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David A. Barak

Location sought

First, I hope this is the right place to post a location request. If it's not, please let me know and I'll delete the post and re-post it in a more suitable forum. So on to the subject at hand. It's pretty simple - I'm looking for a location, and the script is written to allow quite a bit of flexibility. What I need is... 1. Ideally, some sort of customer service,, ticketing or teller counter with at least two workstations, and two or more chairs or a bench to serve as a waiting area. The more uninteresting it looks, the better. This will serve as a government facility, so you know how drab those can be. 2. The second options would be a small office, with two or more desks with chairs, and two or more other seats that would serve as a waiting area. Again, the more dull and boring it is, the better. In a perfect world (said in a deep gravelly baritone, as in movie trailers), this would be in San Diego County, California, but it could also be in Orange County or Riverside County. Weekend availability is ideal. I've got photos of some ideas included here. There IS a budget for a reasonable fee, and the actual production is simple - three actors, half a dozen crew, and the usual Technocranes and stunts with pyro effects. Nah, just three actors, half a dozen crew, a camera and tripod, sound boom, and two or three lights. And if anyone reading this needs locations in the San Diego area, let me know and I'll see if I can think of anything. Oddly enough, for me the hardest thing is to find suitable locations. It's never a problem finding talent and at least a workable budget. It's those darned locations that get me every time. - Dave

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