Maria A Zani

Maria A Zani

International development consultant head of welfare and wellbeiing head of events and part of K studios productions at
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Glasgow, United Kingdom

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About Maria

International Development Consultant
Im supporting the 17 SDG for the United Nations almost dying this year taught me to be even kinder xx I have long covid so I have been delayed I will working here and working at sky
We have teams across the globe and we here to collaborate and partner to help 17 sdg for united nations
Im supporting the 17 SDG for the United Nations almost dying this year taught me to be even kinder xx I
head of welfare and wellbeing
Im mental health first aid trained from NHS Scotland
K Enterprises with dedicated teams and partners provide holistic solutions to tackle sustainable development issues with an understanding of the present challenges to help customers meet current and future demands. We provide solutions for governments, businesses, NGOs, and individual customer needs with a focus on your modernisation, security, and infrastructure development goals.
I work part for sky plc too
Environmental, Social, and Governance support, access to finance, technologies are available and we work closely with our partners to build better futures together. Solutions for all industries and sectors whilst focusing on the sustainability agenda without compromise.
Modernisation enables transformation from a traditional, rural, agrarian society, organisation, or system to a secular, urban, prosperous alternative development. Through our departments we work with you to introduce, use more modern designs, and processes to enable continuous growth.
We Support The UNGC
Tackle poverty and reduce unemployment, inequalities, and support growth initiatives for all sectors whilst attracting investors to enable progress. Improve life on land and below water through sustainable waste management options, whilst enabling green solutions to reduce waste and provide energy. We help modernise your education sector through unique programs, technologies, and collaborations.
Businesses will always benefit from our services with phenomenal discounts to help start ups or bright ideas coupled with state of the art cyber security technologies to be ahead of the curve.
We also understand the threats around terrorism, issues around serious organised crime, dissident activities, disinformation, and other forms of extremism.
I i will be when im better working part time to help with getting new partners to improve health and wellbeing
Im going to be part of K studios part of I will be working as a development producer and producer and one of the creators and concept developers for original concept that will include austism disbaled
I will be working as part of k Studios headed by an amazing studio head is running the film and documentary department of k-enterprises .biz and still work at sky part time when Im fully recovered
Amelia Nashe – Writer | balancing life on a ballpoint…
I will be assisting the head of K studios
I have many treatments and one treatment that has been co written with Amelia Nashe BBC VOICE based on a novel co created and co produced by us
training bame inclusion diversity equality
partnering and collaborating with organizations and ngo and reaching out to contacts human trafficking domestic violence disability education farming health mental health poverty climate change
I’m currently on Screenskills meente 2021 scheme for content development for adult children drama animation for those who have autism deaf and disabled I was so shocked to get picked so humbled
My mentor is azamimg !
My neurodiversity traits are my superpower! its a gift how I see a project 365 degrees
I have co created and developed a tv crime series with bbc writer alumni 2021 Amelia Nashe .
I will be creating and collaborating on imaginative original stories projects with other creative who have unique voice being mindful to make all content fully accessible fully interactive
I will be using my experience in filmmaking and producing to help the team and also find partner and collaborators I will be creating drama animation children adult contest documentary mental health human rights et
I'm a also screenskills meente for 2021 my mentor is azaming she has over 97 credits I'm so super lucky
My main experience is as a freelance development producer. I have experience producing short films developing pitches creating storylines for myself and private clients for feature films and podcasts.
I love to collaborate, and help be a part of a team that creates amazing stories that capture our imagination.
As a disabled producer it’s important for me to know all departments not to be an expert but just to know what is needed to make sure that nothing is missed, and we all work as a team so I know who would be suited for each role .
I’m so passionate about equality, diversity, inclusion I’m trained in leadership with kindness, mindfulness unconscious bias training . deaf awareness culture awareness mental health disabitly awareness welfare training neugrodiverengent awareness training sensory awareness
I have dyslexic dyscalculia and autism I see these as my superpower I have a different way of thinking and seeing a project.

An examples Skills and qualification gained more available on request

● 1ST ad trained for children live action and published children author

● Trained Producer in film and tv drama and children animation live action development autism story's human trafficking etc social media trained public relations trained in marketing both digital and seo agile management documentary producer training

● Trained in storyline development spec scripts published children Vr Filmmaking hybrid film making self-shoot pd location scout wildlife conservation environment climate ● Trained covid supervisor by first option and screenskills for production hoping to step to compliance with further training

● Trained mental health first aider and suicide prevention

● Screenskill trained for high end Drama production Coordinator for film and TV ● Step up as a post-production supervisor for disabled crew trained by 104 films this was an amazing course I have a passion for post-production and all areas of production from pre development creation production right up to post I trained myself in digital Matte painting Maya rigging blender DaVinci resolve basic after effects and editing

● Social media marketing for TV trained fact finder trained by bbc academy ● Trained production manager via screen skills and PMG for factual and doc ● Trained researcher and Fact Finder

● Trained Interviewer

● Selected for screenskill the first ever high ambition budget clinic I was the only UK freelancer based on my 1st ever stop motion animation created on characters and storyline designed by me.

● Adept at communicating with the management team, vendors, and internal departments to coordinate overall sky products.

This year and last year have been a very tough period for us all. The pandemic has brought major challenges to all the broadcasters and production companies across the globe. We have as an industry risen to the challenge. The need for new content has never been greater.

I like to be upfront; I have dyslexic dyscalculia and autism. I see these as my superpowers. I have a different way of thinking and seeing a project and a bone disorder. I don’t let that stop me.

As a producer it’s important for me to know all departments not to be an expert but just to know what is needed.

My educational background in Marketing, Production, Editorial, Writing, Diversity, Equality and the creative industry. I currently work for Sky plc part time and I work as a self-employed freelancer disabled content creator.

I come to you armed with a background in a variety of different art forms that have included working in the telecommunications indie film sector, independent television sector, community arts, theatre, live events, the music industry, radio and publishing.

I'm trained covid supervisor trained by first option

For many years, I have attended many industry qualified recognized courses to up skill and keep up to date with production values, development ethics, diversity rep inclusion advisability rep standards and courses.

These courses have been done via Screenskills on my own time Linkedin learning, BECTU, first option, BAFTA guru, tvmindset, BFI, BAFTA Albert Production Management Guild, Women in Film and Media, BBC academy etc. 104 films, Sky, Northern School of Media, Royal Television Society

Last year I won a place at the first ever high end animation budget Screenskills course, it was amazing I was only the freelancer in the UK to win a place in the course. It was based on a stop motion animation that I created in lockdown from my first ever course in stop motion done in lockdown. I created the characters and designed all the clay models and build the sets, designed and made all the props etc. I come from an arts background I paint and draw.

This year I won a year mentoring with BBC Studios via Screenskills this has humbled me so much.

My neurodiversity traits are my superpower! its a gift how I see a project 365 degrees

I have co created and developed a tv crime series with bbc writer alumni 2021 Amelia Nashe .

I’m a published children author yes me that cant spell well

I believe in being honest and transparent

if you had meet me years ago

I was extremely shy .

I do enjoy working with start ups through personal recommendations which I’m so hugely humbled for through setting up solo venture it is a very risky path as often they can fail .

Our path into the film and tv industry is completely different

We don’t fit a typical career path structure

Yes I have issues with my spelling and structure I have to work extra hard .
I have moved into a more development role I love post production

I believe truly people are born good !

One voice can change the world !

I’m autism champion @sky part of a growing neurodiversity group to help support our colleagues !
I’m so lucky to work there !

Disability doesn’t not define you define !

Hiring neurodivergent talent is a competitive advantage and a smart one !

I want to stop the fear ! we can all work together and make it easy to disclose and make it normalized

Those who have diverse abilities its a full time job

Unique traits: I'm now trained in introduction to horse riding and broadsword training and will be seeking further training Maria Zani (bluebirdhoney) on Twitter Maria Zani - Maria Zani - UK Music Jobs profile Maria Zani - IMDb Maria Zani Actresses UK - Scotland - film tv production Maria Zani | LinkedIn



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  • won best orginal cocept with team at the Glasgow 48 hour film festival


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  • North Glasgow College

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  • Universit degli studi di Genoa

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