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A little more help-- sorry

Hey everybody!! Hate to do this again you guys. Looking for a way to make animated movies that are historically accurate. Been using Plotagon. But due to quirks with the Plotagon app I'm not really sure that it will work. I know for a fact that Sitepal won't do me any good. And Voki is for education... Btw. Alexander?... Spoke to Tet about GoAnimate and he said that it wouldn't work for this. Left him another message and don't know yet if he got back to me...I want to AVOID Muvizu because I want the characters' faces to look genuine. And the faces that Muvizu uses look too comical/funny for real life!... Or maybe too exaggerated for real life. Again the problems with Plotagon are somewhat numerous. Ok? They got the character creation thing down for the most part. But the voices sound very computerized and I need something where I can either use my own voice or where the voiceovers sound more human. Also there is A LOT of singing in this film. So in the places where I need to have singing the voiceovers need to SING and not SPEAK. Ok? Also. Related to that. The characters who play musical instruments...that is piano/organ/synthesizer. Guitar and drums need to be shown actually PLAYING them. Vs doing the "air guitar" thing and so on. As I said before re simplistic actions characters need to be able to do things other than stand and sit. Sorry for the places where there are all caps. No yelling intended. Wanted to kind of show the important points here. Another thing. Although "The Wandering Musician" takes place between 1965 and 1968 there are some dream sequences that have to do with sailing ships in the 1700s and other scenes having to do with mariner lore and water. So even using a mixed pack for this would be great. Please get back to me of this, Thanks!! Raven

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