) Actress J-P, the neighborhood dealer and Karim like spending their time doing nothing. Jose would like to join them in order to find his place within society as well. A greedy old Haitian across the parc who also happens to be one of J-P's customers, embellishes the neighborhood his musical selection. An older homeless looking African keeps on smiling while biking around. Written by Anonymous

  • Nouvelle Adresse

    Nouvelle Adresse (2014)
    Television (Drama) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Unité 9

    Unité 9 (2012 - 2014)
    Television (Drama) Actress Follows a French Canadian woman going to jail for 7 years for pushing her father down the stairs. As the story unfolds we get to see how this all came about and the reasons behind it. The story follows the woman in jail as well as her family on the outside. Written by annafarrell

  • Fatal Vows

    Fatal Vows (2014)
    Television (Documentary) Actress When marriages fail, divorce can turn ugly and even deadly. What was once a passionate union becomes spite, greed, backstabbing, and betrayal. 'Fatal Vows explores tumultuous, shocking, and high-stake divorces and the deadly murders linked to them. Guiding viewers through these passionate accounts of love gone wrong are Dr. Stacy Kaiser, a psychotherapist and relationship expert, and Dr. Brian Russell, a forensic psychologist and attorney. From husbands, wives, children, grandparents, mistresses and friends, divorce can lead even the most unthinkable people to commit murder. Written by Investigation Discovery

  • Mon meilleur ami

    Mon meilleur ami (2013)
    Television (Drama) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Trauma

    Trauma (2012)
    Television (Drama) Actress Add a Plot »

  • The Cloven Sky

    The Cloven Sky (2010)
    Film (Animation, Short and Fantasy) Actress Inspired by the words of Wendat poet Huwennuwanenhs (Louis-Karl Picard-Sioui), The Cloven Sky is an interpretation of the knowledge found at the core of the Canadian First Nation's understanding of the Universe. The animated short takes along the viewer on a journey through time to the first moments of Creation. We follow the principal archetypes of the Wendat's cosmogony, from the Sky Woman's fall to the tragic fate of her warmongering sons, from Little Turtle, Toad and Crow to the Great Turtle, all stories bound to the never ending cycles of life. The Cloven Sky It is an open door on Man's universal ancestry, a path towards our artistic and scientific heritage, and a source of reflexion encouraging a new beginning. Written by Anonymous

  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (2010)
    Video Game (Action, Adventure, History and Sci-Fi) Actress Desmond Miles returns to Renaissance Italy to follow the life of his ancestor Ezio Auditore. After seeing his home destroyed, Ezio travels to Rome in an effort to rebuild the Assassin Order and bring down the Borgia family, who rule the city with an iron fist. Along the way, the modern day assassins hope to discover the location of the Piece of Eden, or "The Apple" before the Templars find out first. Written by mallen92506

  • Assassin's Creed II

    Assassin's Creed II (2009)
    Video Game (Action, Adventure, History and Sci-Fi) Actress After escaping from Abstergo, Desmond Miles is led to an assassin safe house by Lucy Stillman, and accesses the genetic memories of Ezio Auditore da Firenze, his ancestor from 15th Century Renaissance Italy. After witnessing his father and brothers murdered, Ezio becomes an assassin and vows revenge on those who committed the crime. With the help of family and real historical figures, including Leonardo da Vinci, Ezio uncovers a greater conspiracy which would lead him directly to the religious hub of the world and a Spaniard by the name of Rodrigo Borgia, the man who would become Pope Alexander VI. Written by mallen92506

  • Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

    Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)
    Film (Action, Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actress In Gunnison County, a spacecraft crashes in the woods bringing a powerful hybrid Alien hosted inside the pilot Predator. A local, Buddy Benson, and his son, Sam, are hunting in the forest and witness the crash, but they are chased and killed by the Alien. Meanwhile another Predator lands on the spot seeking out the Alien and destroys evidence of their presence on Earth. The dwellers of the town find themselves in the middle of a battlefield between the two deadly extraterrestrial creatures, and the small group of survivors splits between the leadership of Sheriff Eddie Morales and the bad-boy Dallas Howard. Both have different opinions about the best means to escape from the beings. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Delta State

    Delta State (2004)
    Television (Animation and Sci-Fi) Actress Claire, Luna, Martin and Philip are four "anti" super-heroes in their early twenties. Gifted with paranormal powers, they are the only ones who can rid humanity of the "Rifters", some mysterious entities seeking control of human minds... Their fight will essentially take place in a strange parallel universe called the "Delta State". Written by Alphanim


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