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Marc Isaacs is a screenwriter, actor, and producer, originally from northern New York and now based in San Antonio. He's a member of SAG-AFTRA who began using his weekly acting class in North Hollywood to workshop original scene material rather than relying on produced scripts. Since then, he's shifted his focus to writing first, and he enjoys developing stories, screenplays, and pilot scripts intended to generate awareness of lesser-known historical figures and events and introduce true stories from his own life.

Before moving into narrative storytelling, he worked stints in TV, producing original programs and news content and serving on-air as a weathercaster. Marc is a former board member of Women in Film & Television Houston, where he served as Vice President and became the WIFT chapter's first male board member. A children's educational TV series that he co-created and produced, Houston ZooperStars Challenge, ran for three seasons and earned multiple Lone Star Emmy nominations.


  • Thank Gourd It's Christmas

    Thank Gourd It's Christmas Budget: $100K - $1M | Adventure Animation When a group of menacing jack-o'-lanterns magically stops time one day after Halloween, a timid green pumpkin, whose one Christmas wish is to turn orange, must come up with a way to reverse the spell before the holiday season is lost forever. 

  • The Last 9/11

    The Last 9/11 Budget: $0 - $100K | Adventure Drama On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, a legally blind former firefighter awakens to a deserted city where his only communication with the outside world seems to be coming from a boy he was unable to save on the day the Twin Towers collapsed.

  • First Timers

    First Timers Budget: $0 - $100K | Comedy A high school senior confined to a wheelchair finds inspiration to live in the moment after her grandmother's death and tries to convince her timid boyfriend that they're both ready to end their celibacy pact.

  • How Far to White Lake?

    How Far to White Lake? Budget: $100K - $1M | Comedy Adventure Weeks before graduating from parochial school, a paraplegic honors student sets out to lose her virginity in the same place where her late grandmother did—the site of the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969—but finds convincing her devoted boyfriend to join her in ending their celibacy pact may take an act of God.

  • Off the Grid

    Off the Grid Budget: $1M - $5M | Adventure Crime When a reclusive crime fiction writer in Texas heads to Canada to track down his fugitive Mohawk father to bring him to justice, his search puts him at the center of a long-standing battle between Indigenous groups and the Canadian government over gas pipelines on First Nations' lands. 

  • Whisper in Your Ear

    Whisper in Your Ear Budget: $100K - $1M | Romance Comedy A controlling young woman makes her lovesick boyfriend and shy best friend agree to keep each other company during her two-month summer trip abroad, unaware her plan will have them facing temptation every step of the way. 

  • Kincare

    Kincare Budget: $1M - $5M | Comedy Family A struggling actor in LA learns he has 10 Indigenous siblings in Canada's foster care system just as his career is about to take off. 

  • For the Love of Gator

    For the Love of Gator Budget: $1M - $5M | Drama Comedy In 1980, a highly emotional 9-year-old baseball fan tries to get the attention of his favorite MLB player, thinking the connection will bring an end to feeling shame over painful family circumstances outside his control.

  • The Legend of Marshal Dead

    The Legend of Marshal Dead Budget: $1M - $5M | Western Drama After an unstable Dallas fireman survives a building collapse in 1950, he awakens convinced that he is a reincarnated Old West U.S. Marshal, only to discover that the visions in his head are the key to his family's darkest secrets.

  • Not the Same Game

    Not the Same Game Budget: $1M - $5M | Sports Biography After fleeing the bloody streets of Budapest in 1956, a promising young soccer player finds adjusting to life in rural northern New York troubling until he discovers a new purpose in American football—and a surprising path to the pros. Inspired by a true story.

  • Not My Dad

    Not My Dad Budget: $1M - $5M | Drama Family Decades after being abused by his biological father, a divorced dad in Texas sets out to track down the old man after hearing he's still fathering children in his 70's and living off the grid as a fugitive from the law in Canada.

  • The New Sunset

    The New Sunset Budget: $1M - $5M | Drama Historical A former wartime nurse using new technologies to revive her struggling rural community creates enemies when building the area's first drive-in movie theater threatens to destroy farming traditions and customs.

  • Period of Misfortune

    Period of Misfortune Budget: $1M - $5M | Historical Biography Inspired by true events in 1920's New York, a former artist's model—once heralded as the "American Venus"—battles the sexism, scandals, and scornful mother she believes are standing in the way of resurrecting her stalled career.

  • Outside the Touch of Time

    Outside the Touch of Time Budget: $100K - $1M | Biography Documentary The role of genes and environment's affect on longevity are addressed in this look at the rare occurrence of 14 siblings, born and raised in rural upstate New York, who defy the odds by living past the age of 60.

  • My Life Is a Song

    My Life Is a Song Budget: $5M - $10M | Adventure Comedy After discovering a popular 80's pop song is about his birth parents, a 30-year-old celebrity hair stylist risks sabotaging his career when he begins plotting ways to confront the reclusive singer-songwriter who recorded the hit three decades ago. 

  • 43 Bumps of Blow

    43 Bumps of Blow Budget: $0 - $100K | Comedy Fantasy A Texas oil man with a personal connection in the White House risks creating a family scandal after he discovers using cocaine gives him clues about his own political future.

  • The Cuddle Party

    The Cuddle Party Budget: $1M - $5M | Comedy Fantasy After a healthcare company manager in Texas demands ideas to boost synergy in the office with the incentive of a trip anywhere in the world, a socially-awkward employee from the U.K. competes with his coworkers to come up with the perfect plan. 

  • This Is Only a Drill

    This Is Only a Drill Budget: $0 - $100K | Comedy Drama On her first day of work, a high school science teacher gets trapped in a teacher's lounge during a lockdown and finds her optimistic view of education challenged by a veteran English teacher who's disillusioned with his job.

  • Teacher's Pets

    Teacher's Pets Budget: $1M - $5M | Adventure Comedy A convicted animal smuggler risks more prison time when he returns to illegal wildlife trade to keep a promise to his former teacher who wants exotic pets for the classroom. 

  • Wigged Out

    Wigged Out Budget: $1M - $5M | Comedy Fantasy When a high school drama teacher gets offered witness protection after receiving death threats from a crime family, she battles with the state’s victim assistance program for creative control over her new identity.

  • Kill the Music

    Kill the Music Budget: $1M - $5M | Comedy Crime A married high school music teacher going to great lengths to hide his affair with a coworker teams up with an ex-con friend to cover up the mysterious death of the secret lover. 

  • The Freshest Fruit

    The Freshest Fruit Budget: $0 - $100K | Comedy A longtime farmer’s market vendor is forced to up her game when a sexy newcomer shows up one day and steals the attention of locals and tourists.

  • The Don't Stop Lady

    The Don't Stop Lady Budget: $100K - $1M | Musical Comedy After years of competing in her hometown karaoke contest, a grocery store cashier believes she’s the frontrunner to finally win until a more talented singer shows up and becomes her biggest rival.

  • Through the Mil

    Through the Mil Budget: $1M - $5M | Comedy As the 2016 U.S. presidential race intensifies, a liberal political cartoonist fights to restore his career after his cousin's attempts to support the Republican candidate backfire and make both of them subjects of ridicule in the media.

  • Stealer's Remorse

    Stealer's Remorse Budget: $0 - $100K | Comedy Drama As part of making amends for his past, a middle-aged twelve-stepper seeks out the drugstore manager who he believes put an end to his teenage shoplifting 30 years ago and finds his personal hero is consumed by his own addictions.

  • Hai Japan

    Hai Japan Budget: $0 - $100K | Comedy Days before going to Tokyo for a year to teach English as a Second Language, an East Texas man suspects the one local expert on Japanese culture may be a scam artist. 

  • The Sack

    The Sack Budget: $1M - $5M | Sports Drama A star quarterback with an impeccable reputation who’s on the verge of signing the biggest deal of his career discovers he’s hours away from losing everything when news of an alleged assault will break.

  • Tooley and Pond

    Tooley and Pond Budget: $100K - $1M | Comedy Crime When a beloved college hockey coach is murdered in a small town, two incompetent local detectives hire a retired acting teacher to help make them look like good cops.

  • Dead and Gone

    Dead and Gone Budget: $100K - $1M | Drama Thriller When a corrections officer discovers the murder victim in a highly-publicized case that sent a man to prison is still alive, he's comes up against corruption in the D.A.'s office when trying to get the inmate exonerated. 

  • Blackdamp

    Blackdamp Budget: $1M - $5M | Adventure Comedy Months before the 2016 Presidential Election, a West Virginia native returns to his hometown to help struggling coal miners and finds himself in hostile territory when the locals discover the visit is purely political.

  • The Cold Chain

    The Cold Chain Budget: $1M - $5M | Comedy Crime When a former mob boss gets a week with his sheltered pre-teen daughter, he vows to change his criminal ways to win her over but must decide between his love for the girl and a surprising deal of a lifetime.

  • Happy Father’s Day

    Happy Father’s Day Budget: $0 - $100K | Comedy Family Fearing his little girl could soon become a teen mom, a socially awkward father decides it’s finally time for “The Talk” before she goes out again with a mysterious boyfriend she’s not introduced him to yet.

  • The Karoshi Way

    The Karoshi Way Budget: $100K - $1M | Sci-fi Drama After a job shadowing assignment mistakenly sends a young gamer to a crime scene clean-up site, the teen begins to believe he possesses the skills to hunt a killer.    

  • Zoommates

    Zoommates Budget: $1M - $5M | Comedy Fantasy Two Gen Z-ers in Milwaukee make a pact to be the perfect roommates for a year and find keeping their promise to each other gets harder when their agreement goes public.

  • Under the Lighthouse

    Under the Lighthouse Budget: $100K - $1M | Comedy Crime When a beloved high school hockey coach dies, one of his former star players returns home to publicly mourn his loss while secretly planning to steal a fortune in gold coins buried by the old man decades ago.

  • Snap

    Snap Budget: $100K - $1M | Comedy Drama An arrogant family law attorney attempts to soften his public image unknowingly seeks the help of someone harmed by the outcome of one of his biggest cases.

  • Taylor and Sage

    Taylor and Sage Budget: $5M - $10M | Comedy Crime Two addicts try to get clean and sober to clear their names when they become suspects during the investigation into the theft of rare and valuable goods connected to one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

  • The Spot Treatment

    The Spot Treatment Budget: $1M - $5M | Comedy When a blunder played out in a national commercial leads to the demotion of a once-celebrated creative director, his new boss forces him to work with his office rival to salvage his reputation.

  • Come Together

    Come Together Budget: $1M - $5M | Fantasy Drama After the sudden death of his father, a young man on the spectrum attempts to get a job as a grocery store stocker to save his family home but finds the managers aren't ready for his unusual yet innovative ideas. 


  • Divine Intervention

    Divine Intervention (2016)
    Film Actor

  • Somebody's Darling

    Somebody's Darling (2016)
    Film Actor

  • Carter & June

    Carter & June (2016)
    Film by Nicholas Kalikow (Comedy) Actor

  • Divorce Texas Style

    Divorce Texas Style (2016)
    Film by Corbin Timbrook (Comedy) Actor DIVORCE TEXAS STYLE is about four men, four women and a Texas legend that says: if somebody wants a divorce in Texas, someone has to die. With two detectives hot on their trail, the four widows continue to enjoy sharing lies and Bordeaux, but things are not always as they seem. Written by Melrose Fougere - Writer

  • Space Grads

    Space Grads (2015)
    Film (short) by Laura Heuston (Sci-Fi) Writer

  • The Example

    The Example (2015)
    Film (short) by Wyatt Cagle (Drama) Actor June 1943, Officer Harvey, a white police officer and black business owner Carver Jefferson meet while Beaumont is under martial law. Tensions explode, forcing them to make decisions that will question their morals.

  • The Truth

    The Truth (2015)
    Film by Christina Melinder (Adventure and Drama) Actor, Producer This is the first of a series of feature films that tells the inspiring true story of Christina Melinder. The story revisits her childhood, a time of great struggle and tragedy. Those tragedies continued into her teenage years and then into adulthood, where she is faced with yet more adversity, but through a series of INCREDIBLE events and then is given insight to "THE TRUTH". Written by Leeanne Rambin

  • Turning the Hands of Time

    Turning the Hands of Time (2015)
    Film by Gary Chason (Action) Actor Desperate to save his pregnant wife from being killed by a bloodthirsty member of a Mexican drug cartel, a distraught detective turns to his estranged father for the kind of help only he can give.

  • Kinky Eggs

    Kinky Eggs (2015)
    Film (short) by Robert Jauregui (Romance) Actor

  • I Want to Marry a Lumberjack: A Mockumentary

    I Want to Marry a Lumberjack: A Mockumentary (2015)
    Film (short) by Gina Gheller (Comedy) Actor Trudy is tired of dating the metrosexuals of Houston. She is selected for a dating show and embarks on an adventure in hopes of finding true love with a lumberjack.

  • Organizatsiya

    Organizatsiya (2015)
    Film by R. Clay Ayers (Thriller) Actor

  • Sorrow

    Sorrow (2015)
    Film by Millie Loredo (Crime, Drama, Horror and Thriller) Actor A young woman is abducted by serial killers and subjected to brutal treatment. She escapes from her confinement and finds a way to return to exact vengeance. She then becomes a prime suspect in the investigation of the killing of her captors. After she is caught by the police, she accuses the Chief of Police of having been instrumental in hiding the serial killings which were committed by his son.

  • Dream Time

    Dream Time (2014)
    Film by Maganthrie Pillay Actor

  • Wake Me Up TV Show

    Wake Me Up TV Show (2014)
    Television (Family) Actor

  • Mirror/Mirror

    Mirror/Mirror (2014)
    Television (Talk-Show) Actor

  • Westish

    Westish (2014)
    Television (Western) Actor A Paris, TX "clerk turned Sheriff," who comes into a family inheritance, and assembles a dream team to journey west, in search of the perfect land claim.

  • Fatal Encounters

    Fatal Encounters (2013)
    Television (Documentary and Crime) Actor "Fatal Encounters" tells the stories of people in the wrong place at the wrong time. It traces the doomed relationships between victim and killer as their paths intertwine, setting the stage for a series of events that lead to murder.

  • Finding Happy

    Finding Happy (2013)
    TV Mini Actor

  • Foster Care

    Foster Care (2013)
    Film (short) by Barbara Sundstrom (Drama and Family) Actor FOSTER CARE--A home for the homeless...A shelter from the storm. Bridgette, age 15, a 'street smart' foster child, needs a home while her mother recovers. When things go awry with the Matthews' Family, Bridgette seeks true refuge elsewhere. Written by Anonymous

  • Stepping Out

    Stepping Out (2013)
    Film (short) by Mark Baird (Drama) Actor

  • Guyco

    Guyco (2013)
    Film (short) by Scott Frank (Comedy and Romance) Actor Guyco is a quirky comedy about Cliff, a middle aged teacher, who wants to settle down with Mrs. Right, but spends his money on poor prospects. Desperate after yet another dating disaster, he stumbles upon a solution to his dating woes with Guyco. Written by Anonymous

  • The Preacher's Daughter

    The Preacher's Daughter (2013)
    TV Movie by Michelle Mower (Drama) Actor The estranged daughter of a small town minister is forced to return to the strict, religious home of her youth where she must confront the troubled relationships that caused her to leave four years before.

  • Final Witness

    Final Witness (2012)
    Television Actor The voices of the dead come to life in this true-crime series which offers a unique look at some of the nation's most shocking murders. Each of the seven episodes will examine one case from start to finish, taking viewers inside the murder from the victim's point of view. Final Witness is a compelling hybrid of documentary and drama, featuring interviews with real-life witnesses, prosecutors, law enforcement, family and friends, along with riveting scripted scenes, which thrust viewers into the heart of each crime. Shot on location around the world, infused with an indie-band soundtrack and cinematic style, Final Witness creates an unforgettable look at the human psyche at its darkest. Written by ABC Television Network

  • Harvester of Terror 2: Redneck's Revenge

    Harvester of Terror 2: Redneck's Revenge (2012)
    Film (short) by Chuck Norfolk (Comedy) Casting department A typical late night bridal shower in the woods turns predictably terrifying once the girls get caught trespassing.

  • Tashi

    Tashi (2012)
    Film Actor

  • We Are Family

    We Are Family (2012)
    Film (short) by Sheree L. Ross (Comedy and Family) Actor We Are Family is a modern day I Love Lucy, the story of a closeted soap opera star and his partner who hates to lurk in the shadows.

  • Time

    Time (2012)
    Film (short) by Erika Waldorf (Music) Actor, Writer

  • Triggered

    Triggered (2012)
    Film by Stephen R. Reynolds (Drama) Actor Separate lives get brought together with the trigger of a tragedy. One event can change lives forever

  • Twelve Hungry Men

    Twelve Hungry Men (2012)
    Film (short) by Victor DiGiovanni (Comedy) Actor, Writer, Producer While fighting one another to take over their dead mother's media empire, a young woman and her 11 half-brothers quickly learn mom found a way to end their sibling rivalry from the grave.

  • Trinity of Horror

    Trinity of Horror (2012)
    Film (short) by Al Bahmani (Horror) Actor At a little bed and breakfast in the country, every guest gets a room with a view-of death.

  • Believe You Me

    Believe You Me (2011)
    Film by Scott Honea (Comedy, Drama and Mystery) Actor After being blindsided by an unthinkable crisis, a small-town photographer volunteers at a suicide hot line where he finds a clue that may unravel the mystery behind his grief.

  • Storage Town

    Storage Town (2011)
    Film (short) by Victor DiGiovanni (Comedy) Actor, Writer Dozens of misfits secretly living in self-storage have no idea the facility's manager, who brought them there, intends to use them in a series of social and science experiments that will change their lives forever.

  • Puncture

    Puncture (2011)
    Film by Mark Kassen (Drama) Actor Idealistic lawyers Mike Weiss and Paul Danziger are partners. Mike is a drug-addict and Paul is a family man with a pregnant wife. When nurse Vicky Rogers seeks them out, they learn that she contracted AIDS a couple of years ago when she was accidentally pinpricked with a contaminated needle by a violent patient. Vicky shows a retractable safety needle invented by engineer Jeffrey Matthew Dancort, who owns the Safety Point Company, but is unable to sell his product to any hospital from the United Medical group, apart from San Antonio Memorial. Danziger and Weiss accept the case and go to court against United Medical, defended by powerful lawyer Nathaniel Price. Soon, they see all the doors closed in their fight against the powerful mafia of the medical supply system. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Apparition

    Apparition (2010)
    Film by Todd Rodgers (Action and Horror) Actor Every town has one. The place you warn your kids about, the place where unexplained things happen, the place that's haunted. This east Texas town is no different. Southbrook hospital sits empty and has been that way since the riot in 1986. With the sale of the property pending, the buyers want peace of mind. Enter Eradication, Inc. Damon (Josh Pack), Jared (Joe Moore), Rowan (Eva Marcus), Kristin (Survivor's Natalie Bolton) and Ellie (Sydney Fergerson) are the most sought after Ghost Hunters in Texas and are about to enter Southbrook. Is Southbrook all legend or is there a darker evil lurking in the halls. Written by Todd Rodgers

  • The Presentation

    The Presentation (2010)
    Film (short) by Chuck Norfolk (Comedy) Actor

  • Pearls of Illusion

    Pearls of Illusion (2010)
    Film (short) by David B. Craig (Drama, Fantasy and Thriller) Actor, Writer Despite her vow of chastity, a woman of God struggles to tame her temptations while caught between fantasy and reality.

  • Key of D

    Key of D (2010)
    Film (short) by Judy Garlow Actor An experimental short film that employs the artistic use of music to create each character's story. The film uses the power of music, rather than dialogue, to evoke emotion based on the notes heard versus the words spoken.

  • My Own Love Song

    My Own Love Song (2010)
    Film by Olivier Dahan (Comedy and Drama) Actor Jane is a woman who is hiding from life after an accident leaves her wheelchair-bound. Joey is her friend who speaks to ghosts and angels no one else can see or hear. When he reads in the newspaper that his favorite author will be speaking in New Orleans, he convinces Jean to go with him. Along the way, they meet up with Billie, a young woman in search of her missing husband. The travelers have many obstacles in their path. They meet many different "angels" and "devils" along the way. Will they make it in time for the most important gig of Jane's life? Written by joules

  • Temple Grandin

    Temple Grandin (2010)
    TV Movie by Mick Jackson (Biography and Drama) Actor Biopic of Temple Grandin, an autistic woman who overcame the limitations imposed on her by her condition to become a Ph.D. and expert in the field of animal husbandry. She developed an interest in cattle early in life while spending time at her Aunt and Uncle's ranch. She did not speak until age four and had difficulty right through high school, mostly in dealing with people. Her mother was very supportive as were some of her teachers. She is noted for creating her 'hug box', widely recognized today as a way of relieving stress in autistic children, and her humane design for the treatment of cattle in processing plants, which have been the subject of several books and won an award from PETA. Today, she is a professor at Colorado State University and well-known speaker on autism and animal handling. Written by garykmcd

  • Mother's Milk

    Mother's Milk (2009)
    Film (short) by Jarred King (Drama) Actor Every baby's life is lived for a unique purpose. Overcome by her loss, a mother survives by sharing her baby's gift of life. Every baby deserves human breast milk and every grieving mother deserves to heal.

  • Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day (2009)
    Film (short) by Victor DiGiovanni (Comedy) Actor, Writer A dad attempts to salvage his Father's Day after realizing his teenage daughter has discovered boys.

  • Timewatch

    Timewatch (2009)
    Television (Documentary) Actor BBC investigative documentary series noted for its new perspectives on historical events.

  • Secret at Arrow Lake

    Secret at Arrow Lake (2009)
    Film by Brad Keller (Drama) Actor Mia Williams, raised on the family Bed & Breakfast by Sara, a loving single mom grows up believing her father was lost, M.I.A., in the Gulf War. A tragic accident results in the sudden death of Sara and Mia finds herself alone to care for the B&B while attending college. Daniel Williams, a hard-edged businessman from New York, arrives at the B&B and Mia suspects he may be her lost father. The townsfolk believe he may be responsible for Sara's death. As events unfold, Daniel clears his name and finds acceptance from the community and Mia finds a father at last. Written by Bonnie Orr

  • Top Dog

    Top Dog (2008)
    Film by Kristin Wong (Comedy) Actor Patrick meanders from one fruitless job interview to another with one simple, yet seemingly impossible, goal in mind: to save enough money to buy a car. Fed up with having to hit the pavement or chase the bus, Patrick finds the answer to his problems lies within the dog-eat-dog world of competitive eating. With the help of close friends Norma and Gene, Patrick soon surprises friends and foes alike with his newfound eating skills. Former champion and living legend, Arnold "the Mouth" Whitman, recognizes Patrick as talent-in-the-raw and takes him under his wing in order to fight off the shrewd tactics of "the Human Vacuum", the ravenous defending champion Wendy Wong. Patrick soon finds that the Vacuum will stop at nothing in order to defend the crown of world's greatest hot dog eater. Save your appetite for the most delicious comedy of the summer! Consummate athleticism! Dancing clowns! Mountains of hot dogs! Written by Nolan Merchan

  • Surprise

    Surprise (2007)
    Film (short) by M. Kent Kay (Comedy) Actor A naive software developer quickly discovers the gorgeous woman he met online has something deviant in mind when they meet for a first date.

  • Eternal

    Eternal (2006)
    Film (short) by Victor DiGiovanni (Romance) Actor A woman begins each day running frantically through a dense forest. Why? From what? To whom? Each day she is rescued. But will this day be different?

  • Fire & Ice: The Galleria Holiday Special

    Fire & Ice: The Galleria Holiday Special (2006)
    TV Movie by M. Kent Kay Writer, Producer Skating performances by Olympic gold medal winner Oksana Baiul and holiday season highlights at The Galleria mall are among the special segments of this television special that aired on Houston's CBS affiliate, KHOU.

  • Stars of the Rodeo

    Stars of the Rodeo (2006)
    TV Movie by Marc Isaacs Writer, Producer The world's largest live entertainment and livestock exhibition is the setting for a television special featuring the real cowboys and cowgirls who compete in regular-season rodeo events and the music stars whose performances in front of sold-out crowds follow up the rodeo action every night. Written by Marc Isaacs

  • Houston Zooperstars Challenge

    Houston Zooperstars Challenge (2005)
    Television (Family) Writer, Producer In each episode, two teams of middle school students go head to head in a series of four animal-related mental and physical competitions at the Houston Zoo.

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