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Magnus Dahlberg

Music Composer, Musician, Music Editor, Music Supervisor and Songwriter

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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March 2012
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About Magnus

With over 20 years of experience in film scoring I've had the pleasure to work with some of the most well known professionals in the movie and TV industry such as Jan Troell (three time Oscar Nominee), Per Åhlin and companies like Nordisk Film, Nimbus Film, Zentropa and many more.

I've composed and produced music for three full feature movies and numerous documentaries. Scoring for commercials is also a side of my work that I enjoy very much and some of my clients have been Toyota, The Danish Lottery, Scan and Aladdin Chocolate.

The last four years I've had the time of my life writing children's music for the 24 episodes of "Laban the Little Ghost" which has had great success both in theaters and TV all over Europe.

I'm always looking for new projects so please drop me a line and I'll tell you more about myself and my music.

Composing for anything from a Jazz Trio to a full Symphony Orchestra. My musical styles include Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Electronic and more.


  • Lilla Anna och Långa farbrorn

    Lilla Anna och Långa farbrorn (2012)
    Film (Animation and Family) Composer No two friends are more different than Little Anna and the Tall Uncle. She is short, he is very tall. Little Anna is brave, the Tall Uncle is a scared cat. And yet there is nobody who Little Anna would rather go swimming with, build a tree house with or ride a motorcycle with than the Tall Uncle. And there is nobody the Tall Uncle would rather bake a yummy cake for than his best friend Little Anna. Written by Filmlance International AB

  • Bara lite

    Bara lite (2012)
    Film (Animation and Short) Composer Add a Plot »

  • Var inte rädd Långa farbrorn

    Var inte rädd Långa farbrorn (2011)
    Film (Animation, Short and Family) Composer Little Anna wants to watch her five favorite films with Laban the Little Ghost and his friends. But Tall Uncle is scared of ghosts.

  • Laban the Little Ghost

    Laban the Little Ghost (2010)
    Television by Filmlance, PennFilm Composer

  • Lilla spöket Laban - Bullar och Bång

    Lilla spöket Laban - Bullar och Bång (2009)
    Film (Animation, Short and Family) Composer Add a Plot »

  • Lilla spöket Laban - Världens snällaste spöke

    Lilla spöket Laban - Världens snällaste spöke (2008)
    Film (Animation, Short and Family) Composer Add a Plot »

  • Lilla spöket Laban - Spökdags

    Lilla spöket Laban - Spökdags (2007)
    Film (Animation, Short and Family) Composer Six episodes about the little ghost called Laban, who's afraid of the dark.

  • Thin Ice

    Thin Ice (2006)
    Film (Documentary and Adventure) Composer Dolkar is the only one in her family who has been given a chance to study. She studies at the Secmol School. The director of the boarding school supports the girls wish to play ice hockey. When the next year's tournament is approaching the girls make a new attempt to enter. They have to solve problem by problem: Thin Ice, bad equipment, no coaching. Finally when they find the American coach Deb, they travel over the mountain to the Muslim village Kargil and create a joint team. Side by side the Buddhist and Muslim girls challenge the men in charge. When they finally are allowed to take part in the competition, they still have to fight for their rights both on the ice and beside the rink. The men don't like Dolkar and her team, so they change the rules and push the girls around. Due to the injustices there is chaos with boycott and new wild protests. Dolkar is risking her education and reputation by leading the protests. But then she also becomes the important bridge between the ... Written by Wg Film

  • Lilla spöket Laban

    Lilla spöket Laban (2006)
    Film (Animation and Family) Composer The adventures of the little and sensitive ghost Laban and his hyperactive sister Labollina.

  • Toyota, Danish Lotto, Scan and more

    Toyota, Danish Lotto, Scan and more (2006)
    Commercial by Social Club Composer

  • Den tyske hemmelighed

    Den tyske hemmelighed (2005)
    Film (Documentary) Composer Add a Plot »

  • Visions of Europe

    Visions of Europe (2004)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Composer An anthology film is a collection of short film projects by different directors for a common aim. Usually they are unified by a common theme - in this case, the European Union.

  • The German Secret

    The German Secret (2004)
    Documentary by Final Cut Composer

  • Tillfällig fru sökes

    Tillfällig fru sökes (2003)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Composer Frederik is a happy man; he has a girlfriend he loves, a business running smoothely and he is going to be a father. But his happiness proves false. At a party, his girlfriend declares that she will leave him for her true love. Frederik is distraught. But his biological clock has started ticking, and his desire for a child is overwhelming. At an adoption agency he meets Milla, a woman who has also been treated unfairly by love. Could Milla be the answer to Frederik's dream? Written by Anonymous

  • Klatretøsen

    Klatretøsen (2002)
    Film (Family, Adventure, Crime and Action) Composer The obstacles facing 12 years-old Ida, Sebastian and Jonas' perilous mission are many: A bank vault 30 meters above ground to open, secret combinations to crack, vicious guard dogs to wrestle, watchmen to distract and a bank manager to fool. Not to mention surviving a hair-raising go-cart race through narrow city streets with a hoard of cops chasing you. Equipped with state of the art climbing gear, a few borrowed go-carts and a couple of wild, throbbing hearts set on winning Ida's love, the trio plan the most audacious bank heist in the history of Denmark: To steal 1.5 million DKK from CCT Bank Europe's new headquarters - by breaking into the world's most secure bank vault. Written by Anonymous

  • Catch That Girl

    Catch That Girl (2002)
    Film by Nimbus Film Composer

  • Så vit som en snö

    Så vit som en snö (2001)
    Film (Biography, Drama and Romance) Composer Inspired by real-life Elsa Andersson, this mostly fictional movie tells the story of her upbringing as a farmer's daughter, in the early 1900s, who dreams of getting away from the farm and becoming an aviatrix.

  • As White As In Snow

    As White As In Snow (2001)
    Film by Jan Troell, Nordisk Film Composer


  • Nomination, Best film score, Danish Film Awards

  • Most promising composer, Berklee College of Music


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