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Experienced stage and screen actor. Trained at Birmingham School of Speech and drama before joining Marius Goring on a Nationwide tour in 1974. Theatre work followed in rep with Oxford Playhouse,Derby, Belgrade Coventry and London .. Produced British premiere of Sam Shepard's Angel City at Edinburgh with Mark Williams and played opposite him in The Secret Agent. In 2014 produced world premiere of Guy Hibbert's A Master Of The Marionettes. Lead parts in films include Dead Clean with Andrew Sachs and Shane Richie, directed by Chris Barfoot... Thin Lines directed by Rob Clother.
Lead in BBC The Oystercatcher, director Bill Anderson. Currently working on Chris Barfoot's feature film Black Russian for Anglo-American Films.


  • Hide Go Seek

    Hide Go Seek (2020)
    Film (short) by Chris Barfoot. Malcolm the Mincer

  • Black Russian

    Black Russian (0000 - 2020)
    Film by Chris Barfoot. Cutter the Nutter

  • Beyond Fury

    Beyond Fury (2018 - 2019)
    Film by Darren Ward Thug

  • Beachcomber

    Beachcomber (2016)
    Film (short) by David Knight Lead

  • A Game Of Chess.

    A Game Of Chess. (2016)
    Film (short) by Thom Thom Productions Lead

  • Free (Lead)

    Free (Lead) (2014)
    Film (short) by TR Films Mad scientist

  • Master of the Marionettes by Guy Hibbert. World premiere

    Master of the Marionettes by Guy Hibbert. World premiere (2014)
    Theater by Chichester Producer

  • Of Mice and Men

    Of Mice and Men (2013)
    Theater by TIE Lennie

  • Macbeth

    Macbeth (2013)
    Theater by TIE Macbeth

  • A Hand Waving

    A Hand Waving (2012)
    by By Guy Hibbert. Radio Play James. Lead

  • Scarface 2.

    Scarface 2. (2011)
    Film (short) by MR Films Tim Surgess

  • The Dead

    The Dead (2010)
    Film by Adrenalin Films. Dir Howard Ford Pilot Collins

  • The Reckoning

    The Reckoning (2002)
    Film by Dir Chris Barfoot/Rob Clother (Horror and Short) Actor ;Played David in this award winning horror short.

  • Distant Shadow

    Distant Shadow (2001)
    Film by Latitude Films. Dir Howard Ford Jimmy Scarface

  • The Frozen Clue

    The Frozen Clue (1999)
    Television by BBC. Dir John Fothergill Investigating Officer

  • The Man who held his Breath

    The Man who held his Breath (1999)
    Film (short) by Miracle Films. Dir Stephen Lowenstein The detective

  • Crimewatch Files

    Crimewatch Files (1999)
    Television Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Fiancée

    The Fiancée (1999)
    Film (Short) Actor Zabeen is a young woman who remains a child. One day she meets a boy on a motorbike.

  • Between the Lines

    Between the Lines (1999)
    Television by BBC. Dir Peter Smith DC Hume

  • Library of Romance. The Oyster Catcher. 5 episodes (Lead)

    Library of Romance. The Oyster Catcher. 5 episodes (Lead) (1998)
    Television by BBC. Dir Bill Anderson The Oystercatcher

  • Sorrow

    Sorrow (1998)
    Television by BBC. Director Alan Bell Derek Duggan

  • Drop the Dead Donkey

    Drop the Dead Donkey (1998)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Political satire about a television news company.

  • Bramwell

    Bramwell (1998)
    Television (Drama) Actor In 1895, women were not expected to work - or even know about - medicine. Women were expected to work as house-wives, mothers, teachers and nurses. One woman was determined to change that. Eleanor Bramwell works under Sir Herbert Hamilton's supervision. She isn't happy. After he stupidly loses a perfectly healthy young mother, Eleanor decides it is time to make her mark in medical history. Mocked by fellow medical students and questioned by her father, Doctor Robert Bramwell, Eleanor is soon given a renovated building - by donation of the kind Lady Cora Peters - and begins her own infirmary - The Thrift. But with all odds against her, will she survive? Will she make her dream come true? Will her colleagues trust her? Written by <>

  • Dead Clean

    Dead Clean (1998)
    Film by Dir Chris Barfoot/Rob Clother (Short) Actor Add a Plot »Played the lead opposite Andrew Sachs and Shane Richie. Comedy thriller. Directed by Rob Clother and Chris Barfoot.

  • Volcano Mountaian

    Volcano Mountaian (1998)
    Video by Sarner Productions Prof. Hugo

  • Thin Lines. (Lead)

    Thin Lines. (Lead) (1998)
    Film by RC Films. Dir Rob Clother D.I Macfarland

  • The Longest Memory

    The Longest Memory (1998)
    Film by Mentorn. Dir Mark Harrison The Overseer

  • The Demon Head Master

    The Demon Head Master (1998)
    Television by BBC.Dir Roger Singelton_Turner Mr. Hunter

  • The Bill (3 episodes)

    The Bill (3 episodes) (1997)
    Television by Thames TV.Dir John Strickland D.I Jones

  • The Man Who Knew Too Little

    The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997)
    Film (Action, Comedy, Crime and Thriller) Actor An American gets a ticket for an audience participation game in London, then gets involved in a case of mistaken identity. As an international plot unravels around him, he thinks it's all part of the act. Written by Anonymous

  • Firelight

    Firelight (1997)
    Film (Romance and Drama) Actor In 1838, lovely governess Elisabeth agrees to bear a child of anonymous English landowner, and he will in return pay her father's debt. At birth she, as agreed, gives up the child. Seven years later she is hired as governess to a girl on a remote Sussex estate. The father of the girl, Charles Godwin, turns out to be that anonymous landowner. So Elisabeth has to be her own daughter's governess, and she can't reveal the secret of her tie with little Louisa. Written by Anonymous

  • Metroland

    Metroland (1997)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actor After ten years absence Toni, Chris's best friend, suddenly reappears in London to bring chaos and doubt into Chris's calm, tranquil, slightly boring, predictable life. Chris starts to remember his carefree youth as a photographer in Paris when he lived with and enjoyed a torrid affair with Annick. It was also in Paris that he first met and fell in love with Marion. The temptations and pressure exerted on Chris by Toni to return to their former carefree life of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll soon starts to have an impact on Chris's marriage. He starts to question his values, his lifestyle choices and his relationship with Marion and even suspects her of starting an affair with Toni whom she dislikes! Eventually circumstances come to a head and Chris is forced to decide whether to follow Toni back to the hedonistic, irresponsible life of his youth or face the harsh realities of the present and stay with Marion. Written by Mark Smith <>

  • The Heart Surgeon

    The Heart Surgeon (1997)
    Film (Drama) Actor Cardiac surgeon Alex Marsden has an affair with Marcella Duggan, but then finds himself having to operate on her husband Larry, who is also his friend. Written by Anonymous

  • Beyond Fear

    Beyond Fear (1997)
    TV Movie by Red Rooster Films. Dir Jenny Wilkes (Drama and Thriller) Actor The true story of Stephanie Slater, a British estate agent who was kidnapped, raped, and held for ransom by Michael Sams, who imprisoned her in a coffin-like box for eight days.

  • A Bill Called William

    A Bill Called William (1997)
    Television by Alex Harvey. BBC Lead

  • The Grant Price Murder. Dir Bob Franklyn.

    The Grant Price Murder. Dir Bob Franklyn. (1997)
    Television by Meridian Southern TV The Detective

  • Rescuing the Rescuers. Dir Jonathan Bigwood

    Rescuing the Rescuers. Dir Jonathan Bigwood (1996)
    Television by BBC Lead.

  • Glanhafren IV, Episode 7

    Glanhafren IV, Episode 7 (1996)
    Television (Drama) Actor A weekly medical drama series based in the fictitious hospital of 'Glanhafren' in Cardiff, Wales.

  • London's Burning

    London's Burning (1996)
    Television (Drama) Actor The lives of firefighters at Blackwall Fire Station.

  • Karaoke

    Karaoke (1996)
    Television (Drama) Actor Daniel Feeld is a screenwriter with pains in his gut and a new screenplay called "Karaoke", about a girl named Sandra who works in a seedy Karaoke bar and is murdered by a lowlife named Arthur "Pig" Mallion. But whenever Daniel looks around, real people seem to be speaking his dialogue in real situations that mirror the script, including a beautiful young girl named Sandra who works in a Karaoke bar owned by a Mr. Mallion. Meanwhile, Balmer, the film's director, is in a spot of trouble with the leading lady of the film. Written by Kathy Li

  • The Knock

    The Knock (1996)
    Television (Crime, Action and Drama) Actor The Knock follows Her Majesty's Customs and Excise officers' lives and their efforts to hunt down the criminals trying to smuggle all sorts of contraband to the UK.

  • No Bananas

    No Bananas (1996)
    Television (Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Bill: Target

    The Bill: Target (1996)
    Film (Crime and Drama) Actor Feature-length version of the popular TV series, sees the police officers of Sun Hill, South London involved in a murder mystery after the seemingly random shooting of an innocent woman on the street. Written by Jonathan Broxton <>

  • The Demon Headmaster

    The Demon Headmaster (1996)
    Television (Drama, Family and Fantasy) Actor Dinah Glass is a young girl, nervous about joining her new foster family; The Hunters. Although the parents are welcoming, the two brothers (Harvey and Lloyd) are more cautious but that's the least of her problems once she starts at her new school. The headmaster is intent on order and the pupils are unusually willing to obey, except for a few. What is going on and just what is the headmaster up to? Dinah hopes to find out, if she can just win the trust of Harvey and Lloyd.

  • The Buccaneers

    The Buccaneers (0000 - 1995)
    Television by BBC. Richard Palmer. Mr. Pleasance

  • McCallum

    McCallum (1995)
    Television (Drama) Actor From deep within the morgue at St. Patrick's Hospital in London's East End, Dr. Iain McCallum and Dr. Angela Moloney along with a team of brilliant pathologists and detectives help the dead tell their stories.

  • The Politician's Wife

    The Politician's Wife (1995)
    Television (Drama) Actor A woman's life is turned upside down when it is revealed that her husband, a member of the British Parliament, has been having an affair with a former prostitute.

  • Ruth Rendell Mysteries

    Ruth Rendell Mysteries (1995)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actor The series comprises adaptations of the works of Ruth Rendell, many of which are based on her extensive range of short stories. In some cases, the stories were expanded from Rendell's original material or elements from a number of stories were woven together into one episode. A smaller number of episodes were based on Rendell's full-length novels, starring James Callis and Front seat, starring Janet Suzman. There were a total of 55 episodes centering on the Detective Inspector Wexford stories, starring George Baker, Louie Ramsay and Christopher Ravenscroft, and an additional 29 episodes did not feature Wexford. Written by Bye

  • Pie in the Sky

    Pie in the Sky (1995)
    Television (Comedy, Crime and Drama) Actor Detective Inspector Henry Crabbe, an intelligent, sensible, and mild-mannered man, would like nothing better than to retire from the police force and devote his time and energy to the restaurant that he wants to open. However, Assistant Chief Constable Fisher won't allow this to happen because this would expose his own stupidity and ineptitude to the unwelcome attention of his superiors. So, after a botched operation to try to catch a notorious criminal, Fisher devises a scheme that incriminates Henry, and, until he can solve this invidious dilemma, he must continue to serve at his boss's calling, whenever the need arises. Written by Mark Smith <>

  • The Bill

    The Bill (1995)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Actor Uniform officers and detectives from Sun Hill police station enforce law and order on a day to day basis. A policeman's job is much more than just catching criminals; in order to survive each day they must deal with frustrating members of the public, and often their own colleagues. From petty thieves to violent drug dealers, life is never easy for the members of the Metropolitan Police Force. Written by ttl

  • Look and Read

    Look and Read (1995)
    Television Actor Add a Plot »

  • Johnny and the Dead

    Johnny and the Dead (1995 - 1990)
    Television by LWT. Dir Jerry Fox The Surveyor

  • Rank Zeox. Audiovisuals.

    Rank Zeox. Audiovisuals. (1994)
    Video by Dir Chris Allen The Presenter. Lead

  • The Wanderer

    The Wanderer (1994)
    Television (Fantasy) Actor Twin brothers were separated at birth. One was good, the other evil. They have to fight each other at the turn of the millenia to determine which side will rule. The good one is often visited by his last incarnation, a knight who lived around the year 1000 and killed his brother in a similar ceremony. Other people from that same time resurface, including a monk that is now a priest, and the lover of the knight, who becomes the hero's lover. Written by icehole <>

  • Scarlett

    Scarlett (1994)
    Television (Drama and Romance) Actor Atlanta, 1873. It's another day (Melanie's funeral, in fact), and Scarlett is determined to win back Rhett (who's spending a lot of time with Belle Watling). First, she goes to Tara and spats with Sue Ellen over Tara. Then she goes to Charleston, presenting herself to Rhett's mother and friends, to Rhett's dismay. But when she's caught in a compromising position with Ashely, she retires to her mother's people in Savannah, and her overbearing grandfather Robelard, while Rhett courts a new bride. Scarlett also seeks out her O'Hara relatives and meets her cousin Colum, a priest (and gunrunner). And knowing them, she goes to Ireland. There she meets the handsome Earl of Fenton, who owns Ballyhara, the ancestral home of the O'Haras. And when Scarlett buys it from him, she becomes the financial and spiritual head of the family. But her newfound happiness is short-lived as disasters strike, and she must rely on Rhett's love for her to save her from the gallows. Written by Kathy Li

  • Screen One

    Screen One (1994)
    Television (Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery and 2 More) Actor Producer Kenith Trodd was part of a 1984 team brought together to study how the BBC should respond to Channel Four's pioneering efforts in making films for both television and theatrical release. The result was a transition from the earlier concept of studio-made plays, such as "Play for Today" and the introduction of the new BBC anthology film series, "Screen One" and "Screen Two," with Trodd's supervision of the initial group of titles in 1985. Written by Bhob Stewart <>

  • Roughnecks

    Roughnecks (1994)
    Television Actor Drama about the lives and loves of the crew of an oil-rig.

  • Calling the Shots

    Calling the Shots (1994)
    Television (Thriller) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Day Today

    The Day Today (1994)
    Television (Comedy) Actor A satire of British news programmes. It parodies the 'hard-hitting' Gulf War-era style of journalism, as well as mocking sports journalism, weather reports, American news programmes, business reports, soap operas, 'vox pops', and many other targets. Written by Martin Pollard

  • The House of Eliott

    The House of Eliott (1994)
    Television (Drama) Actor Two sisters Beatrice (Bee) and Evangeline (Evie) hit rock bottom when their father passes away leaving them in debt. Uneducated they strive hard to find jobs deemed worthy of their new guardian. What they can do ,is make amazing clothes and both dream of being able to be dress makers under the Elliott name. There is of course love problems on top of those money ones, oh to be young in a changing world. Written by Abigail Duffin

  • Four Weddings and a Funeral

    Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Transportation department The film follows the fortunes of Charles and his friends as they wonder if they will ever find true love and marry. Charles thinks he's found "Miss Right" in Carrie, an American. This British subtle comedy revolves around Charlie, his friends and the four weddings and one funeral which they attend. Written by Rob Hartill

  • The Brittas Empire

    The Brittas Empire (1994)
    Television by BBC. Dir Mike Stephens (Comedy) Actor Gordon Brittas is the manager of the Whitbury-Newtown Leisure Centre. Despite his ambition and good intentions, everything seems to go wrong when he's around, despite the best efforts of the leisure centre staff and his long-suffering wife, Helen. Written by Alexander Lum <>

  • The Dorchester Antiques Fair

    The Dorchester Antiques Fair (1994)
    Documentary by MC Productions Presenter/producer

  • The Secret Rapture

    The Secret Rapture (1993)
    Film (Drama, Romance and Thriller) Actor Katherine is a basically miserable and mentally unstable woman who is married to even-aged Isobel's father, who is the only one willing to give Katherine the unconditional love that she craves lest her inner chaos should wholly consume her. For any kind of peace of mind, she is consequently entirely dependent on him. As, however, her husband dies (of natural causes), Katherine quite instinctively transfers her primal need for all-encompassing care to his daughter, Isobel. As this is a serious intrusion upon her and her boyfriend's private life, Isobel rejects Katherine - at first. She soon realizes that Katherine needs her attention more than her boyfriend, whom she then opts to leave, to go and live with Katherine in her father's countryside cottage. The last scenes of the movie, not to be revealed here, raises the question of who, after all, were the more needful of Isobel's love. Written by Tue Sorensen <>

  • Hale and Pace

    Hale and Pace (1993)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Hale and Pace is a sketch-based British comedy show. The terms "Good Taste" and "Politically Correct" are obviously totally unknown to the writers. Written by Yaron <>

  • True Crimes

    True Crimes (1992)
    Television (Documentary and Crime) Actor One new true crime each week, either modern (the murder of Mrs X in the 1980s) or historical (Maybrick's murder in the 1880s). Michael Winner introduces the show and because of low production values, interrupts with 2 or 3 voiceovers to speed the plot. Winner usually manages to be as patronising as possible as he recounts the cloying moral-of-the-tale in his closing piece to camera. Written by Garryq

  • Growing Pains

    Growing Pains (1992)
    Television Actor A middle aged couple decide to become foster parents.

  • Dizzy Heights Hotel

    Dizzy Heights Hotel (1992)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Heap and Wall run a chaotic seaside hotel - sort of Fawlty Towers for children.

  • Trainer

    Trainer (1991)
    Television (Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Tempest

    The Tempest (1990)
    Theater by NTP Caliban

  • The Taming of the Shrew. (Lead)

    The Taming of the Shrew. (Lead) (1990)
    Theater by NTP Chichester Petruchio

  • Titus Andronicus

    Titus Andronicus (1989)
    Theater by NTP. ChichesterFestival Arron the Moor

  • The life of Galileo.Brecht

    The life of Galileo.Brecht (1987)
    Theater by with Sir Patrick Moore. Andrea

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream

    A Midsummer Night's Dream (1987)
    Theater by NTP Chichester Festivities Lysander

  • Much ado about Nothing. (Lead)

    Much ado about Nothing. (Lead) (1987)
    Theater by NTP Chichester Benedick

  • The Mysteries

    The Mysteries (1986)
    Theater by Chichester Cain/Death/Judas

  • Macbeth

    Macbeth (1986)
    Theater by NTP Chichester. Open air. Macduff

  • Toad of Toad Hall. (Lead)

    Toad of Toad Hall. (Lead) (1985)
    Theater by Stockbridge Mr. Toad

  • The Norman Conquests by Alan Ackbourne. (Lead)

    The Norman Conquests by Alan Ackbourne. (Lead) (1984)
    Theater by Stockbridge stock Co. Norman

  • Miss Morison's Ghosts

    Miss Morison's Ghosts (1981)
    Film (Fantasy and Thriller) Actor Two British women claim to have been thrown into a time warp where they saw Marie Antoinette as they were strolling through the gardens at Versailles Palace in France. After they tell their story to a psychic society, they find themselves the objects of derision and their jobs are threatened. Written by

  • Brideshead Revisited

    Brideshead Revisited (1981)
    Television (Drama and Romance) Actor Two young men meet at Oxford. Charles Ryder, though of no family or money, becomes friends with Sebastian Flyte when Sebastian throws up in his college room through an open window. He then invites Charles to lunch after his teddy bear Aloysius 'refuses to talk to him' unless he is forgiven. Charles becomes involved with Sebastian's family, Catholic peers of the realm in Protestant England. The story is told in flashback as Charles, now an officer in the British Army, is moved with his company to an English country house that he discovers to be Brideshead, Sebastian's family home where Charles has a series of memories of his youth and young manhood, his loves, life, and a journey of faith and anguish. Written by John Vogel <>

  • The Secret Agent. Joseph Conrad

    The Secret Agent. Joseph Conrad (1981)
    Theater by With Mark Williams. Edinburgh Chief Inspector Heat

  • Angel City by Sam Shepard. UK premiere

    Angel City by Sam Shepard. UK premiere (1981)
    Theater by Fools Theatre Co. Oxford. Dir Adrian Jackson Producer

  • No Man's Land . Harold Pinter

    No Man's Land . Harold Pinter (1981)
    Theater by Oxford Playhouse ASM

  • Heaven's Gate

    Heaven's Gate (1980)
    Film (Adventure, Drama and Western) Actor Wyoming, 1890. Frank Averill is the Sherriff of Johnson County, a county largely inhabited by foreign immigrants. The wealthy cattle owners view the immigrant farmers as a nuisance and hindrance to them enlarging their own land. The cattlemen's association, the Wyoming Stock Growers Association, effectively declares war on the immigrant farmers, and gets the state government's blessing. They assemble an army of guns-for-hire, and, backed by US cavalry, set out to rid the state of the immigrants. Frank Averill's heart is with the immigrants but he is not sure they have a chance of winning the inevitable war. Written by grantss

  • Jackanory Playhouse

    Jackanory Playhouse (1978)
    Television (Drama and Family) Actor Add a Plot »

  • BBC2 Play of the Week

    BBC2 Play of the Week (1978)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Romance) Actor Anthology of plays and novels adapted into feature length movies.

  • Faust

    Faust (1978)
    Theater by Belgrade Theatre Coventry acting ASM

  • Son of Man by Denis Potter

    Son of Man by Denis Potter (1977)
    Theater by Dir. Loftus Burton. London John

  • Rosencrantz and Guilderstern are Dead. Tom Stoppard

    Rosencrantz and Guilderstern are Dead. Tom Stoppard (1976)
    Theater by Derby Playhouse Alfred

  • Songs of Innocence and Experience by William Blake with John Horder

    Songs of Innocence and Experience by William Blake with John Horder (1976)
    Drama by ARC The voice

  • Wordsworth with Margret Drabble

    Wordsworth with Margret Drabble (1976)
    Drama by ARC London Producer

  • Coleridge Ancient Mariner with Sir William Empson

    Coleridge Ancient Mariner with Sir William Empson (1976)
    Drama by Actors Refuelling Co. London Producer

  • Prometheus: The Life of Balzac

    Prometheus: The Life of Balzac (1975)
    Television (Drama) Actor Honore Balzac , ablaze with vitality, determined to embrace greatness as a writer, embraces instead the first great love of his life.

  • The Vegtable.Scot Fitzgerald UK premiere

    The Vegtable.Scot Fitzgerald UK premiere (1975)
    Theater by Oxford Playhouse acting ASM

  • Crossroads

    Crossroads (1974)
    Television by ATV Baines junior

  • Up The Workers

    Up The Workers (1973 - 1974)
    Television by ATV Derek the cleaner

  • Kiss Me Kate

    Kiss Me Kate (1974)
    Theater by Oxford Playhouse acting ASM

  • The Wisest Fool

    The Wisest Fool (1974)
    Theater by Triumph Theatre Productions DSM

  • Only Make Believe. Dennis Potter's first stage play

    Only Make Believe. Dennis Potter's first stage play (1974)
    Theater by Oxford Playhouse. acting ASM

  • The Importance of Being Ernest. Oscar Wilde. (Lead)

    The Importance of Being Ernest. Oscar Wilde. (Lead) (1973)
    Theater by Birmingham studio Algernon

  • Revenge by Howard Brenton

    Revenge by Howard Brenton (1973)
    Theater by Dir. John Burgess. Birmingham Rotty Rot

  • Albert's Bridge by Tom Stoppard. (Lead)

    Albert's Bridge by Tom Stoppard. (Lead) (1973)
    Theater by Birmingham Sudio Albert.

  • The Bank Manager. Directed By Antony Roye

    The Bank Manager. Directed By Antony Roye (1973)
    Theater by The Adeline Gene Theatre. ASM

  • Waiting For Godot by Samuel Beckett

    Waiting For Godot by Samuel Beckett (1972)
    Theater by Stratford Upon Avon Lucky

  • Oh What A lovely War!

    Oh What A lovely War! (1972)
    Theater by Startford.Dir Gordon Vallins Haig

  • The Winter's Tale

    The Winter's Tale (1972)
    Theater by Stratford Autolycus

  • Rhinoceros by Ionesco. Dir Gordon Vallins with Trudie Styler. (Lead)

    Rhinoceros by Ionesco. Dir Gordon Vallins with Trudie Styler. (Lead) (1972)
    Theater by Stratford Berenger

  • Esso.

    Video by Audiovisuals. Dir Chris Allen Training manager

  • Sainsburys training film

    Sainsburys training film
    by Xebec Prod. Dir Bernard Morris The Manager. Lead

  • Smith Kline Beechams. Dir. Nic Brenton

    Smith Kline Beechams. Dir. Nic Brenton
    Video The Manager. Lead

  • Which.Duncton Associates..

    Which.Duncton Associates..
    Commercial The Consumer.

  • Albany Life.99 Productions. M. Colvey

    Albany Life.99 Productions. M. Colvey
    The client.Lead

  • Motorolla.

    Video by Interlink.Dir Roger Davis The Controller

  • Barclays Bank.

    Barclays Bank.
    Video by Workhouse Co. Dir. M Davison The Bank Manager. Lead

  • BHS

    Video by Solent Video. Dir Iain May Store Manager. Lead

  • Zurich Insurance.

    Zurich Insurance.
    Video by Solent Video. Dir. Bob Franklyn The Executive. Lead

  • NEFF Kitchens.

    NEFF Kitchens.
    Video by Motivation Ltd. Dir Andrew Bowles The Chef. Lead

  • IBM

    Video by Visual Eye. Dir. Roger Billings The Businessman. Lead


  • Beachcomber.Nominated best short film.Winchester Festival

  • Dead Clean won best British comedy. Houston Film Festival

  • The Reckoning won best Horror short and most viewed Sky.

  • The Fiancee won best short film. Melbourne Festival


  • Startford Upon Avon College. Drama and liberal Arts under Gordon Vallins.

  • Birmingham School of Speech and Drama

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